Penuel Gordon

     Penuel Gordon was born in Banffshire, Scotland.
     Penuel Gordon married John MacPherson, son of John MacPherson and Margaret or Mary Stewart, on 26 May 1785 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. John McPherson in Camdel & Pen Gordon. They also married in the Tomintoul Roman Catholic chapel: 1785 June 26 - John McPherson in Cromdalmore and Pinny Gordon in Inchnacape were married. Witnesses John Davidson & Alexr Davidson.

Children of Penuel Gordon and John MacPherson

Robert Gordon (4th Bart of Gordonstoun)

(1696 - 1772)
     Robert Gordon (4th Bart of Gordonstoun) was born in 1696. He was the son of Sir Robert Gordon 3rd Bart of Gordonstoun and Elizabeth Dunbar.
     Robert died in 1772.

Sir Robert Gordon 3rd Bart of Gordonstoun

(7 March 1647 - 5 September 1704)
     Sir Robert Gordon 3rd Bart of Gordonstoun was born on 7 March 1647. He was the son of Sir Lodovick Gordon by Elizabeth Farquhar.
     Sir Robert Gordon 3rd Bart of Gordonstoun married secondly Elizabeth Dunbar between 1678 and 1696. His first wife died in April 1677. By his second marriage they had 3 sons and 4 daughters: William died 18 March 1701, Margaret died 26 Mar 1703 aged 10; Katharin died 18 March 1703 aged 3, Elizabeth died 8 Dec 1705.
     Robert died on 5 September 1704 in Moray, aged 57. His memorial inscription within the Michael Kirk at Gordonstoun, states he died 5 September 1704 aged 57.

Children of Sir Robert Gordon 3rd Bart of Gordonstoun and Elizabeth Dunbar

Rosemary Beatrice Gordon

(1916 - 18 January 1973)
     Rosemary Beatrice Gordon was commonly known as Beatrice. She was born in 1916. She was the daughter of James Gordon and Gladys Noel Bowker.
     Rosemary Beatrice Gordon married Francis Leonard Bligh on 1 March 1941. He married secondly Jane Warry, widow of Richard John Warry..
     Rosemary died on 18 January 1973.

Child of Rosemary Beatrice Gordon and Francis Leonard Bligh

Susan Gordon (Manchester) Duchess

     Susan Gordon (Manchester) Duchess was the daughter of Alexander Gordon 4th Duke of Gordon.

Thomas Gordon

     Thomas Gordon lived at Fodderletter, Kirkmichael, Banffshire. He was born in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland.
     Thomas Gordon married Isabel MacPherson, daughter of unlinked early MacPherson, in Banffshire, Scotland. Thomas was present at William Gordon's christening on 20 April 1735 in Kirkmichael, BAN, SCT.

Children of Thomas Gordon and Isabel MacPherson

Thomas Gordon

     Thomas Gordon was the son of Sir Adam Gordon and Annabella Unknown (Gordon).

Unknown Gordon

     There is much confusion between different sources - further checking required to establish this line of descent.

Children of Unknown Gordon

William Gordon

(20 April 1735 - )
     William Gordon was christened on 20 April 1735 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. He was the son of Thomas Gordon and Isabel MacPherson.

William Gordon

     William was ancestor of the Gordons of Lochinvar, and Viscounts Kenmure.. William Gordon was the son of Sir Adam Gordon and Annabella Unknown (Gordon).

William Gordon

(before 1450 - )
     William Gordon was born before 1450 in Scotland. He was the son of Alexander Seton Lord Gordon, Earl of Huntly and Elizabeth Crichton.

William Gordon

( - 9 September 1513)
     William Gordon was born in Scotland. He was the son of George Gordon 2nd Earl Huntly and Elizabeth Hay.
     William died on 9 September 1513.

William Gordon Bishop

     William was Bishop of Aberdeen at Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He was born in Scotland. He was the son of Lord John Gordon and Margaret Stewart.

Cecil James Gordon-Moore

(1806 - 1878)
     Cecil James Gordon-Moore was born in 1806. He was the son of George Gordon 5th Earl of Aboyne.
     Cecil died in 1878.

Mary Gore

(before 1745 - 31 October 1818)
     Mary Gore was born before 1745. She was the daughter and co-heir of Paul Annesley Gore, MP, of Belleek, brother of the 1st Earl of Arran..
     Mary Gore married Francis Knox on 25 March 1761 in Ireland. Rhey had 6 sons and 6 daughters, tow of whom arried into the Handy family.
     Mary died on 31 October 1818.

Children of Mary Gore and Francis Knox

Sir William Gore

     He was of Manor Gore, co. Donegal..
     Sir William Gore married Hannah Hamilton, daughter of James Hamilton and Catherine Hamilton. The had issue..

Bruce F Gorely

(circa 1902 - )
     Bruce died in Canada. He was born circa 1902 in Canada.
     Bruce F Gorely married Margaret Katharine Lewall, daughter of James Farnham Lewall and Katharine Margaret Dempster, before 1936 in Canada.
     Bruce F Gorely travelled to Southampton, Hampshire, England, in May 1936 per the "Empress of Britain". He was a 34 year old purser.
     Bruce F Gorely and Margaret Katharine Lewall travelled to Liverpool, Lancashire, England, in August 1939 per the "Duchess of York". He was a 37 year old purser and she was a 24 year old housewife.

