Alan Fitzalan Seneschal of Dol

(circa 1050 - 1097)
      He was herditary Seneschal or Steward of Dol, who was a crusade commander and died on crusade in 1097. From his son, William Fitz Alan, the Fitzalan Earls of Arundel descend.
Fitz-Aleyn. The first bearers of this great historical name were the sons of Alan Fitz-Flaald, Baron of Oswaldestre in Shropshire and of Mileham in Norfolk, who received from Henry I. the shrievalty of Shropshire, and died about 1114. No one exactly knows who he was. Eyton, after a close and laborious investigation of the question, has adopted the legend found in the fanciful Booke of Hector Boece, who believed he had discovered in him the
grandson of Banquo, the murdered Thane of Lochaber.* The names of Fleanchus
and Flaaldus are, as he argues, easily convertible; and he states that when
Fleance fled from Scotland about 1050, he took refuge at the court of Gruffyth-ap-Llewellyn, and fell in love with Gruffyth's daughter Guenta, who became his wife, and the mother of Alan. The author of The Norman People brings evidence to show that Flaald, his father, lived in Brittany, and was a brother of Alan, Seneschal of Dol, descended from the old Armorican Counts of Dol and Dinan. At all events, whatever may have been the origin of Alan Fitz
Flaald, he was " The mighty Father of our Kings to be," for, from his second son, Walter Fitz Alan, appointed Steward or Seneschal to David I. of Scotland, sprung the royal House of Stuart. The elder son, William Fitz Alan, was the progenitor of the Earls of Arundel, and received from Henry II. in second marriage Isabel de Say, Baroness of Clun, the greatest heiress in Shropshire. His name must have been a later addition to the Roll; for Alan Fitz Flaald, who survived the Conquest for nearly sixty years, must have been far too young a man when he fought at Hastings to have had a grown-up son by his side. Nor do either William or Walter occur in Domesday , where we find only Ricardus filius Alann entered as a sub-tenant
in Norfolk.
* Shakespere alludes to this story in Macbeth, when the witches foretell the
future greatness of his race to Banquo :
" Thou shall get kings, though thou be none.". Alan Fitzalan Seneschal of Dol was born circa 1050. He was the son of Alan Seneschal of Dol.
     Alan died in 1097.

Children of Alan Fitzalan Seneschal of Dol

Alice FitzAlan

(1352 - 17 March 1416)
     Alice FitzAlan was born in 1352. She was the daughter of Richard FitzAlan Earl of Arundell and Eleanor Plantagenet.
Alice FitzAlan married Thomas Holland Earl of Kent, son of Thomas Holland Earl of Kent and Joan or Jeanette Unknown Countess of Kent.
     Alice died on 17 March 1416.

Child of Alice FitzAlan and Thomas Holland Earl of Kent

Christina FitzAlan (Bruce)

