Charles Dunbar

(11 July 1717 - 1 October 1778)
     Charles Dunbar was christened on 11 July 1717. He is not related, just inserted here for clarification.
     Charles died on 1 October 1778 aged 61. He was MP for Blessington 1771-6-8 [r. Hillsborough 1776 [Biographies of Members of the Irish Parliament 1692-1800].

Capt Charles Dunbar

(14 January 1799 - 29 July 1857)
     Capt Charles Dunbar was christened on 14 January 1799 in Boston, Lincolnshire. He was the son of Major John Killigrew Dunbar and Helena Nash.
     Charles matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, on 4 November 1816. He entered Trinity College Dublin 4 Nov 1816 aged 17 pensioner (Mr Martin); son of John, generosus; born Lincolnshire.
     He served as an officer in the British Army from 3 August 1826. He was appointed Ensign of the 87th Regiment of Foot 3 Aug 1826 and in 1827 transferred to the 57th, 6 Dec 1827 [WO31].
He became a Lieutenant in the 57th - 9 Nov 1832. On 22 Apr 1835 he transferred to the 20th Regiment. He joined the 31st Regiment 1 Oct 1836. In 1839 he joined the 18th, 22 Oct 1839 [WO25/342 = Royal Irish Regt]. He was appointed Captain in the 10th Regiment on 5 Sep 1845.
WO31/612] 57th Regt. Mem-in-Chief Correspondence 6 Dec 1827 Exchange between Ensigns Dunbar & Woods 57 & 87 Regt Chas Dunbar - Sir, I would be pleased to obtain for me, His Majesties Permission to exchange with Ensign Wood 57th Regt" I approve of the above exchange Col. J Doyle, Col 87th Regt [PROK]
1846 Hart's Army list - 10th (North Lincs) Regiment of Foot - Capt. Charles Dunbar, 20 years service on full pay. Ensign 3 Aug 1826, Lt 9 Nov 1832, Capt 5 Sep 1845.
Captain Dunbar served with the 18th in China (Medal) and was present at Canton, Amoy, Chusan, Chinhae, Ningpo, Chapoo, Shanghai, Woosung, Chin Kiang Foo. He served with the 10th at the battle of Goojerat (Medal). [Harts Army list 1854].
His regiment was at the Punjab campaign 1848-9. Indian mutiny 1857: where he was killed at Arrah. [Swinson].
The 10th Regt were involved in battles, campaigns etc. from 1845 in India, Burma, etc. South Africa. See Letters from Patna.
     Capt Charles Dunbar married Elizabeth Bachelor on 13 February 1835 in Cannanore/Kannur, Kerala, Madras Presidency, India. Charles Dunbar, Lieut in the 57th Regiment, bachelor & Elizabeth Bachelor, spinster. Capt Charles Dunbar was mentioned in a letter dated 31 August 1842. My dear Frederick, I write off hastily a few line to quiet you in case you should have no definite account of the Glenswilly. It was possible to reach her in the Downs or off Dover. I have ascertained this day from Masson & Higgins that a letter has been put on board & that it is known that you are to be at Plymouth, and by having a watch on Mr Edgcombe, your boat will reach her without the necessity of lowering the anchor. However the gentleman I spoke to in that office (the one who had been assured that they would do 20 ... than go without you - that he could not have interested himself more for a ...ation. This tranquillises me. Messr Oliver & .... and they are quite satisfied to wait my connexion? also started on Tuesday at 5, morning? with the goat.
And now my dear Frederick once more farewell and may the Great God watch over you and yours! Kiss the dear boys for me - and give my best love to Caroline, Susan, and George. If possible, pray, send a line by any vessel you fall in with, under cover to Hillam? for me. He had promised to forward by Boulogne, letters directed to my Paris address. Or better still, by post. I will write to inform John Kane when I hear of your safe arrival - also by overland this month to Charles K to acquaint him with your movements.
God for ever bless you,
Your affect. brother ...
. He was widowed on 4 October 1852 on the death of his wife Elizabeth Bachelor.
     Charles died on 29 July 1857 in the Siege of Arrah, Ara, India, aged 58. At Dinapore, August last, while in command, killed by the mutineers, Charles Dunbar, Esq. Captain HM 10th Foot, third son of John K Dunbar, Esq., late Majpr MH 83rd Foot, Garrison House, countyy Fermanagh and South Circular Road, Dublin, respected and regretted by his brother officers and all who knew him.
There is a monument in the north transept of Lincoln Cathedral, to the officers & men of the 10th Lincolnshire Regiment who fell in the Mutiny, headed by Capt. Dunbar.
     The administration of his estate was granted to Henry Hussey Vivian Dunbar on 29 October 1859 at Dublin, Ireland. Administration of the personal estate of Charles Dunbar, late a Captain in H.M. 10th Foot, a widower who died in the month of August 1857 at Arah, India PPR to Henry H. V. Dunbar of the Education Office, Marborough St, Dublin, the uncle, guardian and during the minority of Matilda Helena Clara Dunbar the daughter only next of kin of deceased. Good under £200.

Children of Capt Charles Dunbar and Elizabeth Bachelor

Charles Gordon-Cumming Dunbar 9th Bart of Northfield

(14 February 1844 - 8 January 1916)
     Charles was nick-named Paul. He was born on 14 February 1844 in Duffus, Moray, Scotland. He was a younger son by his second wife. At Duffus House, The lady of Archibald Dunbar Esq., yr, of Northfield of a son. He was the son of Sir Archibald Dunbar 7th Bart of Northfield and Sophia Orred.
     Charles Gordon-Cumming Dunbar 9th Bart of Northfield and Randolph John Edward Dunbar were recorded on the 1851 census in Tulloch Park, Forres, Moray, Scotland. They were boardersa ged 9 & 7.
     He was educated at Winchester College and the University of Jena; and ordained in 1867. His first post was as Chaplain to the Bishop of Colombo] After that he refused the chance to be the first Bishop of Pretoria but accepted the Archdeaconry of Grenada, serving from 1875 to 1877. On his return he held incumbencies at Little Heath and Walthamstow. I
n 1863 he went abroad for his health to India & Ceylon where in 1867 he was ordained deacon then priest. He was domestic chaplain to the Bishop of Columbo but became ill and returned to Scotland. From 1869 to 1871 he was curate at All Saint's Lambeth with occasional services at Marylebone. He rejoined the Bishop when he returned from Colombo as chaplain for his European travels..
     Charles Gordon-Cumming Dunbar 9th Bart of Northfield married Edith Wentworth on 17 October 1872 in St Paul's, Knightsbridge, Middlesex, England.
     Charles died on 8 January 1916 in Elmina, East Cliff, Ramsgate, Kent, England, aged 71. He was succeeded by his first cousin once removed Archibald Ranulph..

