Susanna Fenton

(23 January 1721 - )
     Susanna Fenton was christened on 23 January 1721 in Lincolnshire. A Susanna Fenton, daughter of John Fenton, was baptised on 23 Jan 1721 at Willingham by Stow.
Susanna Fenton married William Stancer, son of Gervas Stanser and Ann (?) (Stanser), on 11 September 1746 in Upton cum Kexby, Lincolnshire. William Stancer & Susannah Fenton.

Children of Susanna Fenton and William Stancer

John Fenwick

(circa 1848 - 1902)
     John Fenwick was born circa 1848 in Durham, England. He was the son of Robert & Robertina Brown..
John Fenwick married Mary Mabel Colbert, daughter of Joseph Colbert and Harriet Hannah Beamond, in 1887 in Victoria, Australia. They had a daughter Mabel Robertina in 1889 at West Melbourne, the mother was listed as Mabel. Young Mabel died in 1908 aged 20 at St Kilda..
     John died in 1902 in West Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Child of John Fenwick and Mary Mabel Colbert

Mabel Robertson Fenwick

(circa 1888 - 1908)
     Mabel Robertson Fenwick was born circa 1888. She was the daughter of John Fenwick and Mary Mabel Colbert.
     Mabel died in 1908 in St Kilda, Victoria.

William Robert Fenwick

(circa 1804 - )
     William Robert Fenwick was born circa 1804.
William Robert Fenwick married Mary Elizabeth Denty, daughter of James Denty and Mary Fuller, on 16 May 1826 in the Cathedral, Calcutta, West Bengal, India. William Robert Fenwick, bachelor of Howrah, aged 22 & Mary Elizabeth denty of Howrah, spinster, aged 16.Signature of parents, etc: Jhn Fenwick of Howrah; by banns.

John Fergrieve

(circa 1700 - )
     John Fergrieve was born circa 1700 in Maxtown or Maxton, Roxburghshire, Scotland.
John Fergrieve married Margaret Hooper, daughter of Robert Hooper and Mary Japhray, on 16 November 1733 in Ednam, Roxburghshire. Nov 16 1733 compeared John Fergrieve in the parish of Maxtown and Margaret Happer in this parish and gave up their names for proclamation in order to marriage and consigned 12 (sic) for the poor. It was also recorded at Maxtown.

Catherine Ferguson

(12 January 1829 - 28 March 1886)
     Catherine Ferguson was born on 12 January 1829 in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. She was christened on 14 December 1831 in Cromarty, ROC, SCT.
Catherine Ferguson married John MacKenzie, son of William MacKenzie and Isabella Tindal, on 12 January 1858 in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty.
     Catherine Ferguson and John MacKenzie were recorded on the 1861 census in 7 Barclay Lane, Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. He lived next door to parents & uncle in 2 windowed rooms (flats): John McKenzie, head, married 25, mason; Catherine, wife, 24; Margaret, daughter, 2; Isabella, daughter,1; all born at Cromarty.
     Catherine immigrated with the family to Victoria, Australia, in December 1870 per "Great Britain".
     Catherine died on 28 March 1886 in Won Wron, Victoria, Australia, aged 57. We regret to record the death of Mrs. McKenzie, (wife of Mr. John McKenzie of Won Wron), who died at her residence on Monday evening last after a brief illness of 34 hours. The deceased was engaged in light household duties on Sunday morning when one of her sons saw her fall between the table and chair as if in the effort to sit down. She fell down without uttering a word, and remained unconscious up to the time of her death, which took place at 4.30pm on Monday. Dr Birch was sent for and he arrived about 5 o'clock on Sunday evening; but he at once pronounced the case hopeless.
     The friends of Mr. McKenzie will be deeply grieved to hear of his sudden and sad bereavement, for until the moment of attack his wife was in the enjoyment of good health and spirits. The funeral will take place in the Alberton Cemetery tomorrow (Thursday) at 3 o'clock but the cortege will pass through Yarram shortly after 1 o'clock.
DEATH: McKENZIE - At her residence, Won Wron, on the 29th March, Catherine, wife of John McKenzie, aged 53 years.
. She was buried on 1 April 1886 in Alberton. Funeral notice: The friends of Mr. John McKenzie are hereby respectfully invited to follow the remains of his wife to the place of interment - Alberton General Cemetery - on Thursday 1st April 1886. The funeral will move from the residence at Won Wron about 11 o'clock and pass through Yarram at one o'clock. John Avery, Undertaker.

