Melchior Guy Dickens

(18 February 1695/96 - after 10 July 1775)
Melchior Guy Dickens, from the Watts Gallery
     Melchior Guy Dickens was christened on 18 February 1695/96 in St James, Paddington, England. Baptised Melchior, the son of Peter & Ayme (Agnes?) Guy Dickins. He was the son of Peter Guy Dickens and Ayme or Agnes Unknown (Guy Dickens).
     Melchior was educated at Westminster School, London. Although Wikipedia states he was educated there and his 2 sons attended, he is not listed in their published records.
     Melchior Guy Dickens served in the military in the Army from 16 February 1715/16 to 28 February 1750/51. He began his army service as a Cornet in Col. Charles La Bouchetiere's newly raised regiment of dragoons (which had a Huguenot chaplain in Ireland). He served in that regiment until its disbandment in June 1717 when he went on half pay until August 9th following when he joined Col. Descury's Regt. of Foot, the 32nd in Ireland, as a Captain. On Feb 6th 1740/1, he was promoted to the rank of Lt Colonel in the newly raised 47th Foot (Mordaunt's). He retired from the Army Feb 28 1750/51. He is listed in the State Papers (SP 90/36) between Jan & March 1734 and Jul-Dec 1730 .
     Melchior Guy Dickens married Mariane Oiseau circa 1720 in Dublin?.
     Melchior Guy Dickens and an unknown person obtained a marriage licence in 1721 in Ireland. Guy Dickens Melchior and Hamilton, Hannah, 1721 M. L. #109.
     He was a subscriber to books printed in 1722, 1730 & 1733 when described as a Captain in the Hon. Brigadier General du Bourgay's regiment, and in 1749 as His Majesty's envoy, Stockholm.
     Melchior Guy Dickens married secondly Hannah Handcock on 6 February 1721/22 in St John, Dublin, Ireland. Melchior Guydickens of parish of St John's Dublin Esq. & Hannah Handcock, of the same parish, spinster.
In the same year, there is a document:
Release 1722 Melchior Dicken to Gustavus Handcock & George Rochfort Athlone & Grantstown 22 577
now held by the Genealogical Society of Ireland among the Laois papers. Crowe states that he eloped with and married the Dean's 15 year old daughter.
The ms index to the Marriage Licence Bonds gives Guy, Dickens Melchior and Hamilton, Hannah.
     He was Secretary of Embassy and Chargé d'Affaires from 1730 to 1740, and then for a short time Minister to Prussia.
     Melchior Guy Dickens Esq was appointed Secretary of Gt Britian at the Court of the King of Prussia [Caledonian Mercury 27 Aug, Newcastle Courant, etc]. In 1742 he was described as Lt Colonel in HM Regt of Foot commaned by Mordaunt....
     The London gazette on 12/15 Aug 1732 reported: Melchior Guy Dickens, Esq., His Majesty's secretary at the court of the King of Prussia, whom the King had permitted to come hither for a short time, took his leave of his Majesty, and returned this morning to Berlin.
     The Derby Mercury on 23 Nov 1738 reported: Berlin Nov 9. O.S. Mr Guydickens, charged with British Affairs at ths Court, had a private audience of the king a few days ago, and was received with great marks of esteem. His Majesty talked with him a long while, and expressed a great regard for the British Court.... Melchior Guy Dickens was listed in the rate book in 1740 for property in Old Palace, Westminster, St Margaret, Middlesex. Melchior Guy Dickens, Esq., £24 /3/-.
     He was Envoy Extraordinary to the Empress of Russia between 1740 and 1744.
     Melchior was appointed Minister at the Court of Prussia (after serving there from 1724) in August 1740.
     Melchior was appointed Envoy in Sweden in January 1742.
     A newcomer to the village, Colonel Dickens, had lately taken possession of the adjoining Porch House. The story is given in the Court Roll: Complaint made by Melchior Guy Dickens against Mr Collier of this manor that he had stopped an underground drain of the sd Mr Dickens running through the yard of Mr Collier... Porch House was not mentioned in the 1664 survey and was presumably built after that date, Elizabeth Martyn occupied it from 1713-1747 when Col. Guy Dickens took it over. He was still there in 1779, when his son, a clergyman, was buried in the Blockley church. Soon after it passed to Thomas Wilkes".
