Euphemia Graham

( - before 1 November 1468)
     Euphemia Graham was born in Scotland. Eldest daughter of Sir Patrick Graham & Eupheme, countess of Strathearn in her own right and widow of the 5th Earl of Douglas. She was the daughter of Patrick Graham Earl of Strathearn and Euphemia, Countess of Strathearn.
     Euphemia Graham married Archibald Douglas 5th Earl, son of Archibald Douglas 4th Earl.
     Euphemia Graham married Sir James Hamilton (1st Lord), son of Sir James Hamilton and Janet Livingston, circa February 1440/41.
     Euphemia died before 1 November 1468.

Child of Euphemia Graham and Archibald Douglas 5th Earl

Children of Euphemia Graham and Sir James Hamilton (1st Lord)

Grace Graham

(circa 1831 - 30 September 1915)
     Grace Graham was born circa 1831 in Ross & Cromarty, Scotland.
     Grace Graham married George Allan Cocksedge, son of Lt George Edward Cocksedge and Sarah Allen, in 1897 in Victoria, Australia.
     Grace died on 30 September 1915 in Bairnsdale, Victoria.
     Her will was proved on 11 February 1916 at Victoria.

Isabel Graham

     Isabel Graham was born in Scotland. She was supposedly the sister of Sir John Graham of Abercorn but more likely a daughter of Sir David Graham of Montrose..
     Isabel Graham married Walter Stewart as his second wife, after 1316 in Scotland. They had 2 sons John & Andrew and a daughter Egidia who married Sir James Lindsay, 2) Sir Hugh Eglinton of that ilk 3) Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith..

Child of Isabel Graham and Walter Stewart

James Graham

     James Graham married Phyllis Melva Coxedge, daughter of Frederick Ernest Cocksedge and Ada May Parrott, on 12 October 1939 in Queensland.

James Robert Graham

(before 1909 - )
     James Robert Graham was born before 1909.
     James Robert Graham married Florence Eileen Dunbar, daughter of John Henry Dunbar and Florence Beatrice Buckenham, on 5 May 1934 in St Stephen's church, Willoughby, New South Wales, Australia. They divorced. James was granted a divorce from Florence Eileen Dunbar in 1952.

Janet Graham

(say 1500 - after 1542)
     Janet Graham was born say 1500.
     Janet Graham married James Dunbar, son of Patrick Dunbar, before 1541.
     Janet died after 1542.

Janet Graham

     Janet Graham married Alexander Dunbar on 24 November 1642 in Edinburgh, Midlothian.

Katherine Graham

(before 1580 - )
     Robert Little wrote: My wife is descended f rom the family of 'Noble of Glassdrummond' who lived at Glassdrumman just outside Lisnaskea in Fermanagh. The Nobles descend from a Richard Noble of Dublin 1555-1609 . The family was armigerous and made use of the heraldry on their graves which makes tracing them much simpler and it is through the heraldry that I suspect the Dunbar link.
The Nobles and the Dunbars almost certainly knew each other by virtue of both being related to the Grahams, and by by both having links to Lisnaskea. Ann Noble, daughter of Richard Noble of Dublin 1555 - 1609, married George Greame, son of Sir George Greame and cousin of Katherine Greame who married Sir John Dunbar. Katharine's brother William Greame settled with his family at Lisnamallard near Lisnaskea and there are Grahams buried with the Nobles in Lisnaskea's 'Aghalurcher old graveyard'. Thomas Dunbar, son of Sir John Dunbar and Katherine Greame and brother of Jane Dunbar, was Headmaster of the Royal School and appears to have been so at the time it moved from Lisnaskea to Enniskillen.
In 'Aghalurcher old graveyard', Lisnaskea, is a grave of early date with illegible text, but bearing a marital coat of arms. The husband's arms are clearly that of Noble and link to Richard Noble of Dublin 1555 - 1609 and are almost certainly belonging to his son. As I have located the grave of Mark Noble 1615 - 1701, I believe this may well be the grave of Quintin Noble referred to above, or his wife, or both of them. The wife's arms are a 'lion rampant'. After researching all the armigerous families in the area who would be likely to be using a 'lion rampant' the most likely candidate (if not the only candidate!) for being the wife, both by heraldry and by date, is Jane Dunbar, the daughter of Sir John Dunbar.
. Katherine Graham was born before 1580. She was the daughter of Sir Richard Graham or Greame and Elizabeth Hetherington.
     Katherine Graham married Sir John Dunbar, son of George Dunbar and Janet Thomson, circa 1592.
     Katherine was buried in Derrygonelly, Inishmacsaint, Fermanagh, Ireland. Her arms on are on the monumental inscription.
     Katherine Graham and William Graham or Greame and Thomas Graham or Greame were beneficiaries in Sir Richard Graham or Greame's will dated 24 October 1623.

