Thomas Kingston Handy

(circa 1810 - )
     Thomas Kingston Handy was born circa 1810 in Ireland. He was not mentioned in his elder brother's marriage settlement of 1828 but there was mention of younger children.. He was the son of William Orme Handy and Mary Kingstone.
     Thomas Kingston Handy arrived per "Dublin Packet" on 3 September 1822 at New York, USA. Thomas Handy, aged 12, departed Dublin, Ireland.
     Thomas Kingston Handy arrived per "Canada" on 2 February 1832 at New York. Thomas K Handy, aged 21, merchant. Isaac Handy states that Thomas K was in Ireland at the time of his grandfather's funeral (Oct 1829) and 140 first cousins attended. I have only 45 grandchildren recorded.
     Thomas Kingston Handy married Mariah Louise Henderson on 16 September 1834 in Williamson county, Tennessee, USA.
     Thomas Kingston Handy was recorded on 1 June 1840 census in Williamson county, Tennessee. Thomas K Handy was listed as having a son & daughter under 5, 2 males & 1 female between 20 & 30 and 1 female between 70 & 80 in the schedule of free white persons including the head of household, he owned 15 slaves and 2 of the household were engaged in commerce.
     Thomas Kingston Handy married secondly Lucy C Unknown (Handy) before 1850.
     Thomas Kingston Handy and Lucy C Unknown (Handy) were recorded on 1 June 1850 census in Williamson county Tennessee. Thomas K Handy, 40, farmer, real estate valued at $6000, born Ireland; Lucy Handy, 55, born Virginia; John H Handy, 14, Maria L Handy 11, both born Tennessee.
     Edward M Crutcher Bond, Williamson Co, Tn.: Know all men by these presents, that we Edward M Crutcher & Deddrick R Crutcher are held and firmly bound unto L B McCowicco? Chairman of the County Court for the County of Williamson, in the State of Tennessee, and his successors in office, in the sum of One Thousand Sixty Seven 70/100 dollars, which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals, and dated this 17 day of October 1856.
     The Condition of this Obligation is such, That whereas, the said Edward M Crutcher in right of his wife Mariah L., late Mariah L Handy & as guardian for John H Handy has received from the Clerk of the Williamson County Court, agreeably to the order of said court at the term, 1856 Five hundred & thirty three /10100 dollars there distributive share of the balance found due against ______? H. Figuers the administrator of the estate of Elizabeth Eaton deceased, upon settlement with the Clerk of said Williamson County Court. Now if the said Edward M Crutcher & John H Handy shall well and truly pay and refund their ratable part of any debt or debts truly owing by the deceased, on which may be hereafter sued for and recovered, or otherwise duly made to appear, then this obligation to be void; else to be and remain in full force and virtue. E M Crutcher
     E M Crutcher, as Guardian J H Handy.
     Thomas Kingston Handy in Franklin, Williamson county, Tennessee, USA, sent a letter dated 20 October 1857. Mr Thomas K Handy, an Irish gentleman who emigrated to this country in 1822 and settled in Franklin, Tennessee, says: "The name of Samuel goes with our family. My grandfather was named Samuel. He was a large property holder in county Westmeath, Ireland, and resided at a place called Bracca Castle. He had six sons and four daughters - his oldest son was named Samuel and the eldest of each of his sons and daughters was named Samuel Wesley. My grandfather died in 1829". He and Lucy C Unknown (Handy) appeared as free on the census of 5 June 1860 in Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee. Thomas K Handy, 50, real estate valued at $1200, personal estate valued at $2600, born Ireland; Lucy C Handy, 47 born Va; John H Handy, 24, M..., born Tennessee; John W? Handy 44, born Ireland (in the infirmities column .... intemperance). TKH, Franklin Town, was the enumerator.
     Thomas Kingston Handy and Lucy C Unknown (Handy) appeared on the census of 1 June 1870 in Franklin, Williamson county, Tennessee. Thomas Handy 60, retired merchant, born Ireland; real estate valued at 1200, personal estate at 4000; Lucy C Handy 57, house keeper, born Va; Blanch Crucher 14.
     Thomas Kingston Handy was naturalized on 27 October 1870 in Kings County, New York, USA.
     Thomas Kingston Handy and Lucy C Handy appeared on the 1880 census in Williamson county Tennessee. Thomas K Handy was described as aged 70, a grocer, married, born in Ireland, parents both born in Ireland. His wife was listed as Lucy C Handy, aged 68, born in Virginia as were her parents (plus 5 members of the Crutcher family- E M son in law, 45, grocer, grand daughters Blanch, 23, school teacher, Mattie 17, keeping house, Forestina? 15 and Irene 11, both at school.