Child of Charles Gordon-Cumming Dunbar 9th Bart of Northfield and Edith Wentworth

Charlotte Dunbar

(1712 - )
     Charlotte Dunbar was born in 1712. She was the daughter of James Sutherland-Dunbar Bart of Hempriggs and Elizabeth Dunbar.
     Charlotte Dunbar married William Sinclair (of Keiss) on 23 December 1731.

Christian Dunbar

     Christian Dunbar was the daughter of Sir James Dunbar and Euphemia Dunbar (Dunbar) of Cumnock.
     Christian Dunbar married Alexander Innes (13th of that Ilk) in 1493.

Christian Dunbar

     Christian Dunbar was the daughter of John Dunbar and Christian Mackenzie.
     Christian Dunbar married David Fraser in July 1693. The initials D.F. and C.D. refer to David Fraser, merchant in, and one of the Bailies of, Inverness, younger son of Provost Finlay Fraser, who married in July 1693 Christian Dunbar, eldest lawful daughter of umquhile John Dunbar of Bennetsfield. David Fraser held as cautioner for his obligations under the contract his eldest brother, Andrew Fraser, burgess of Inverness, and the lady had her mother, Christian Mackenzie, Sir Alexander Mackenzie of Coul and Simon Mackenzie of Torridon. (From Chris: Sir Alexander and Simon may be brothers to Christian Mackenzie?)..

Christian Dunbar

(before 1630 - )
     ...By his wife, Christian, eldest daughter of Ninian Dunbar of Grangehill, he had issue : Alexander, his successor ; Hugh, ancestor of DALLAS OF PETSAL ; John, ancestor of DALLAS OF INVERNESS or EDINBURGH; and three daughters, Elizabeth, Marjorie, and Christian, all mentioned in their father's bond of provision. ... ALEXANDER DALLAS III. OF CANTRAY 165 – (daughter) MARJORIE became the wife of Thomas Dunbar, merchant in Forres, before 25th February 1684, when their daughter Margaret was baptized. (Par. Reg., Forres.) She, with consent of Thomas Dunbar, her husband, on ... appointed her mother and her heirs to her share of 500 merks, derived from her father's provision. (Reg. Sas., Inverness, v. fol. 394.) Thomas Dunbar, her husband, died before 15th February 1691, when their two posthumous sons, David (or Alexander : Par. Reg., Forres) and Thomas, were baptized. (Par. Reg., Rafford.) The date of her death is not known. “. Christian Dunbar was born before 1630. She was the daughter of Ninian Dunbar and Finduella Christian? Dunbar.
     Christian Dunbar married Alexander Dallas (III of Cantray), son of William Dallas (of Cantray) and Janet Campbell, in 1642. On 2nd May 1642 a charter was granted by Alexander Dollas, fiar of Cantray, with consent of his father and mother, in favour of Christian Dunbar, eldest lawful daughter of Ninian Dunbar of Granghill, in liferent, in implement of a contract of marriage, of the town and lands of Croy, with the kill and croft thereof. Amongst the witnesses were Robert Dunbar, apparent of Granghill, and William Dollas of Budzett. To the sasine, given on the same day, the fiar is himself a witness. (Part. Beg. Sas., Inverness, vi. fol. 44.).. And on the same date he granted another charter in favour of Christian Dunbar, his future spouse, of the town and lands of Cantray Frische, the sasine being witnessed by Mr. Alexander Dollas, apparent of Budzett, Patrick Dollas, maltman in Dollas Cantray, Hugh Dollias, his servitor, and William Dollas, servitor to Mr James Campbell of Moy, while to the precept William Dollas of Budzett is a witness. (Ibid., 415.)
On a charter, dated at Boith, 21st September 1640, by Patrick Paipley and Bessie Dunbar, his spouse, sasine was given to Alexander Dollas, fiar of Cantray, and Christian Dunbar, ' now ' his spouse, on 31st July 1646, of that part of the lands of Meikle Geddes now called the lands of Brounehill, in the shire of Nairn (Reg. Sas., Elgin and Nairn, iii. fol. 367), but this was merely a wadset, which was subsequently redeemed..

Child of Christian Dunbar and Alexander Dallas (III of Cantray)

Christian Dunbar

(after 1630 - )
     Christian Dunbar was born after 1630. She was the daughter of John Dunbar.
     Christian Dunbar married William Dallas (of Cantray) as his second wife, after 21 January 1651/52. Marriage contract is dated at Cantray and Suddie 8 & 21 January 1651-2, between William Dallas of Cantray and Alexander Dunbar of Bennetsfield, as taking burden on himself for Christian Dunbar, his lawful sister. Dallas undertakes to invest her, 'his future spouse' in liferent, and the children of the mariage in fee, in the lands of Teirphogreien, Little Conlachane, and salmon fishings on the Findhorn...she and her brother oblige themselves to convey what estate she may derive from her late father, John Dunbar of Bennetsfield. The contract is signed by William Dallas at Cantray, 8 Jan 1651, before Colin Dunbar, and James Andeson, Sheriff Clerk of Nairn, and by Alexander Dunbar and Christian Dunbar at Suddie, 21 january 1651, before Geroge Dunbar, brother german to the said Alexander Dunbar and William Dunbar in Lochloy.
Sasine was given 3 March 1651, Colin Dunbar, the bride's brother, acting as her attorney, and the records the fishings of Terphograine are stated to be 'called poldowie'..

Christian Dunbar

( - after 1464)
     Christian Dunbar was the daughter of George Dunbar (10/11th Earl of Dunbar & March) and Beatrix Unknown (Dunbar).
     John Ravilious wrote on 19 March 2006 via Gen-Medieval mailing list: ' Dame Crystyane of Douglas', widow of Sir William Douglas, received an Obligation of David Wemyss as his intended wife 'regarding her terce', 1 February 1423/4 [Wemyss II:47-48[3]]
evidence of her identification as daughter of George Dunbar (last) Earl of March:

A. Onomastic
1. She was evidently named for her paternal grandmother, Christiana Wardlaw.
2. Her daughter Euphemia Wemyss was named for her sister Euphemia Dunbar, who was ultimately named for their ancestress Euphemia de Morham.