Children of Katherine Graham and Sir John Dunbar

Margaret Graham Countess of Menteith

(__ ___ 1348 or 1339 - 1380)
     Margaret Graham Countess of Menteith was born __ ___ 1348 or 1339. Her parents married before 1334. She was the daughter of Alan Graham Earl of Menteith.
     Margaret Graham Countess of Menteith married Robert Stewart Duke of Albany, son of Robert, II Stewart, King of Scotland and Elizabeth Mure, after 9 September 1361. They had a Papal dispensation for the marriage on 9 Sep 1361, he was her fourth husband.
     Margaret died in 1380. She died between 20 July 1372 and 4 May 1380.

Margaret Graham Countess of Ross

     Margaret Graham Countess of Ross was the daughter of Sir David Graham.

Children of Margaret Graham Countess of Ross and Hugh, Earl of Ross,

Patrick Graham Earl of Strathearn

     Patrick Graham Earl of Strathearn married Euphemia, Countess of Strathearn,.

Child of Patrick Graham Earl of Strathearn and Euphemia, Countess of Strathearn,

Ronald James Graham

(1923 - 1991?)
     Ronald James Graham was born in 1923 in Koondrook, Victoria.
     Ronald James Graham married Joan Hepburn, daughter of Alfred Samuel Hepburn and Gladys Mary Fox, on 22 June 1946 in Holy Trinity Church of England, Yarram, Victoria.
     Ronald died in 1991? In Victoria.

Sibyl Marcia Graham

( - 1887)
     Sibyl Marcia Graham was born in Netherby, Longtown, Cumberland. She was the daughter of Sir Frederick Ulric and Lady Hermione Graham of Netherby. She was grand-daughter of the Duke of Somerset.
     Sibyl Marcia Graham married Robert Offley Ashburton Milnes Marquis of Crewe, son of Richard Monckton Milnes Lord Houghton and Hon Annabel Hungerford Crewe, on 3 June 1880.
     Sibyl died in 1887.

Unknown Graham

     Unknown Graham married Malcolm Drummond.

Child of Unknown Graham and Malcolm Drummond

Winston Graham

Elwood John Grahame

(27 October 1928 - 15 April 1969)
     Elwood John Grahame was born on 27 October 1928.
     Elwood died on 15 April 1969 aged 40.

Mary Ann Granger

(before April 1836 - 1863)
     Mary Ann Granger was born before April 1836 in St John, Norfolk.
     The marriage of Mary Ann Granger and George Stancer, son of Thomas Stancer and Mary Unknown, was registered in Wisbech RD, Cambridgeshire, in the December 1856 quarter.
     Mary Ann Granger and George Stancer appeared on the 1861 census in Wisbech St Peter, Cambridgeshire. George Stancer, head, 31, corn? porter, born Blankney Few; his wife Mary Ann aged 25, born St John Norfolk?; children Mary Ann 3 and George H 2, both born at Wisbech St Peter with Hannah Granger, visitor, aged 20, born Norfolk. Mary Ann Granger was buried in 1863 in St Peter, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Mary Ann Stancer, aged 28.
     Mary died in 1863 in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

Children of Mary Ann Granger and George Stancer

Alice Grant

     Alice Grant married James Brander Dunbar-Brander, son of Sir Archibald Dunbar 6th Bart of Northfield and Mary Brander, on 22 December 1874.

Children of Alice Grant and James Brander Dunbar-Brander

Ann Grant

(25 December 1844 - )
     Ann Grant was born on 25 December 1844 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of Robert Grant and Ann MacPherson.