     Christina FitzAlan (Bruce) was born. Christian, or Cristina 'filia Walter', daughter of Walter fitz Alan, steward of Scotland (-1177) & Eschina of Huntlaw. She was the daughter of Walter FitzAlan and Eschyn de Molle of Huntlaw.
Christina FitzAlan (Bruce) married William de Brus, son of Robert de Brus 2nd Lord of Annandale and Euphemia de Aumale, before 1195 in Scotland. Her dower included a third of the manor of Hartlepool, co. Durham, as evidenced by agreement with her son and heir Robert de Brus: ' On 11 Nov 1218, an agreement between Robert Brus and Patrick, earl of Dunbar and C. the countess, records that Patrick was to retain one third of the market.
Christina was married first to William Bruce, lord of Annandale; later she was second wife of Earl Patrick (d.1232). On Countess Christina, see Andrew B.W. MacEwen, ‘Seven Scottish Countesses: A Miscellany. III. Christina de Brus, Countess of Dunbar’, The Genealogist, Fall 2003, 223-33. Christina was first wife of William de Brus, who died × 1212; and secondly wife of Earl Patrick (I) of Dunbar, who died in 1232. Christina was thus the stepmother of Earl Patrick (II). MacEwen suggests persuasively that Countess Christina was a daughter of Walter son of Alan (I) the steward and a sister of Alan the steward. This is based on the evidence that Birkenside (BWK), which was held by Walter son of Alan the steward, was later part of the marriage portion of Countess Euphemia, wife of Earl Patrick (II) [see 3/15/74 below]. MacEwen suggests that Christina inherited Birkenside from her putative father, Walter son of Alan (I), and that Euphemia was her daughter with William de Brus. Thus, Christina, who married secondly Earl Patrick (I) of Dunbar, apparently had a daughter from her previous marriage, Euphemia de Brus, who married Earl Patrick (I)’s son from a previous marriage, Earl Patrick (II). Thus Countess Christina appears to have been both stepmother and mother-in-law to Earl Patrick II. See also Andrew B.W. MacEwen, ‘A Clarification of the Dunbar Pedigree’, The Genealogist, vol. 9, no. 2 (1988), 229-41.
Patrick Dunbar 5th Earl of Dunbar married secondly Christina FitzAlan (Bruce) between 1215 and 1218 in Scotland. The Earl married, secondly, between 1215 and 1218, Christina, widow of William de Brus of Annandale.
Andrew B W MacEwen, noted Scots genealogist, published an article in The Genealogist in 2003 which resolved her parentage. In that article, Mr MacEwen identified Cristina as a daughter of Walter fitz Alan (d. 1177), the first Steward of Scotland of that family.

Children of Christina FitzAlan (Bruce) and William de Brus

Emma Fitzalan

(circa 1070 - )
     Emma Fitzalan was born circa 1070. She was the daughter of Alan Fitzalan Seneschal of Dol.
Emma Fitzalan married Walter, Thane of Lochaber,, son of Fleance, Thane of Locaber, and Nesta of Gwynedd (?), circa 1085.

Child of Emma Fitzalan and Walter, Thane of Lochaber,

John Fitzalan Baron of Oswestry

     John Fitzalan Baron of Oswestry was the son of William Fitzalan or Fitzwilliam and Agnes de Lacy.
John Fitzalan Baron of Oswestry married Isabel d'Aubigne. From this union the Fitzalan earls of Arundell descend (1389-1580)..

Maud FitzAlan

     Maud FitzAlan married Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale as his second wife, circa 19 September 1295. Robert de brus, Earl of carrick, lord of Annandale had licence to marry Maud FitzAlan, the widow of Philip Burnell, Kt, of Holgate, co. Salop. The marriage must have ended in divorce or annulment as Robert left a wife Eleanor while Maud married Simon de Criketot. They had no issue. They divorced before Easter term 1299.

Richard FitzAlan Earl of Arundell

(1306 - 24 January 1376)
     Richard FitzAlan Earl of Arundell married Eleanor Plantagenet. Richard FitzAlan Earl of Arundell was born in 1306.
     Richard died on 24 January 1376.

Child of Richard FitzAlan Earl of Arundell and Eleanor Plantagenet

Walter FitzAlan

(1106 - June 1177)
     Walter was the first High Steward of Scotland for David I. He was born in 1106. He was the third son of a Breton knight, Alan fitz Flaad, feudal lord of Oswestry, by his spouse Aveline, daughter of Ernulf de Hesdin.. He was the son of Alan Thane of Lochaber and Adelina de Hesding of Oswestry.
Walter FitzAlan married Eschyn de Molle of Huntlaw. Wikipedia states: Walter fitz Alan was married to Eschyna de Londoniis, heiress of Uchtred de Molla (Molle) & Huntlaw (territorial designations, not then surnames) [11][12] and widow of Robert Croc. Upon Walter's death his widow married Henry de Molle,[12] whose new surname is probably taken from his wife's lands.
She and Walter had issue:
Alan fitz Walter, married firstly Eva, allegedly a daughter of Sweyn Thorsson, secondly Alesta, daughter of Morggán, Earl of Mar.
Walter fitz Walter[13]
Simon fitz Walter
Margaret fitz Walter,[13] married Robert de Montgomery of Eaglesham.
Christiana fitz Walter, married firstly William de Brus, Lord of Annandale, secondly Patrick, Earl of Dunbar.
Benefactor of Knights Templars, founder of Paisley Priory in 1164, received grant of lands of from King David I. Ratified by Malcolm IV.
     Walter died in June 1177. He was interred in the monastery at Paisley, the burying-place of his family before their later accession to the throne..

