Unknown Greene

( - before 1652)
     Unknown Greene married Martha Rich, daughter of Edward Rich, before 1650.
     Unknown died before 1652.

Beatrice Greengrass

(say 1585 - )
     Beatrice Greengrass was born say 1585.
     Beatrice Greengrass married Thomas Bland, son of John Bland and Catherine Gardyner, on 7 May 1604 in Honington, Suffolk.

Children of Beatrice Greengrass and Thomas Bland

Joseph Greenhough

     The marriage of Joseph Greenhough and Martha Ann Popplewell, daughter of George Popplewell and Sarah Ann Whiteley, was registered in Barnsley RD, Yorkshire, in the March 1889 quarter.

John Percy Greenhouse

(1894 - 30 June 1972)
     John Percy Greenhouse was commonly known as Jack. He was born in 1894.
     John Percy Greenhouse married Katharine Margaret Dempster, daughter of William Arnold Dempster and Mary Chipman Rounsefell, in Saanich, British Columbia, Canada. Jack was a forest ranger on the coast of British Columbia for many years.
     John died on 30 June 1972 in Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Vaughan B Greenslade

(1947 - 2107)
     Vaughan B Greenslade married Linda Mae Mathieson, daughter of Jeffrey Mathieson and Marie Bloice Oickle. Vaughan B Greenslade was born in 1947.
     Vaughan died in 2107.

James Greenwell

(8 February 1909 - 24 August 1982)
     James Greenwell was born on 8 February 1909.
     James died on 24 August 1982 aged 73.

Annie Matilda Greenwood

     Annie Matilda Greenwood was also known as May in records.
     Annie Matilda Greenwood married Harry Alfred Dobson, son of John Dunbar Dobson and Jessie Stevens, in 1905.

Child of Annie Matilda Greenwood and Harry Alfred Dobson

Frances Mary Greer

(before February 1834 - 20 February 1880)
     Frances Mary Greer was born before February 1834 in Corbally, Down, Ireland. She is described as the 4th daughter.      
Frances Mary Greer paid the Griffith Valuation for property in Limerick St or Burgo in the 1850s in Roscrea, Offaly & Tipperary, Ireland.
     Frances Mary Greer married Nicholas Middleton Handy, son of Samuel Wesley Handy and Mary Farrington Middleton, on 28 February 1861 in St Mary's Church of Ireland, Dunsfort, Down, Ireland. Nicholas Middleton Handy, of full age, bachelor of Glencarn, co. Roscommon, son of Samuel Wesley Handy, Gent. to Frances Mary Greer, of full age, spinster of Corbally, daughter of James Greer, gent. by licence. Both signed in the presence of Samuel W Handy & James Silcock, clk? .
     Frances died on 20 February 1880 in Kingstown, Rathdown RD, Dublin. Frances Mary, wife of Nicholas M Handy, of Ballintubber House, co. Mayo. who died 20 February 1880 aged 46 years.. She was buried in Deansgrange cemetery, Blackrock, Dublin.

Children of Frances Mary Greer and Nicholas Middleton Handy

Esther Gregory

(before 1730? - )
     Esther Gregory was born before 1730?.
     Esther Gregory married Peter Stanser on 25 December 1750 in Gamston, Nottinghamshire.

Children of Esther Gregory and Peter Stanser

Poppy Millicent Gregory

(1900 - 1993)
     Poppy Millicent Gregory married Frank Price, son of Julius Price and Julia Frances Kennedy. Poppy Millicent Gregory was born in 1900.
     Poppy died in 1993.

Rachel Gregory

     Rachel Gregory married James Dempster on 17 September 1743 in London. James Dempster, brasier of St Clement Dean, widower & Rachel Gregory of St Stephen Coleman St.

Mary Gregs

(before 1699 - )
     Mary Gregs was born before 1699 in Suffolk, England.
     Mary Gregs married Samuel Cocksedge, son of Rev Francis Cocksedge MA and Jane Unknown, in 1715 in Bacton, Suffolk.

Children of Mary Gregs and Samuel Cocksedge

Edward Harold Greig

     Edward Harold Greig was commonly known as Harold.
     Edward Harold Greig married Jessie Amelia Forbes, daughter of George Alexander Forbes and Eliza Marshall, in 1918 in Victoria.

Alice Greneleaf

( - before 26 February 1598)
     Her will was proved. Alice Greneleaf was born in Suffolk.
     Alice Greneleaf married Henry Bland in 1567 in St Lawrence, Ipswich, Suffolk.
     Alice died before 26 February 1598 in Walton, Suffolk. She was buried on 26 February 1598 in St Mary, Walton.

Child of Alice Greneleaf and Henry Bland

Sir George Grenville

     Sir George Grenville was born in Penheale, Cornwall?, England. See Vivian's Visitation of Cornwall p. 194..
     Sir George Grenville married Maria Killigrew, daughter of John Killigrew and Dorothy Monk.