Children of Catherine Ferguson and John MacKenzie

Edith Irene Ferguson

     Edith Irene Ferguson married Reginald George Murphy, son of William George Murphy and Edith Mary Fox, in September 1935 in Victoria.

Ellen Ethel May Ferguson

     Ellen Ethel May Ferguson married Donald Henry Forbes, son of Donald Horn Forbes and Margaret Ann MacPherson, in 1903 in Victoria.

Jane Fermor

     Jane Fermor was born in Northampton, Northamptonshire. She was the daughter of Sir George Fermor of Northampton.
Jane Fermor married Sir John Killigrew, son of John Killigrew and Dorothy Monk. Jane Fermor and Sir John Killigrew were divorced circa 1613. She was accused of having become a prostitute after having been 'first debauched by the governor of Pendennis Castle'. The seducer was probably Sir John Parker, who succeeded the previous Captain who had died in 1603. When Killigrew divorced his wife (the cost of which reputedly ruined him), she was kindly treated by the burgesses of Penryn to whom she presented a silver cup incribed "from mayor to mayor, to the town of Penryn, where they received me in great misery, Jane Killigrew 1613.
Jane Fermor married Francis Blewett.
In 1640, John Lord Roberts v. Margaret Bancroft, widow, Francis Blewett and his wife Dame Jane, Samuel Pendarvis, Wm. Bickford, John Penrose.: Manors of "Predanneck Wartha" and "Predanneck Woolas" formerly belonging to Sir John Killigrew, knight (late husband of defendant Jane), Value, &c..

Sir John Fermor

Child of Sir John Fermor

Mary Fermor

     Mary Fermor was the daughter of Sir John Fermor.
Mary Fermor married Sir Thomas Lucas.

Child of Mary Fermor and Sir Thomas Lucas

Ermentrude de Ferrers (de Grendon)

(circa 1192 - )
     Ermentrude de Ferrers (de Grendon) was born circa 1192. She was the daughter and co-heir of Robert, fil. Walkelin de Ferrers. She was the daughter of Robert de Ferrers (Lord of Eggington & Radbourne) and Joan de Bocland.
Ermentrude de Ferrers (de Grendon) married Robert Talbot.
Ermentrude de Ferrers (de Grendon) married Henry FitzGerald, son of Henry FitzGerald and Matilda de Chesney, circa 1203 in England. She was the relict of Robert Talbot, of the Talbots of Bashall. She married Talbot, probably Quinton who was living 1200. Married 2ndly William de Grendon & was again widowed by Michaelmas 1203 when her marriage was acquired by Henry FitzGerold for his own benefit. By Talbot she had 2 sons John & Gerard.

Children of Ermentrude de Ferrers (de Grendon) and Henry FitzGerald

Robert de Ferrers (Lord of Eggington & Radbourne)

     Robert de Ferrers (Lord of Eggington & Radbourne) was the son of Walde? de Ferrers and Goda de Tosny.
Robert de Ferrers (Lord of Eggington & Radbourne) married Joan de Bocland.

Child of Robert de Ferrers (Lord of Eggington & Radbourne) and Joan de Bocland

Walde? de Ferrers1

      Burke's stated: Waleheline de Ferrers, Lord of Eggington, ??. Derby, father, by Goda his wife, dau. of Robert de Toni, of Robert de Ferrers, Lord of Eggington and of Radbourne, who left at his decease, 9th Henry III, two daughters and co-heirs. Walde? de Ferrers was also known as William in records.
Walde? de Ferrers married Goda de Tosny.


  1. See Wikipedia for more on the de Ferrers family.

Sarah Ann Ferriby

(circa 1862 - )
     Sarah Ann Ferriby was born circa 1862.
Sarah Ann Ferriby married Henry Thomas Stanser, son of Henry Buttery Stancer and Mary Ann Thornhill, on 19 May 1884 in Walesby, Lincolnshire.

William Ferry

     William Ferry married Dorothy Edith Elizabeth Ruby, daughter of Richard Norman Ruby and Mary Louisa Annear.

