Percy Victor Easthope

(1885 - 1886)
     Percy Victor Easthope was born in 1885 in Sydney, New South Wales. He was the son of Agnes Kate Easthope.
     Percy died in 1886 in Sydney, New South Wales.

Anne Eaton

( - 1629)
     Anne Eaton married Rev Thomas Warner in 1609.
     Anne died in 1629.

Children of Anne Eaton and Rev Thomas Warner

Frances Eaton

(circa 1816 - )
     Frances Eaton was born circa 1816 in Orford, Hertfordshire.
Frances Eaton married William Wallace Bowker, son of James Bowker and Arabella Paget, on 20 October 1850 in Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire. William Wallis Bowker, bachelor of this parish, of full age, labourer, son of James, farmer & Frances Eaton, of this parish, spinster, of full age, daughter of William, labourer.
A William Wallis Bowker married at Wellingborough RD in the Dec quarter of 1839. Both made their mark..

George Eddison

     George Eddison married Lydia Ryther on 24 August 1743 in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Catherine Ede

(before 1645 - )
     Catherine Ede was born before 1645 in Suffolk, England.
Catherine Ede married John or William Cocksedge in 1661 in St John's, Stanton, Suffolk.

Leslie James Edgar

( - before 1982)
     Leslie died before 1982.

Elizabeth Edgcomb

     Elizabeth Edgcomb married Thomas Carew, son of Wymond Carew and Martha Denny. Elizabeth Edgcomb was the daughter of Sir Richard Edgcomb.

Child of Elizabeth Edgcomb and Thomas Carew

Sir Richard Edgcomb

     Sir Richard Edgcomb was born in Edgcomb, Cornwall, England.

Child of Sir Richard Edgcomb

Harry Edgell

(circa 1804 - )
     Harry Edgell was born circa 1804 in London.
Harry Edgell married Jane Esther Cocksedge, daughter of Martin Thomas Cocksedge and Mary Susanna Le Heup, on 23 September 1835 in Fornham St Martin, Suffolk. At Fornham, Suffolk, the Rev Mr Edgell, of Hawstead, and of St John's College, Cambridge, to Jane Esther, fifth daughter of the late M T Cocksedge, esq. of Bury.
     Harry Edgell was recorded on the 1851 census in Nacton, Suffolk. Harry Edgell, 47, head, married, Rector of Nacton & Lavington, born St George Bloomsbury, Wiliam Edgell, brother, 37, married, Rector of Uggleshall, Sfk, ditto, Ellizaeth Edgell, sister in law, 40, born Lichfield, Staffs, Jane E Edgell, daughter to head, 9, born Nacton, Sfk, George Edward son to head, 6, ditto, with 2 servants.
     Harry Edgell and Jane Esther Cocksedge were recorded on the 1861 census in the Rectory, Nacton, Suffolk. Harry Edgell 61, rector of Nacton, born St George Bloomsbury, his wife Jane E Edgell 58, born BSE, with 3 domestic servants: Eliza Francis 29 Eliza Baldwin 28 May A Fulcher 23.

Child of Harry Edgell and Jane Esther Cocksedge

Jane Esther Edgell

(circa 1842 - )
     Jane Esther Edgell was born circa 1842 in Nacton, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Harry Edgell and Jane Esther Cocksedge. Jane was listed as the daughter of Harry Edgell in the 1851 census in Nacton, Suffolk.

Ada Edgerton

     Ada Edgerton married Walter Howard Carnegie, son of Jabez Bunting Carnegie and Eliza Lambert, in 1901 in Victoria.

Child of Ada Edgerton and Walter Howard Carnegie

Francis Whyte Edgeworth

(say 1745 - circa 1799)
     Francis Whyte Edgeworth was also known as Edgworth in records. He was born say 1745 in Longford, Ireland.
Francis Whyte Edgeworth married Susannah Handcock, daughter of Rev Richard Handcock and Sarah Toler, in May 1768 in Ireland.
Dublin 19 June Birth: in Digge's-street, the lady of Francis Whyte Edgeworth, Esq, of Pallasmore in the county of Longford, of a son.
     Francis died circa 1799.
     His will was proved in 1799 at Ireland.

Child of Francis Whyte Edgeworth and Susannah Handcock

Richard Edgworth Edgeworth

(July 1771 - 12 January 1818)
     Richard Edgworth Edgeworth was born in July 1771 in Dublin. A few days ago in Digge St, the lady of Francis Whyte Edgeworth Esq. of a son. He was the son of Francis Whyte Edgeworth and Susannah Handcock.
     Richard died on 12 January 1818 in Pallasmore, Longford, aged 46.