B. Attested kinship:
1. Her son Sir John Auchinleck was identified by David Lindsay, 5th Earl of Crawford as " lovit cousin and squire, John of Auchinleck of that Ilk ", in a charter confirming a grant in 1466 [Lindsay p. 117[5]]. This identification would place Sir John Auchinleck and Earl David as 2nd cousins, by common descent from George Dunbar, Earl of March and Christiana Wardlaw.
re: her 3rd husband, Sir James Auchinleck of that Ilk: of Auchinleck, co. Ayr
'Schyr Jamys of Achinlek lorde of that ilk, knychtis', witness (together with Sir George Campbell of Loudoun and others) to charter of Robert Colville of Ochiltree to his mother Margaret, dated 10 Sept 1441 [RMS pp. 69-70, No. 302[6]]

'Dominis Jac. de Achinlek [knight]', witness to charter of William, earl of Douglas to Patrick Hepburn, dated Douglas Castle, 29 June 1444 [RMS p. 124, No. 557[6]]

'Schyr James of Auchinlek of that ilk, knycht', witness (together with Sir John Wallace of Craige, Robert Fleming and others) to charter of Archibald Douglas, earl of Moray, to James Douglas of Heriotmure, 25 Aug 1447 [RMS pp. 68-69, No. 301[6]]

' Sir James of Auchinleck of that ilk, knight', one of the arbitrators in an exchange of lands between Sir Andrew Ogilvie of Inchmartin and John Wemyss of that Ilk (his step-son), indenture presented ' before William Thyne, bailie of the burgh of Dundee ' by Sir Andrew Ogilvie, 21 April 1449 [Melville, III:xviii-xix, no. 37[7]]

adherent of William Douglas, Earl of Douglas (d. 22 Feb 1451/2):
' In April 1449, with the earl at the height of his power, James Auchinleck, one of his closest adherents, was slain by Richard Colville, a member of the family which held the neighbouring barony of Ochiltree.' [Brown p. 279[4]] __________________________

she m. 1stly William Douglas,
2ndly David Wemyss,
3rdly James Auchinleck[3]

cf. SP VIII:483, sub _Wemyss, Earls of Wemyss_[1]

Spouse: David Wemyss
Death: bef Sep 1430[1]
Father: Sir John Wemyss (-ca1428)
Mother: Isabel Erskine (-<1427)
Marr: aft 1 Feb 1423[3]

Children: John (ca1425-)

1.1a.1b Christian* (See above)

Spouse: Sir James Auchinleck of that Ilk
Death: bef 17 Oct 1449, Ayrshire (murdered)[8],[4]
Father: Sir John de Auchinleck

Children: Sir John (->1499)

1.1a.1b.1 Sir John Auchinleck of that Ilk[1]
Death: aft 1499[9]

knt., of Auchinleck, co. Ayr

" John Auchinleck, son and heir of 'quondam' James Auchinleck of that Ilk ", had a charter in his favour dated 17 Oct 1449, confirmed by King James II 26 Oct 1450 [James II, p. 57[8]]

supporter of William, Earl of Douglas, 1452[4]

Member of Parliament for Ayshire, 1461 and 1469 [9]

" lovit cousin and squire, John of Auchinleck of that Ilk ", had a charter from his kinsman David Lindsay, (5th) Earl of Crawford confirming a grant in 1466 [Lindsay p. 117[5]]

'Dominum Johannem de Achinlek de eodem' [knight], subscriber (together with Sir John Chalmers, Robert Crawford of Auchinames, Quintin Mure, David Wallace, George Stewart, William Auchinleck, John Hamilton and George Fullarton) to the inquisition which found Alexander Montgomery to be the legitimate heir of his father in the Bailiery of Cunyngham, and of age; inquisition held at Linlithgow, 17 June
1466 in a court before Sir John Colquhoun and Master David Guthrie, treasurer of the King [Fraser, Memorials II:36-37, No. 45[10];
I:26 states, ' He was served heir to his father in the bailiary of Cuninghame on 17th June 1466. ' ]

represented Ayrshire in Parliament, 1478 and 1487

disponed estate to daughter and William Cunyngham, husband, in 1499 without the King's consent, acc. to Nisbet [9]

Spouse: NN
Father: [conjectured] Alexander Melville of Glenbervie
Children: Marion, m. (1) Sir George Campbell of Loudoun
(2) William Cunningham of Craigends

1.2 Sir David Dunbar
Death: ca 1452[2]

knt., of Cockburn and Auchtermonzie

cf. CP III:510[12] [sub Earls of Crawford]
Scots Peerage[1],
Thompson and Hansen 6(2):149 #558[2]

Children: Margaret (->1498)

1.2.1a Margaret Dunbar*
Death: aft Jun 1498[12]

' Margaret, da. and h. of Sir David Dunbar, of Cockburn and Auchtermonzie, br. of George, last Earl of Dunbar, or March.'
[CP III:510[12]]

she m. 1stly Alexander Lindsay, Earl of Crawford ('the Tiger Earl'),
2ndly Sir William Wallace of Craigie[12]

cf. CP III:510[12] [Crawford, Earls of]
Scots Peerage[1],
Thompson and Hansen 4(2):147 #279[2]

Spouse: Alexander Lindsay, Earl of Crawford
Death: Sep 1453, Finhaven castle, Angus[12],[5]
Father: David Lindsay (-1445)
Mother: Marjory Ogilvie

Children: David
Sir Alexander (-1517)
NN (allegedly m. Sir Andrew Stewart, Lord Avondale)

Other Spouses Sir William Wallace

1.2.1a.1 David Lindsay
Occ: Earl of Crawford

5th Earl of Crawford

" lovit cousin and squire, John of Auchinleck of that Ilk ", had a charter from his kinsman David Lindsay, (5th) Earl of Crawford confirming a grant in 1466 [Lindsay p. 117[5]]

cf. CP III:510-11[12]

Spouse: Elizabeth Hamilton

Children: Alexander (-1489)
John (-1513)

1.2.1b Margaret Dunbar* (See above)

Spouse: Sir William Wallace of Craigie
Death: aft 14 Oct 1488[13]
Father: Sir John Wallace (->1449)
Mother: Elizabeth Douglas
Marr: aft Sep 1453[12]

Children: John Wallace, of Craigie

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     Christian died after 1464.

Christian Dunbar (McGuffock)

     Christian Dunbar (McGuffock) was born in Mochrum, Wigtownshire. She was the daughter of Sir John Dunbar and Elizabeth Kennedy.

