John Gardner

(before 1724 - )
     John Gardner was born before 1724. He was the son of Susannah Silvester.

John Gardner

     John Gardner was also known as Gardiner in records.
     A marriage settlement between John Gardner and Susannah Silvester was made on 22 October 1717. John Gardiner of Thundridgebury (1); John Silvester of Birthwaite, Yorks, esq, Susanna Silvester of Tower of London, spinster, and Daniel Pettiward of Putney (2).
Manor of Brockholds and lands at Levens Green (fully set out) and various farms and land at Thundridge (except T/bury). Seals. Signatures.
     John Gardner married Susannah Silvester, daughter of Edward Silvester and Mary Brattle or Battell, on 19 December 1717 in St Paul's Cathedral, London. John Gardiner Esquire of Thundridge in Hertfordshire and Susanna Silvester of the Tower in London, spinster by virtue of a licence by the Bishop of London's office, were married in the cathedral chruch of St Paul 19 Dec 1717, in the presence of Sam Bentham.

Mary Gardner

(circa 1701 - before 10 September 1797)
     Mary Gardner was born circa 1701.
     Mary Gardner married Thomas Noble, son of William Noble and Elizabeth Parfray, on 7 April 1729 in Rickinghall Inferior, Suffolk.
     Mary died before 10 September 1797 in Rickinghall Inferior, Suffolk. She was buried on 10 September 1797 in Rickinghall Inferior. Widow of Thomas Noble, aged 96.

Children of Mary Gardner and Thomas Noble

Robert Gardner

     Robert Gardner married Martha Bullett?, daughter of Bulliant patriarch Bullett?, on 2 December 1583 in Frostenden, Suffolk, England. Martha Bullyant & Robert Gardner..

Vivian Mae Gardner

     Vivian died in Queensland. She was born in Queensland.
     Vivian Mae Gardner married Frederic George Turner Paul, son of Claude Turner Paul and Beatrice Margaret Perman, on 25 October 1943 in Bundaberg, Queensland.

Catherine Gardyner

(circa 1550 - before 23 February 1612)
     Catherine Gardyner was born circa 1550 in Suffolk.
     Catherine Gardyner married John Bland, son of Unknown Bland, on 12 August 1571 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
     Catherine died before 23 February 1612 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. She was buried on 23 February 1611/12 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds. Buried the wife of John Bland, the elder.

Children of Catherine Gardyner and John Bland

Emma Garfield

(circa 1842 - )
     Emma Garfield was born circa 1842 in Copplestone, Devon.
     The marriage of Emma Garfield and William Ruby, son of Henry Ruby and Susanna May, was registered in Exeter, Devon, in the March 1871 quarter.
     Emma Garfield and William Ruby appeared on the 1871 census in 63 Paris St, Exeter, St Sidwell parish, Devon. William ruby aged 27, city policeman, born Widecombe with his wife Emma aged 25? born Cole.... The premises are multi-tenanted.
     Emma Garfield and William Ruby appeared on the 1881 census in Garricks House, Dowdeswell, Gloucestershire, England. William Ruby, aged 37, born Widecombe, head, blacksmith, and his wife Emma aged 38, born Copplestone, Devon, and children Selina Garfield aged 9 born Exeter, Wiliam Henry aged 6, born Torquay, Margaret Emma aged 4, born Llanelly, and Lana Lousia Ellen Ruby, aged 2, born at Dowdeswell.
     Emma Garfield and William Ruby appeared on the 1901 census in Dowdeswell, Gloucestershire. William Ruby, aged 56, born Okehampton, Devon, blacksmith; Emma Ruby, aged 57, born Okehampton.

Children of Emma Garfield and William Ruby

John Garland

(circa 1890 - )
     John Garland was born circa 1890.
     John Garland married Alice Louisa Chadwick, daughter of Joseph Rossbotton Chadwick and Catherine MacKenzie. They had no issue..

Robert Garman/Garnam

     Robert Garman/Garnam was also known as Garner in records. Garman is rare and Suffolk and likely to be a mistranscription of Garner.
     Robert Garman/Garnam married Ann Grimwood, daughter of Thomas Grimwood and Mary King, on 23 September 1842 in Ringshall, Bosmere RD, Suffolk. Robert Garnam, full age, bachelor, husbandman of Ringshall, son of William Garnam, husbandman, &, Ann Grimwood, full age, spinster of Ringshall, daughter of Thomas Grimwood, husbandman. Witnessed by Thomas & Sarah Grimwood.
     Robert Garman/Garnam and Thomas Grimwood were recorded on the 1851 census in Ringshall. Thomas was a widowed lodger, ag. lab, aged 68, born Ringshall, with Robert Garner head, 30, ag. lab, born Wattisham and his wife Ann aged 30, born Ringhall, their children Susannah 7, born Battisford and Robert, 4, born Ringshall. An Ann Grimwood had married Robert Garman! in the Sep quarter of 1842 which seems likely to his daughter.

