William Douglas Earl of Angus

(1589 - 19 February 1660)
     William Douglas Earl of Angus was born in 1589.
William Douglas Earl of Angus married Mary Gordon (Douglas), daughter of George Gordon Marquess of Huntly and Lady Henrietta Stewart, on 15 September 1632 in Bellie, Moray, Scotland. Mareit at the Kirk of Bellie with Lady Mary Gordon, (third) dochter tot he Marquess (of Huntly) be Maister Robert Douglass, minister at Glenbervie, whome the Earll of Angous brocht with him of purpoiss.
     William died on 19 February 1660 in Douglas Castle, Scotland. He was buried in front of the altar of St Brides's Kirk, Douglas, South Lanarkshire.

Child of William Douglas Earl of Angus and Mary Gordon (Douglas)

William Douglas Earl of Douglas & Mar

(circa 1327 - 1384)
     William Douglas Earl of Douglas & Mar was born circa 1327. William was created Earl of Douglas and by marriage became Earl fo Mar. In 1371 he disputed the succession with Robert II, claiming descent from the Balliols and Comyns in 1357.
     William died in 1384.

Children of William Douglas Earl of Douglas & Mar

William Douglas Earl of Selkirk

(24 December 1634 - 18 April 1694)
     William Douglas Earl of Selkirk was born on 24 December 1634. He was the eldest son of the first Marquis of Douglas by his second wife and third son. He was created earl of Selkirk, Lord Daer and Shortcleugh by patent dated 4 Aug 1646. He had 7 sons and 4 daughters who all took the name of Hamilton. [The Scottish nation, p.430] He was created Duke of Hamilton. He was the son of William Douglas Earl of Angus and Mary Gordon (Douglas).
William Douglas Earl of Selkirk married Anne Hamilton Duchess of Hamilton, daughter of James Hamilton Duke of Hamilton, in 1646. She had 11 children.
     William died on 18 April 1694 in Holyrood House, Edinburgh, Scotland, aged 59.

William Douglas Marquis of Douglas

(circa 1589 - )
     William Douglas Marquis of Douglas was born circa 1589 in Scotland.
William Douglas Marquis of Douglas married Margaret Hamilton, daughter of Claud Hamilton (Baron Paisley) and Margaret Seton, circa 1601.

Child of William Douglas Marquis of Douglas and Margaret Hamilton

William Douglas Sir, Duke of Atholl

( - August 1353)
     William Douglas Sir, Duke of Atholl was the son of Sir James Douglas. William Sir William Douglas of Liddesdale, kmown as 'the flower of chivalry', son & heir of Sir James Douglas, of Lothian (ancestor of the earls of Morton), was created Earl of Atholl 18 July 1341, and almost immediately afterwards resigned that earldom, at Aberdeen, in favour of Robert Stewart, the High Steward. He obtained lands from the Grahames, and is usually said to have married Margaret, sister and coheir of John Graham, of Dalkeith & Abercorn. He married Elizabeth. Having entailed on 3 Nov 1351, his lands of Liddesdale on the sons of his brother John Douglas, he died s.p.m. in August 1353, being assassinated by his kinsman, William (Douglas), 1st Earl of Douglas. His widow Elizabeth remarried Hugh Dacre on 18 July 1341.
     William died in August 1353. He left no male issue and was assassinated by his kinsman William Douglas 1st Earl Douglas..

William Douglas the Hardy

     William Douglas the Hardy was born. Second son of Sir William of Douglas, who was son of Sir Archibald.

Child of William Douglas the Hardy

Emma Sarah Doultree

(1901 - 10 September 1958)
     Emma Sarah Doultree was born in 1901 in Rosedale, Victoria. She was the daughter of Robert Doultree & Sarah Davis.
Emma Sarah Doultree married Henry Albert Clark, son of Owen Clark and Hannah Bullett, in 1929 in Victoria.
     Emma died on 10 September 1958. She was buried on 12 September 1958 in Methodist section, Yarram, Victoria.

Mary Dove

     Mary Dove married Robert Stanser Bowker as his second wife, on 1 August 1881 in St Mary Magdalene, Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

Children of Mary Dove and Robert Stanser Bowker

Ellen Dowbiken

     Ellen Dowbiken married Christopher Banks on 6 August 1601 in Giggleswick, Yorkshire.