Clement Adrian Dunbar

(20 March 1871 - 1940)
     Clement Adrian Dunbar was born on 20 March 1871. He was the son of Thomas Clement Dunbar.
     Clement died in 1940.

Child of Clement Adrian Dunbar

Colin Dunbar

(after 1566 - )
     Colin Dunbar was born after 1566 in Avoch, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. He was mentioned as brother of John Dunbar fiar of Avoch, Sep 1599.. He was the son of George Dunbar.
     Colin was educated from 19 October 1580. 19 Oct 1580 at Holyroodhouse: Gift to "Ane letter .. re the chaplainry of Delny, vacated by the decease of the late Mr. David Dunbar .. disponis to Colin Dunbar, son to George Dunbar of Awache, whom his majesty understands to be within the age of 14 years and is apt & well willing to studie in grammer .. the said chaplanerie ... for 7 years for his support at the saidis scolis. He was mentioned in a deed dated 27 June 1601. Kenneth McKenzie of Kintail for George Dunbar of Avoch & George Dunbar apparent of Avoch, James Dunbar of Little Sudy, Mr David Dunbar, Robert, Gavin, Colene, Alexander and George Dunbar, sons of the said George Dunbar, not to harm Marjorie Ogilvie, relict of James Dunbar of Tarbert.
     Colin Dunbar and Archibald Falcouner were mentioned in 1602.
     Colin Dunbar and George Dunbar were mentioned in a civil court action in 1602. At the instance of Mr George Monro, chancellor of Ros & Donald Thorneton in the chanonry of Ross to ... against McKenzies, George Dunbar of Awach, Commissary of Ross, Robert Grahame, archdeacon of Ross, Colene Dunbar, son of the laird of Avach ... Charge given to John Dunbar of Windiegoullis... James Dunbar of Little Suddy, Colene & Robert Dunbar sons to George Dunbar of Awach, George Dunbar of Awach ... Grahame & Colene Dumbar ... [abducted] Jonet Thornton (daughter of Donald)... John, James, Mr David, Colene & George Dumbarris, sons of George Dumbar of Avach ... Archibald Falcouner in Fernychtie, son-in-law of George Dunbar of Awach ... Rory Urquhart servitor to Gavin Dunbar, son of George Dunbar of Avach & others ... monstrous acts ... James Dunbar of Little Suddie, Colene & Robert Dunbar sons of George D of Awach, George Dunbar of Awach ... his said 5 sons. ... They excuse George Dunbar in respect of his age and inability to travel but ordain him to be denounced rebel for not having produced the said Jonet.

Colin Dunbar

( - before October 1697)
     Colin died before October 1697 in Resolis?, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. He's heir was Alexander Dunbar on 14 October 1697 in Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. Alexander Dunbar de Riesolis, haeres Colini Dunbar de Reisolis, patris - in villa et terris de Riesolis cum decimia garbalibur inclusis, et privilegio cespitum de mreder Brey et Mulboy, infra parochiam de Cullicuden et KIrmichael . E. 44 bolls ... xlvi 729.

Child of Colin Dunbar

Colin John Dunbar

(1908 - 1975)
     Colin John Dunbar was born in 1908 in Queensland. He was the son of George Dunbar and Catherine Matilda Davis.
     Colin died in 1975 in Queensland.

Bishop Columba Dunbar

(circa 1380 - before 7 November 1435)
     Bishop Columba Dunbar was born circa 1380 in Scotland. He was the son of George Dunbar 10th Earl and Christiana Wardlaw. Columba was Dean of St Mary Magdalene at Bridgnorth, Shropshire, in February 1403.
     Bishop Columba Dunbar was mentioned on 23 November 1411.
     Dean of the collegiate church of Dunbar 1412, He carried on the restoration of the Castle of Dunbar.
Paul states: Colin or Columba, born about 1380, perhaps earlier. styled Colin in a writ of 1390, named as third son there, and in the safe conduct of 1402-3. He was educated at Oxford. He is referred to as receiving money for his father and mother, and in February 1402-3 he was presented to the deanery of St. Mary Magdalene, Bridgnorth.' In 1411 he is named as Dean of Dunbar, the benefice being £40 yearly; and in 1413 he received in addition the Hospital of Ruthven, valued at £30 yearly. He was provided to the Bishopric of Moray on 3 April 1422, and it was apparently he who received payments for going to Rome and undertaking a special mission there in 1429 or later.' He is named Sir Columba, Bishop of Moray, in a writ by his sister, of 24 April 1438, but was probably then deceased. Columba was Bishop of Moray at Moray, Scotland, from 3 April 1422.
     Columba de Dunbar, Elect of
Moray, offered his common serives on 12 Feb 1423.
     Columba died at his palace before 7 November 1435 in Spynie, Moray. He was buried in in the Dunbar aisle, Elgin Cathedral, Moray. His effigy survives - a tombe with recumbent figure in vestments.

Constantine Dunbar

     Constantine Dunbar was born in Scotland. Constantine was named in his father's charter of 1166, but who seems to have died young. He was the son of Waldeve or Waltheof Dunbar and Aelina or Aline Unknown (Dunbar).

Cuthbert Dunbar

(before 1441 - after 1499)
     Cuthbert Dunbar was also known as Cuthbert Dunbar (of Blantyre) in records. He was born before 1441 in Wigtownshire, Scotland. Sir John's second son Cuthbert, who had Blantyre, is now represented In the female line by Captain Nugent Dunbar of Machermore, co. Kirkcudbright. He was the son of Sir John Dunbar.
     Apud Edinburgh 11 August (1472)
Rex concessit Cuthberto de Dunbar fratri germano Pat de Dunbar de Cumnok land ... Cumnok, Mochrum, Blantyre ... quas dictus Pat resignavit: - Tenend. Dicto Cuthbert et heirs ejus masc. Legit. Q.d. nearest male heir being the name Dunbar.
     21 June 1474 Cuthbert de Dunbar fratem germanus Patricii de Dunbar de Cumnok ... in terris baronei de Cumnok vic. Are... Cumnok baronie de Mochrum in dominio Galwidie, vic. Wigtoun, et eterris baronie de Blantyre vic. Lanark ... Jacobo de Dunbar et Eufamie de Dunbar ejus sponse, et courm alteri diutius viventi, necnon Johanni de Dunbar et Mergerete de Dunbar ejus sponse ditto ... ac etiam Patricio de Dunbar et Jonete de Dunbar ejus sponse ... filabus et heredibus apparantis dicti Pat de Dunbar de Cumnok ....
     31 March 1478? Edinburgh. Cuthbert (brother of Patrick) filiarum et apparenti heredum ipsius Pat et sponsa eorundem, viz Eufamie de Dunbar & Jacobi Dunbar, fil. & heir apparent Alex Dunbar of Westfield militis, sponsi dicte Eufamie, ac quondam Mergerete de Dunbar & Johanni Dunbar ejus sponsi, et Jonete de Dunbar et Pat de Dunbar ejus sponsi....
     Cuthbert died after 1499 in Scotland.
     Instrument narrating the compearance of Adam Conigham of Caprontoun, Hector Stewart of Eas, and Cuthbert Dunbar of Blantire, tenants of Matthew, Earl of Lennox, in the barony of Torboltoun, in the parish church of Torboltoune, declaring that that day, being the 8th November, had been assigned to them by the procurators of the said earl, for having a division of the common
land of the said barony, and that they were ready, as tenants
thereof, to see and hear the division made of the said common land, but that the earl himself was not then present. Whereupon the said Outhbert and Hector, for themselves, and the said Adam Conigham, for himself and in name of Quintin Mure of Overtoune, and Alexander Conigham of Colliame, craved instruments.
Done in the parish church of Torboltoune about twelve noon, 8th November 1500

