Emma Ashton or Sloan (Wyborn)

(17 May 1834 - 18 July 1923)
     Emma Ashton or Sloan (Wyborn) was also known as Sloan in records. She was born illegitimate on 17 May 1834 in Hexham, New South Wales. Her father is listed as Dr David Sloan. Family stories state that Sloan paid Daniel Murrell, a convict who had obtained a ticket of leave to marry her mother, Mary Ann Ashton. They married and produced a large family in the Kurri district. She was the daughter of David Sloan and Mary Ann Ashton. Emma Ashton or Sloan (Wyborn) was christened on 15 September 1834 in Maitland.
     Emma Ashton or Sloan (Wyborn) married Edward Wyborn in 1853 in Hexham or Newcastle, New South Wales. They had James W 1857, Mary A 1858, Augusta 1861, Edward 1863, Frederick D 1866, Benjamin 1869, Eber D 1871, William Albert 1874 in the Maitland district.
     Emma died on 18 July 1923 in Kurri Kurri district, New South Wales, aged 89. She was buried in Uniting church cemetery, Brunkerville.