Unknown Dowell

(say 1660 - )
     Unknown Dowell was born say 1660 in Brickcliffe Castle, near Boyle, Sligo, Ireland.
Unknown Dowell married Edmond Costello, son of Jordan (Boy) Costello, before 1680.

daughter Dowl

(January 1763 - )
     Daughter Dowl was born in January 1763 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of Lachlan MacPherson als Doul (of Belnakyle) and Janet Riach. Daughter Dowl was christened on 3 July 1763 in Kirkmichael.

Harriette Ann Dowling

(1828 - March 1907)
     Harriette Ann Dowling was born in 1828. They were the same age at their marriage.
Harriette Ann Dowling married Dr John Henry Halahan, son of George Augustus Frederick Halahan and Jane Fleming, on 18 July 1855 in St Peter's, Dublin, Ireland. John Henry Halahan, of full age, bachelor, MD Royal Artillery, of Portobello Barracks, son of George Augustus Frederick Halahan, MD to Harriette Ann Dowling, of full age, spinster of 1 Harcourt St, daughter of James Dowling, comptrolling surveyor, customs. By licence, both signed in the presence of George A F Halahan & E C Halahan..
     Harriette Ann Dowling were administrators of Dr John Henry Halahan's estate, on 3 January 1860 in the Principal Probate Registry, London, John Henry Halahan, 3 January 1860. Letters of Administration of the personal estate and effects of Hohn Henry Halahan late a staff surgeon in the Rioyal Artillery stationed at Benares in the East Indies deceased who died 4 May 1859 at sea were granted the Principal Registry to Harriette Anne Halahab of 8 Harcourt-road Dublin in Ireland, widow the relict of the said deceased she having been first sworn.
     Harriette's death was registered in the quarter ending in March 1907 in London, Kensington RD, Middlesex.

Keith Robert Downe

(13 September 1918 - )
     Keith Robert Downe was born on 13 September 1918.
Keith Robert Downe married Gwenyth Estelle Martin, daughter of Lionel Samuel Douglas Martin and Iona Estella Bland, after 1942 in Victoria.

Ann Downes

(circa 1844 - )
      She was called Ellen at her son's birth in 1868.. Ann Downes was also known as Ellen in records. She was born circa 1844.
Ann Downes married Patrick Handy, son of Martin Handy and Ellen Spolland, on 31 July 1867 in the CR chapel, Tullamore, Kilbride, Offaly, Ireland.

Children of Ann Downes and Patrick Handy

Rev George Downham

(before April 1567 - 17 April 1634)
     Rev George Downham was born before April 1567. George was Rector at St Margaret, Lothbury, London, between 1596 and 1610. George was the Bishop of Derry at Ireland between 1616 and 1634.
Jael Killigrew married secondly Rev George Downham on 22 April 1617 in London. Rev Father George [Downham], Lord Bishop if Derry, Ireland, widower, 50 & Lady Jael Killigrew, 46, widow of Sir Henry Killigrew, Kt, deceased 16 years since.
|In a letter of December 1629 George Downham, Bishop of Derry, was concerned that the large number of Catholics he believed were living in the barony of Strabane was threatening the security of the area, he complained to the lord chancellor of Ireland: " Since he got part of the Earl of Abercorn's grant of the barony of Strabane, Sir George Hamilton [of Greenlaw] has done his best to plant Popery there and has brought over priests and Jesuits from Scotland. The Earl's second son Claude, who they call the Master of Abercorn, has now succeeded to his estates, and as Sir William has inherited the proportion of this father Sir Claude all the Hamilton lands are now in the hands of Papists"
In an interview with the Master of Abercorn, Downham advised him that if he would not 'embrace the reformed religion to his own religion to himself and not to poison others with the venom of Popery'. Downham was of the opinion that the Master of Abercorn 'would be a hopeful young gentleman' were it not for his Catholicism. Downham was also concerned about other members of the Abercorn family...
Downham found Sir George Hamilton of Greenlaw to be a 'courteous and civil gentleman'.
     George died on 17 April 1634. He matriculated in November 1851 at Cambridge University.

Mary Downhill

( - before 28 November 1720)
     Mary Downhill married Peter Stanser, son of Blyth Patriarch Stanser, on 16 December 1716 in Blyth, Nottinghamshire. Mary Downhill was buried on 28 November 1720 in Blyth. Mary, wife of Peter Stanzer of Blyth.
     Mary died before 28 November 1720 in Blyth, Nottinghamshire.

