John Furse

     John Furse married Joyce Ruby on 27 July 1685 in Crediton, Devon.

Thomas Furze

(circa 1776 - December 1875)
     Thomas Furze was born circa 1776.
     Sarah Rendle (Edwards?) married secondly Thomas Furze before January 1870 in Newton Abbot RD, Devon. She remarried in the December quarter of 1869.
     Thomas died in December 1875 in Newton Abbot RD Devon.

Alice Mabel Fuzzard

     Alice Mabel Fuzzard married Ronald Robertson, son of Robert Robertson and Emma Pyke, in 1938 in Victoria.

Child of Alice Mabel Fuzzard and Ronald Robertson

Elizabeth Margaret Fyfe

( - 14 January 1831)
     Elizabeth Margaret Fyfe married Sir Robert Dunbar 5th Bart of Durn, son of Rev John Dunbar and Janet Grant, on 22 October 1801. She was the daughter of Wiliam Fyfe, MDm of Jamaica.
     Elizabeth died on 14 January 1831.

Children of Elizabeth Margaret Fyfe and Sir Robert Dunbar 5th Bart of Durn

Arthur Fyson

(1855 - 1936)
     Arthur Fyson was born in 1855.
     Arthur Fyson married Alice Colbert, daughter of Joseph Colbert and Harriet Hannah Beamond, in 1919.
     Arthur died in 1936.

Richard Fytes

     Richard Fytes married Mary Ryther, daughter of Unknown Ryther, on 14 January 1566/67 in Binfield, Berkshire, England.

Ystradwel ferch Gadeon

     Ystradwel ferch Gadeon was born in Cornwall, England. She was the daughter of Gadeon ap Cynan (?).
     Ystradwel ferch Gadeon married Coel Hen or Godebog.

Children of Ystradwel ferch Gadeon and Coel Hen or Godebog

Agnes May Gadsden

(6 November 1862 - 22 July 1939)
     Agnes May Gadsden was born on 6 November 1862 in Regent's Park, Middlesex, England. She was the daughter of Roger Gadsden and Frances nee Simmons..
     Agnes May Gadsden married Hamor Charles Ellison Rich, son of Rev Charles Hamor Rich and Isabella Tempest Bird, on 20 October 1886 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
     Agnes and Hamor were registered as Agnes May, domestic duties & Hamor Charles Ellison, solictor at 'Kergrist', Edgecliffe Rd, Darling Point, on the 1903 electoral roll.
     Agnes May Gadsden and Hamor Charles Ellison Rich were on the passenger list of the "Maloja", arriving at Fremantle, Western Australia, on 23 October 1928. They departed from Marseilles and bound for Sydney.
     Agnes died on 22 July 1939 in Woollahra, New South Wales, Australia, aged 76.
     Her will was proved on 19 January 1940 at New South Wales.
     See correspondence from her brother Roger's grand daughter Helen A Calhoun.

Children of Agnes May Gadsden and Hamor Charles Ellison Rich

Thomas Gage

( - 1 March 1716)
     Thomas Gage married Delariviere D'Ewes, daughter of Sir Symonds D'Ewes 3rd bart and Delariviere Jermyn.
     Thomas died on 1 March 1716.

John Gager

     John Gager married Gricyll or Grisel Bland, daughter of James Bland and Gricyll or Grace Unknown, in 1692 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Jean Melville Galbraith

(1905 - )
     Jean Melville Galbraith was born in 1905 in New Zealand.
     Jean Melville Galbraith married Egbert John Black, son of Richard Black and Jane Eliza Sargeant, on 8 February 1928 in St Paul's, Wanganui, New Zealand.

Child of Jean Melville Galbraith and Egbert John Black

Samuel Galbraith

     Samuel Galbraith married Susannah Handcock, daughter of Rev Robert Handcock D D and Jane Bryanton.

Basil Murray Robert Gale

(19 October 1904 - 1982)
     Basil Murray Robert Gale's birth was registered in the quarter ending on 19 October 1904 in Kensington RD, Middlesex. He was the son of Frederick Robert Gale MBE and Emily Frances Tapply.
     In 1938 he was married with one daughter.
     Basil died in 1982 in Witney RD, Oxfordshire.

Daphne Frances Rumsey Gale

(22 January 1915 - 2002)
     Daphne Frances Rumsey Gale was born on 22 January 1915 in Kensington RD, Middlesex. She was the daughter of Frederick Robert Gale MBE and Emily Frances Tapply.
     Daphne died in 2002 in Chiltern RD.

Denys Jearrad Pickmore Gale

(23 May 1908 - February 1993)
     Denys Jearrad Pickmore Gale was born on 23 May 1908 in Kensington RD, Middlesex. He was the son of Frederick Robert Gale MBE and Emily Frances Tapply.
     In 1938 he was married with one son & two daughters.
     Denys died in February 1993 in Hastings RD, Sussex, aged 84.

