Guy Nevil Halahan

(1906 - 28 September 1931)
     Guy Nevil Halahan was born in 1906 in Edenhope, Victoria. He was the son of Dr Samuel Handy Halahan and May Sarah Sophia Collins.
     Guy Nevil Halahan lived at Lameroo, South Australia, October 1919.
     Guy died on 28 September 1931 in Springvale, Victoria. HALAHAN- On the 28th September, at Balmoral avenue, Springvale, Guy Nevil, youngest son of Dr anl Mrs Halahan, aged 25 years. He was buried on 29 September 1931 in The Necropolis, Springvale. HALAHAN. - The Friends of Dr. and Mrs Halahan are respectfully notified that the funeral of their youngest son. Guy Nevil, will leave their résidence, Balmoral avenue. Spring vale, This day (Tuesday, 29th September), at 3.30 o clock, for internment in the Necropolis, Springvale.
     His will was proved on 2 December 1931 at Victoria. He was described as an engineer of Springvale.

Christopher Halahan

(9 June 1895 - 4 August 1985)
     Christopher Halahan was commonly known as Christie. He was born on 9 June 1895 in Edenhope, Victoria. He was the son of Dr Samuel Handy Halahan and May Sarah Sophia Collins. Christopher worked in a bank and later farmed at Skipton and Edenhope.
A fortnight ago we mentioned that efforts were being made to enable a presentation to be made to Mr. C. Hailahan, who had won such golden opinions from all, during his term of management of the Ceduna Branch of the Bank of Adelaide.
We have great pleasure in reporting that these arrangements have been very successful, and will ensure the giving of a very fitting testimonial to Mr. Halahan's undoubted popularity.
Through good influence with Adelaide firms it has been found possible to select a really fine example of the furnishers' art to Mr. Halahan. This is a very handsome polished oak desk-table, fitted with cabinets and drawers and furnished with a seat which can he folded back when not wanted. On either 6ide of the desk will be highly polished book-cases, shelved, and with glass fronts over which are metal trellised work. The whole affair is very handsome and moreover, has a plate suitably inscribed on the top of the desk covering. It is just the sort of thing we know Mr. Halahan would like and it will be quite an ornament to any room it may be in. The committee who selected this gift is to be highly com mended on its choice and so is the designer and maker, Mr. Mathias, of Edwardstown.
     Christopher was registered as Christopher Halahan, farmer, along with his cousin Christopher John Halahan & Kathleen Elsie who later appear at Portland. CJ (labourer) & Elsie were there in 1942 without Christopher at Edenhope, Victoria, on the between 1949 and 1954 electoral roll.
     Christopher was registered as Christopher Halahan, farmer at Patyah Rd, Edenhope, Victoria, on the between 1963 and 1972 electoral roll.
     Christopher was registered as Christopher Halahan, farmer at 20 Orme St, Edenhope, Victoria, on the between 1977 and 1980 electoral roll.
     Christopher Halahan lived at 20 Orme Street, Edenhope, 1982.
     Christopher died on 4 August 1985 in Edenhope, Victoria, aged 90. He was buried in Edenhope.
     His will was proved on 31 October 1985 at Victoria.

Rev Robert Reeves Collins

(19 April 1835 - 13 January 1910)
     Rev Robert Reeves Collins was born on 19 April 1835 in Dublin, Ireland. He was the son of William Collins, solicitor & Sarah nee Smith. He was christened on 13 May 1835 in Crumlin, Dublin.
     Robert matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, between 1 July 1853 and 1859. He gained a Bachelor of Arts. Robert was made a deacon in 1859 and priest in 1860. Curate at Kilmahon, diocese of Cloyne at Cork, from 1859. He was appointed a mission priest and came to Australia.
     Rev Robert Reeves Collins married Mary Jane Halahan, daughter of George Augustus Frederick Halahan and Jane Fleming, on 29 May 1861 in St George's, Dublin. She was described as the wife of the Rev. Robert Reeves Collins of Castlemaine in the colony of Victoria in her father's 1863 will.
     Rev Robert Reeves Collins and Mary Jane Halahan arrived per "Lightning" in August 1861 at Victoria. Robert was a clergyman at Castlemaine, Victoria, in 1863. He was mentioned in the 1863 will of his father-in-law. He was also at Ballarat. Robert was appointed the second (but first resident) resident priest at Edenhope, in 1864. In 1882, due to Grandfathers declining health he resigned from the church and the Parish was conducted from Harrow, and it was not until 1915 that a second resident priest was appointed to Edenhope and a new church and residence built near the bridge.
     Rev Robert Reeves Collins lived at Collins Lake, Edenhope, 1872. He and his family lived in the rectory until 1872, at which time he settled at Collins Lake where he had selected land, and built a house of wattle and daub, with a thatched roof on the East bank of the lake.
Collins Lake was then named Lake Telangma, which was named by him after a lake in Ireland, but renamed Collins Lake after my Grandfathers death. In those days the large Stations around Edenhope were being sub-divided into 320 acre lots for selection, and my Grandfather was lucky to have been able to select about six lots of land. He continued to service his parish from the property at Telangma, the Parish being a 90 mile radius, and Grandfather travelled on a white Arab horse named "Torpedo", and some of the older people talked about his speed on horseback.
In 1901 my Grandparents sold most of their land at Telangina and built a cottage on the corner of Elizabeth street and Sydney Road, at which time they purchased land from there to the Airport. The Airport land was donated to the Edenhope District by my Mother. My Grandfather was a hobby oil painter, some would say quite good, and I am proud to have some of his original paintings hanging in my house.
Robert was head of the United Christian church at Edenhope, from 1884 to 1885. In the register of Victorian clergy, he is listed as Robert Reeves Collins, United Christian church, Edenhope, head of denomination. He was registered April 22, 1884 and it was cancelled by his own authority, denomination having ceased to exist, June 19 1885.
     Robert died on 13 January 1910 in Edenhope, Victoria, aged 74. He was buried in Edenhope.

Children of Rev Robert Reeves Collins and Mary Jane Halahan