John Benjamin Merritt Edghill

     John Benjamin Merritt Edghill married Mary Christian Ashby, daughter of George Thomas Ashby and Sarah Elizabeth Unknown (Ashby), on 19 November 1833 in Christ Church, Barbados.

Mary Edgley

(circa 1820 - )
     Mary Edgley was born circa 1820 in Stonely Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire.
     Mary Edgley married William Wallace Bowker as his second wife, before 1 July 1874 in London, St George Hanover Square RD, Middlesex.
     Mary Edgley and William Wallace Bowker were recorded on the 1881 census in Tilbrook, Bedfordshire. William Bowker, aged 60, married, born Walton, Northampton, farm bailiff and his wife Mary Bowker, aged 60, born Stonely Kimbolton, Huntingdon.
     Mary Edgley and William Wallace Bowker were recorded on the 1891 census in Haddon, Huntingdonshire. William Bowker, head, aged 70, farmer born Walton, Nth & his wfie Mary aged 68, born Kimbolton, Hunts with an agricultral labourer Edmund Griffin.
     Mary Edgley and William Wallace Bowker were recorded on the 1901 census in High St, Elton, Huntingdonshire. William Wallace Bowker, head, 83, living on own means, born Walton, Northants, with wife Mary aged 79, born Kimbolton.

Dora Edmonds

(circa 1860 - )
     Dora Edmonds married (?) Stokes. Dora Edmonds was born circa 1860 in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire. She was the daughter of Ezekial Edmonds and Sophia Anne Steer.
     Dora Edmonds and Sophia Anne Steer were recorded on the 1891 census in 1 Greencroft Gardens, Hampstead, Middlesex. Sophia A Edmonds, 68, widow, head, living on own means, born Cape of Good Hope; daughter Dora Stokes 31, widow, born Bradford on Avon, Wilts; with servants Elizabeth Chant 52 & Rose A Ransone 20.

Ezekial Edmonds

(circa 1814 - )
     Ezekial Edmonds was born circa 1814 in Bradford, Wiltshire.
Ezekial Edmonds married Sophia Anne Steer, daughter of Charles William Steer and Jane Woodburn Watson, on 2 September 1846 in St Michael's, Heavitree, Devon. E Edmonds Esq., Jun., of Frankley, Wilts, to Sophia Anne and at the same time and place, Charles Richard, eldest son of Charles R Harford, of Rutland Gate, Hyde Park, to Jane Dunkin, daughters of Charles William Steer, Esq. of Spring Lawn, in this county.
     Ezekial Edmonds and Sophia Anne Steer were recorded on the 1851 census in Bradford, Wiltshire. Ezekiel Edmonds Jr, 38, Justice of the Peace, woollen manufacturer, born Bradford, Wilts, his wife Sophia Ann Edmonds 28, British subject, born Cape of Good Hope, children Alice Bury Edmonds 3, Augusta Edmonds 2, Gertrude Edmonds 8 Months, all born at Bradford, servants Thomas Haines 15, footman, Mary Ann Haines 28, cook, Malilda Slade 22, housemaid, Julia Osborne 20, nurse.
     Ezekial Edmonds and Sophia Anne Steer were recorded on the 1861 census in Berryfield House, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire. Ezekiel Edmonds 48, landed proprietor, woollen manufacturer, JP; his wife Sophia A Edmonds 38, born Cape of Good Hope; children Alice B Edmonds 13, Augusta J Edmonds 12, Gertrude Edmonds 10, Walter J Edmonds 7, Dora Edmonds 3, all born Bradford; Sophia J Steer 16, niece, born Exeter, Devon; Ellen Jackson 29, governess, servants Hannah Gayner 44, Mary Hacker 22, Ann Biss 21, John Oram 27.

Child of Ezekial Edmonds and Sophia Anne Steer

George Edmonds

(circa 1819 - )
     George Edmonds was born circa 1819.
George Edmonds married Delia Putland, daughter of Henry Putland and Avis Fox, on 5 December 1844 in All Saints, Hastings, Sussex.

Elizabeth Edmonds??

