Elizabeth Wren

(before 1780? - before 21 June 1801?)
     Elizabeth Wren was born before 1780?. She was the daughter of Thomas Wren, according to her son's birth registration..
     Elizabeth Wren and Robert Mackglew obtained a marriage licence on 30 March 1798 in London.
     Elizabeth Wren married Robert Mackglew as his second wife, on 31 March 1798 in St Botolph Bishopsgate, London. Robert Mackglew, widower of this parish and Elizabeth Wren of the same spinster, were married by licence. Both signed in the presence of Danl Martin & Martha Wren.
     Elizabeth died before 21 June 1801?. M Mackglew, 2... 26 £1/17/10. She was buried on 21 June 1801? In London.

Child of Elizabeth Wren and Robert Mackglew

Robert Mackglew

(19 July 1800 - before 3 March 1856)
     Robert Mackglew was also known as McGlew in records. He may have also been born 16 July 1799 Ware, Hertfordshire. He was born on 19 July 1800 in Bishopsgate Street Without, London, St Botolph, Bishopsgate, England. This birth was registered at Dr Williams Library:- These are to certify that Robert Mackglew, son of Robert Mackglew & Elizabeth his wife, was daughter of Thomas Wren, was born in Bishopgates Street Without in the parish of St Botolph's Bishopsgate in the city of London on the 19th July 1800 at whose birth we were present: Ann Cripps (x), Witness .... Crosss ... Tho Robinson. Registered at Dr Wiliam's Library, Redcross St, near Cripplegate, London, May 25 1815. Tho. Morgan, registrar. He was the son of Robert Mackglew and Elizabeth Wren. Robert Mackglew was christened on 8 January 1808 in Ware. He was listed as a Freeman of the city of London, on 2 December 1823. Robert Mackglew, son of Robert Mackglew, citizen & stationer of London, by patrimony.
     Robert Mackglew and Maria Pinder obtained a marriage licence on 3 August 1826 in London.
     Robert Mackglew married Maria Pinder on 5 August 1826 in St Luke Old Street, Finsbury, London. Robert Mackglew was widowed before 16 December 1829 on the death of his wife Maria Pinder.
     Robert Mackglew and Elizabeth Wilkinson obtained a marriage licence on 18 June 1831 in London.
     Robert Mackglew married secondly Elizabeth Wilkinson on 22 June 1831 in St Stephen, Coleman St, London. Robert McGlew of this parish, widower & Elizabeth Wilkinson spinster, a minor. The witnesses were James & Margaret Wilkinson & Mary, George & Fred Wilkinson.
     Robert Mackglew was assessed under the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836 on 16 April 1838 in Clapham, Surrey. Robert McGlew occupied property (plot 532) owned by Rev Dr William Dealy (Glebe). He was listed in a directory dated 1838 as McGlew & Barker, wool broker at 77 Basinghall Street, London. He was listed in a directory dated 1840 as Robert McGlew, wool broker at London.
     Robert Mackglew and Elizabeth Wilkinson appeared on the 1841 census in Clapham Rise, Clapham, Surrey. Robert McGlew, 40, wool broker, Elizabeth 28, neither born in the county; Elizabeth 9, Mary McGlue 7, Robert 6, Martha 5, James 3, Cornelius 2, John 1 month, all born in the county.
     Robert Mackglew was recorded on the 1851 census in 7 Bedford Row, Clapham, Surrey. He was a wool-broker aged 50, born at Bishopsgate, London, widower with his children, Elizabeth 18, Mary 17, Martha 14, John 9, Lydia 7, Alfred J 2, all born at Clapham, and Frances Roberts, unmarried visitor, aged 73, annuitant. born London. There was also an Ann Edwards? visitor, unmarried aged 31, cook and two other servants.
     On 11 Nov 1852 Robert McGlew & Benj. Oldham dissolved their partnership as wool-brokers of 77 Basinghall Street, London by mutual consent. The company appears to have continued in his name. In 1924 R McGlew & Co., was again dissolved by DG Boyd Sime & J B Newman.
     Notices to Messrs. R. McGlew & Co. of changes of partnership of London wool brokers. Wool Books ref. D2794/6 - date: 1855-1856
Wool book, Messrs. Lacey & Newman. Gives names of supplier of mainly German wool, chiefly Messrs. R McGlew & Co. for C Dresser, Liebreich Brothers & Co, D Lippert, and R V Swaine & Co; names of clothiers purchasing the wool; numbers of bales, with wool marks; price per lb. and terms for payment; total cost
ref. D2794/11 - date: 1960-1963
Wool book, Newman McGlew & Co.
ref. D2794/12-16 - date: 1933-35, 1937-38, 1938-39, 1939-46, 1960-63
[Administrative History] After 1930 Newmans began selling to Yorkshire mills and Yorkshire sales became much bigger than West Country after 1945. Between 1932 and 1939 Newman McGlew & Co. sold considerable quantities to London wool brokers. See notes of R. M. Newman in D2794/10: Wool books, Newman McGlew & Co.
ref. D2794/17 - date: 1836, 1856-1871: Includes account of R. Lacey with McGlew & Barker, 1836; accounts of commission owed by R. McGlew & Co. to T. M. Newman, giving names of sellers and buyers, brief particulars of London and Yorkshire wool sales
ref. D2794/18 - date: 1838: Invoices of Spanish stripe cloths to McGlew & Barker shipped to Canton, China
ref. D2794/21 - date: 1933-1934:
Summary of business transacted by Newman McGlew & Co.
     Robert died before 3 March 1856 in Clapham, Surrey. The Morning chronicle on 5 March 1856 reported: Robert McGlew, Esq., of Clapham Rise and 77 Basinghall streeet, in the 56th year of his age. He was buried on 3 March 1856 in Norwood Cemetery, Lambeth, Surrey. Robert McGlew, of Clapham Rise, aged 55.

Children of Robert Mackglew and Elizabeth Wilkinson

William Steer

(16 October 1626 - )
     William Steer was christened on 16 October 1626 in Darley, Derbyshire. He was the son of Robert Steer and Elizabeth Senior?