Children of Thomas Kingston Handy and Mariah Louise Henderson

Euphame Stewart (Graham)

     Euphame Stewart (Graham) married Patrick Dunbar, son of Sir Patrick Dunbar and Isabella Randolph, before 8 October 1408.

Child of Euphame Stewart (Graham) and Patrick Dunbar

Marion Grace Black

(3 March 1869 - 2 September 1947)
Miss Hume Black
     Marion Grace Black was born on 3 March 1869 in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia. She was described as the third daughter at her wedding.
BLACK.-On the 3rd inst., at Williamstown, Mrs. M. Hume Black of a daughter. She was the daughter of Maurice Hume Black and Maria Frederica Hunn Davies.
     Marion Grace Black married Edward Monro Hart on 24 January 1893 in St John's, Brisbane, Queensland. HART-HUME BLACK - On the 24th January, at St John's Pro Cathedral, Brisbane, by the Rev A J David, Ohaplain to the Bishop, Edward Monro, eldest son of the late Edward Frederlck Hart, C.E., to Marion Grace, third daughter of tho Hon M Hume Black, MLA, of Mackay No cards. It was a double wedding with her sister Isabel.
The Anglican pro-Cathedral was, on Tuesday, January 24, the scene of the marriage of the third and fourth daughters of the Hon. M. Hume Black, M.L.A., the newly-appointed, special, agent in England-Miss Marion Black wedding Mr. Edward Hart, of H.M. Customs, and Miss Isabel Black Mr. Louis Cowley, nephew of the Hon. A. S. Cowley, Minister for Lands. The wedding was intended to be a quiet one (Mr.. and Mrs. Black being engaged in active preparations for de- parture to England), but the popularity of the young brides and the men of their choice quite frustrated the attempt, so far as the ceremony was concerned, and the church, the decoration of which was confined to the dressing of the altar with white flowers, presented a very gay appear- ance, and was crowded with the friends of the two young couples.
Both brides were similarly attired in gowns of white brocaded Indian silk, th«? chief charm of which lay in their simplicity. They wore wreaths of orange blossoms and long tulle veils, and car- ried exquisite bouquets of white flowers. Each bride was followed by one maid-Miss Thallon attending Miss Marion Black, and Miss Evelyn Black her sister Isabel. The bridesmaids were attired in Empire gowns of pink crepe adorned with pink and brown ribbons, and wore brown straw picture hats trimmed with pink roses. Mrs. Black, mother of the brides, was gowned in royal'blue voile-delaine, with floral design in cream ; bonnet to harmonise. Subsequent to the ceremony Mrs. Black received a number of friends at her residence, Harris-terrace, George-street, Brisbane. Mr. and Mrs. Hart spend their honey- moon at Redland Bay, and Mr. and Mrs. Cowley are spending theirs in Sydney.
     Marion Grace Black lived at Edmonstone Street, South Brisbane, Queensland, 1906.
     Marion Grace Black and Edward Monro Hart lived at Merton St, Brisbane South, Queensland, 1908.
     Marion Grace Black and Edward Monro Hart lived at Cnr Merton Rd & St George St, Brisbane South, Queensland, 1925.
     Marion Grace Black lived at 59 Merton Rd, Brisbane South, 1937. Also at that address were Leslie Walter, buyer & Mina Marion, typiste. By 1943 she was alone at Eight Ave, St Lucia. In 1949 she was at The Entrance, NSW.
     Marion died on 2 September 1947 in St Lucia, Queensland, aged 78. HART.—On September 22nd, 1947, Marion Grace Hart, of Eighth Avenue, St. Lucia, beloved Mother of Eugene, Cedric, Leslie, & Mina (Mrs Campbell). Privately cremated.

Children of Marion Grace Black and Edward Monro Hart