daughter Dunbar

(2 March 1838 - )
     Daughter Dunbar was stillborn on 2 March 1838 in Dinapore, Bengal Presidency, India. She was the daughter of Capt Frederick Dunbar and Emma Kane.

daughter Dunbar

(before 1580 - )
     Daughter Dunbar married Archibald Falcouner. Daughter Dunbar was born before 1580 in Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. She was the daughter of George Dunbar.

daughter Dunbar

( - before 1913)
     Daughter Dunbar was the daughter of Edward Henry Vivian Dunbar and Jane Emmeline Ryder.
     Daughter died before 1913.

Daughter Dunbar

(23 July 1852 - )
     Daughter Dunbar was born on 23 July 1852 in Cottingham, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Edward Dunbar Dunbar and Phoebe Dunbar.

daughter Dunbar Glendoing of that Ilk

     She also married Parton.. Daughter Dunbar Glendoing of that Ilk was born in Scotland. She was the daughter of Sir John Dunbar.

David Dunbar

(circa 1470 - 23 February 1521/22)
     David Dunbar was also known as David Dunbar (Bailie of Pluscarden) in records. David Dunbar was also known as David Dunbar (of Grangehill) in records. David Dunbar was also known as David Dunbar (of Durris) in records. He was born circa 1470 in Scotland. He was the fifth son. He was the son of Sir Alexander Dunbar and Isobel Sutherland.
     On Loch Ness is the barony of Durris (parish of Durris/Dores), part of the estate of Sir Alexander Dunbar of Westfield who disponed Durris, half of Holm, Little Bellacheranich, Tirchirochan & Dalmigvie in Strathern in favour of his son David Dunbar 27 Oct 1495 by charter under the Great Seal 17 Dec 1569. These lands were erected into a free barony of which Lopan was the principal messuage. Likewise Alexander, Earl of Dumfermline sold the kirklands of Durris to Mark Dunbar in 1592 reserving the patronage and the teinds. Mark Dunbar disposed of the whole barony in 1608.
     David Dunbar and Sir Alexander Dunbar were mentioned in a deed dated 27 October 1495 in Durris (Dores), Inverness-shire. Rex concessit David Dunbar et heredibus ejus - terras de Durris, Drumdurris, medietatem terrarum del Holme, Dalmegattye, litilbellicharnok, et Teirscherochane, vic. Inverness. :- quas Alex. Dunbar de Westfield, miles, resignavit.
     David Dunbar of Durris had an action against Farqhuar McIntosh re lands of Durris Jan 26, 1497/8 and against Hew Fressell of Lovatt 20 Feb 1497/8 [Acts of the Lords of Council in civil causes 1496-1501 p.94, 114].
     10 Feb 1507/8 Edinburgh: A Letter of tak to David Dunbar of Durris - of the kingis landis of Knock and Athenach, Moldole and iii quarteris of Kintessock, with their pertinentis, liand with the lordschip of Murray ....
     6 May 1516: A letter of tak with consent of the Governor to James Dunbar, the son of David Dunbar of Durris of all & hale the kingis landes of Tarbart, co. Ross, which lands the said James now occupies.
     David died on 23 February 1521/22 in Durris (Dores), Inverness-shire, Scotland. Obitus quondam egregii viri Davidis Dunbar de Durris in Granyhill 23 mensis Feb 1521.
     Robert Dunbar of Durris, who, upon this father's resignation, got a charter under the great seal confirming "to Robert Dunbar, son and apparent heir of Alexander Dunbar of Durris, and Christian Learmouth, his spouse, and the heirs to be procreate between them, all and haill the lands of Durris, Drummin, Balleblare," &c., dated 14th November, 1526, with a sasine following thereon of the same date.
He got another charter under the great seal to him and his said spouse of the lands of Balleblare, Bellichernok, Clarachan &c., in Inverness-shire, dated 14th April, 1564. He lived to a great age, and by the said Christian Learmouth had a son and successor..
     A Robert Dunbar of Durris (possibly his son) is mentioned on 20 Dec 1540.
David of Durris, which was sold and Grange-hill bought.

