Lewis Wynne

(circa 1658 - circa 1748)
     Lewis Wynne was born circa 1658 in Ireland. He was the son of Col Owen Wynne (I) and Catherine Hamilton.
     Lewis Wynne and Catherine Hamilton, Brig-Gen James Wynne, Catherine Wynne, Gen Owen Wynne (II), Lucy Wynne and John Wynne were beneficiaries in Col Owen Wynne (I)'s will dated 3 June 1670 in Lurganboy, Leitrim.
     Lewis Wynne married Rebecca Bingham, daughter of John Bingham.
     Of Ballyvighan co. Mayo; attainted 1689.
     Guthrie-Jones writes: Lewis, like his eldest brother, married a daughter of John Bingham. Like his brothers James and Owen he was attainted by James II's Dublin Parliament. The nature of his support for King William may be judged from a petition or memorial addressed to the Lords Justices of Ireland by his son Owen (who became Owen III of Hazelwood) when the latter was seeking a command in the army. The petition is undated, but it is written after the accession of George 1 in 1714. It reads as follows: "That his father (viz Lewis Wynne) appeared very early in the service of his late Majesty King William of Glorious Memory having left his family and concerns in this Kingdom and joined His Majesty at Salisbury, who was pleased to honour him with a commission as captain, and died in the service at Dundalk Camp. That the greatest part of his father's fortune being in stock, th Irish immediately on his going to serve His Majesty seized all his effects to a very considerable value. That as soon as your memorialist was capable of serving the Crown he went into the servict in 1706 and bought a company in April 1708 and served several years in Flanders. That being informed there are several regiments to be raised for His Majesty's service in this Kingdom he is desirous at this juncture to serve His Majesty in the army and therefore humbly entreats your Excellencies' favour for such a command therein as may enable him to show his zeal for His Majesty's service'.
     The Lords Justices to whom the petition was addressed were persons appointed by the Crown to head the government of Ireland in the absence of the Lord Lieutenant or in circumstances where the King was reluctant to appoint any one man with the full powers of Viceroy. The stock in which Lewis' fortune lay was, of course, livestock. The camp at Dundalk was a graveyard for many Williamite soldiers. it was the main Williamite camp set up by William's commander, the Duke of Schomberg, after the latter had landed with troops from England at Belfast Lough in August, 1689. Schomberg proved excessively cautious and no general advance against the Jacobites was made until William's arrival in June of the following year. Meanwhile during the winter of 1689/90 at Dundalk the weather was bad, and the Jacobites had devastated the surrounding land. The troops suffered from fever and dysentery, made worse by a shortage of physicians and medicines. Some 2,000 died in that camp; even more died after being evacuated to a hospital at Belfast; and nearly 1,000 died while being transported back to England. Lewis Wynne was among these casualties.
     He was of Castlebar, co. Mayo.
     Lewis Wynne made a will dated 3 February 1744.
     Lewis died in service at Dundalk camp circa 1748 in Ballyvighan, Mayo, Ireland. Guthrie Jones quotes a letter from his son stating that he died at Dundalk Camp between 1710 & 1714.
     His will was proved on 8 March 1748/49.

Children of Lewis Wynne and Rebecca Bingham

Captain Owen Wynne III?

(1687 - 1755)
     Captain Owen Wynne III? was born in 1687 in Foxford, Toomore, Mayo, Ireland. He was the son of Lewis Wynne and Rebecca Bingham.
     Owen matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, on 3 February 1703/4. He was a pensioner (Mr Dennis, Enniskillen), Feb 3 1703/4, aged 17; son of Lewis, generosus; b. Foxford, co. Mayo. LL.D. (Speicali gratia) Vern 1718 [M.P. co. Sligo].
     Captain Owen Wynne III? served in the military as Ensign from 25 Mar 1705 between 1705 and 1713. He was described as son of Lewis Wynne, younger brother to Brig. General Owen Wynne. He was placed on the half pay as Lt. in 1713.
     Captain Owen Wynne III? married Catherine ffolliott, daughter of Col John ffolliott and Lucy Wynne. She was his first cousin Catherine, daughter of Col. John ffoliott.
Captain Owen Wynne III? was trustee to a marriage settlement between Major John Dunbar and Anne Killigrew dated 20 May 1718. Extract from the pre-niptial marriage settlement of Major John Dunbar and Ann Killigrew, dated May 20, 1718. ... and whereas the said Anne Killigrew is also seized in fee to her and her heirs of & in several lands and tenements herinafter mentioned to be lying & situate in the said county of Cornwall, and whereas the said John Dunbar is likewise seized in fee of the manor, town & lands of Kilcoe, situate, lying and being in the county of Fermanagh , Upper and Lower Ballicarey in Catherloch [Ballycarney, Carlow]; Prisloe in Budock. The trustees to said settlement were, Sir William Twysden, Martin Killigrew, Owen Wynne and Walter Weldon. Witnesses, Francis Errisey, John Hamilton, Thomas Wilson.
     Owen was appointed High Sheriff of co Sligo in 1723 & 1745, and co. Leitrim in 1724.
          He succeeded his uncle Lt Gen. Owen Wynne, MP, Commander in Chief in Ireland, at Hazlewood c. 1737.
     Captain Owen Wynne III? made a will dated 23 May 1755.
     Owen died in 1755.
     His will was proved on 8 July 1756 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland.

Children of Captain Owen Wynne III? and Catherine ffolliott