Eliza?? Cocksedge

(circa 1800 - before 15 July 1822)
     Eliza?? Cocksedge was born circa 1800.
     Eliza?? died before 15 July 1822 in Hessett, Suffolk. Aged 22, so could a wife.. She was buried on 15 July 1822 in Hessett.

Norman Borland

(1910 - )
     Norman Borland was born in 1910 in Eddington, Victoria. He was the son of Alexander Borland and Ruth Lanyon.

Mary Boord

(before 1670 - )
     Mary Boord was born before 1670 in Suffolk, England.
     Mary Boord married Daniel Cocksedge in 1696 in Gislingham, Suffolk.
     In Daniel Cocksedge's will dated 29 June 1703? In Bildeston, Mary Boord was named as executrix of the estate; Largely illegible - I Daniel Cocksedge of Bildeston ... 29 June 1703? mentions Mary his wife ... property in Hadleigh, and the sisters Mary & Sarah of James Brag?

Child of Mary Boord and Daniel Cocksedge