Gwidolin ap Gloyw (?)

     Gwidolin ap Gloyw (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Gloyw Wallt Hir.

Child of Gwidolin ap Gloyw (?)

Gwineu Deufreu ddwyd (?)

     Gwineu Deufreu ddwyd (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Bywyr Lew ap Bywdeg.

Child of Gwineu Deufreu ddwyd (?)

Gwlyddien ap Nowy (?)

     Gwlyddien ap Nowy (?) was the son of Nowy (Noe) ab Arthur (?).
Gwlyddien ap Nowy (?) married Ceindrech ferch Rhiwallon, daughter of Rhiwallon ap Idwallon (?).

Gwrgeneu ab Ednywain (?)

     Gwrgeneu ab Ednywain (?) was the son of Ednywain ap Ithel (?) and Generys ferch Rhys Sais.

Children of Gwrgeneu ab Ednywain (?)

Gwrgeneu ap Collwyn (?)

     Gwrgeneu ap Collwyn (?) was born in Wales. A pedigree supplied and transcribed by Susan Parry Whelchel - Anything before 1200 (Rhirid Flaidd - Arms: vert, a chevron between three wolves’ heads erased argent) is based on medieval Welsh sources and oral tradition. It is the official pedigree of the Princes of Gwynedd, A.D. 1200. It combines the Book of Genesis to Roman mythology to Celtic sources. He was the son of Anaeiwrodd ferch Gwrgeneu.

Child of Gwrgeneu ap Collwyn (?)

Gwriad ab Elidir (?)

     Gwriad ab Elidir (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Elidir ap Sandde (?).
Gwriad ab Elidir (?) married Nest ferch Cadell ap Brochwel, daughter of Cadell ap Brochwel.

Child of Gwriad ab Elidir (?) and Nest ferch Cadell ap Brochwel

Gwriad ap Brochwel (?)

     Gwriad ap Brochwel (?) was the son of Brochwel ap Rhys.
Gwriad ap Brochwel (?) married Ceingar ferch Maredudd, daughter of Maredudd ap Tewdws (?).

Child of Gwriad ap Brochwel (?) and Ceingar ferch Maredudd

Gwrtheyrn Gwrtheneu (Vortigern) (?)

     Gwrtheyrn Gwrtheneu (Vortigern) (?) was the son of Gwidol ap Gwidolin (?).
Gwrtheyrn Gwrtheneu (Vortigern) (?) married Severa f Macsen Wledig (?), daughter of Macsen Wledig, Maximus, Emperor,.

Children of Gwrtheyrn Gwrtheneu (Vortigern) (?) and Severa f Macsen Wledig (?)

Gwrwst Ledlwn ap Ceneu (?)

     Gwrwst Ledlwn ap Ceneu (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Ceneu ap Coel.

Child of Gwrwst Ledlwn ap Ceneu (?)

Gwrysnad ap Dwywg Lyth (?)

     Gwrysnad ap Dwywg Lyth (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Dwywg Lyth ap Tegog (?).

Child of Gwrysnad ap Dwywg Lyth (?)

Gwyddaint ap Marudd (?)

     Gwyddaint ap Marudd (?) was the son of Marudd ab Eldad (?).

Child of Gwyddaint ap Marudd (?)

Gwygon ap Maredudd (?)

     Gwygon ap Maredudd (?) was the son of Maredudd Goch ap Gollwyn (?).

Child of Gwygon ap Maredudd (?)

Gwylog ap Beli (?)

     Gwylog ap Beli (?) was the son of Beli ab Eiludd.

Child of Gwylog ap Beli (?)

Gwyrdr Hir, 'King ganol taleith' (?),

     Gwyrdr died in Wales. Fathrafel. He was the son of Caradog ap Lles Llawddeog.

Child of Gwyrdr Hir, 'King ganol taleith' (?),

Hoedlyw Bledrus of Cristianydd Cynrig (?)

     Hoedlyw Bledrus of Cristianydd Cynrig (?) was the son of Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon.

Child of Hoedlyw Bledrus of Cristianydd Cynrig (?)

Hwfa ab Iorwerth (?)

     Hwfa ab Iorwerth (?) was the son of Iorwerth ap Griffri (?) and Margred f Cynwrig Fychan (?).
Hwfa ab Iorwerth (?) married Margred f Ithel Draffith (?).

Child of Hwfa ab Iorwerth (?) and Margred f Ithel Draffith (?)

Hyfaidd ap Tangwystl (?)

( - 893)
     Hyfaidd ap Tangwystl (?) was the son of Tangwystl ab Owain (?) and Bleiddig (Bleddri).
     Hyfaidd died in 893.

Child of Hyfaidd ap Tangwystl (?)

Hywel ap Maredudd ab Einion (?)

