Rev Saumarez du Bourdieu

(1717 - 14 December 1812)
     Rev Saumarez du Bourdieu was born in 1717 in France. Saumarez Du Bourdieu was the son of Rev. Jean Armand Du Bourdieu. He was named after his godfather, John De Saumarez of Guernsey, who had befriended many Huguenots. He went to Dublin and was educated at Trinity College, Dublin. In 1756 he came to Lisburn to open a school in Bow Street, later becoming Chaplain to the French Church, which was situated in Castle Street on the site where the Town Hall was later built. Although he became Vicar of Glenavy, he does not seem to have attended any vestry meetings, and the parish was looked after by his Curate, the Rev. Edward Cupples. In 1768 he was appointed Curate in Perpetuity of Lambeg, but his real interests all lay in his school, now called the Lisburn Academy. He died in 1812 leaving three sons and two daughters. He was the great nephew of the Rev. Jean Du Bourdieu who had been a Chaplain to the Duke of Schomberg
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Rev Saumarez du Bourdieu married Mary or Jane Thompson in 1750 in Ireland. She was the daughter of Rev Shem Thompson. They had 3 sons and 2 daughters - Charlotte & Anne.
     Saumarez died on 14 December 1812 in Lisburn, Antrim, Ireland. He was aged 96 years and 3 months. He was buried in Lambeg, Antrim, Ireland.

Children of Rev Saumarez du Bourdieu and Mary or Jane Thompson

Child of Rev Saumarez du Bourdieu

Shem du Bourdieu

( - circa January 1819)
     Shem du Bourdieu was the son of Rev Saumarez du Bourdieu.
Shem du Bourdieu married Jane Brown.
     Shem died circa January 1819. At Longford, Shem Dubourdieu, esq., upward of twenty nine years medical attendant to the County Longford Infirmary.
     Shem may have died on 22 November 1852 in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland. A Shem du Bourdieu, of Magheragall, co. Antrim, died 22 Nov 1852 and letters of admininstration (with will annexed) were granted 11 August 1875 to his son Summers (Saumarez?) of Crawford St, Belfast, labourer.

Child of Shem du Bourdieu and Jane Brown

Rev Shem du Bourdieu

(1823 - )
     Rev Shem du Bourdieu was born in 1823 in Dublin, Ireland. See Clergy of Connor for his parentage, etc; also These hallowed Grounds" Christ Church Cathedral & Friends Burial Ground, Lisburn published by North of Ireland FHS. He was the son of Saumarez du Bourdieu and Jane Carmichael.
     Shem resided at Blythe, Ontario?, Canada.
Rev Shem du Bourdieu married Emma Sarah Sophia Halahan, daughter of George Augustus Frederick Halahan and Jane Fleming, on 30 April 1861 in St George's, Dublin. He was the son of the late Samaurez DuBourdieu, Esq., MD, of Corryena, co. Longford.

Thomas du Bourdieu

(1823 - )
     Thomas du Bourdieu was christened in 1823 in St Peter, Dublin. He was born in 1823 in Dublin. He was the son of Saumarez du Bourdieu and Jane Carmichael.

Hilma Brazier du Rietz

     William Noel Paul married Hilma Brazier du Rietz as his second wife, in 1935 in Brisbane, Queensland.

Thomas Dubbins

     Thomas Dubbins was born in Shoreham, Sussex.
Thomas Dubbins married Mercy Geere, daughter of Diones Geere and Charity Beard, on 26 March 1695 in Stanmer, Sussex.

Elizabeth Duckett

(1757 - before 23 May 1842)
     Elizabeth Duckett was born in 1757.
Elizabeth Duckett married Robert Popplewell, son of John Popplewell and Mary Duddin, on 21 November 1790 in Luddington, Lincolnshire, England.
     Elizabeth died before 23 May 1842 in Luddington, Lincolnshire. She was aged 85 in the register.

