Cecilia Fraser

     Cecilia Fraser married Patrick Dunbar, son of Gospatrick Dunbar 2nd Earl and Derdere Unknown (Dunbar).

Child of Cecilia Fraser and Patrick Dunbar

Christy Fraser

(circa 1811 - )
     Christy Fraser was born circa 1811.
     Christy Fraser and Murdoch MacPherson were recorded on the 1841 census in Lower Breakish, Strath, Inverness-shire. Murdoch McPherson, 25, ag. lab, born Inverness, Christy Mcpheson, 30, all born in the county of Inverness; Margaret 12, born Inverness; Paul aged 5, born Inverness; William aged 3, born Inverness; Flora, 8 months, born Inveress; Marion Mathison, 60, born Inverness.
Christy Fraser married Murdoch MacPherson.

Children of Christy Fraser and Murdoch MacPherson

David Fraser

     David Fraser married Christian Dunbar, daughter of John Dunbar and Christian Mackenzie, in July 1693. The initials D.F. and C.D. refer to David Fraser, merchant in, and one of the Bailies of, Inverness, younger son of Provost Finlay Fraser, who married in July 1693 Christian Dunbar, eldest lawful daughter of umquhile John Dunbar of Bennetsfield. David Fraser held as cautioner for his obligations under the contract his eldest brother, Andrew Fraser, burgess of Inverness, and the lady had her mother, Christian Mackenzie, Sir Alexander Mackenzie of Coul and Simon Mackenzie of Torridon. (From Chris: Sir Alexander and Simon may be brothers to Christian Mackenzie?)..

Elizabeth Fraser

(16 November 1880 - 12 August 1946)
     Elizabeth Fraser was born on 16 November 1880 in Inverness, Scotland.
Elizabeth Fraser married Donald Alexander MacKenzie, son of Alexander Holm MacKenzie and Isabella MacKay, on 26 September 1901 in Free Church, 2 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Elizabeth Fraser was recorded on the 1939 census in the household of Dr Norman Fraser MacKenzie and Anne Adelaide Newsham in Woodside/Woolside, Blackburn R D, Lancashire.
     Elizabeth died on 12 August 1946 in Edinburgh, Scotland, aged 65. She was buried in the Gaelic churchyard, Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. Her husband's wall stone adds: Also of Elizabeth Fraser his wife. Died 12 August 1946, aged 65 years.

Children of Elizabeth Fraser and Donald Alexander MacKenzie

Elizabeth Fraser

(before June 1796 - )
     Elizabeth Fraser was born before June 1796 in Ross & Cromarty.
Elizabeth Fraser married David Bain, son of Donald Bain and Margaret Ross, on 31 January 1807 in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty.
     Elizabeth Fraser and David Bain were recorded on the 1841 census in High St, Cromarty. David Bain aged 60, mason, not born in the county; Elizabeth Bain 45; Elizabeth Bain 15; Johanna Bain 18; Margaret Bain 10 - all born in Ross & Cromarty.
     Elizabeth Fraser was recorded on the 1851 census in Cromarty. Elizabeth Bain 53, Elizabeth Bain, 22, Margaret Bain 19.

Children of Elizabeth Fraser and David Bain

Euphemia Fraser

(circa 1375 - 1441)
     Euphemia Fraser married Sir Walter Innes. Euphemia Fraser was born circa 1375 in Scotland. She was the daughter of Hugh Fraser 4th Lord Lovat.
     Euphemia died in 1441.

Child of Euphemia Fraser and Sir Walter Innes

Hugh Fraser (8th of Lovatt)

     Hugh Fraser (8th of Lovatt) married Janet Dunbar, daughter of Thomas Dunbar 2nd (5th) Earl of Moray and Margaret Fraser?.

Hugh Fraser 4th Lord Lovat

( - 1410)
     Hugh died in 1410 in Lovat, Inverness-shire.

Child of Hugh Fraser 4th Lord Lovat

Isobel Fraser

(circa 1720 - )
     Isobel Fraser was born circa 1720 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland.
Isobel Fraser married Francis Bain als MacPherson (of Tombreck), son of unlinked early MacPherson, on 5 July 1744 in Kirkmichael, BAN, SCT.

Jane Fraser (Woodham)

     Jane Fraser (Woodham) married Lt Col Richard Handcock, son of Tobias Handcock and Johanna Reily.