Children of David Dunbar

David Dunbar

(after 1532 - 2 February 1588/89)
     David Dunbar was also known as David (of Bennetsfield) in records. He was born after 1532 in Bennetsfield, Avoch, Ross & Cromarty. Born after 1532 if requiring a tutor in 1547, he was the eldest son of John Dunbar in Bennetsfield. He was the son of John Dunbar.
     David Dunbar of Bennethfield is described as cousin to John, Alexander & Patrick Dunbar, the natural sons of Alexander Dunbar, Prior of Pluscarden who could inherit the land and town of Westerton of Pluscardin, their heirs failing.
     5 April 1547 David Dunbar, son of the late John Dunbar in Bennetsfield, elects & choses the veneralble father Alexander, by the permision of God, prior of Pluscarden and William Hay of Mayne his turors during his age of tutor and from the complieting of the aie of turor his curators ad lites et negotia and the said venerable father & William Hay of Mayne has made the great oath on the heledoune to use the said offices to the said David utility & profit ay & quhill they be discharged..
     David Dunbar and James Dunbar were mentioned in a deed dated 12 February 1547/48 in Edinburgh. David Dunbar had the gift of the goods, etc. relating to the late James Dunbar, bastard son of the late Alexander Dunbar of Sudy, now in the hands of the Queen as a bastard. However note that on the same day Maister Thomas Marjoribanks also had the gift of the goods, etc. relating to the late Alexander Dunbar, bastard son of the late Alexander Dunbar of [blank] and in the Queens hand as the late Alexander was born and died a bastard.
A letter maide to David Dunbar in Bennettisfeild, his airis and assignais ane or ma, - of the gift of all gudis (etc. ut supra no. 2634), quhilkis pertenit to umqhile James Dunbar, bastard, sone of umquhile Alexander Dunbar of Sudy, and new pertening to oure soverane lady be resoun of eschete and privilege of law grantit to hir grace upoun the escehete of bastardis. With power, etc.
     6 February 1548/9 - The Queen set in feu farm to David Dunbar, elder son & heir of the deceased John Dunbar of Bennetisfield, the lands of Bennetisfield, Petfur, etc. in the Lordship of Ardmannach, Inverness: 6 Feb 1548/9 Preceptum charter feodifirme David Dunbar elder son & heir of the late John Dunbar in Bennetsfield re lands at Bennetsfield, Petfur & Killane, mill of Killane, mill of Petconochy, mill of Petfur. Tenend: said David & his legitimate male heirs q.d. John Dunbar his brother & his heirs, q.d. Patrick Dunbar of Sanchar & heirs q.d. John Dunbar his brother & heirs, q.d. nearest male heir of said David, arma & name of Dunbar gerentibus quibuscunque, q.d. nearest female heir....
     David Dunbar married Grissel Leslie. Berthon's pedigree states that David married Margaret Hay, daughter of John Hay of Lochlay & Janet Sutherland his wife. After the death of David she married by contract 15 March 1569 as her second husband Alexander Brodie of Brodie, she died 14 February 1609.
David Dunbar's marriage to Grissel Leslie was stormy, his wife leaving him and bringing an action for divorce in the Edinburgh Commissary Court, alleging that she could not obtain justice at Chanonry, where none "dar to uyrwayis nor hir said spowss commands tham quha is ane greit clamit man in the partis of Ross... And she being put away fra hir said spowsss for his uncurtess handeling of hir remains now besyde abirdene mair nor fowre scoir myllis from the chanrie of Ross" (CC8/2/7, 24 Nov 1575). The case proceeded inconclusively until 10 March 1581 (see CC/8/2/8 and 9), and at one stage sent William Cumming, town clerk of Inverness, in midwinter to within five miles of Aberdeen to summon Grissel to "aduer to hym and to return to hyr awyne biggyne" (NP1/32, 207r, 8 Jan 1578). For unknown reasons the couple eventually drew back from divorce, Grissel Leslie lived after her husband's death at Little Suddie, where she died in Feb 1596 (CC8/8/31, 36v-37v). There were no surviving children of the marriage, and Little Suddie passed to George Dunbar of Avoch, one of her executors.
     A David Dunbar was minister of Cillicudden in the presbytery of Canonry, diocese of Ross. He held this charge before the reformation, conformed. In 1557 witnessed a charter by David Bishop of Ross. In 1571 as parson he granted a discharge to William Ross of Priesthill & in 1580 gave a tack of the teind shares to Robert Graham. Died in 1580. . [Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, new ed; the editor presumes him to be the brother of George Dunbar, minister of Rosemarkie].
     David Dunbar was mentioned in a deed dated 6 April 1557 in Suddie, Kilmuir Wester. 1567? Charter by John, Bishop of Ross, with consent, granting to David Dunbar of Urquhart & Grissel Leslie his spouse, the lands of Little Suddy in the bishophric of Ros & Sheriffdom of Inverness.
     David Dunbar and John Dunbar and Alexander Dunbar were mentioned on 12 September 1560.
     David Dunbar lived at Urquhart, Moray, 6 April 1567.
     29/9/1570: Instrument of sasine in favour of Alexander Mawar in Daloquhie (Dallachy) and Elizabeth Damesone, his spouse, of twelfth part of town and lands of Vrquhard (Urquhart), half and quarter parts of the mill-lands thereof, and part of the wood of Crukitwoid, following on precept by David Dunbar of Bennagefeild, dated 15 September 1570.
     29 April 1571 Charter by David Dunbar of Benechfeld in favour of Mr. John Dunbar of Meftis, of lands of Vodland and wood of Crukvod in barony and regality of Vrquhard (Urquhart) and sheriffdom of Elgin and Forres. [Signed David Dunbar of Wrquhard].
     Charter by David Dunbar of Benechfeld in favour of Alexander Mawar of twelfth part of town and lands of Vrquhard (Urquhart) and of wood of Crukwod. [Tag, seal gone]. 12/5/1571.
     Charter a me and de me by David Dunbar of Bennagefeild in favour of Alexander Mawar in Dalloquhy (Dallachy) in liferent, and John Mawar, his son and apparent heir heritably, of 2 twelfth parts of town and lands of Vrquhart, a quarter of mill-lands thereof, with part of the wood of Crukitwoid. 10 Feb 1572.
     July 10 1574 Holyroodhouse: David Dunbar of Bennagefield witnessed document.
     1575/6 23 March: confirmation charter whereby David Dunbar of Benagefield is eventual heir to Maverstown, via Patrick of Sanquhar, via John of Westertown, via Alex of Inchcherocht from James son of deceased Alex of Urquhart.
     Charter of confirmation by Aexander Prior of Pluscarden and convent thereof, of charter, dated 12 May 1571, by David Dunbar of Bennagefeild in favour of James Hay natural son of the deceased John Hay in Vrquhart , of Cruikitwoid. Signed by Alexander Seton, Thomas Ross and Robert Arthill. 30 Oct 15 1582.
     17 May 1583 at Edinburgh: Rentali Domini Regis, Ros & Ardmanach. The miln at Peconnochie .. the ailhouse, Killane, Bennechefeild, Petfure alias Dene Miln ... which lands etc. pertanit in tak & rentale of befoir to David Dunbar in Bennachefield ... contract betwixt the said David & Magister John Dunbar his brother, reg. in Commissariot buke of Ross ... 5 year contract... The foregoing entry is repeated at p. 251 of the original records with the following addenda: Ye sall resaif in our Sov. Lord rental of Ardmananoch Maister Johne Dunbar of Meftis as rentalar in manner aboune written ... Holyroodhouse 30 Nov afsd.
     6 April 1585: Rex confirmation cartam Joanni Epis Rossen qua, cum consensu decani et coanoicorum Ross, ad feudifirman dimisit Davidi Dunbar de Urquhart et Grisselle Leslie ejus sponse, terras de Little Suddy, extenden ad 1/w davatum, brainamque ejusdem cum crofta et terris (per dictum David et ejus tenantes occua[pt) infra epis. Ross vic. Inverness: - Tenend. Dictis Dav. & Gries eorumque alteri diutius viventi in conjuncta infeodatione, hered. inter eos legit proc. q.d. herdibus dicti Dav. et assignatis quibuscunque, de dicto epis. Reddend: .... He was mentioned in a deed dated 14 July 1586 in Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland. 14 July 1586 at Falkland: Rex confirmavit cartam factam per quondam Alex, Priorem [introductory clause "commendatarium"] de Pluscarden, et ejusdem conventum, - qua ad feudifirman dimiserunt M. (Magister) Joanni Dumbar, filio naturali quond. Joannis D de Bennethfield - villas et terras de Ovir et Nether Meftis, cum brasina et 3 acris, in baronia et regalitate sua de Urquhaird, vic. Elgin et Fores: - Tenend. dicto M[. Jo et heredibus masc. ejus de corpore legit. procreatis quibis deficientibus [failing legit male heirs] to David Dunbar of Bennethfield and his heirs, failing them to George Dunbar, fratri germano dicti quond. Jo., and his heirs, failing them to Patricio Dunbar of Sanquhair & heirs, failing them to Roberto Dunbar of Durris & heirs, de dicto monast; cum communi pastura a terris arabilus de Meftis ad austrum ad terras arabiles de Lucharis ad boream; cum communitate in nemore the Luchar-boge ad pasturam animalium, lucandrum glebas "lie turvis", et cespites, vix "pettis, turffis, fealis and dewaitties", et ad cedend. gramina "lie ster" ac silvam "lie void cuttin" (a "the Bruntwater" ad orien. ad terras arabiles de Lucharis ad occiden.); et communitate in the "Luchar-mure"; ac cum postestate lucrandi terras nondum cultas, incipiendo a finibus "the lang-dikis" et Brumelaw dictis terris de Meftis pertinen., et super "lie" Medewmuir usque ad metas terrarum de Innes :- Reddend. pro Uvir Meftis 8 lib. 10 sol. 4 den. firme antique, et 56 sol. 9 den. pro gressuma, 13 bollas victualium pro arida multura ob liberam molationem victualium ad molendinum de Dynkemptie, 4 bollas avenarum custumalium, 2 duodenas caponum, 2 duodenas pultrearum, 4 oves custumales, 10 sol. augmentationis, cum arreagiis et carriagliis 4 equorum cum ductioribus in vectione turbariorum seu pettariorum ad loca de Urquhaird et Pluscarden; pro Wester (vel Nethir) M. 8 lib. 10 sol. 4 den. firme antique, 56 sol. 9 den. pro ....
     David died on 2 February 1588/89 in Lt Suddie, Avoch, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. 2 Feb 1688 [sic] obiit egregius vir David Dunbar (died sick man) de Littill Sudde apud Bonachfelde ett est sepultus in templo Cannone Rossense in insual Sancti Andree. (Although 1688 is clearly written, a scribal error must be presumed, David Dunbar was son and successor of John Dunbar of Bennetsfield (121).
On 6 Feb 1549 he had a feu charter of an enlarged free tenandry of Bennetsfield (RMS iv 288). In the following year he acquired the escheat of Alexander Dunbar of Urquhart (CS7/4, 169v-170r, 24 July 1550), thereafter being at times called David of Urquhart. With his wife Grissel Leslie, a daughter of Sir John Leslie of Balquhain (MacFarlane, Gen. Coll., ii, 10-11), he had a feu-charter of Little Suddie (Knockbain parish) from Bishop John Lesley, 6 April 1567 . He sold Suddie to his uncle George Dunbar of Avoch, rector of Kilmuir (see #203), under a reversion that could be operated only by himself or heirs male of his body, 7 April 1568 (RMS vi 445). David Dunbar was succeeded at Bennetsfield by his brother, or half-brother, Mr John Dunbar of Meft
(see RMS, v, 1006).. He was mentioned as deceased in the confirmation charter dated on 1 July 1596. Jul 1 1596 at Dumfermline: The King with advice etc. (45, 63, 61, 55, 47, 39, 37 51) issued confirmation that the late David Dunbar of Urquhart who for implemento contractus at Elgin in Moray dated 20 Aug 156_, - for 1200 merks full payment, and also for redemption of the lands of Urquhart with mill, sold to George Dunbar, rector of Kilmure, his heirs and assigns, (town &) lands of Litle Suddy exte[nden to dimediam davatum [half davoch?], with brewhouse & crofts near Inverness :-TENEND (sub reversione 1200 merc, said David & his legitimate male heirs of his body, procreatus solummodo, whom failing, said George his heirs and assigns quibuscunque) of Archbishop of Ross in feufarm :- REDDEND. said David unum den. albe firme ; & relevando said David of summis etx. in infeofamento dict. terrarum contentis :- RESERVATO vitali redditu said David & Grisel Leslie, eorumque diutius viventi :- with warrant of sasine directo James Lesly & Alex. Thomesoun :- TEST Master/Rev David Dunbar & Thos. Ros rectors of Cullycudden et Alnes... :- Apud Canoniam Rossen., 7 April 1568 :- And also charter (dicti) George Dunbar of Avache, [who sold to James Dunbar his legitimate son [the introductory clause adds quartogenito] - town etc. aforesaid : -TENEND said James & the legitimate male heirs of his body, whom failing, said George, his heirs and assigns quibuscunque reversuras, of the King virtute acti annexationis :- REDDEND devoiras in origanti charter feudifirme contentas: - with warrant of sasine directo John Dunbar apparent of Avache. TEST: Robt Grahame, archedeacon of Ross ... Adam Dunbar, public notary ... At Canonry of Ross 1 Mar 1595, etc.

