Mary Cocksedge

(9 April 1796 - )
     Mary Cocksedge was born on 9 April 1796 in Hessett, Suffolk. She was the daughter of William Cocksedge and Charlotte Fulcher. Mary Cocksedge was christened on 1 July 1796 in Hessett, Suffolk.
     Mary Cocksedge married Robert Harvey on 26 October 1818 in Hessett, Suffolk. Mary was present at Harriett Harvey's christening on 6 January 1822 in Drinkstone, Suffolk. Mary was present at Robert Harvey's christening on 13 May 1824 in Drinkstone, Suffolk.

Children of Mary Cocksedge and Robert Harvey

Henry Cocksedge

(9 July 1801 - )
     Henry Cocksedge was born on 9 July 1801 in Hessett. He was the son of William Cocksedge and Charlotte Fulcher. Henry Cocksedge was christened on 17 July 1801 in Hessett.
     Henry Cocksedge married Ann Mothersole on 25 December 1821 in Hessett, Suffolk. Both single of this parish, witnessed by John Cocksedge, all illiterate..
     Henry Cocksedge and Matilda Cocksedge appeared on the 1841 census in Hessett. Henry Cocksedge, aged 35, living with Matilda 18, John 15, Sophia 10, Emma 8.

Children of Henry Cocksedge and Ann Mothersole

Benjamin Cocksedge

(13 May 1731 - before 21 January 1797)
     Benjamin Cocksedge was christened on 13 May 1731 in Hessett, Suffolk. He was the son of John Cocksedge and Margaret Bird.
     Benjamin Cocksedge married Sarah Watkinson on 21 October 1759 in Bradfield Combust, Suffolk. Ben was of Hessett at his marriage, but which Ben? The one born in Hessett in 1731 or the 1726 one born at Rougham?.
     In John Cocksedge's will dated 22 June 1785 in Stansfield, Suffolk, Benjamin Cocksedge was named as heir; He mentions his children Thomas, William, Michael, Margaret & Benjamin. Will of John Cocksedge sr. of Rougham... but now residing in Stansfield Hall and in the said county do make this my last ... I trust my Exec. hereafter mentioned will see my body decently enterred and as to what worldly goods whether lands, moneys or chattels here or elsewhere I give and bequeath to my dear son Thos Cocksedge of Stansfield paying out of my estate and effects at Rougham first the mortgage namely £220 to my son William Cocksedge £5.00 to Michael £5.00 Margaret £5.00 Benjamin £5.00 and after the said legacies are paid and my funeral expenses discharged then my will and pleasure is that the aforesaid Thomas Cocksedge shall make the best of and receive the residue for his use and to his disposal. And lastly I do nominate my son Thomas Cocksedge sole executor ... in witness whereof... set my hand and seal 22nd June 1785. X the mark of John Cocksedge, in the presence of William Gilly sr., Richard Boreham, John Johnson.
     Benjamin Cocksedge made a will dated 3 December 1796 in Rougham. I Benjamin Cocksedge of the parish of Rougham, carpenter being weak in body but of perfect mind and memory... First I give and bequeath to Sarah my wife whom I constitute and ordain one of my executors ... my lands messuages and tenements lying in Kings Hall Street, Rougham by her to be freely possessed and enjoyed during her life and after whose time is expired and the estate free from tail, I give and bequeath of the afsd lands messuages and tenements in the following manner and form
Item I give and bequeath to my well beloved son John Cocksedge the sum of twenty pounds ...
Also I give and bequeath to my well beloved son Zachariah Cocksedge who I likewise constitute make and ordain the sole executor of this my last will and testament .., Witnessed by John & Robert Hammond, Isaac Tampler?

     Benjamin died before 21 January 1797 in Rougham, Suffolk. He was buried on 21 January 1797 in Rougham.
     His will was proved in 1797 at Sudbury.

Children of Benjamin Cocksedge and Sarah Watkinson