Children of Walter FitzAlan and Eschyn de Molle of Huntlaw

William Fitzalan

(circa 1105 - 1160)
      He was ancestor of the Fitzalan Earls of Arundel. Baron of Oswestry, Sheriff of Shrosphire, Castellan of Shrewsbury 1138. discussion on this family: wrote:
I have two questions: Is Roger de Somery who married Nichola d'Aubigny the same person as the Roger de Somery who married Agnes and had Joan de Somery who married Thomas de Botetourte?
In response to TAF's:
Second, William who d. 6 May 1236 married both Margery de Umfraville and Agatha Trusbut. Who are the children by? Margery (according to Paget). In the next generation, Isabel was daughter of Isabel
The best discussion I have seen of William Fitz Alan (c1105-1160) can be found in Rev. Robert Eyton's Antiquities of Shropshire vol. VII p. 202-241. Basically, neither he nor his sons ever married a Helen Peverel. IIRC, this marriage was an invention by early 19th century genealogists to explain how vast Shropshire lands and the powerful position of Sheriff of Shropshire came to be held by the Fitz Alan family, a family not present at the time of the Doomsday survey.
This William Fitz Alan had 2 wives. According to Ordericus, he married first Christiana "niece of Robert Earl of Gloucester" (and so possibly an unidentified granddaughter of Henry I?). This marriage is a likely reason for William Fitz Alan's staunch support for the Earl of Gloucester and the Empress Maud in their rebellion against King Stephen. Ordericus mentions children, however, it is likely he had no
>surviving male issue by this marriage as his heirs would be his sons by his second marriage. He did have one daughter who was likely born of this marriage - Christiana Fitz Alan who married Hugh Pantulf, 4th Baron of Wem. William Fitz Alan lost his lands during the rebellion and was forced to seek asylum, probably in the court of the Earl of Chester. He regained his lands and the title of Sheriff of Shropshire when Henry II succeeded to the throne in December 1154, and as a reward for his support was granted marriage to the rich heiress Isabel de Say, Baroness of Clun. They were married in the spring of 1155. He died about Easter 1160 and was buried in Shrewsbury Abbey.
The ancestry of William Fitz Alan was discovered and printed in Studies in Peerage and Family History. by J. Horace Round, 1907. "The Origin of the Stewarts", pages 115-146. It basically gives:
1. Alan Dapifer of Dol
2. Flaad Dapifer of Dol
3. Alan Fitz Flaald          d: Aft. 1114
+Avelina de Hesdig
4. [1] William I Fitz Alan b: Abt. 1105 in of Oswestry,Shropshire, England. d: 1160     Burial: Shrewsbury Abbey (probably)
+Christiana of Gloucester d: Bef. 1155 m:1155
*2nd Wife of [1] William I Fitz Alan: Isabel de Sayd: 1199     m: 1155
To further muddy the waters, Alan Wilson in SGM loosely citing Complete Peerage, vol i, article on "arundel" for entire line's post shows the son to William Fitz Alan and Helen Peverel named William FitzALAN, Born Circa 1137 in Oswestry(Shrops) England. Died 1210 and married to Isabel de Say Lady of Clune [From: Alan B. Wilson Subject: > Re: William Fitz Alan ca. 1060 Date: 1997/03/20 ]
The CP article on Arundel does not give the parents of John Fitz Alan who married Isabel d'Aubigny. The Fitz Alan article confusingly implies Isabel de Say married the second William Fitz Alan. This is an error in CP. I do not know if it is corrected in vol. 14.
No alteration is proposed. I wonder if we might take a consensus on this. Joe Cochoit's suggestion (from Eyton, a text that has time to mature, shall we say), is that William ('I', so to speak) FitzAlan is the father with Isabel de Say of William ('II'). No wife of William ('II') is identified; i.e. John FitzAlan who m. Isabel d'Aubigny is the son of William ('II') but by an unknown mother. Is there general agreement here?. William Fitzalan was born circa 1105 in Oswestry, Shropshire. He was the son of Alan Fitzalan Seneschal of Dol.
William Fitzalan married Isabel de Say. His first wife was Christian, niece of Robert Fitzroy of Gloucester.
Isabel de Say was wife of William fitz Alan, son of Alan fitz Flaald. Her father was Elias, lord of Clun in Shropshire. Although a relationship is implied, Sanders ("English Baronies" (Oxford, 1960), p. 113) indicates that the relationship between Henry de Say, lord of Clun and Elias is unknown.
Another de Say individual with ties to Shropshire is possibly Eustacia de Say, wife of Hugh fitz Osbern (d. ante 1140). Sanders (p. 75, note 3) indicates that Eustacia's ancestry is unknown. Nash's "History of Worcestershire", suggests that Eustacia's father was one Theodoric de Say, son of Picot de Say. Reade ("The House of Cornewall") indicates she was the daughter of Elias de Say and granddaughter of Theodoric de Say. Theodoric de Say and his father, Picot, were of Stokesay in Shropshire.
Are Elias of Clun and Elias of Stokesay the same individual? They appear to be contemporary, as does Eustacia, which would indicate that Nash's solution is the more likely. Does anyone know the devolution of Stokesay? Unfortunately, all I have at hand are secondary sources.
Hal Bradley
     William died in 1160. He was buried in Shrewsbury Abbey.