Children of Elizabeth Duckett and Robert Popplewell

David Edward Julien Duclos

(1887 - )
     David Edward Julien Duclos was born in 1887 in Carlton, Victoria.
David Edward Julien Duclos married Violet Mabel Horsley Pery, daughter of Hon Henry Hartstonge Pery and Sarah Annie Hooper, in 1910 in New South Wales.

Mary Duddin

(circa 1730 - before 1 January 1790)
     Mary Duddin was born circa 1730.
     Mary Duddin married John Popplewell as his third wife, on 15 July 1751 in Adlingfleet, Yorkshire. 9 Sep 1750 according to FamilySearch..
     Mary died before 1 January 1790 in Luddington, Lincolnshire.

Children of Mary Duddin and John Popplewell

Annie Minnie Louise Dudley

(circa 1898 - 1 April 1972)
     Annie Minnie Louise Dudley was born circa 1898. She was the daughter of Philip & Rebecca Dudley.
Annie Minnie Louise Dudley married Charles William Colbert, son of Charles William Colbert and Elizabeth Jane Catling, in 1923 in Victoria.
     Annie and Charles were registered at Hunterston, Yarram, on the 1931 electoral roll.
     Annie died on 1 April 1972 in Parkside, Victoria. She was buried on 3 April 1972 in the Methodist section, Yarram.
     Her will was proved on 10 May 1972. Widow of Yarram.

Children of Annie Minnie Louise Dudley and Charles William Colbert

Eliza Thornhill Dudley

(circa 1838 - 14 October 1891)
     Eliza Thornhill Dudley was born circa 1838.
Eliza Thornhill Dudley married Peter Peterson Refshauge before 1861.
     Eliza died on 14 October 1891 in Yackandandah, Victoria.

Children of Eliza Thornhill Dudley and Peter Peterson Refshauge

Margaret Agnes Dudley

(3 June 1844 - 4 April 1930)
     Margaret Agnes Dudley was born on 3 June 1844 in Kensington, Middlesex, England.
Margaret Agnes Dudley married Henry Layton Bowker, son of Thomas Burgess Bowker and Rebecca Burnham, on 25 July 1867 in Christchurch, New Zealand.
     Margaret was registered at Auckland, New Zealand, on the 1893 electoral roll.
     Margaret died on 4 April 1930 in Christchurch aged 85.

Children of Margaret Agnes Dudley and Henry Layton Bowker

William Dudley

     William Dudley married Hannah Copperwheat, daughter of Charles Copperwheat and Mary Tomlyn, on 19 February 1764 in Cardington, Bedfordshire.

Mary Duffield

(circa 1727 - before 25 December 1802)
     Mary Duffield was born circa 1727.
Mary Duffield married Thomas Noble, son of William Noble and Sarah Rumbelow, on 16 June 1751 in Diss, Norfolk.
     Mary died before 25 December 1802 in Thelnetham, Suffolk. She was buried on 25 December 1802 in Thelnetham. Mary, wife of Thomas Noble late Duffley aged 80 years, pauper.

Children of Mary Duffield and Thomas Noble

Catherine Dufour

( - 1831)
     Catherine Dufour was born. She was the daughter of Peter Dufour.
Catherine Dufour married Cdr Thomas Mahon Halahan, son of John Halahan and Mary Handy, circa 1821 in Ireland.
     Catherine died in 1831.