     In February 1848, he was expelled from Sweden because of his zeal and indiscretion.
     Melchior Guy Dickens lived at 66 Great Queen St, London, between 1749 and 1751.
     Colonel Murray's memorial has not yet arrived. Major [John] Preston has sent one to the Lords Justices, and Colonel Guy Dickens has presented one to the Lord Lieutenant, both desiring to sell their commissions..
     Melchior was appointed Envoy Extraordinar to the Empress in Russia on 6 July 1749. Copy held of King George II instructions to Melchior Guydickens, esq. on being appointed Envoy Extraordinary at the Court of the Tzarina [Elizabeth] in Russia, dated 24 August 1749. Elizabeth reigned between 1741 & 1762.
     1753 (9 March): Letter from the Duke of Newcastle to Colonel Melchior Guydickens concerning the Russian Great Chancellor's "distresses", money loaned to him by King George II and the need for the Tzarina to agree to George II's proposals against the "extravagent conduct of the King of Prussia".
     1753 (31 May): [Copy] letter from Melchior Guydickens in Moscow to the Consul [at St. Petersburg] concerning financial support given to the Great Chancellor.
1753 (31 May): [Copy] notification from Melchior Guydickens to send the original mortgage to be annulled (enclosed with D4582/2/4 above).
     1753 (July): [Copy] letter from Melchior Guydickens in Moscow to the Duke of Newcastle concerning the Great Chancellor's influence at the Russian Court, "I acquainted him with the further present His majesty was willing to make to him if He could procure the Empress's consent to the Plan proposed in your Grace's letter".
     Feb 1754: Contract between Melchior Guydickens and Chrapowitsky, Colonel and Sergeant of the Tzarina's Company of Corps, for the lease of a house in St Petersburg.
     Manor Court of Blockley 22 Feb 1757: Award of Jury at the Manor Court of Blockley, on a dispute between Colonel Guy Dickens and Mr. Edward Collier, concerning the cutting down of nut trees to build a wall; and appointment of Thos. Whatcot of Blockley as impartial inspector. 10 signatures or marks.
     1762 (15 Oct.): Letter from Melchior Guydickens to 'Gusty' [in Germany] concerning political factions in England, the progress of the war and advice for Gusty's advancement. He On May 31 1763 he was granted a pension of £500 for "31 years of service to the Irish establishment". During his career he filled several important diplomatic posts. After 10 years as Secretary of the British Embassy in Berlin and as Charge d'Affaires between 1730 and August 1740, he was appointed Minister to Prussia and continued at Berlin in that capacity until Jan 1741/2 when he was appointed Minister to Sweden, in which capacity he served until July 1749 when appointed to Russia. He served twice as Minister in St Petersburg, first from July 1749 to 1751 and again from 1753 to April 1755 on 31 May 1763.
     His grand daughter Mary Ann was married from his home in Wigmore St London.
His son Rev. Frederick William Guy Dickens's will reqests that he be buried at Blockley, [Worcs, a detached parish in Gloucestershire] with a deceased brother.
     In Nov 1773 he was granted a pension of 500 pounds p.a. from the Irish House of Commons.
     Melchior Guy Dickens made a will dated 10 July 1775 in Waddon, Croydon. Melchior Guy Dickens of Waddon in the parish of Croydon in the county of Surrey Esquire and is as follows
In the first place I give and bequeath to my son-in-law Eliah Handcock of Waddon afsd, gent. & Solomon Hamilton? of the Inner Temple Society gent. ... my eldest son ffrederick William Guydickens of E?ssensey co Middlesex & of ... Barrister at law... my daughter Mary Reinhardina Guydickens now the wife of the said Eliah Handcock ... upon the marriage of my younger son Gustavus Guydickens ... corpse not to be carried to Blockley but interred in a vault in the parish church where I now live, dated 10 July 15 Geo 3 1775.
Witnessed by vicar & curate of Croydon.
     Melchior died after 10 July 1775 in Waddon, Croydon, Surrey.
     His will was proved on 4 January 1776 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Proved at London 4 Jan 1776 by the oath of Mary Reinhardin Handcock wife of Eliah Handcock Esq.

