Lynette Nowelle La Touche

(24 December 1903 - 1979)
     Lynette Nowelle La Touche was born on 24 December 1903 in Rathdown RD, Dublin, Ireland. She was the daughter of Thomas Henry Digges La Touche and Anna Frances Handy.
     Lynette Nowelle La Touche married David Edward Gillespie Wemyss as his third wife, in 1961 in Cambridge RD, Cambridgeshire, England.
     Lynette died in 1979.

Jessie May Dobson

(26 June 1879 - 16 October 1953)
     Jessie May Dobson was born on 26 June 1879 in Prahran, Victoria. She was the daughter of John Dunbar Dobson and Jessie Stevens.
     Jessie May Dobson married Henry Atkinson Cawkwell on 30 October 1907 in Victoria, Australia.
     Jessie died on 16 October 1953 in Malvern, Victoria, aged 74.

Children of Jessie May Dobson and Henry Atkinson Cawkwell

John Dunbar Dobson

(31 October 1880 - 11 November 1968)
     John Dunbar Dobson was born on 31 October 1880 in Prahran, Victoria. He was the son of John Dunbar Dobson and Jessie Stevens.
     John Dunbar Dobson married Lillian G J Schruth on 28 February 1924.
     John died on 11 November 1968 aged 88.

Child of John Dunbar Dobson and Lillian G J Schruth