     Hywel died in Wales. He was of Bron y Foel. He was born in Wales. He was the son of Maredudd ab Einion (?).
Hywel ap Maredudd ab Einion (?) married Gwenllian ferch Gruffudd ab Ednyfed, daughter of Gruffudd ab Ednyfed Fychan (?) and Margred f Einion ap Gwalchmai (?).

Child of Hywel ap Maredudd ab Einion (?) and Gwenllian ferch Gruffudd ab Ednyfed

Hywel ap Maredudd ap Hywel (?)

     Hywel ap Maredudd ap Hywel (?) was the son of Maredudd ap Hywel (?).

Child of Hywel ap Maredudd ap Hywel (?)

Hywel ap Meurig (?)

     Hywel ap Meurig (?) was the son of Meurig Fychan ab Ynyr (?) and Generys ferch Gruffydd.
Hywel ap Meurig (?) married unknown f Cynwrig Sais (?), daughter of Cynwrig Sais ab Ithel Fychan.

Child of Hywel ap Meurig (?) and unknown f Cynwrig Sais (?)

Hywel ap Tudur (?)

(before 1380 - after 1426)
      He married Dyddgu f Dd (Marchudd 24) OR Tibod f Einion (Osbwrn 1).
. Hywel ap Tudur (?) was born before 1380 in Wales. He was the son of Tudur ap Gronwy ap Gruffudd and Gwenhwyfar f Hywel (?).
     Hywel died after 1426. He was living in 1399..

Child of Hywel ap Tudur (?)

Hywel Dda ap Cadell (?)

( - 950)
     Hywel Dda ap Cadell (?) was the son of Cadell ap Rhodri, King of South Wales.
Hywel Dda ap Cadell (?) married Elen ferch Llywarch, daughter of Llywarch ap Hyfaidd (?).
     Hywel died in 950 in Wales.

Children of Hywel Dda ap Cadell (?) and Elen ferch Llywarch

Hywel Greenwood Gadair, (?),

( - after 1379)
     Hywel Greenwood Gadair, (?), was born in Wales. He was the son of Gruffudd (Crack-y-farn) ap Madog and Gwenllian f Hywel ap Maredudd (?).
Hywel Greenwood Gadair, (?), married Margred f Gronwy (?), daughter of Lleucu ferch Madog.
     Hywel died after 1379.

Child of Hywel Greenwood Gadair, (?), and Margred f Gronwy (?)

Iago ab Idwal (?)

( - 1039)
     Iago ab Idwal (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Idwal ap Meurig (?).
Iago ab Idwal (?) married Afandreg ferch Gwair, daughter of Gwair ap Pill (?). Stewart Baldwin does not give a name, he states ABT.6i gives her as "Afandreg ferch Wair ap Pyll ..." etc., a supposed descendant of the legendary Llywarch Hen through a string of unidentifiable names. I consider this data doubtful.
He was excluded from the throne by Llewelyn ap Seisyllt, husband of Angharad, Queen of Powys, was restored 1021, on the decease of that prince.
     Iago died in 1039 in Wales. He was slain 1037 in a battle fought between him & Griffith, King of Powys, son of Llewelyn ap Seisyllt.

Children of Iago ab Idwal (?) and Afandreg ferch Gwair

Iago ap Beli (?)

( - circa 616)
     Iago ap Beli (?) was the son of Beli ap Rhun.
     Iago died circa 616.

Child of Iago ap Beli (?)

Idnerth ab Iorwerth (?)

     Idnerth ab Iorwerth (?) was the son of Iorwerth Hirflawd ap Tegonwy (?) and Arianwen ferch Brychan.

Child of Idnerth ab Iorwerth (?)

Idnerth ap Cadwgon (?)

     Idnerth ap Cadwgon (?) was the son of Cadwgon ab Elystan Glodrydd.

Child of Idnerth ap Cadwgon (?)

Idwal ap Meurig (?)

( - 996)
     Idwal ap Meurig (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Meurig ab Idwal (?).
     Idwal died in 996 in Wales. In 992 he was raised by the people to his hereditary throne of North Wales, of which he had been disposessed by Meredyth ap Owen, King of Powys. In the following year, Swane a Danish chieftan, landed in North Wales, and Idwal in resisting him was slain.

Child of Idwal ap Meurig (?)

Idwal Iwrch ap Cadwaladr (?)

     Idwal Iwrch ap Cadwaladr (?) was the son of Cadwaladr Fendigaid ap Cadwallon.

Child of Idwal Iwrch ap Cadwaladr (?)

Idwallon ap Llywarch (?)

     Idwallon ap Llywarch (?) was the son of Llywarch ap Rhigeneu (?).

Child of Idwallon ap Llywarch (?)