Child of Melchior Guy Dickens and Mariane Oiseau

Children of Melchior Guy Dickens and Hannah Handcock

Richard Dicker

(say 1740 - )
     Richard Dicker was born say 1740.
     Richard Dicker married Joanna Jeffery, daughter of Edward Jeffery and Elizabeth Leach, on 28 August 1771 in Chagford, Devon. Richard in July 1791, in Salcombe, Devon.

Susanna Dickes

(circa 1733 - 8 April 1815)
     Susanna Dickes was born circa 1733 in Chagford?, Devon. A Susanna, daughter of Will: Dicks and Susan was baptised at Crediton on 6 Feb 1733/34. The only one at Chagford was in 1720.
     Susanna Dickes married James Jeffery, son of Edward Jeffery and Elizabeth Leach, on 17 August 1762 in Chagford, Devon.
     Susanna was buried on 8 April 1815 in Chagford, Devon. Susannah Jeffery, of Chudleigh aged 82.

Children of Susanna Dickes and James Jeffery

Ethel Mary Dickinson

(1 March 1892 - 1970)
     Ethel Mary Dickinson was born on 1 March 1892.
     The marriage of Ethel Mary Dickinson and Waring Stanser, son of James Bingham Stanser and Matilda Alice Waring, was registered in Rotherham RD, in the September 1917 quarter.
     Ethel Mary Dickinson and Waring Stanser were recorded in 1939 census in Sitwell Grove, Rotherham, Yorkshire. Ethel Mary Dickinson was an executor of Waring Stanser's estate on 28 July 1948.
     Ethel died in 1970 in Rotherham, Yorkshire.

Maria Dickinson

(before April 1849 - December 1904)
     Maria Dickinson was born before April 1849 in Stonesby, Leicestershire.
     Maria Dickinson married Charles Stancer, son of James Stanser and Mary Plowright, on 9 June 1874 in Stonesby, Leicestershire.
     Maria Dickinson and Charles Stancer appeared on the 1881 census in Wothorpe Fields, Wothorpe, Northamptonshire. Charles Stancer, 32, born Easton, Northampton, head, ag lab; his wife Maria, 32, born Stonesby, Leicester; son Albert C. 6 , born Stonesby, Leicester, scholar; daughter Annie 4, born Easton, Northampton, scholar; daughter Eliza 2, born Easton.
     Maria Dickinson and Charles Stancer appeared on the 1891 census in Castle Bytham, Lincolnshire. Charles Stancer, 42, ag lab, born Easton, Northants; his wife Maria, aged 42, born Stonesby, Leics, with children Albert E Stancer, 16, ag lab, born Stonesby, Eliza Stancer,12, born Easton, Northants.
     Maria Dickinson and Charles Stancer appeared on the 1901 census in Warren? Farm, Careby, Lincolnshire. Charles Stancer 52, forman on farm, born Easton, Northants; his wife Maria Stancer 52,born Stonesby, Leics; daughter Eliza Stancer 23, born Easton, Joseph H Stancer 1, grandson born Careby; Charles Henson 68, boarder, born Easton, Nth.
     Maria's death was registered in the quarter ending in December 1904 in Bourne RD, Lincolnshire.

Children of Maria Dickinson and Charles Stancer

Mary Dickinson

(1856 - 17 September 1933)
     Mary Dickinson was also known as Pollie Wilson in records. She was born in 1856 in Queensland.
     Mary Dickinson married John Slater Pratt, son of John McKinnon Pratt and Louisa Noakes, in 1899 in Queensland. She may have been an adopted Wilson. Her name is sometimes given as Pollie Wilson and sometimes as Pollie Dickenson..
     Mary died on 17 September 1933 in Winton, Queensland. She was described as the daughter of Robert Dickinson & Martha Prescott..

Children of Mary Dickinson and John Slater Pratt

Susan Dickinson

(circa 1665? - )
     Susan Dickinson was born circa 1665?.
     Susan Dickinson married John Popplewell on 20 November 1683 in North Thoresby, Lincolnshire, England.
     In John Popplewell's will dated 19 April 1693 in North Thoresby, Lincolnshire, Susan Dickinson was named as executrix of the estate; In the name of God amen I John Popplewelll of North Thoresby in the county of Lincoln yeoman being sicke in body but of sound minde & memory doe make this my last will and testament following
First I give my soult to God that gave it me & my estate I do pose as followeth - Imprimis
     I give to my son Robt Poplewell three Quees (cows) & a bay mare the quees are two red one black
     I give to my sister Mary Swine four pounds ten shillings to be paid a yeare after my decease
     Item I give my neice Mary Poplewell fourteen shillings within three months after my decease
And I give to my nephew John Poplewell two shillings
     Item all the rest of my good & chattel movable & immovable I give & bequeath unto Susan my loving wfe And dow hereby make her the sd Sasanna [sic] my whole & sole executrix of this my last will & testament revoking all other wills
     In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand & seal this nineteenth day of April 1693
     John Poplewell his mark.