Children of Robert Garman/Garnam and Ann Grimwood

Dorothy Garnar or Gardiner

(29 November 1601 - )
     Dorothy Garnar or Gardiner was christened on 29 November 1601 in Castor, Northamptonshire.
     Dorothy Garnar or Gardiner married Thomas Bowker, son of Thomas Bowker and Ann Unknown, on 20 August 1624 in Castor, Northamptonshire. Licence dated August 7 1624.

Children of Dorothy Garnar or Gardiner and Thomas Bowker

Henry Frederick Garne

(16 June 1848 - 8 November 1898)
     Henry Frederick Garne was born on 16 June 1848 in Newbury, Berkshire.
     Caroline Sarah Robinson Bowker married secondly Henry Frederick Garne on 4 June 1874 in Egham Hill, Windsor, Berkshire.
     Henry Frederick Garne and Caroline Sarah Robinson Bowker appeared on the 1881 census in High St, Egham, Surrey. Henry Garne head, 32, stationery & filing warehouse, born Newbury, Brk, 18564, Caroline 33 his wife, born at Gransden, Hunts, step-daughter Catherine Goodman aged 11 born Peterborough, Nth and son Sydney Garne, aged 5 born Egham, with an assistant and a servant.
     Henry died after 12 months suffering on 8 November 1898 in 4 Sangora Road, New Wandsworth, Surrey, aged 50. He was buried after 8 November 1898 in the family grave at Englefield Green cemetery, Egham, Surrey.

Child of Henry Frederick Garne and Caroline Sarah Robinson Bowker

Sydney William Garne

(before 31 March 1876 - circa 1947)
     Sydney William Garne was born before 31 March 1876 in Windsor RD, Berkshire, England. He was the son of Henry Frederick Garne and Caroline Sarah Robinson Bowker. Sydney William Garne was listed as Henry Frederick Garne's son in the 1881 census in High St, Egham, Surrey. Sydney was a dentist from 1901 to 1924,England. He was a Licentiate in Dental Surgery, qualifying at the Royal College of Surgeons in England in 1908. He appeared on the register in 1901 at 15 Clarence Street, Staines and in 1908 he was registered at Cloveny, Egham, Surrey. He was elected a member of the B.D.A. in 1923 and in 1924 moved to Ceylon.
     In Caroline Sarah Robinson Bowker's will dated 11 May 1912 in Brighton, Sussex, Sydney William Garne was named as heir; Will of Mrs Carrie Garne of 5 Devonshire Place, Brighton, Sussex ... to her daughter Catherine B Janes, Clovelly, Egham, Surrey, her son Sydney William Garne, dentist, Colombo, Ceylon. It mentions the money her grandmother Mrs Mary Burnham of Whittlesea, Cambs left her.
     Administration of the estate of Caroline Sarah Robinson Bowker was granted to Sydney William Garne, on 8 March 1913 in the Principal Probate Registry, London, Carrie otherwise Caroline Sarah Robinson Garne: Administration (with will) was granted to Sydney William Garne and Catherine Burnham Janes the natural and lawful son and daughter and only next of kin. Sydney was a dentist from 1924,Colombo, Ceylon/Sri Lanka. In 1924 he moved to Ceylon and registered from then until 1933 at the Grand Oriental Hotel, Colombo, Ceylon.
     Sydney William Garne lived at 45 Galle Face Rd, Colombo, Ceylon/Sri Lanka, between 1933 and 1948.
     Sydney died circa 1947 in Ceylon/Sri Lanka?.

Charlotte Garner

(circa 1838 - )
     Charlotte Garner was born circa 1838 in Hitcham, Suffolk.
     Charlotte Garner married Benjamin Squirrell, son of John Squirrell and Amy Roberson, before 31 December 1858 in Suffolk.
     Charlotte Garner and Benjamin Squirrell appeared on the 1861 census in Wattisham, Suffolk. Benjamin Squirrell head aged 22 ag. lab. born Wattisham with his wife Charlotte aged 23 born at Hitcham.
     Charlotte Garner and Benjamin Squirrell appeared on the 1871 census in Wattisham. Benjamin Squirrell, 31, ag. lab, born Wattisham; his wife Charlotte, 33, born Hitcham & daughter Julia 11 months, born Wattisham.
     Charlotte Garner and Benjamin Squirrell appeared on the 1881 census in Wattisham, Suffolk. Benjamin Squirrell, married, 41, agricultural labourer with his wife Sharlotte aged 43, born Hitcham and their daughters Julia Ann, scholar, Sarah Ada aged 4 born Wattisham.
The Ben born about 1839 was the son of John & Amy (or grandson?) according to the 1851 census index.
     Charlotte Garner and Benjamin Squirrell appeared on the 1891 census in Wattisham. Benjamin Squirrrell, head, married 51? ag. lab., born Wattisham; Charlotte, wife, aged 53/8?, born Hitcham; Julia A 20? & Sarah A 14, daughters born Wattisham.

Children of Charlotte Garner and Benjamin Squirrell

George Garner

(circa 1827 - )
     George Garner was born circa 1827.
     George Garner married Mary Fox, daughter of Samuel Fox and Maria Bullett, in 1848 in Ringshall, Suffolk. They were aged 19 & 21.