Child of William Fitzalan and Isabel de Say

William Fitzalan

(circa 1175 - circa 1213)
     William Fitzalan was born circa 1175. He was the son of William Fitzalan or Fitzwilliam and Agnes de Lacy.
     William died circa 1213.

Alice FitzDuncan

( - 1215)
     Alice FitzDuncan was also known as Alicia in records. She was the daughter of William FitzDuncan Earl of Moray and Alice or Adeliza de Romelli.
Alice FitzDuncan married Gilbert Pipard.
Alice FitzDuncan married Robert de Courtney after 1192.
     Alice died in 1215. She died without leaving issue..
People mentioned: Roger de Thurkilby; William de Fortibus (Forz), Count of Aumale; Henry de Dene; Robert de Courtenay; Alan de Multon; Roger de Burnabuk, clerk; Alice de Romeli, wife of Robert de Courtenay; Mabel [de Romeli], sister of Alice de Romeli; Cecily [de Romeli], sister of Alice [de Romeli]; Hawise, daughter and heir of Cecily de Romeli; William de Fortibus (Forz), Count of Aumale father of William de Forz, Count of Aumale; Richard de Lucy, daughter and heir of Mabel [de Romeli]; Alice [de Multon], wife of Alan de Multon and daughter and heir of Richard de Lucy; Mabel [de Moleton (Multon)], wife of Lambert de Multon and daughter and heir of Richard de Lucy; Lambert de Moleton (Multon); Archbishop of York.
Nature of request: Copy of a plea made before Thurkilby and his associates concerning the right of presentation to the church of Dean.
1) Endorsement: These petitions are answered.
2) Coram toto consilio and certify the king.
3) This remains unfinished.
4) Coram rege.

Amabel FitzDuncan (de Lucy)

     Amabel FitzDuncan (de Lucy) was also known as Mabel in records. She was the daughter of William FitzDuncan Earl of Moray and Alice or Adeliza de Romelli.
Amabel FitzDuncan (de Lucy) married Reginald de Lucy.
Amabel FitzDuncan (de Lucy) and Cecily de Romelli or FitzDuncan, William de Fortibus Earl of Albemarle, Skipton, William de Fortibus and Richard Lucy were mentioned in 1302?.