Child of Susan Dickinson and John Popplewell

Bartholomew Dicks

( - before December 1795)
     Bartholomew Dicks married Dinah Leach, daughter of Edward Leach and Dinah Murch, in October 1764 in Chagford, Devon. She was a widow in December 1795..
     Bartholomew died before December 1795.

Archibald Dickson

(4 July 1703 - )
     Archibald Dickson was christened on 4 July 1703 in Stitchell, Roxburghshire. He was the son of James Dickson and Jean Dickson.

Elspeth Dickson

(circa 1630? - )
     Elspeth Dickson was born circa 1630?.
     Elspeth Dickson married William Hooper before 1648.

Children of Elspeth Dickson and William Hooper

James Dickson

(11 September 1712 - 14 November 1771)
     James Dickson was christened on 11 September 1712 in Stitchell, Roxburghshire. He was the son of James Dickson and Jean Dickson.
     I believe it was his influence that allowed 2 young Hooper brothers to set up business in London as linen etc merchants, John Hooper was only 21 when granted the Fredom of the City of London in 1766..
     James died See: The House of Commons 1754-1790 for more on this family and their Ednam connection, His brother Archibald's son William inherited the Ednam estate. He is buried at Ednam on 14 November 1771 aged 59.
     His will was proved on 30 December 1771 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

James Dickson

(before 1680 - )
     James Dickson was born before 1680.
     James Dickson married Jean Dickson on 15 February 1700 in Stitchell, Roxburghshire.

Children of James Dickson and Jean Dickson

Janet Dickson

(circa 1730 - 17 March 1813)
     Janet Dickson was born circa 1730.
The proclamation of the intended marriage of Janet Dickson and William Hooper was published on 1 June 1760 in Stitchill & Ednam, Roxburghshire, Scotland. William Hopper & Janet Dickson.
     Janet died on 17 March 1813 in Stitchell, Roxburghshire. Janet Dickson spouse of William Hooper, aged 84. But also aJanet Hooper, maiden name Dickinson died/buried 29 March 1799 at Kelso.

Children of Janet Dickson and William Hooper

Jean Dickson

     Jean Dickson married James Dickson on 15 February 1700 in Stitchell, Roxburghshire.

Children of Jean Dickson and James Dickson

Margaret Dickson

(1865 - 3 August 1908)
     Margaret Dickson was born in 1865 She was the daughter of John & Margaret in Deniliquin, New South Wales.
     Margaret Dickson married Charles Henry Hooper, son of William Henry Hooper and Sarah Sophia Halliday, in 1891 in Deniliquin, New South Wales.
     Margaret died on 3 August 1908 in St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, New South Wales.

Children of Margaret Dickson and Charles Henry Hooper

Marion Rodger Dickson

(circa 1864 - )
     Marion Rodger Dickson was born circa 1864. Marion Rodger Dickson was also known as MacCallum in records.
     Marion Rodger MacCallum married Henry Sarjent Ruby as his second wife, on 23 March 1910 in Midland, Ontario.

Pauline Dietrich

     Pauline Dietrich married Stanley Norman Rumsey, son of John Williams Rumsey and Ellen Little. They had a son and a daughter.

Sarah Digens

(circa 1784 - before 7 January 1871)
     Sarah Digens was born circa 1784 in Bressingham, Norfolk.
     Sarah Digens married John Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Elizabeth Worler, on 27 December 1808 in Stowlangtoft, Suffolk.
     Sarah Digens and John Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Stowlangtoft. John Cocksedge, aged 66, ag. lab, with his wife Sarah aged 67, born Bressingham, Norfolk and son John aged 17, born Pickwell, Lec.
     Sarah died before 7 January 1871 in Stowlangtoft, Suffolk. She was buried on 7 January 1871 in Stowlangtoft.

Children of Sarah Digens and John Cocksedge

Lena Yetman Dight

(18 October 1905 - 12 April 1971)
     Lena Yetman Dight was born on 18 October 1905 in Armidale, New South Wales.
     Lena Yetman Dight married George Steer Bowker Rich, son of George Edward Rich KCMG, PC and Elizabeth Steer Bowker, on 14 April 1931 in St Alban's church, Boggabilla, New South Wales.
     Lena died on 12 April 1971 in Sydney, aged 65.