Children of Mary Downhill and Peter Stanser

Hannah Downing

(circa 1783 - before 15 January 1854)
     Hannah Downing was born circa 1783 in Combs, Suffolk.
Hannah Downing married William Grimwood, son of John Grimwood and Mary Adams?, on 28 July 1805 in Battisford, Suffolk.
     Hannah Downing and William Grimwood were recorded on the 1841 census in Ringshall. William Grimwood aged 50 ag. lab and Hannah aged 50, both born in the county and living next door to Thomas & Sarah & their family.
     Hannah Downing and William Grimwood were recorded on the 1851 census in Gt Bricett. William Grimwood, 70, ag. lab., born Ringshall & Hannah his wife, 68, born Coombs.
     Hannah died before 15 January 1854 in Gt Bricett, Suffolk. She was buried on 15 January 1854 in Gt Bricett.

Children of Hannah Downing and William Grimwood

Jane A Downing

(circa 1855 - )
     Jane A Downing was born circa 1855 in St Ive, Cornwall.
Jane A Downing married Richard Ruby, son of John Ruby and Elizabeth Crowle, on 27 August 1883 in St Ive, Cornwall. Richard Ruby, 26 of Higher Charaton, bachelor, Labourer son of John, Labourer; Jane Ann Downing, 23 Bride of Higher Charaton, spinster, farm Servant, daughter of Henry, labourer, by banns, both signed. Wtness Thomas Kinsman.
     Jane A Downing and Richard Ruby were recorded on the 1891 census in St Ive. Richard Ruby, head, 34, tin mine labourer, born Altarnun, JA, wife, 29, JH, son, 7, both born Altarnun, WR, son, 4, born Quethiock, C, son 2, born Southhill, Cornwall.
     Jane A Downing and Richard Ruby were recorded on the 1901 census in Quethiock, Cornwall. Richard Ruby, 46, ag. labourer, born Altarnum, Cornwall with his wife Jane A, 43, born St Ive and children Samuel E aged 8 born at St Ive and Bessie aged 4, born St Germans.

Children of Jane A Downing and Richard Ruby

William George Downing

     Rebecca MacCulloch married secondly William George Downing in 1923 in Victoria.

Audrey Downton

(13 January 1905 - 3 March 1979)
     Audrey Downton was born on 13 January 1905 in Lower Rill, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.
Audrey Downton married Albert John Keen, son of Joseph Valentine Keen and Mary Ann Walker, on 9 October 1926 in Chale, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.
     Audrey died on 3 March 1979 in Newport, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, aged 74.

Anna Dowse

(24 June 1872 - )
     Anna Dowse was also known as Anne Dowse in records. She was born on 24 June 1872 in Laois. She married Samuel H G Fleming an had a son John R W. She was the daughter of Richard Henry Dowse and Mary Halahan. Anna Dowse was listed as Mary Halahan's daughter in the 1911 census in Scholarstown, Rathfarnham.

Arabella Martha?? Dowse

(13 April 1874 - )
     Arabella Martha?? Dowse was born on 13 April 1874 in Ballylinan, Laois, Ireland. She was the daughter of Richard Henry Dowse and Mary Halahan.

Benjamin Thomas Dowse

(16 March 1865 - )
     Benjamin Thomas Dowse was born on 16 March 1865 in Camolin, Wexford, Ireland. He was the son of Richard Henry Dowse and Mary Halahan.

Benjamin Thomas John Dowse

(circa 1900 - 25 January 1921)
     Benjamin Thomas John Dowse was born circa 1900. He was the son of William Henry Dowse and Frances Henrietta Givens.
     Benjamin died on 25 January 1921 in Waziristan, Pakistan. Wikipedia stated in Jan 2009: Waziristan Revolt (1919–1920). In the rugged and remote region of Waziristan on British India's northwest border with Afghanistan, mountain tribes of Muslim fighters gave the British Army a difficult time for decades. The Northwest Frontier is now part of Pakistan, which is fighting its own war against Waziri tribesmen in the early 21st century The Waziristan Revolt of 1919–1920 was sparked by the Afghan invasion of British India in 1919. Though the British quickly defeated the Afghans, the Waziri tribesmen gave the colonial forces a very difficult fight. Many of the Waziri men were veterans of the British-led and controlled Indian Army (India and Pakistan were combined at this time as part of the British Empire), and used modern military tactics and modern Lee Enfield rifles against the British and Indian forces sent into Waziristan. One aspect of this conflict is the effective use of air power against the Waziri fighters. This is similar to Royal Air Force tactics in suppressing the Arab Revolt in Iraq in 1920 and 1921.