Child of Amabel FitzDuncan (de Lucy) and Reginald de Lucy

William FitzDuncan Earl of Moray

( - after 1151)
     William resided at Skipton, Yorkshire. He was born in Scotland. William, son of King Duncan II, by Ethreda daughter of earl Gospatric and nephew of King David I of Scotland. He was the son of Duncan, II, King of Scotland and Uchtreda, Queen of Scotland.
William FitzDuncan Earl of Moray married Alice or Adeliza de Romelli, daughter of William de Meschin Lord of Copeland and Cecily de Romelli, before 1145. She was the second wife of William fitz Duncan of Skipton and Egremont (de jure uxoris).
     William died after 1151. He vanquished King Stephen's army at Clitheroe in 1150.

Children of William FitzDuncan Earl of Moray and Alice or Adeliza de Romelli

William FitzDuncan of Egremont

(say 1150 - after 1157)
      William de Egremont, son of the younger heiress, who is supposed to have been the 'Boy of Egremont', whose tragic death by drowning in the Strid at Bolton is commemorated in Wordsworth's beautiful lines, was living in 1155, when the canons of Embsay obtained the manor of Bolton, but he died soon after, supposedly under age. William FitzDuncan of Egremont was born say 1150 in England. He was the son of William FitzDuncan Earl of Moray and Alice or Adeliza de Romelli.
     William was buried after 1157 in Bolton, Yorkshire.

Roger FitzEustace or Lacy The Constable

( - after 1194)
      His son John became in 1232 Earl of Lincoln with his male issue expiring 1310-11 with his grandson Henry Earl of Lincoln. He was called The Constable.. Roger FitzEustace or Lacy The Constable was the son of John FitzEustace Constable of Chester.
     Roger FitzEustace or Lacy The Constable and Albreda de Lisures were mentioned in a deed dated 5 Richard I [1193-4]. A fine between Albreda de Lisores [Robert's daughter] and Roger de Laci, her grandson, by which she the said Albreda quit-claimed to him [Roger] all those lands which did belong to Robert de Lacy, and he covenanted with her that she should enjoy all the lands which were Robert de Lisours, her father's for life by the name of 8 Knight's Fees.
     Roger died after 1194.

Aubrey FitzEustace

     Aubrey FitzEustace was the daughter of Richard FitzEustace Constable of Chester and Albreda de Lisures.

John FitzEustace Constable of Chester

(before 1145 - 1190)
      John the Constable. From whom the second house of Lacy descended. John was Constable, Chester. He was born before 1145 in England. He was possibly born 1148 or before as he obtained livery of his inheritance in 1166. He was the son of Richard FitzEustace and Aubrey de Lacy.
     John FitzEustace Constable of Chester and Albreda de Lisures were mentioned in a deed dated 1166. John gave 1,000 marks to have the inheritance of his mother Albreda.
     John died in 1190 in Tyre, Lebanon. He died while on the third Crusade. He confirmed to the monks the gifts of Fulk de Lisoriis and his son Robert.

Child of John FitzEustace Constable of Chester

Richard FitzEustace

( - before 1166)
     Richard FitzEustace married Aubrey de Lacy, daughter of Robert de Lacy Lord of Pontefract, before 1145.
     Richard died before 1166.

Child of Richard FitzEustace and Aubrey de Lacy

Richard FitzEustace Constable of Chester

(circa 1128 - before 1163)
     Richard FitzEustace Constable of Chester was born circa 1128 in Halaton, Yorkshire.
Richard FitzEustace Constable of Chester married Aubrey de Lacy, daughter of Robert de Lacy Lord of Pontefract, circa 1150 in Sprotborough, Yorkshire. Children of Richard FITZEUSTACE Baron of Halton and Albreda de LISOURES were as follows:
John FitzRichard de LACY Constable of Chester.
Roger FitzRichard 1st Lord of Warkworth.
Robert FitzRichard, born abt 1153 of England; died dsp.
Mary (Sara) FitzRichard.
Aubrey FitzRichard.
Roger de LACY, born abt 1157 of Cheshire, England
     Richard died before 1163.