Thomas Feryman

     Thomas Feryman was born in Oundle, Northamptonshire, England.
Thomas Feryman married Eliza Bowker on 14 February 1730/31 in Yaxley, Huntingdonshire.

Jane Fetherston

( - 1903)
     Jane Fetherston was the daughter of William Fetherstonhaugh and Elizabeth Orme.
Jane Fetherston married William FetherstonHaugh (of Glenmore), son of Godfrey FetherstonHaugh (of Dublin), in 1854. They were cousins.
     Jane died in 1903.

Alicia Frances Fetherstonhaugh

     Alicia Frances Fetherstonhaugh was the daughter of William Fetherstonhaugh and Alicia Berry.
Alicia Frances Fetherstonhaugh married Arthur Gambell on 5 June 1860 in Ireland.

Child of Alicia Frances Fetherstonhaugh and Arthur Gambell

Edward FetherstonHaugh

     Edward FetherstonHaugh married Jane Handy, daughter of Samuel Wesley Handy and Jane Slator, on 17 October 1855 in Clonfadforan, Westmeath, Ireland. Edward Fetherston H, of full age, bachelor, gentleman, Temple Oran, son of Cuthbert Fetherston H, gentleman; & Jane Handy, of full age, spinster, of Tyrrellspass, both in the parish of Clonfadforan, daughter of Wesley Handy, gentleman. By licence. Signed in the presence of Jas Fetherston H & John Slator.

Elizabeth Fetherstonhaugh

(before 1820 - 1 December 1903)
     Elizabeth Fetherstonhaugh was born before 1820 in Carrick, Westmeath, Ireland. She was the daughter of William Fetherstonhaugh and Elizabeth Orme.
Elizabeth Fetherstonhaugh married Samuel Wesley Handy, son of Samuel Handy and Jane Orme, on 27 April 1837 in Moylisker, Meath diocese, Westmeath. On 6 May it was announced: At Moylisker church, Samuel W Handy, Esq., of Bracca Castle, county Westmeath, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Wm Fetherston H, Esq, of Carrick, in the same county.
They had no issue.The licence was granted on 27 April. Elizabeth Fetherstonhaugh was widowed on 1 August 1851 on the death of her husband Samuel Wesley Handy.
Elizabeth Fetherstonhaugh married Frederick Lamport Barnard as her second husband, on 24 September 1856 in Mullingar, Meath, Ireland. Frederick Lamport Barnard, aged 43, bachelor, captain in the R Navy, of Carrick, living England, son of Edward Barnard, Rear Admiral, R Navy to Elizabeth Handy, of full age, widow, Carrick, daughter of William Fetherston H, JP.
On the 24th ult at Moylescar church, county Westmeath, Ireland, by the Reverend Thomas Featherstonehaugh, brother of the bride, Captain Barnard RN, eldest son of Rear Admiral Barnard, to Elizabeth, widow of the late Samuel Handy, Esq. of Bracca Castle, Westmeath, and daughter of the late William Featherstonehaugh, Esq. of Carrick in the same county.
RIBBON OUTRAGE--On the night of Sunday last a large number of men, armed with clubs, entered the house of Peter Moore, caretaker to Mrs Handy, residing of Bracca Castle, within two miles of Kilbeggan. Fortunately for Moore, and perhaps for the "Peep o' Day Boys" themselves, three of four of his neighbours were then sitting at the fire, seeing which the party--always cowardly when anything in the shape of opposition shows itself--went out to consult upon what they would do. Moore's wife seized this opportunity to close and bar the door. In a few minutes afterwards three or four attempts were made by those outside to force in the door, failing which they went away. Moore, who had armed himself with a gun, was fully prepared and determined to resist the entry; and there can be no doubt that he would have given a good account of some of the "boys" if they had forced the door. The same party then went to the house of Martin O'HARA, gardener to Joseph HACKETT, Esq., of Coolalough, but not finding him within, they proceeded to the house of a man named Stewart, where they found poor O'Hara. Four of the party entered Stewart's, and one of them rushing at O'Hara, and shouting out, "I have been long looking for you," dragged him from the fire, when the whole of them commenced to belabour him most unmercifully, and were it not that he was in some measure saved by Stewart and his wife--the former of whom got some blows--it is thought he would have been killed. No cause can be assigned for the attack on O'Hara, who is a quiet, hard-working man. Those very active officers, E B. Warburton, R.M., and G. Fortescue, Esq., S.I., were immediately at the scene of the outrage, and took all necessary steps to have the perpetrators brought to justice; but when it is rememb-Irelandered that the people of the district will not, if they can possibly help it, utter a single word which may have the effect of leading to the detection of the guilty party, it is to be feared their exertions will not be crowned with the success they deserve. Westmeath Independent.
     Elizabeth Fetherstonhaugh and Frederick Lamport Barnard were recorded on the 1861 census. Frederick L Barnard, was residing with his parents aged 22?, married, Captain RN, HM ship Isis, born Launceston, Devon; Elizabeth Barnard, 42, son's wife, born Ireland is listed ahead of him.
     Elizabeth Fetherstonhaugh and Frederick Lamport Barnard were recorded on the 1871 census in 'Furzebrook House', Axminster, Devon. Frederick Lamport Barnard, head, 58, Retired Captain Royal Navy, born Plymouth, Devon; his wife Elizabeth aged 47, born Westmeath, Ireland; unmarried nieces Louisa Jane Berry aged 25 & Jane Alicia aged 22, both born Kings county with three domestic servants. Elizabeth Fetherstonhaugh was widowed on 28 July 1880 on the death of her husband Frederick Lamport Barnard.
     Elizabeth died on 1 December 1903 in Teignmouth, Devon, England. Teignmouth, Elizabetb, daughter of the late William Fetherstonhaugb, Carrick. County Westmeath, and widow, first of Samuel Wesley Handy, Bracca Castle, County Westmeath, and secondly Admiral Frederick Barnard, R.N. In her 65th year. Irish papers, please copy.
     Her will was proved on 30 March 1904. Elizabeth Barnard of 13 Barnpark-terrace, Teignmouth, Devonshire, widow died 1 Dec 1903. Probate granted to Albany Featherstonhaugh solicitor. Effects £5230. Doubl probate April 1904. The executor of her Irish estate was Edward Howard Ashworth.

