Ann Handy

(7 May 1867 - )
     Ann Handy was also known as Annie Greer in records. She was commonly known as Annie. She was born on 7 May 1867 in Killala, Mayo, Ireland. She was the daughter of Nicholas Middleton Handy and Frances Mary Greer.
     Ann Handy married Henry Foster Silcock on 4 June 1891 in St George, Dublin, Ireland. Henry Foster Silcock, widower, of Bombay, Indian Civil Service, son of James Silcock, clerk in Holy Orders; to, Annie Greer Handy, single of Ballymakenny, daughter of Nicholas Middleton Handy, Esq. both of full age. Witnessed by Eliabeth Gamble Handy, & Margaret Johnston Hilcock.

Child of Ann Handy and Henry Foster Silcock

Elizabeth Handy

(19 August 1867 - 21 March 1941)
     Elizabeth Handy was born on 19 August 1867 in Clara, Kilbride, Offaly, Ireland. She was the daughter of William Handy and Jane Haddock. Robert and Elizabeth were listed as William Handy's children in the 1901 census in Ardnurcher Glebe, Kilcumreagh, Offaly, Ireland. Elizabeth Handy and Catherine Louisa Handy witnessed Mary Bulgaer/Bulgan/Bolger and Robert Arthur Handy's wedding on 6 September 1902 in Ardnurcher, Westmeath. Elizabeth and Catherine were listed as William Handy's children in the 1911 census in Ardnurcher Glebe, Ardnurcher, Offaly.
     Elizabeth died on 21 March 1941 in 'Mill Cottage', Avoca, Wicklow, aged 73. Elizabeth Handy, spinster aged 73, housekeeper, of influenze, the informant was her sister Louisa.

Roger Steer

(January 1590/91 - )
     Roger Steer was born in January 1590/91 in Darley, Derbyshire. Henrie Steare had two sonnes baptised in Januarie the one called Roger and the other Robert.. He was the son of Henry Steer and Alice Unknown (Steer).

Children of Roger Steer