David Dunbar

(before 1552 - )
     David Dunbar was also known as David Dunbar (of Kynstarie) in records. He was born before 1552 in Scotland. He was the son of Alexander Dunbar and Hon Elizabeth Forbes.
     Dec 1582: Letters purchased at the instance of David Dunbar of Kynstarie, against John Dunbar of Mochrum and his tutors and curators, who have purchased letters against the said David, making mention that from the minority of the said John his lands and living are in ward, and that his mother has the greatest part thereof, and that therethrough he is destitute of all support and has been so since the decease of Alexander Dunbar of Cunzie his grandfather in Feb 1577; and that the said David, his uncle has intromitted with the same. The Lords give decreet in favour of the said David, he having consigned the sum of £200 for delivery to the said John Dunbar of Mochrum.
     31 May 1583: Letters purchased at the instance of David Dunbar of Kinstarie, against John Dunbar of Mochrum and his curators, and all others having interest therein for production of decreet by which the said David is charged to render and deliver to them the manor place, houses, etc. of Kilboyak, to be kept by the said John. The Lords of Council decern and ordain that decreet .. be null and of no effect now and in time coming
A David Dunbar, burgess of the burgh of Quhitterne/Quhithorne took action agains Helen Dunbar, daughter of Sir John Dunbar of Mochrum in 1590 & 91