Pernell Dighton

     Pernell Dighton married Bushie Cotton as his second wife, on 27 August 1629 in Withern, Lincolnshire.

Children of Pernell Dighton and Bushie Cotton

Mary Dillion

     Mary Dillion married William Hallum, son of William Hallum and Mary Butler, on 12 September 1697 in Christ Church, Barbados.
     Mary Dillion and William Hallum were recorded in 1715 census in Christ Church, Barbados. William Hallam aged 45, Mary his wife, aged 34, Samuell his son aged 7 and Jean his daughter aged 2.

Mary Dilworth

(before 1850 - )
     Mary Dilworth was born before 1850 in Cork, Ireland.
     Mary Dilworth married Patrick Colbert (of Kilworth RD) before 1866.

Child of Mary Dilworth and Patrick Colbert (of Kilworth RD)

Joanna or Joan Dimond or Dymont

(circa 1756 - October 1828)
     Joanna or Joan Dimond or Dymont was born circa 1756 in Drewsteignton, Devon.
     Joanna or Joan Dimond or Dymont married Joseph Jeffery, son of Edward Jeffery and Elizabeth Leach, on 31 October 1775 in Drewsteignton, Devon.
     Joanna died in October 1828 in Newton Abbot, Highweek, Devon. She was buried on 19 October 1828 in Chagford, Devon.

Children of Joanna or Joan Dimond or Dymont and Joseph Jeffery

Margaret Dingwall

Children of Margaret Dingwall

Merielina Discipline (Delarivere/D'Ewes?)

(17 May 1734 - )
     Merielina Discipline (Delarivere/D'Ewes?) was born on 17 May 1734 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Her mother was one of the two daugahters and co-heirs of Thomas Discipline, Gentlman of BSE, and Merileline, daughter of Sir Thomas Spring, third Baronet, whose wife was fifth daughter and co-heir of Thoams, Lord Jermyn, afterwards wife of Sir William Gage, Bt, of Hengrave.
     Merielina Discipline (Delarivere/D'Ewes?) married Michael Le Heup, son of Michael Le Heup and Elizabeth Gery, on 31 July 1755 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Child of Merielina Discipline (Delarivere/D'Ewes?) and Michael Le Heup

Edith Emma Disdale

(circa 1896 - 1969)
     Edith Emma Disdale was born circa 1896.
     Edith Emma Disdale married George Walker Gleeson circa 1920.
     Edith died in 1969 in Malvern, Victoria.

Isabel Dishington (Abercromby)

     Isabel Dishington (Abercromby) married Patrick Dunbar, son of Patrick Dunbar, before 9 May 1498. ... Patrick Dunbar of Kilconquhar & Ysabell Dischintoune, lady of the teyre of the lands and barony of Murthlye & sponse of the said Patrick, the relict & sponsa of late Alexander Abircorumby of that ilk ... 9 May 1498.

Mary Disturnal

(1893 - 21 April 1976)
     Mary Disturnal was born in 1893 in Bloomsbury, London, England. She was the daughter of William Disturnal born 1859 & Charlottes Louise Sourthern. William was born in Wednesbury, Staffs and was a barrister at law Dudley, Worcs. He also would have been a Kings Council at 48 Cheyne Walk London SW1 by 1914. In 1911 Mary was a student at college..
     Mary Disturnal married Charles Ellison Rich, son of Hamor Charles Ellison Rich and Agnes May Gadsden, on 6 December 1919 in St Luke, Chelsea, London, England. She was of 48 Cheyne Walk, daughter of William Josiah Disturnal, KC.
     Mary Disturnal was listed with Charles Ellison Rich and Martin Ellison Rich on the passenger list of the "Strathaird" arriving at Fremantle, Western Australia, on 24 March 1936. They boarded at Marseilles.
     Mary died on 21 April 1976 in London.
     Her will was proved on 7 July 1976 at Ipswich. Mary Rich, of 12 Kingston House, East Kensington Rd, London SW7, died 21 April 1976. Estate valued at £158724.

Children of Mary Disturnal and Charles Ellison Rich

Frank Cox Ditch

William Thomas Divers

(1896 - 1978)
     William Thomas Divers was born in 1896 in Collingwood, Victoria.
     William Thomas Divers married Lorna Jean Forbes, daughter of Fraser Kerr Forbes and Ruby Minnie Bland, after 1942?.
     William died in 1978 in Footscray, Victoria.