John Garner

     John Garner married Repentance Cocksedge, daughter of Christian Cocksedge, on 21 August 1633 in Stanningfield, Suffolk.

Robert Garner

(before April 1847 - )
     Robert Garner was born before April 1847 in Ringshall, Suffolk. He was the son of Robert Garman/Garnam and Ann Grimwood.

Susannah Garner

(before April 1844 - )
     Susannah Garner was born before April 1844 in Battisford, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Robert Garman/Garnam and Ann Grimwood.

Wildbore Garner

(4 August 1730 - )
     Wildbore Garner was christened on 4 August 1730 in Grantham, Lincolnshire.
     Wildbore Garner married Elizabeth Stanser, daughter of Thomas Stanser and Clara Cole, on 6 May 1760 in Grantham, LIN.

George James Garnes

(18 July 1830 - )
     George James Garnes was christened on 18 July 1830 in Christ Church, Barbados, West Indies.
     George James Garnes married Mary Catherine Ashby, daughter of Francis Ashby and Margaret Ann Garnes, on 26 September 1860 in St George's, Barbados.

Margaret Ann Garnes

     Margaret Ann Garnes married Francis Ashby, son of Alexander Ashby and Mary Unknown (Ashby), on 25 March 1815 in St George's, Barbados.

Children of Margaret Ann Garnes and Francis Ashby

Mary Garnham

(circa 1755 - before 8 June 1795)
     Mary Garnham was born circa 1755 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
     Mary Garnham and Thomas Cocksedge obtained a marriage licence on 1 March 1777 in Suffolk. Mr Thos Cocksedge, of Ingham, s.m. & Miss Mary Garnham, of St James, BSE, s.w. at same 1 Mar 1777.
     Mary Garnham married Thomas Cocksedge, son of Thomas Cocksedge and Ann Suckerman, on 4 March 1777 in St James, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Married by licence.
     Mary died before 8 June 1795 in Ingham, Suffolk. She was buried on 8 June 1795 in Ingham. Mary, wife of Thomas Cocksedge.

Children of Mary Garnham and Thomas Cocksedge

Mary Garnham

     Mary Garnham married Robert Bland, son of Robert Bland and Sarah Unknown, in 1667 in Assington, Suffolk.

Child of Mary Garnham and Robert Bland

Thomas Garnham

(circa 1696 - )
     Thomas Garnham was born circa 1696 in Badwell Ash, Suffolk.
     Thomas Garnham and Bridget Cocksedge obtained a marriage licence on 24 November 1726. Thos. Garnham s.m. 30 years, of Badwell & Bridget Cocksedge, of Stowlangtoft, s.w. 22 years, at Stowlangtoft 24 Nov 1726.
     Thomas Garnham married Bridget Cocksedge, daughter of Thomas Cocksedge and Ann Beals, on 25 November 1726 in Stowlangtoft, Suffolk.
     In Thomas Cocksedge's will dated 22 August 1739 in Stowlangtoft, Thomas Garnham was named as executor of the estate. He was described as the husband of Bridget Cocksedge, Thomas' sister. He was an executor of Thomas Cocksedge's estate on 17 September 1739 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

John Garrard

     John Garrard married Sarah Grimwood, daughter of Thomas Grimwood and Mary King, on 2 November 1842 in Ringshall, Suffolk. John Garrard, full age bachelor, labourer of Ringshall, son of John Garrard labourer, Sarah Grimwood, full age spinster of Ringshall, daughter of Thomas Grimwood, labourer; witnesses: George Garrard and Sarah Ann Howes.

Maria Garrard

(circa 1805 - 1861)
     Maria Garrard was born circa 1805 in Wattisham, Suffolk.
     Maria Garrard married William Scarff on 3 November 1823 in Battisford, Suffolk.
     Maria died in 1861 in Battisford, Suffolk.

Child of Maria Garrard and William Scarff

Mary Garrard

(after April 1795 - )
     Mary Garrard was born after April 1795.
     Mary Garrard married William Grimwood on 2 April 1816 in Battisford, Suffolk.

Child of Mary Garrard and William Grimwood

Rose Garrard

(before 1645 - )
     Rose Garrard was born before 1645 in Suffolk, England.
     Rose Garrard married William Cocksedge in 1664 in Hartest, Suffolk.

Sarah Garrard

     Sarah Garrard married George Grimwood as his second wife, on 18 July 1787 in Barking, Suffolk. Geroge Grimwood, widower.

Sarah Garrard

     Sarah Garrard married George Grimwood on 18 July 1787 in Barking, Suffolk.

Children of Sarah Garrard and George Grimwood

Ann Garraway

(circa 1804 - )
     Ann Garraway was born circa 1804 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. She was transported as a convict arriving on 3 August 1829 in New South Wales, Australia, per "Sovereign", She had absconded before 9 April 1832, when she is listed in the NSW Government gazettes, Zachariah is also cross referenced, presumably as her husband. He is also listed 31 December 1849 in the postal lists.
     Ann Garraway married Zachariah Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Mary Ann Howlett, on 3 October 1831 in St John's, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.

Children of Ann Garraway and Zachariah Cocksedge