David Dunbar

( - 14 February 1691)
     David Dunbar was also known as David Dunbar (of Kirkhill) in records. He was born He may have been the son of Mary/Marion Ogilvy. He was the son of Ninian Dunbar and Finduella Christian? Dunbar.
     David Dunbar married Margery Seton.
     David Dunbar married secondly Janet Leslie.
     David died on 14 February 1691 in Kirkhill?, Moray, Scotland. He was buried in February 1691 in Dyke & Moy, Moray. Mr David Dunbar of Kirkhill.
     His will was proved on 2 November 1691 at Moray. Commissariot of Moray, Mr David Dunbar, of Kirkhill, spouse of Janet Leslie.

Child of David Dunbar

David Dunbar

(25 January 1581/82 - circa 1641)
     David Dunbar was also known as (of Baldone or Baldoon) in records. He was born on 25 January 1581/82. Baldone is in the parish of Kirkinner, Wigtownshire. He was the son of Gavin Dunbar and Janet Cunnningham.
     He married Janet Charteris of Amisfield, 9 Feb 1615.
     David died circa 1641. He died without issue.

David Dunbar

(say 1540 - before 18 January 1600)
     David Dunbar was also known as David Dunbar (Bailie of Pluscarden) in records. David Dunbar was also known as David Dunbar (of Durris) in records.
     David Dunbar married Janet Rose. She was the daughter of Hugh Rose of Kilravock, by Catherine, daughter of Sir Alexander Falconer Halkerton.. David Dunbar was born say 1540 in Durris (Dores), Inverness-shire, Scotland. He was eldest son & heir apparent to Robert who resigned in his favour the lands of Durris, near Inverness, which the King then incorporated in a Barony. He was the son of Robert Dunbar.
     He was proprietor of Durris in 1569.
     1573 Burgesses of Forres. Robert Dunbar of Durris, David Dunbar his son & heir apparent & burgess of Forres mention that Alexander Dunbar of Cumnock instrusit himself be pretendit election in the office of Provost of the said burgh… Alex D of Cumnock, kt, Alex D, John D, electing Alex D & others … Alex D of Cumnock, Alex D of Coinyey, George Dunbar of Navers & Patrick Dunbar son to the said Alex of Coinye… Alex D broder son to the Alex of Cumnock…, & the said Alex D of Cumnock, Alex D of Conye, George D of Navers & Patrick D, son to the said Alex of Conye … said complainers … said Alex Dunbar broder son to the said Alex D of Cumnock, David D …. David Dunbar was heir to Robert Dunbar on 16 August 1582. Precept of Clare Constat by 16 Aug 16 16 August 1582: Alexander, prior of Pluscarden and convent thereof, addressed to William Gadderar, their baillie in that part, for giving sasine to David Dunbar as heir of Robert Dunbar of Durris, his father who died in June 1582, of the offices of baillie and jsutice general of the lands and baronies of Urquhart, Glen of Pluscarden, Fernenand, Kepe, Kintessack, Tullieduffie, Fochabers, Mekle Penik, and all other lands, mills, waters etc pertaining to the said abbey of Pluscarden and Urquhart, lying within the sheriffdoms of Elgin, Forres, Narne and Inverness or elsewhere in Scotland
With a yearly fee of 10 merks Scots viz 8 merks to be retained by the said baillie of the maills of Grangehill, and the mails of the lands of Buchtelie lying on the waterside of Finderne and of the ferry coble of Finderne for the other two merks. Which office and fee had been granted by umquhile Alexander, prior of Pluscarden and his convent to said Robert and his heirs male succeeding to his heritage by Letter dated at Pluscarden 10th March 1557; which letter the then prior and convent ratified. At Pluscarden, 16th August 1582
Witnesses George Ogilvy of Dunlugus, knight, Alexander Seton of Meldrum, Johne Seton of Auchinhuff, James Seton, brother to the laird Lawfresk, James and Robert Dunbar, brothers of the said David and Anthone Stronoch with others divers
     David Dunbar of Durrris is Provost.
     Bruce B Bishop in the Lands and people of Moray pt 30 mentions: In 1589 there are mentions of David Dunbar of Durris and his spouse Christian Falconer, and their son Mark Dunbar as holding the "Lands of Grange Green and the Bogs, the Town and lands of Moy, the Moy Land and the Newmill Croft".
     David died Sirnet gives c. 1592 as his death date. before 18 January 1600 in Dyke, Moray.
     His will was proved on 18 January 1600 at Edinburgh. David Dunbar of Durris in the parish of Dyk in Moray.

Children of David Dunbar and Janet Rose

David Dunbar

(after 1390? - after 1443)
     David Dunbar was born after 1390?. He was the son of George Dunbar 10th Earl and Christiana Wardlaw.
     Sir David, not named in writ of 1390, but named sixth in the safe-conduct of 1402. Some time before his father's death he had a grant of the lands of Cockburn and Brigham, in Berwickshire, the latter for life only. It was probably he who, in May 1121, was sent a prisoner to the Tower. On 20 February 1437, when King James I was attacked by his murderers, Sir David rushed to the King's assistance, but was wounded and disabled. He was still alive in 1443. He had issue, and Margaret Dunbar, his heiress (either his daughter or granddaughter) carried the lands of Cockburn and Brigham to her husband Alexander, fourth Earl of Crawford.
     David Dunbar was mentioned on 23 November 1411.
     David died after 1443. Circa 1542?.

David Dunbar

(before 1600 - June 1643)
     David Dunbar was born before 1600.
     David died in June 1643 in Enterkine, Mauchline, Wigtownshire.
     His will was proved on 23 November 1643 at Glasgow, Lanarkshire. David Dunbar of Enterkine, parish of Mauchline, who died June 1643.
in both the Glasgow & Wigtown Commissary Courts. On 9 January 1645 further action was granted at Glasgow.