Child of Richard FitzEustace Constable of Chester and Albreda de Lisures

Alexander FitzGerald

( - 1178)
     Alexander FitzGerald was born. Alexander, son of Gerold. He appears to have been kin of Warin FitzGerald who enfeoffed to him land at Sparsholt..
Upon his accession Henry II gave Sparsholt to his chamberlain of the Exchequer Warin Fitz-Gerold ... Warin enfeoffed of this land Alexander FitzGerold of 1 knights' fee and Hugh FitzGerold of the like. They were probably his kinsmen. Alexander married Alice de Rumeilli, relict of William FitzDuncan and so held the honor of Skipton in 1166 by the courtesy of England..
Alexander FitzGerald married Alice or Adeliza de Romelli, daughter of William de Meschin Lord of Copeland and Cecily de Romelli, between 1155 and 1156.
     Alexander died in 1178 in Skipton, Yorkshire. He died without issue in 1178 when his fee in Sparsholt reverted to the heir of Henry FitzGerald. Sparsholt in Hildeslaw hundred Berks, included Kingston Lisle.

Alexander Fitzgerald

      Alexander FitzGerald de Walton had lands in Skipton, jure uxoris, 12 Henry II. He gave lands to the Canons of Southwark. His wife Cecilia, Lady of Skipton etc. confirmed the grant.. Alexander Fitzgerald was the son of Unknown Gerald.
Alexander Fitzgerald married Cecily de Romelli or FitzDuncan, daughter of William FitzDuncan Earl of Moray and Alice or Adeliza de Romelli. As her first marriage.

Alice FitzGerald

(circa 1220 - circa 1284)
     Alice FitzGerald was born circa 1220. She has been also described as the daughter of Warin, also of William de Fortibus & Hawise Countess of Albemarle. She is the link between Isabel de Fortibus, Countess of Albemarle & Harewood, who was her cousin. She was the daughter of Henry FitzGerald and Ermentrude de Ferrers (de Grendon).
Alice FitzGerald married Robert de Lisle, son of Robert de Lisle and Sarah de Aunus or Danys, before February 1239/40. Grant from Henry fil. Geroldi to Robert de Insula in marriage with Alice, his daughter, of the whole of his land in Mundeford, Norfolk.
In 1260 his parents conveyed to Gerard de Lisle, their younger son (progenitor of the Kingston Lisle line), his mother's Mundford estate and two years later, Alice confirmed the grant and released Gerard from payment of the rent of £10 which had been due to her late husband.
Alice de Insula, daughter of Henry FitzGerold, widow, and her son Gerard. n.d. - Alice has granted to Gerard all her manor of Kingeston, and her land in Fauflor and Badelkynge, except the land called Stotfolde in Badelkinge which was bought from Andrew de Badelkynge; to him and his issue, rent a pair of gold spurs a year.
Witnesses: Sir Guy de Archentem, Sir Philip de Insula, Sir Hugh de Herdeburne, Sir John de Sancto Walerico, Sir Peter Achard, Sir Geoffrey Foliot, Sir Herbert de Bolebek, Sir Reginald de Archentem, Sir Richard de Archentem, Sir Ralph de Rouecestre, knights, Richard de Coleshulle, Peter de Badelkynge, Andrew de Badelkynge.
Gerard de Insula and Lady Alice de Insula, his mother. Sun. after St. Peter in chains, 49 Hen. III
Gerard has granted to Alice the manors of Kyngeston (Berks.), and Mundeford (Norf.); to hold for life, to hold as he held before of her gift, rent a sore sparrowhawk a year, with remainder to Gerard and his heirs.
Witnesses: Sir Thomas Bardulf, Robert de Tybetoft, Philip de Insula, Osbert de Kaylly, Richard de Coleshull, Osbert de Mundeford, Geoffrey le clerk de Mundeford, John de Copeshulle.
Gerard de Insula and Alice de Insula. One week after St. Martin, 54 Hen. III. - Final concord concerning the manor of Kingston; Alice has acknowledged the right of Gerard in the manor, by her gift, to him and his issue; rent £28 to Alice while she lives and the service of a quarter of a fee, after her death no rent and the service of one fee, reversion to Alice and her right heirs if Gerard dies without issue.
At: Westminster.
In 1276 she was holding land in Coveney, Cambridgeshire in dower.
     Alice died when her son Robert acquitted his brother Gerard of relief upon her death circa 1284. Other sources suggest she died in 1270.