Rev Charles Dowse

(4 October 1870 - 30 April 1948)
     Charles was a Church of Ireland clergyman. He was educated at The King's Hospital adn the High School, then TCD gaining a BA in 1893, Div. Test, 1894, MA 1897. He was ordained Deacon in 1894 and priest in 1895 (Kilmore); curate at Kilkeevan (Elphin) 1894-5; Urney (Kilmore 1895-8, Incumbenet at Kilegan 18089-1907, Clonegagh (Leighlin) 1907-191, St John's Monkstonw 1910-1945, Canon Christ Church Cathedral 1935-44; Prebend St John's Christ Church Cathedral 1994-5. Retired.. He was born on 4 October 1870 in Ballylinan RD, Laois, Ireland. He was the son of Richard Henry Dowse and Mary Halahan. Rev Charles Dowse was christened on 20 November 1870 in St Nicholas Without & St Luke, Dublin.
Rev Charles Dowse married Edith Helen Moore on 12 October 1898 in Cavan. She was the daughter of Dr Mark Moore of Cavan..
     Rev Charles Dowse and Edith Helen Moore were recorded on the 1901 census in Kilktegan, Baltinglass PLU, Humewood DED, Wicklow. Dowse Charles, 30, head, Rector, Kiltegan parish C.I, born Queens Co., Dowse Edith Helen 30 wife, born Co.Cavan, daughter Dowse Katherine Mary 1 year 8 months, son Dowse Richard Henry, 8 months, both born co. Wicklow, with Hawkins Sarah Anne 21, female Servant, Murphy Lily 17 Female Nurse, Dowling John 22 General Man, all Church of Ireland.
     Rev Charles Dowse and Edith Helen Moore were recorded on the 1911 census in York Rd, Kingstown. Charles Dowse, head, 40, born Queens county; wife Edith Helen 40, born Cavan; children Katherine Mary 11, Richard Henry 10, both born in Wicklow, with a governess & servant..
     Charles died on 30 April 1948 in Dublin, Ireland, aged 77.
     His will was proved on 2 July 1948. Probate of the will of the Reverend Canon Charles Dowse, late of Kenmoy Barnhill, Dalkey, co. Dublin, Clerk in Holy Orders, who died 30 April 1948 granted at Dublin to the Rev Richard H Dowse, Clerk in Holy Orders, and Victor Drought, bank mangers. Effects £1433/8/7.

Children of Rev Charles Dowse and Edith Helen Moore

Eva Dolier Dowse

     Eva Dolier Dowse was the daughter of Rev Charles Dowse and Edith Helen Moore.

Frank William Robert Dowse

(7 April 1895 - )
     Frank William Robert Dowse was born on 7 April 1895 in 34 Victoria St, Dublin. He was the son of Samuel Handy Halahan Dowse and Frances Elizabeth Robins. Frank William Robert Dowse was christened on 28 April 1895 in Molyneaux Chapel, Dublin.

Frederick William Dowse

     Frederick William Dowse married Hannah Colbert, daughter of Patrick Colbert and Johanna Bourke, in 1880 in Sydney, New South Wales.

John Robert Dowse

(7 December 1881 - 1896)
     John Robert Dowse was born on 24 September 1881 in 'Gulistan', Upper Mt Pleasant Ave, Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland. He was christened on 7 December 1881 in St Nicholas Without & St Luke, Dublin. He was the son of Richard Henry Dowse and Mary Halahan.
     John died in 1896.

Katherine Mary Dowse

(July 1899 - )
     Katherine Mary Dowse was born in July 1899 in Wicklow. She was the daughter of Rev Charles Dowse and Edith Helen Moore. Katherine and Richard were listed as Rev Charles Dowse's children in the 1901 census in Kilktegan, Baltinglass PLU, Humewood DED, Wicklow. Richard and Katherine were listed as Rev Charles Dowse's children in the 1911 census in York Rd, Kingstown.