Dorothy Gale (Rokeby)

(circa 1523 - 20 January 1595/96)
     Dorothy Gale (Rokeby) was born circa 1523. She was the daughter of George Gale, Mayor of York, of Acomb Grange, and Mary (Lord).
     Dorothy Gale (Rokeby) married Sir Thomas Fairfax (of Denton), son of Sir William Fairfax and Isabel Thwaites, in 1559. She was the widow of John Rokeby of Sandal.
     Dorothy died on 20 January 1595/96. Possibly 2 Jan 38 Eliz, 1595. She was buried in the Chapel, Denton.

Children of Dorothy Gale (Rokeby) and Sir Thomas Fairfax (of Denton)

Frederick Robert Gale MBE

(March 1878? - 1949 or 1952)
     Frederick Robert Gale MBE's birth was registered in the quarter ending in March 1878? In Kensington RD, Middlesex. He was the son of Robert Gale and his wife Mary according to the 1901 census.
     Frederick Robert Gale MBE married Emily Frances Tapply, daughter of Rev Frederick Tapply and Ann Emily Pickmore Rumsey, on 20 April 1901 in Folkestone, Kent.
     Frederick Robert Gale MBE and Emily Frances Tapply appeared on the 1911 census in 4 Teynham Road, Tankerton, Whitstable, Blean RD, Kent. Frederick Robert Gale, aged 33, journalist, M J I, with the Financial Press, born Kensington, London; with wife Emily Frances Gale aged 34, marreid 9 years, children Basil M R Gale, 6, Denys J P Gale, 2, Geoffrey W Gale 6 months, all born in Kensington, plus 3 female servants. Their address was listed as temporary..
     In Notes & Queries for this week and last Mr Fred. R Gale prints for the first time some letters written by George Canning.....
     He was the author of an article on the legitimate Hunn descendants in Notes & Queries, 9 April 1938.
     Frederick died in 1949 or 1952 in England.

Children of Frederick Robert Gale MBE and Emily Frances Tapply

Geoffrey Wyldbore Gale

(18 September 1910 - 1988)
     Geoffrey Wyldbore Gale was born on 18 September 1910 in Kensington RD, Middlesex. He was the son of Frederick Robert Gale MBE and Emily Frances Tapply.
     Geoffrey died in 1988 in Hitchen RD.

Henry Gale

(1837 - 17 December 1895)
     Henry Gale was born in 1837 in Oxford?, Oxfordshire, England. His parents were Samuel Gale and Caroline Badcock.
     Henry Gale arrived circa 1852.
     Susanna Gordon Windeyer married secondly Henry Gale on 2 April 1856 in the Registry Office, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The groom's residence was 42 Elizabeth St, Sydney, occupation Mercantile clerk aged 19. Susannah was a widow with 3 living children and 1 deceased. Issue by the second marriage: Alfred Theodore (38) born 1857 Annie Julian Windeyer (37) born 1858 Charles Henry (35) born 1860 John Windeyer (33) born 1862 Walter Frederick (30) born 1865 died 1 June 1945
Their son Walter was born in Paddington and educated there. He became manager of the Moore St. (now Martin Place) branch of Govt Savings Bank of NSW. He was deeply interested in astromony which his father had taught him. In 1886 he completed the construction of a 7" reflecting telescope and 6 years later discovered several "new canals" on Mars. He independently discovered 7 new comets and 3 are now named after him. He became a fellow the Royal Astronomical Society in 1892 and was awarded a medal by the British Astronomer Assoc. with RTA Innis? Gale was instrumental in founding the NSW branch of the British Astronomical Assoc. He married Violet Birkenhead of West Maitland and had 2 sons & 4 daughters.
     Sands Directory 1863: Henry Gale, clerk (Council chambers) Paddington 1864 ditto, Council clerk & Registrar Sth Head Rd, Paddington He was the second clerk at $100 p.a. and residence 3.5 % commission on Rates.
D Gale, sister - noted in Whitfield Collection SOG 11/6/4/455 and 11/6/4/72..
     Henry died on 17 December 1895 in Post Office Quarters, Paddington, New South Wales. He was buried in Waverley cemetery, Bronte, New South Wales.

Margaret Gale

(circa 1779 - 1839)
     Margaret Gale was born circa 1779 in Devon, England.
     Margaret Gale married John Ruby as his second wife, on 2 July 1800 in Inwardleigh, Devon.
     Margaret died in 1839 in Inwardleigh, Devon.

Children of Margaret Gale and John Ruby

Elizabeth Gall

     Elizabeth Gall married John MacPherson, son of Paul MacPherson and Catherine Christie, in Tough, Aberdeenshire. He lived there all his life but had his eldest son baptised in Glenlivet. They had five known children.

Children of Elizabeth Gall and John MacPherson

Gilbert of Galloway

( - between 1 January 1184 and 1185)
     Gilbert of Galloway was the son of Fergus, Lord of Galloway.
     Gilbert died between 1 January 1184 and 1185.