(say 1750 - January 1837)
     Elizabeth Edmonds?? was born say 1750.
Elizabeth Edmonds?? married George Darby, son of George? Darby, on 14 July 1768 in St Botolph without Aldgate, London. This may be the 1768 marriage at St Botolph Aldgate of George Darby of this parish to Elizabeth Edmonds of Hempstead in the county of Gloucester, spinster, by licence, witnessed by Mary Darby & Jane Fuller, Wm Mace.
They obviously separated.
     Elizabeth Edmonds?? was mentioned in the will of George Darby dated 3 March 1804.
     Elizabeth died in January 1837. George Darby's estate duty record.

Child of Elizabeth Edmonds?? and George Darby

Catherine Edmondson

(21 May 1911 - 1988)
     Catherine Edmondson was born on 21 May 1911 in California, USA.
Catherine Edmondson married Henry Eugene Zabel, son of Henry E Zabel and Margaret Leona Ross, on 30 November 1934.
     Catherine died in 1988 in Onida, South Dakota, USA.

Sir John Edmonston

     Sir John Edmonston married Isabella Stewart, daughter of Robert, II Stewart, King of Scotland and Elizabeth Mure, after 1388.

Edith Edmondstone Edmonstone-Montgomerie

(circa 1857 - 12 May 1937)
     Edith Edmondstone Edmonstone-Montgomerie was born circa 1857. She was the daughter of Hugh Edmondstone Montgomerie.
Edith Edmondstone Edmonstone-Montgomerie married Robert Stanser MacNair, son of Robert Stanser MacNair and Charlotte Helen Dixon, on 9 April 1885 in St Jude's, Kensington South, London.
     Edith died on 12 May 1937 in 2 Ainslie Place, Edinburgh.

Children of Edith Edmondstone Edmonstone-Montgomerie and Robert Stanser MacNair

Albert Edward Edney

     Albert Edward Edney married Alice Eliza Forbes, daughter of George Alexander Forbes and Eliza Marshall, in 1912 in Fitzroy North, Victoria.

Children of Albert Edward Edney and Alice Eliza Forbes

Alice Muriel Edney

(1915 - 1985)
     Alice Muriel Edney was born in 1915 in Fitzroy North, Victoria. She was the daughter of Albert Edward Edney and Alice Eliza Forbes.
     Alice died in 1985 in Frankston, Victoria.

Lilian Jean Winifred Edney

(1913 - )
     Lilian Jean Winifred Edney was born in 1913 in Victoria. She was the daughter of Albert Edward Edney and Alice Eliza Forbes.
Lilian Jean Winifred Edney married Arthur Percival Mildern in 1934 in Victoria.

Morwyl ferch Ednywain Bendew

     Morwyl ferch Ednywain Bendew married Owain ab Edwin, son of Edwin Gronwy of Tegeingl and Iwerydd ferch Cynfyn. Morwyl ferch Ednywain Bendew was the daughter of Ednywain Bendew ap Neiniad.

Children of Morwyl ferch Ednywain Bendew and Owain ab Edwin

Bertha or Edith Edwards or Harvey

     Bertha or Edith Edwards or Harvey married Herbert Charles Bullett, son of David Bullett and Alice Maud Cobbold, between January 1909 and March 1909 in Thetford RD, Norfolk.

Annie Edwards

(circa 1885 - )
     Annie Edwards was born circa 1885 in Sutton, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire.
The marriage of Annie Edwards and William Stancer, son of Charles Jarvis Stancer and Kezia Dixon, was registered in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, in the March 1906 quarter.
     Annie Edwards and William Stancer were recorded on the 1911 census in Holbeach, LIN. William Stancer, head, 28, Farm Labourer, born Holbeach Marsh Lincolnshire; his wife Annie, married
5 years, 1 child born & living; 25, born Sutton Isle of Ely; son William Stancer, aged 4 born Holbeach Hurn Lincolnshire.

Child of Annie Edwards and William Stancer

Charlotte Edwards

(17 July 1820 - )
     Charlotte Edwards was born on 17 July 1820 in St Andrew parish, Jamaica, West Indies. She is possibly the Charlotte Edwards born on this date in Jamaica, daughter of John Edwards & Elizabeth Hall.
Charlotte Edwards married William Nicholson Ashby, son of Nathan Ashby and Sarah Harbourn Nowell, on 7 November 1844? In Vere, Barbados.

Edwin Smith Edwards

(circa 1880 - 25 June 1960)
     Edwin Smith Edwards was born circa 1880.
Edwin Smith Edwards married Lillian Edna Parry MacGlew, daughter of William Henry MacGlew and Lucy Emma Jane Bowra, on 19 June 1912.
     Edwin died on 25 June 1960 in Glen Forrest, Western Australia.