Child of Sir George Grenville and Maria Killigrew

Henry Grenville

(11 September 1717 - 1784)
     Henry Grenville was born on 11 September 1717 in Wootton, Buckinghamshire. He was the fourth son of Richard Grenville & Hester Countess Temple and uncle to the Marquess of Buckingham.
     Henry Grenville married Eleanor Margaret Banks, daughter of Joseph Banks and Ann Hodgkinson, in 1757 or 1747?. They had issue.
     Henry died in 1784.
     Wikipedia states: Henry Grenville (11 September 1717 – 22 April 1784)[1] was a British diplomat and politician. Grenville was the son of Richard Grenville born into a family of politicians, one of his elder brothers was Earl Temple, another a government minister, another was Lord of Trade and Cofferer of the Household, while another brother George Grenville rose to become Chancellor of the Exchequer of William Pitt and then Prime Minister himself 1763–1765. He was also MP for Bishop's Castle from 1759 to 1761.[1] In the 1768 general election Henry Grenville was elected to parliament for the constituency of Buckingham on George Grenville's slate. Henry Grenville was Governor of Barbados from 1746. He was appointed British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire in Constantinople on 1 May 1761, but did not arrive until 21 February 1762. He was recalled only three years later on 31 May 1765, during the reign of Sultan Mustafa III. He left Turkey to return to England on 13 October 1765 to become Commissioner of Customs before retiring to Bath, where he died in 1784.

Child of Henry Grenville and Eleanor Margaret Banks

Jane Grenville

( - 1552)
     Jane Grenville was born. She was the eldest daughter of Thomas Thomas Grenvile and also known as Joan. She was the daughter of Sir Thomas Grenville.
     Jane Grenville married Sir John Arundell, son of Sir John Arundell and Anne Moyle.
     Jane died in 1552. She had married secondly Sir John Chamond, but she survived him also.

Child of Jane Grenville and Sir John Arundell

John Grenville

(1524 - 1580)
     John Grenville was born in 1524. He was the son of Roger Grenville.
     John died in 1580 in Kilkhampton, Cornwall.

Rev John Grenville

( - 1508)
     Rev John Grenville was the son of Sir Thomas Grenville.
     John died in 1508 in Bideford, Cornwall.

Katherine Grenville

(circa 1490 - )
     Katherine Grenville lived at Lanherne. She was born circa 1490. She was the daughter of Sir Thomas Grenville.
     Katherine Grenville married John Arundell, son of Thomas Arundell, before 1513.

Louisa Grenville

(1758 - 1829)
     Louisa Grenville was born in 1758. She was the only child.. She was the daughter of Henry Grenville and Eleanor Margaret Banks.
     Louisa Grenville married Charles Stanhope 3rd Earl after 1780. She was his second wife. Countess Stanhope. His first wife (Hester Pitt) was cousin to his second wife.
     Louisa died in 1829.

Mary Grenville

     Mary Grenville was born in Stow(e), England. She was the daughter of Sir Thomas Grenville.
     Mary Grenville married Richard Blewett.
     Mary Grenville married Thomas St Aubyn, son of Thomas St Aubyn and Maud or Matilda Trenowith.

Mary Grenville

(circa 1610 - )
     Mary Grenville was born circa 1610 in Cornwall, England. She was aged 10 at the1620 Visitation.. She was the daughter of Sir George Grenville and Maria Killigrew.

Sir Richard Grenville

(May 1542 or June 1542 - 1591)
     Sir Richard Grenville was born in May 1542 or June 1542. He was the son of Roger Grenville and Thomasine Cole. Richard was supervisor in the will of Sir Richard Grenville dated 1580.
     Richard died in 1591 in Azores, Portugal. He was mortally wounded off Flores in the Azores in the last fight of the Revenge.

Richard Grenville Marshall of Calais

( - 15 March 1550)
     Richard Grenville Marshall of Calais was the son of Roger Grenville.
     Richard died on 15 March 1550. He was buried on 24 March 1550 in Kilkhampton, Cornwall.

Child of Richard Grenville Marshall of Calais

Roger Grenville

(before 1524 - 1545)
     Roger Grenville was born before 1524. He was the son of Richard Grenville Marshall of Calais.
     Roger Grenville married Thomasine Cole circa 1539. She subsequently married Thomas Arundell of Clifton, Devon and her son's wardship was granted to Nicholas Wadham, who relinquished it on 21 Nov 1550 to Sir Hugh paulet. See Oxfrod DNB for further information.
     Roger died by drowning in the Mary Rose in 1545 in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Rowse also appears to state that he died in 1523.

Child of Roger Grenville and Thomasine Cole

Roger Grenville

(circa 1476 - 1523)
     Roger Grenville was born circa 1476 in Stowe, Kilkhampton, Cornwall. He was the son of Sir Thomas Grenville.
     Roger died in 1523. He was aged 46 at his death..

Children of Roger Grenville

Sir Thomas Grenville

( - 18 March 1513)
     Sir Thomas Grenville lived at Stow(e), England.
     He married firstly Isabella, daughter of Otho Gilbert, esq., of Compton. Sir Thomas Grenville had a large number of children. See Rowse 1963 for further details. He was born in Cornwall.
     Thomas died on 18 March 1513 in Cornwall.

Children of Sir Thomas Grenville

John Gresham

(1625 - )
     John Gresham was born in 1625 in Rossington, Yorkshire, England. He was the son of Hugh Gressam and Dorothy Popplewell.

John Gresley

     John Gresley married Elizabeth Clarell, daughter of Thomas Clarell Esquire and Maud Montgomery.