Child of Gilbert of Galloway

Uchtred of Galloway

( - 22 September 1174)
     Uchtred of Galloway was the son of Fergus, Lord of Galloway.
     Alan Maxwell Fidlater wrote: The first appearance of Fergus in history is not on his own. He was accompanied by his son Uchtred when King David I in 1136 granted land in Perdeyc or Patrick to the Church of Glasgow when that church was dedicated (R. Bodine, 2000/02/04).
     Uchtred of Galloway married Gunnild,, daughter of Waldeve, and Sigrid or Sigarith,. Gunnild, who was married to Uchtred, son of Fergus, Lord of Galloway, with issue.
     Uchtred died on 22 September 1174. In relating the violent death of Uchtred son of Fergus, Roger de Howden records that Henry II claimed that Uchtred was his cousin.

Henrietta Adelaide Galton

(December 1870 - September 1952)
     Henrietta Adelaide Galton's birth was registered in the quarter ending in December 1870 in London, Shoreditch RD, England.
     Henrietta Adelaide Galton married William Henry Sheridan, son of William Henry Sheridan and Elizabeth Davey Carroll, on 16 June 1891 in West Ham RD, Essex.
     Henrietta Adelaide Galton and William Henry Sheridan appeared on the 1901 census in Ilford, Essex. Wm Hy Sheridan, 34, timber merchant, employer, born Teignmouth, Henrietta 30, his wife born London, children Eva 9, born Leytonstone Essex, Doris, 6, born London, Wm H jun, 2, born Leytonstone, with a servant Eliza Hurley.
     Henrietta Adelaide Galton and William Henry Sheridan appeared on the 1911 census in 75 Old Fillebrook Rd, Leytonstone, Essex. Sheridan, Henrietta, head, widow, 40, born London Hackney; children Evelyn, single, 19, typist in a solicitor's office, born Leytonstone; Doris, single, 16, School, born London Bow; William, 12, School, born Leytonstone; with 3 boarders called Fell     .
     Henrietta's death was registered in the quarter ending in September 1952 in Folkestone RD, Kent.

Children of Henrietta Adelaide Galton and William Henry Sheridan

Maud Ethel Galton

(18 August 1872 - 25 February 1967)
     Maud Ethel Galton was born on 18 August 1872. She was the daughter of Prof Galton of Norwood.
     Maud Ethel Galton married Samuel Crosby Halahan, son of Capt Samuel Handy Halahan and Hannah Croucher Engeham, on 14 July 1897 in St Paul's, Upper Norwood, Surrey. On the 14tth July at St Paul's Upper Norwood, by the Rev H Stevens, MA, vicar of Holy Trinity, Sydenham, assisted by Rev R B Ransford, MA, vicar of St Paul's; Crosby Halahan of Leigh Manor, Cuckfield, Sussex, eldest son of hte late Col. S H Halahan, of Haighlands, Sydenham Hill, to Maud Ethel, second daughter of John H Galton, MD (Lond), of Chunan[?]. Sylvan Road, Upper Norwood. China papers, please copy.
     Maud Ethel Galton and Samuel Crosby Halahan appeared on the 1901 census in Cuckfield, Sussex. Samuel C Halahan, aged 31, living on own means, born Forest Hill, with his wife Maud E 28 born Norwood, Sry and children Frederick J C 2 and Margaret M 9 months, both born at Cuckfield.
     Maud Ethel Galton and Samuel Crosby Halahan lived at Littlecroft, Chiddingfold, Surrey, 1929.
     Maud Ethel Galton and Samuel Crosby Halahan lived at Chiddingfold, Surrey, 1931.
     Maud died on 25 February 1967 aged 94.

Children of Maud Ethel Galton and Samuel Crosby Halahan

Daniel Galvin

(circa 1831 - )
     Daniel Galvin was born circa 1831.
     Daniel Galvin married Bridget Colbert, daughter of Edmund Colbert and Mary Unknown, on 3 July 1865 in Kapunda, South Australia. She claimed to be 20..
     Catherine Colbert married thirdly Daniel Galvin on 23 June 1873 in the residence of John Kither, Norwood, South Australia. They had 4` children.

Leslie William Galvin

(circa 1903 - 1966)
     Leslie William Galvin was born circa 1903.
     Leslie William Galvin married Annie Edith Ruby, daughter of William John Ruby and Catherine Brass, in 1932.
     Leslie died in 1966 in Bendigo, Victoria.

William Michael Galvin

(28 May 1906 - 9 March 2001)
     William Michael Galvin was born on 28 May 1906 in Cape Town, South Africa. He was the son of Michael & Ida Galvin.
     William Michael Galvin married Doris Bowker, daughter of Frank Bowker.
     William died on 9 March 2001 in Brakpan, Boksburg, East Rand, Gauteng, South Africa, aged 94.

Arthur Gambell

     Arthur Gambell married Alicia Frances Fetherstonhaugh, daughter of William Fetherstonhaugh and Alicia Berry, on 5 June 1860 in Ireland.
     Arthur Gambell lived at Belmullett, Mayo, Ireland, 1865.

Child of Arthur Gambell and Alicia Frances Fetherstonhaugh

Arthur William Rogers Gambell

(3 October 1864 - )
     Arthur William Rogers Gambell was born on 3 October 1864 in Moy ...., Carrick, Westmeath?, Ireland. He was the son of Arthur Gambell and Alicia Frances Fetherstonhaugh.