John Goring

     John Goring married Martha Ruby, daughter of John Ruby and Margaret Gale.

Bridget Gorman (Handy)

(before 1845 - )
     Supposed to be the wife of James, son of Andrew the weaver.. Bridget Gorman (Handy) was born before 1845.

Benjamin Gorrill

(circa 1826 - June 1914)
     Benjamin Gorrill was born circa 1826 in Sheffield, Yorkshire.
     The marriage of Benjamin Gorrill and Ellen Turner, daughter of John Fawlston Turner and Mary Rich, was registered in Sheffield RD, Yorkshire, in the December 1845 quarter. Geoffrey Oxley supplied the descendants of this couple.
     Benjamin Gorrill and Ellen Turner were recorded on the 1851 census in Birmingham, St George, Warwickshire. Benjamin Gorrill 25, s... piercer, born Sheffield; his wife Ellen Gorrill 26, born Laughton en le Morthen, children Mary Gorrill 4, John Gorrill 2, both born Sheffield, Robert Gorrill 9 months born Birmingham.
     Benjamin Gorrill and Ellen Turner appeared on the 1891 census in 6 Chesterfield Rd, Norton, Derbyshire. Benjamin Gorrill 65, silversmith, born Sheffield; his wife Ellen Gorrill 67, born Laughton en le Morthen, daughters Hannah Gorrill 39,born Birmingham; grand daughter Edith E Gorrill 12, born Sheffield.
     Benjamin's death was registered in the quarter ending in June 1914 in Ecclesall Bierlow RD, Yorkshire.

Elizabeth Goshawk

(before 1805 - before 1825)
     Elizabeth Goshawk was born before 1805.
     Elizabeth Goshawk married Edward Cocksedge, son of Michael Cocksedge and Susan Holland, on 23 November 1821 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk.
     Elizabeth died before 1825.

Child of Elizabeth Goshawk and Edward Cocksedge

Mary Gosling

     Mary Gosling married Jonathan Squirrell on 16 October 1832 in Hitcham, Suffolk.

Children of Mary Gosling and Jonathan Squirrell

Sarah Maria Gosling

(circa 1853 - 1939)
     Sarah Maria Gosling married William Scarff, son of John Scarff and Elizabeth Grimwood. Sarah Maria Gosling was born circa 1853 in Combs, Suffolk.
     Sarah died in 1939 in Combs, Suffolk.

Children of Sarah Maria Gosling and William Scarff

Thomas Goslyn

( - 5 April 1733)
     Thomas Goslyn was born in England.
     Thomas Goslyn married Ann St Aubyn, daughter of Sir John St Aubyn (Bart) and Anne Jenkin, in 1689.
     Thomas died on 5 April 1733 in Soho, Westminster, Middlesex, England.

Frederick Roach Goss

(14 March 1863 - )
     Frederick Roach Goss was born on 14 March 1863 in Burrington, Devon. He was the son of Philip Goss..
     Frederick Roach Goss married Jessie Ross, daughter of George Mantoch Ross and Mary Anne Creats, on 14 September 1891 in Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales. He or she? resided at 13 Woodville St, Cathays, Cardiff at the time of their marriage. He was a commercial traveller..

Richard Gotbald

(say 1635 - )
     Richard Gotbald was born say 1635.
     Richard Gotbald married Dorothy Cocksedge, daughter of George Cocksedge and Mary Unknown, on 20 December 1660 in Buxhall, Suffolk.

Jane Gott

(circa 1742 - 17 December 1804)
     Jane Gott was born circa 1742.
     Jane Gott married Charles Steer, son of Rev Charles Steer and Mary Bacon, on 4 June 1772 in St Peter, Birstall, Yorkshire.
     Jane was buried on 17 December 1804 in Birstall, Yorkshire. Jane, wife of Charles Steer, esquire, of Batley, aged 62.

Mary Gough

(circa 1837 - 1911)
     Mary Gough was born circa 1837.
     Mary Gough married Robert Rubie, son of George Rubie and Mary Jane Moon, in 1863 in Victoria, Australia.
     Mary died in 1911 in Carlton North, Victoria.

Children of Mary Gough and Robert Rubie

Abigail Gould

(circa 1755 - before 29 September 1830)
     Abigail Gould was born circa 1755.
     Abigail Gould married William Cocksedge, son of Henry Cocksedge and Elizabeth Nicholls, on 10 August 1779 in Felsham, Suffolk.
     Abigail died before 29 September 1830 in Bradfield St Clare, Suffolk. She was buried on 29 September 1830 in Bradfield St Clare.

Children of Abigail Gould and William Cocksedge

Charles William Gould

(circa 1881 - )
     Charles William Gould was born circa 1881.
     Charles William Gould married Isabella Allison MacGregor, daughter of Lachlan Henry Kenrick MacGregor and Isabella Smith, in 1911.