Children of Jane Fraser (Woodham) and Lt Col Richard Handcock

Margaret Fraser

     Margaret Fraser married William Keith Marischal of Scotland, son of Sir Edward de Keith. Margaret Fraser was born. She was the only child of Sir John Fraser, who was the eldest son of Sir Alexaner Fraser, High Chamberlain of Scotland by Mary, sister of King Robert the Bruce..

Margaret Fraser

     Margaret Fraser married William Keith Marischal of Scotland, son of Sir Edward de Keith.

Child of Margaret Fraser and William Keith Marischal of Scotland

Mary Fraser

     Mary Fraser married Alexander Dunbar, son of Robert Dunbar and Katherine Brodie. She was the daughter of James Fraser of London..

William Fraser

     William Fraser married Edith Clark, daughter of Owen Clark and Hannah Bullett.

Cecilia Fraser?

(before 1240 - )
     Cecilia Fraser? was also known as Cecily FitzRobert in records. She was born before 1240. She was probably the daughter of John FitzRobert of Warkworth, co. Northumberland, by Ada, daughter of Hugh de Baliol of Barnard Castle (and sister of John de Baliol).
Cecilia Fraser? married Patrick (III) Dunbar 7th Earl, son of Patrick (II) Dunbar 6th Earl and Euphemia Brus, 13 Dec 1248 or 1242. The Earl's only recorded wife and the mother of his sons was a lady named in a charter by her eldest son, 'Cecilia filia Johannis.' No other designation of her has been found. It has been suggested that she was a Fraser, but there is no satisfactory evidence of this.

Children of Cecilia Fraser? and Patrick (III) Dunbar 7th Earl

Margaret Fraser?

( - before January 1421/22)
     Margaret Fraser? was born. Thomas Innes, Carrick pursuivant, in Scottish Notes and Queries v.6 p.124, makes the suggestion that she was heiress of Frendraught and therefore a Fraser, on the grounds (i) of the remainder of the entail of Frendraught (Antiq. of Aberdeen & Banff v.3 p.587) by James de Dunbar, afterwards 10th Earl of Moray, to [his elder brother] Thomas, 9th Earl - a remainder explicable if he were by descent a possible heir to Frendraught; and (ii) of the greater robability that Frendraught came thus be descent than that Alexander de Dunbar, younger son of the first Dunbar, Earl of Moray, and hitherto accredited as father of Earl James - which Alexander was an ecclesiastic - should have acquired it by marriage with "Maud/Matilda" Fraser. She (Margaret) presumably died before Jan 1421/2 because the resettlement of that date contains no reference to her, Frendraught being said to have descended hereditarily to (her son) James (Antiq. of Aberdeen & Banff, v.3 p.587).
It is possible that she was of the Lovat family as her grandson Alexander Dunbar could not marry Isabel Innes as they were second cousins.
Margaret Fraser? married Thomas Dunbar 2nd (5th) Earl of Moray, son of John Dunbar 1st (4th) Earl of Moray and Marjory Stewart, before 15 February 1392.
     Margaret died before January 1421/22.

Margaret Frazer

     Margaret Frazer married James Hooper on 18 November 1699 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire, Scotland.

Children of Margaret Frazer and James Hooper

Mary Baker Frazer

     The marriage of Mary Baker Frazer and Richard Bullett, son of Robert Bullett and Elizabeth Humphrey, was registered in Bedford RD, Bedfordshire, in the March 1881 quarter.
     Mary Baker Frazer and Richard Bullett were recorded on the 1881 census in Bedford, Bedfordshire. Joseph Frazer 64 , ironmonger, Susannah B. Frazer 65, Henry J. Frazer 23, Richard Bullett 25, son in law, telegraphist in the Civil Service, born Weedon, Nth; Mary B. Bullett 21, daughter, born Bedford, Caroline S. Colson 15.

Frances Priscilla Frazier

     Frances Priscilla Frazier married John Henry Perryman, son of Henry Perryman and Margaret MacPherson, in 1904 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. They had at least three children: Charles A Perryman, b 1905 Wagga Wagga (NSW 8474/1905); Phyllis F Perryman, b 1906 Wagga Wagga (NSW 8581/1906) married Alexander P Wise at Wagga Wagga in 1931 (NSW 3484/1931), Lonnie J Perryman ( on some documents is listed as Lorrie), b 1907 Wagga Wagga (NSW 41094/1907) married Margaret I Douglas at Wagga Wagga in 1932 (NSW 2630/1932). Lonnie died in 1975 in NSW (NSW 22076/1975).