Frances Maria Fetherstonhaugh

(before 1864? - )
     Frances Maria Fetherstonhaugh was born before 1864?. A Frances Berry Featherston H was born in 7 April 1866 in North Dublin, daugher of Godfrey & Susanna Berry. She was the daughter of William Fetherstonhaugh and Alicia Berry.
Frances Maria Fetherstonhaugh married Frank Kirkman Lloyd on 6 April 1880 in Leeson Park Church of Ireland, Dublin. He was of Thornclliff Kent, & she was of 39 Leeson Park, Dublin, Occupation: Officer 55th Regt, son of Thomas Kirkman Lloyd, gentleman, she was the daughter of William Fetherstonhaugh, gentleman. Both singleand of full age. Witnesses: Wm Fetherstonhaugh & Edward Kirkman Lloyd.

Francis FetherstonHaugh

(27 April 1821 - )
     Francis FetherstonHaugh was born on 27 April 1821. He was the son of William Fetherstonhaugh and Elizabeth Orme.
     Francis FetherstonHaugh was party to a land transaction on 19 February 1838 in Aughrim, Galway. House in the town of Aughrim, tenanted by Samuel Handy, 3 roods 27 perches, £1/5/6 annual rent, payable 1 May & 6 Nov (Gale Days) by lease, dated 8 May 1732, by James Handy, Esq., to Charles Farrington, for 3 lives renewable for ever rent £1/7/6/ later Irish currency, fine for renewal. Last renewal 17 Dec 1833, from John Handy to Anne Farrington, Charles Stanford adn Nicholas M Handy..
Francis FetherstonHaugh married Jane Swift.
     Francis FetherstonHaugh was party to a land transaction between November 1858 and December 1858 in Aughrim, Galway. Aughrim, known also by the name Innaveelish, and house in town of Aughrim; tenanted by Samuel Handy, Esq., 5 acres, 10 perches. £8 annual rent, payable 1 May & 6 Nov (Gale Days). The rent reserved in the lease £8/11/6, but the rent paid is £8. the 11/6 is the tithe rent-charge, which is pad by the tenant. Lease, dated 19 Feb 1838 from John Handy, Esq. to Samuel W Handy, Esq., for the lives of Francis Featherston, then aged 17 years, Edward Featherston, then aged 14 years and Henry Fetherston, then aged 12 years, and 31 years after the expiration of the said 3 lives. Edward Featherston is dead..