Children of Alice FitzGerald and Robert de Lisle

Charles Fitzgerald

(1902 - )
     Charles Fitzgerald was born in 1902 in USA. He was the son of Charles W Fitzgerald and Jessie Anita Brown.

Charles W Fitzgerald

(1873 - )
     Charles died in USA. He was born in 1873.
Charles W Fitzgerald married Jessie Anita Brown, daughter of Joseph C Brown and Mary Jane Ross, on 11 August 1899 in Walnut Grove, Sacramento County, California, USA.

Children of Charles W Fitzgerald and Jessie Anita Brown

Dagmar Fitzgerald

(circa 1904 - )
     Dagmar Fitzgerald was born circa 1904 in USA. She was the daughter of Charles W Fitzgerald and Jessie Anita Brown.

Gerald Fitzgerald

(1900 - 1973)
     Gerald Fitzgerald was born in 1900 in USA. He was the son of Charles W Fitzgerald and Jessie Anita Brown.
     Gerald died in 1973 in USA.

Gerald FitzGerald

     Gerald was a civil servant.
Gerald FitzGerald married Amicia Henrietta Milnes, daughter of Richard Monckton Milnes Lord Houghton and Hon Annabel Hungerford Crewe, in 1881.

Henry FitzGerald

(before 1145 - between 1174 and 1175)
     Henry FitzGerald was born before 1145. He was the son of Ralph FitzGerald.
Henry FitzGerald married Matilda de Chesney before 1166. Henry was Chamberlain to Henry II, England.
     Henry died between 1174 and 1175.

Children of Henry FitzGerald and Matilda de Chesney

Henry FitzGerald

(circa 1173 - circa 1231)
     Henry FitzGerald was born circa 1173. He was the son of Henry FitzGerald and Matilda de Chesney.
Henry FitzGerald mentioned in 1200.
Henry FitzGerald married Ermentrude de Ferrers (de Grendon), daughter of Robert de Ferrers (Lord of Eggington & Radbourne) and Joan de Bocland, circa 1203 in England. She was the relict of Robert Talbot, of the Talbots of Bashall. She married Talbot, probably Quinton who was living 1200. Married 2ndly William de Grendon & was again widowed by Michaelmas 1203 when her marriage was acquired by Henry FitzGerold for his own benefit. By Talbot she had 2 sons John & Gerard.
In 1204 he had a grant of a weekly market at Gainsborough, Lincs. ... In 1205 the King granted to earl William Marshal custody of the land & heir of [Henry] FitzGerold which had been seised into the King's hands, saving to the King the custody of the land and heir of Ermentrude his wife....
In 1215 Henry had a grant of market & fair at his manor of Campton Beds. Withdrawing of service to John he returned to allegiance on the accession of Henry III, and on 14 Jan 1217 the sheriffs of Gloucs, Bedford, Bucks, & Berkshire were directed to give to Ermentrude wife of Henry, seisin of her lands. ... 1218 ... market & fair at his manor of Wing, Bucks, Kemerton Gloucs, & Balking Berks. .... Henry was Chamberlain to Henry II.
     Henry died circa 1231.

Children of Henry FitzGerald and Ermentrude de Ferrers (de Grendon)

Henry FitzGerald

     Henry FitzGerald was the son of Henry FitzGerald and Ermentrude de Ferrers (de Grendon).
     According to the large printed pedigree, he was son of the Chamberlain. Lord of Gainsborough, co. Linc. jure uxoris, Anno 6 John. Living 37 Henry III.