James Brander Dunbar-Brander

(6 January 1825 - 16 November 1902)
     James Brander Dunbar-Brander was born on 6 January 1825. He was the son of Sir Archibald Dunbar 6th Bart of Northfield and Mary Brander. On 1859 his name was legally changed to Dunbar-Brander.
James Brander Dunbar-Brander married Alice Grant on 22 December 1874.
     James died on 16 November 1902 in Pitgaveny, near Elgin, Moray, Scotland, aged 77. He died intestate, confirmation granted at Elgin, 12 May, to Alice Grant or Dunbar Brander, Pitgaveny, afsd, executric dative qua relict. Vaklue of estate £720 8s 4d.

Children of James Brander Dunbar-Brander and Alice Grant

Una Dunbar-Brander

(15 May 1924 - 1988)
     Una Dunbar-Brander was born on 15 May 1924 in Sherborne RD, England. She was the daughter of James Dunbar-Brander and Noela Whiting.
     Una died in 1988 in Torbay RD, Devon, England.

Joan Dunbar?

( - 8 September 1648)
     Joan Dunbar? married John Dunbar, son of Nicolas Dunbar and Grace or Griswell Mavor.
     Joan died on 8 September 1648. Her death is mentioned on the Elgin memorial inscription..

Elizabeth Duncan

     Elizabeth Duncan married Ernest Newman.

Child of Elizabeth Duncan and Ernest Newman

Jeannie Duncan

     Jeannie Duncan married Paul MacPherson.

Catherine Elizabeth Dundas

(17 January 1805 - 12 February 1876)
     Catherine Elizabeth Dundas was born on 17 January 1805 in London. She was the daughter of Hon Charles Lawrence Dundas & Lady Caroline Beauclerk..
Catherine Elizabeth Dundas married Colonel Freeman Murray, son of General John Murray and Maria Pascoe, on 21 August 1832 in St George Hanover Sqare, London, Middlesex.
     Catherine died on 12 February 1876 aged 71.

Donald Dundas

(circa 1950 - )
     Donald Dundas was born circa 1950 in British Columbia, Canada.

Unknown Dundas

     Unknown Dundas married Sir Alexander Livingston, son of Sir John Livingston and Unknown Menteith.

Child of Unknown Dundas and Sir Alexander Livingston

Richard Dunderidge

     Richard Dunderidge married Rebecca Ruby, daughter of John Ruby and Joan Warne, on 1 April 1644 in St Andrew, Plymouth, Devon.

Catherine Dunk

(circa 1844 - 1902)
     Catherine Dunk was born circa 1844.
Catherine Dunk married Frederick Robert Rumsey, son of Rev John Williams Rumsey and Ann Emily Hunn, in 1871 in Rolvenden?, Kent. They had 6 sons and two daughters.
     Catherine died in 1902.

Children of Catherine Dunk and Frederick Robert Rumsey

Emma Dunk

(14 May 1878 - 28 November 1956)
     Emma Dunk was born on 14 May 1878.
Emma Dunk married Charles Edward Popplewell, son of Walter Popplewell and Martha Pickering, on 26 December 1900 in Barnsley, Silkstone, Yorkshire, England.
     Emma died on 28 November 1956 aged 78.

Children of Emma Dunk and Charles Edward Popplewell

Peter Spencer Dunlop

(8 August 1939 - 22 May 2002)
     Peter Spencer Dunlop was born on 8 August 1939.
     Peter died on 22 May 2002 aged 62.

Adam Dunn

(circa 1822 - )
     Adam Dunn was born circa 1822 in Deptford, Kent.
Adam Dunn married Catherine Elizabeth Dempster, daughter of John Smith Dempster and Catherine Lee Wafford, on 30 October 1879 in All Saints, Hatcham Park, Deptford, Kent. At All Saints, Hatcham Park, by the vicar, the Rev. Gardiner Smith , assisted by the Rev. Paxton Thorp , Adam Dunn, Esquire, R N. of Weston-super-Mare, to Catherine Elizabeth, of Adelaide House, Queen's-road, Peckham, eldest daughter of the late John Smith Dempster , of Turnham-green, Middlesex, and Tetsworth, Oxfordshire.
     Adam Dunn and Catherine Elizabeth Dempster were recorded on the 1881 census in 3 St Germains Rd, Lewisham, Kent. Adam Dunn, head, 59, retired engineer RR, born Deptford Kent; his wife Cathrien E, 52, bonr Clapham, Surrey, and a general servant Lavinia Morgan.

Adam Dunn

(circa 1820 - )
     Adam Dunn was born circa 1820.
Adam Dunn married Harriet Amelia Humberstone, daughter of William Humberstone and Mary Steer, on 13 September 1846 in Plymouth?, East Stonehouse, Devon, England.

