Reginald Percival Newman

(circa 1923 - 1961)
     Reginald Percival Newman was born circa 1923. He was the son of Percy Charles Newman and Mary Agnes Colbert.
     Reginald died in 1961 in Kew, Victoria, Australia.

Mary Ann Price (Scarlett)

(circa 1857 - 1925)
     Mary Ann Price (Scarlett) was born circa 1857. She was the daughter of Edward Price and Mary Ann Colbert.
     Mary died in 1925 in Caulfield, Victoria.

Ethel Emma Spicer (Miles)

(1904 - 1964)
     Ethel Emma Spicer (Miles) was born in 1904 in Buninyong, Victoria. She was the daughter of Albert William Spicer and Adelaide Colbert.
     Ethel died in 1964 in Parkville, Victoria, Australia.