Elizabeth Freeman

(circa 1753 - 2 November 1803)
     Elizabeth Freeman was born circa 1753 in Dedham, Essex, England.
Elizabeth Freeman married John Squirrell, son of William Squirrell and Sarah Unknown (Squirrell), on 29 June 1774 in Bildeston, Suffolk. He was a widower.
     Elizabeth died on 2 November 1803 in Wattisham, Suffolk.

Children of Elizabeth Freeman and John Squirrell

Elizabeth Freeman

(before 1696 - )
     Elizabeth Freeman was born before 1696. She was the daughter of Unknown Freeman and Elizabeth Silvester.

Francis Freeman

(before 1694 - )
     Francis Freeman was born before 1694. He was the son of Unknown Freeman and Elizabeth Silvester.

George Freeman

(before 1695 - )
     George Freeman was born before 1695. He was the son of Unknown Freeman and Elizabeth Silvester.

Gertrude Irene Freeman

(16 August 1891 - September 1975)
     Gertrude Irene Freeman was born on 16 August 1891.
     Gertrude Irene Freeman married Edgar Charles Handy as his second wife, on 27 September 1932 in Durban, Natal, South Africa. Edgar Charles Handy, aged 52, born England, widower, clerk, P. A. firm, of the Royal Hotel, Durban, by banns, to Gertrude Irene Handy, aged 38, born England, spinster, of the Reville Hotel, Duban,.
     Gertrude's death was registered in the quarter ending in September 1975 in Southampton, Hampshire, England.

Child of Gertrude Irene Freeman and Edgar Charles Handy

John Freeman

Unknown Freeman

     Unknown Freeman married Elizabeth Silvester, daughter of Edward Silvester and Jane Walker. An Elizabeth Sylvester married Ralph Freeman, on 22 June 1680 in Clerkenwell, London.

Children of Unknown Freeman and Elizabeth Silvester

Walter Freeman

(1906 - 1973)
     Walter Freeman was born in 1906.
     Walter died in 1973.

Marian May Freemantle

     Marian May Freemantle married Stanley McIntyre Borland, son of Alexander Borland and Ruth Lanyon.

Children of Marian May Freemantle and Stanley McIntyre Borland

Jesse Edmund Freer

(circa 1857 - )
     Jesse Edmund Freer was born circa 1857.
Jesse Edmund Freer married Catherine Mary Colbert, daughter of John Colbert and Elizabeth Manning, on 29 December 1902 in St Luke's, Adelaide, South Australia.

Jane Freestone

(before April 1824 - 2 May 1891)
     Jane Freestone was born before April 1824 in Polwarth, Surrey. She was the daughter of William Freestone, farmer.
Jane Freestone married Richard Mackglew, son of Daniel Mackglew and Martha Smith, on 4 June 1846 in St Bride Fleet St, London.
     Jane Freestone and Richard Mackglew were recorded on the 1851 census in 4 Bath Place, Finsbury, London.
     Jane Freestone and Richard Mackglew were recorded on the 1861 census in 14 Brixton? St, St Leonard Shoreditch, London, Middlesex. Richard McGlew aged 39, head wood turner, born Cripplegate, Middlesex with his wife Jane aged 39, born Tolworth, Surrey and nephew Alfred Richard Jenkins aged 4, born Shoreditch and Mary Farraday aged 47, a lodger and laundress.
     Jane Freestone and Richard Mackglew were recorded on the 1871 census in 46 Ashburton Grove, Islington. Richard Mackglew head aged 49, medical turner?, born Cripplegate with his wife Jane aged 48, born Polworth, Surrey and Alfred Jenkins, a vistor aged 14, scholar, born Shoreditch.
     Jane Freestone and Richard Mackglew were recorded on the 1881 census in 46 Ashburton Grove, Islington, London. Richard Macglew, head, aged 59, turner (artz), born Cripplegate, Middlesex with his wife Jane aged 57, born Polwarth, Surrey, and niece Jane Jenkins aged 29, born St Lukes Middlesex, feather curler and a visitor Harriet Newton, aged 30, born St Lukes, Middlesex, feather curler. Jane Freestone was an executor of Richard Mackglew's estate on 5 January 1882 in the Principal Probate Registry, London.
     Jane Freestone was recorded on the 1891 census in 14 Cross St, Islington, London. Jane Mackglew, aged 67, widow, born Kingston, Surrey, living on own means; Jane E Jenkins, niece aged 39, born London St Luke, ostrich feather curler. The premises contained several families.
     Jane's death was registered in the quarter ending on 2 May 1891 in Islington, London .
     Her will was proved on 11 June 1891 at PPR. The will was proved by James South, nephew, oilman of 136 Brackenbury Rd, Hammersmith.