Child of Catherine Dufour and Cdr Thomas Mahon Halahan

Jane Dugdale

(circa 1810 - 7 February 1855)
     Jane Dugdale was born circa 1810 in Dublin, Ireland. She was the daughter of Bennett Dugdale, of Belvedere Place, Dublin.
Jane Dugdale married Rev Richard Fleming Handy, son of Samuel Wesley Handy and Catherine Fleming, on 6 January 1831 in St George's, Dublin. In St George's Church, by the Rev. William Bushe, the Rev. Richard Fleming Handy, of Castlepollard, county Westmeath, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Bennett Dugdale, of Belvidere-place, Esq (June 1831). Witnessed by John Handy..
     Jane died. She may be the Jane Handy who died 22 Oct 1839, late of Sandford Place, Dublin, whose will was proved by her son William Handy of same place..
     Jane died on 7 February 1855 in Castleblunden Cottage, Ballinamara, Kilkenny. Roots Ireland"s Church of Ireland records give death date as 10 Feb 1855, aged 50, of Castle Blunden Cottage,St Canice's parish, buried at Mallardstown.

Children of Jane Dugdale and Rev Richard Fleming Handy

Dianah Duggan

(1874 - )
     Dianah Duggan was born in 1874.

Ellen Duggan

     Ellen Duggan married George Glover.

Children of Ellen Duggan and George Glover

Martha E Duggan

(1869 - )
     Martha E Duggan was born in 1869.

Rachel Ann Duggan

(1876 - )
     Rachel Ann Duggan was born in 1876.

Thomas Duggan

     Thomas Duggan married Margaret Mackglew on 9 February 1804 in St Leonard, Shoreditch, London.

Jane Duke

     Jane died in Sussex, England.

Child of Jane Duke and John Smith Dempster

Mary Dumford

     Mary Dumford married Thomas Arundell.

Child of Mary Dumford and Thomas Arundell

Alice Dummitt

(circa 1867 - 1921)
     Alice Dummitt was born circa 1867.
Alice Dummitt married Samuel Walling, son of Reuben Thomas Walling and Harriett Ruby, on 14 January 1903 in York, York County, Ontario, Canada.
     Alice died in 1921 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Children of Alice Dummitt and Samuel Walling

Isabella Dunbar (Leith)

     Isabella Dunbar (Leith) was the daughter of Robert Dunbar and Isobel Sharpe.

Elizabeth Dunbar (Moodie)

( - 1798)
     Elizabeth Dunbar (Moodie) was the daughter of Thomas Dunbar and Janet Dunbar (Dunbar) (of Westfield).
     Elizabeth died in 1798.

Mary Maxwell Dunbar (Nicolson)

( - 1806)
     Mary Maxwell Dunbar (Nicolson) was the daughter of Thomas Dunbar and Janet Dunbar (Dunbar) (of Westfield).
     Mary died in 1806.

William Dunbar Home

     William Dunbar Home was born in Scotland.
He married his cousin who obtained the lands of Home from her father Patrick the 5th Earl of Dunbar and he assumed the name of Home. They were progenitors of the Earls of Home. [The Scottish nation, p.74]

. He was the son of Patrick Dunbar and Cecilia Fraser.
William Dunbar Home married Ada Dunbar (Courtenay), daughter of Patrick Dunbar 5th Earl of Dunbar and Ada, of Scotland,, after 1225.

Ada Dunbar (Courtenay)

(before 1200 - )
     Ada Dunbar (Courtenay) was born before 1200. She was the daughter of Patrick Dunbar 5th Earl of Dunbar and Ada, of Scotland.
Ada, who was married, first, to William de Curtenay, without issue. He died before 11 September 1217, and between 1218 and 1220 she was married, secondly, to Theobald de Lascelles, who left her again a childless widow before October 1225. She is further said to have married her father's cousin William, son of Patrick of Greenlaw, and through him to have been the ancestress of the family of Home. She certainly was styled Lady of Home, and had part of the territory of that name, but the marriage is nowhere proved, and the terms of a charter by William of Home in 1268 suggest that she was not his mother.
Ada Dunbar (Courtenay) married William Dunbar Home, son of Patrick Dunbar and Cecilia Fraser, after 1225.

Adam Dunbar

(before 1630 - )
     Adam Dunbar was born before 1630.
Adam Dunbar married Janet Cuming on 1 April 1649 in Dyke, Moray.