Elizabeth Dunn

( - 27 November 1732)
     Elizabeth Dunn married Robert Osborn on 4 September 1715 in St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey.
     Elizabeth was buried on 27 November 1732 in Croydon.

Children of Elizabeth Dunn and Robert Osborn

John Dunn

     John Dunn married Sophia Fawler, daughter of John Fawler and Elizabeth Keep, on 4 August 1795 in St Pancras, London. John Dunn, widower, & Sophia Fawler, spinster of St Mary Lambeth. Both signed in the presence of John Fawler & Eliza Toft?.

Rev Frank Dunnage

(1866 - )
     Rev Frank Dunnage was born in 1866 in New Zealand.
Rev Frank Dunnage married Ellen Rebecca Bowker, daughter of Henry Layton Bowker and Margaret Agnes Dudley, on 15 October 1900 in New Zealand. Frank was the Vicar at Belfast, New Zealand. They do not appear to have died in New Zealand.

Children of Rev Frank Dunnage and Ellen Rebecca Bowker

Gwendolen Ellen Dunnage

(17 March 1902 - 2004)
     Gwendolen Ellen Dunnage was born on 17 March 1902 in Belfast, New Zealand. She was the daughter of Rev Frank Dunnage and Ellen Rebecca Bowker.
Gwendolen Ellen Dunnage married John Duncan Henry Buchanan in 1926 in New Zealand.
     Gwendolen died in 2004 in New Zealand.

Irene Margaret Dunnage

(1904 - )
     Irene Margaret Dunnage was born in 1904 in New Zealand. She was the daughter of Rev Frank Dunnage and Ellen Rebecca Bowker.
Irene Margaret Dunnage married Peter Thomas Cox after 1930?.

Evelyn Russell Dunne (Brody or Brady)

     Evelyn Russell Dunne (Brody or Brady) was born. She was the daughter of Rev F W B Dunne of Bradford?.
John Crosby Halahan married secondly Evelyn Russell Dunne (Brody or Brady) on 24 June 1915 in London, Kensington RD. She was the daughter of the Rev F W Dunne of Bedford. She and John Crosby Halahan were divorced in 1929.

Unknown Dunne

     Unknown Dunne married Elizabeth Dunbar, daughter of Major John Dunbar and Catherine Wynne.

Brian Dunphy

(1937 - 1996)
     Brian Dunphy was born in 1937.
     Brian died in 1996 in Queensland?.

John Dunsford

     John Dunsford married Sarah Jane Knight, daughter of Capt Frederick Hunn and Mary Ann Knight, in 1857.

Child of John Dunsford and Sarah Jane Knight

Sarah Dunsford

(1861? - )
     Sarah Dunsford was born in 1861?. She was the daughter of John Dunsford and Sarah Jane Knight.
Sarah Dunsford married Edward Campbell in 1883. Wendy Slocum gave Northumberland as the place of marriage, but the GRO index suggests Camberwell (1d/969), Sarah Jane Dunsford & Edward Parkin Campbell.

John Dunsonmore or Dunsmore

     John Dunsonmore or Dunsmore married Jane Handy, daughter of Nicholas Handy (tradesman), on 26 April 1856 in the Register Office, Mullingar, Meath, Ireland.

Persis Dunstall

     Persis Dunstall was born. She was the daughter of ... Dunstall, (sister of John Dunstall of Henfield, she was dead by 1676/7).
Persis Dunstall married Thomas Marlott, son of William Marlott and Faith Killingworth.
     Administration of the estate of Thomas Marlott was granted to Persis Dunstall, in February 1660/61.

Children of Persis Dunstall and Thomas Marlott

Delene May Dunster

(3 February 1937 - )
     Delene May Dunster was born on 3 February 1937 in Moreland, Victoria. She was the daughter of Norman James Dunster & Elsie May Kelly.
Delene May Dunster married George Ellis Ferguson MacKenzie, son of Robert George Ferguson MacKenzie and Ethel Maud Hulley, on 29 June 1957 in Mernda, Victoria.

Richard Dunston

     Richard Dunston married Elizabeth Ruby, daughter of Pascoe Ruby, on 14 November 1641 in St Andrew, Plymouth, Devon.

Elizabeth Dunton

(before 1730 - )
     Elizabeth Dunton was born before 1730.
Elizabeth Dunton married James Daniel, son of James Daniel and Mary Crossly, on 3 May 1745 in Southill, Bedfordshire.

Child of Elizabeth Dunton and James Daniel

Mary Agnes Durack

(circa 1916 - 1970)
     Mary Agnes Durack was born circa 1916.
Mary Agnes Durack married Laurence Daniel Kearns, son of Daniel Patrick Kearns and Annie Veronica Dunbar, on 1 September 1936.
     Mary died in 1970 in Hamilton, Victoria.