Francis Berry Fetherstonhaugh

(7 October 1837 or 1839 - 25 February 1878)
     Francis Berry Fetherstonhaugh was born on 7 October 1837 or 1839 in Ireland. He was the son of William Fetherstonhaugh and Alicia Berry.
Francis Berry Fetherstonhaugh married Elizabeth Hornidge.
     Francis died on 25 February 1878.

Child of Francis Berry Fetherstonhaugh and Elizabeth Hornidge

Godfrey FetherstonHaugh (of Dublin)

(20 December 1811 - )
     Godfrey FetherstonHaugh (of Dublin) was born on 20 December 1811. He was the son of William Fetherstonhaugh and Elizabeth Orme.
An indenture of lease was sold on E-Bay in Jan 2007 re: Bracca Castle, Braccareagh, Coolalough, Westmeath, from the 1860s. It was between the following: Rev Thomas Orme Fetherston H of Moyne Glebe, Godfrey Fetherston H of Ballinderry, William Handy of Plumbstead, Joseph Hacket (he seems to sign Hackett) of Bracca Castle, Westmeath. Large possibly vellum document measuring when unfolded approx 15"x 20" six sides of text plus plan. The cover has a blemish which does not affect the interior and seems to be within the original parchment. Grubby and dusty commensurate with its' years.
Seems to relate to part of an area of Westmeath, Ireland called and being part of Bracca Castle, Coolelough and Braccareagh situate and lying in the Barony of Moycashel, County Westmeath, Ireland and shown on the included plan amounting to something well over 250 English Acres. Detailed document giving Covenants, easements etc..

Child of Godfrey FetherstonHaugh (of Dublin)

Henry Fetherstonhaugh

(27 March 1826 - )
      He was of Carrick Lodge, Mullingar.. Henry Fetherstonhaugh was born on 27 March 1826. He was the son of William Fetherstonhaugh and Elizabeth Orme. Henry Fetherstonhaugh was mentioned in a conveyance of property on 19 February 1838. House in the town of Aughrim, tenanted by Samuel Handy, 3 roods 27 perches, £1/5/6 annual rent, payable 1 May & 6 Nov (Gale Days) by lease, dated 8 May 1732, by James Handy, Esq., to Charles Farrington, for 3 lives renewable for ever rent £1/7/6/ later Irish currency, fine for renewal. Last renewal 17 Dec 1833, from John Handy to Anne Farrington, Charles Stanford adn Nicholas M Handy..

John FetherstonHaugh

(1810 - 1841)
     John FetherstonHaugh was born in 1810. He was the son of William Fetherstonhaugh and Elizabeth Orme.
     John died in 1841.

Louisa Mary Jane Fetherstonhaugh

     Louisa Mary Jane Fetherstonhaugh was born in Ireland. Louisa Mary Jane Fetherstonhaugh was also known as Anna Maria Jane in records. She was the daughter of William Fetherstonhaugh and Alicia Berry.

Sarah Elizabeth Fetherstonhaugh

(27 March 1867 - )
     Sarah Elizabeth Fetherstonhaugh was born on 27 March 1867 in Tyrrellspass, Westmeath. She was the daughter of Francis Berry Fetherstonhaugh and Elizabeth Hornidge.

Susanna Fetherstonhaugh

     Susanna Fetherstonhaugh was the daughter of William Fetherstonhaugh and Alicia Berry.
Susanna Fetherstonhaugh married George Frederick Harris as her second husband, on 15 January 1873 in St Peter's, Dublin. He was of United SE- Club, Stehens Green and she was of 100 Stephens Green. He ws a Captain 20 Regt and son of Robert Russelll Harris, Col in the Army. She was the daughter of William Fetherstonhaugh. Both of full age, he was a bachelor, she was a widow. Witnesses: Wm Fetherstonhaugh & R P Harris.
     Administration of the estate of Alicia Berry was granted to Susanna Fetherstonhaugh, on 4 July 1883 Admon was granted to Susanna Harris of 38 Marlborough Rd, Dublin, the daughter and next of kin. Ther only likely marriage of a Susanna, daughter of William is to George Roe Boyce on 24 October 1863 at Mullingar. George Roe Boyce died 1871 aged 43.