Ann Grant

(circa 1785 - )
     Ann Grant was born circa 1785 in Rehomick, Cromdale, Scotland.
     Ann Grant married Alexander MacPherson, son of unlinked early MacPherson, on 19 April 1808 in Cromdale, Inverness-shire, Scotland. Alexr McPherson - outpentioner from 73rd Regiment & Anne Grant, daughter of Jno Grant, Rehomick, married 19th April 1808..

Children of Ann Grant and Alexander MacPherson

Ann or Margeret Grant

(before 1788 - )
     Ann or Margeret Grant was also known as Anne McGrigor in records. Ann or Margeret Grant was also known as Ann MacGrigor in records. She was born before 1788.
     Ann or Margeret Grant married Paul MacPherson, son of John MacPherson and Margaret Forbes, on 16 April 1804 in Leith, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. An addition to the Tomintoul Roman Catholic church register states: 1805 June - Paul McPherson, Tomintoul and Anne McGrigor at Edinburgh. But the Tomintoul RC register after Feb 18 1806 states: Paul Mcpherson to Anne McGrigor at Edinb. However the St Mary Cathedral, Edinburgh's records show Paul MacPherson maried Anne Grant at Edinburgh on 16 April 1804: Paul Macpherson son of John Macpherson and Margaret Forbes of Stratha....? and Anne Grant, daughter of John Grant and Margt Gordon of the same country, proclamations being dispensed with by Bishop Cameron, were married at Leigh .
     In 1806, Anne Grant, wife of Paul McPherson in Tomintoul was received Catholic, Blairnamarrow. 1806 June 25 Anne McPherson was received.

Children of Ann or Margeret Grant and Paul MacPherson

Anne Grant

(before 1795 - between 1835 and 1848)
     Anne Grant was born before 1795 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland.
     Anne Grant married Alexander MacPherson, son of Paul MacPherson and Janet Riach, on 7 June 1817 in Kirkmichael, BAN, SCT. Alexander MacPherson, blacksmith, Blackhaughs & Ann Grant, Inverlochy were married June 7, 1817.
     Anne died between 1835 and 1848. However an Ann McPherson or Grant, aged 54, single, daughter of Robert Grant & Jane McPherson, was buried at Tomintoul in 1861.
     Anne Grant and Alexander MacPherson appeared on the 1841 census in Rothes, Moray. Alexander Macpherson 45, Annie Macpherson 45, Margaret Gordon 60 (6?).

Children of Anne Grant and Alexander MacPherson

Anne Grant

(24 July 1820 - )
     Anne Grant was christened on 24 July 1820 in Cults, Kirkmichael, Banffshire. She was the daughter of James Grant and Anne MacPherson.

Barbara Grant

     Barbara Grant was born. She was the daughter of John Grant of Grant, ancestor of the Earls of Seafield, by Lady Marjory Stewart, daughter of John, third Earl of Athol (Tocher 2000 merks and the half lands of Lochbroom, then the property of her father ["Chiefs of Grant"]).
     Barbara Grant married Colin MacKenzie, son of Kenneth MacKenzie and Elizabeth Stewart, in April 1572.

Charles Grant

(12 August 1832 - )
     Charles Grant was born on 12 August 1832 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. He was the son of Robert Grant and Ann MacPherson.

Charles Grant

(before 24 March 1810 - )
     Charles Grant was born before 24 March 1810 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. He was the son of Peter Grant and Margaret Grant (Grant).

Christina Ann Grant

(16 November 1862 - )
     Christina Ann Grant was born on 16 November 1862 in Drainie, Moray, Scotland. She was the daughter of James Grant and Janet Barr.

Clementina Grant

( - 1 June 1765)
     Clementina Grant married Sir William Dunbar 3rd Bart of Durn, son of Sir James Dunbar 2nd Bart of Durn and Margaret Baird, on 9 October 1737 in Fordyce, Banffshire. She was the youngest daughter of of Sir James Grant of Grant.
     Clementina died on 1 June 1765.

Child of Clementina Grant and Sir William Dunbar 3rd Bart of Durn

Colin Grant

(after April 1911 - )
     Colin Grant was born after April 1911. He was the son of Dr Cosmo Grant and Leonora Sheridan.

Cosmo Grant

(16 July 1840 - )
     Cosmo Grant was born on 16 July 1840 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. He was the son of Robert Grant and Ann MacPherson.