Catherine MacAuliffe

(circa 1805 - 15 October 1864?)
     Catherine MacAuliffe was also known as Kate in records. She was born circa 1805 in Cork, Ireland.
     Catherine MacAuliffe married Edward Colbert before 1827 in Cork. Edw/d Edmd Colebert Cate Mcauliffe, Charles Colebert, Ma.. Colbert? Child rather than a marriage.
     Catherine died on 15 October 1864? In Fermoy, Cork, Ireland. A Catherine Colbert died at the Workhouse Hospital, Fermoy, a widow aged 50 of typhoid fever, labourer. She may be the mother of Edward.
Another Catherine Colbert died 23 May 1866, at Dunmoon, Lismore Union, RD Tallow, Waterford, female, widow, 60 years, wife of a farmer, Dunmoon, no medical attention, Informant James (x) Colbert, occupier Dunmoon, 28 May 1866.
Also in the Lismore RF, Lismore Union Waterford: vol.4 #207: 7 March 1865, at Lismore Workhouse, Catherine Colbert, female, widow, 90, no occupation, died of old age, Informant Sarah Murray, Master of the Workhouse, Lismore.And Vol.14 p.413 #500, Fermoy RD, Fermoy Union, Cork: 3rd Sept 1867, Rathealy Rd, Fermoy, Catherine Colbert, female, married, 28, wife of a labourer, died of fever - 8 days, certified. Informant: William (x) Colbert, present at death, Rathealy Rd.
     Catherine may have died on 7 March 1865 in the workhouse, Lismore, Waterford. Catherine Colbert, aged 90, widow.
Registrar: Mangan James.
Register: LISMORE DTH BK1.
Union: Lismore.
Cause of death: Old age.
Informant: Murray Samuel Master..
     Catherine may have died on 23 May 1866 in Dunmoon, Tallow, Waterford. Catherine Colbert, widow, 60, wife of farmer.      
Registrar: Hanan William.
Register: TALLOW DTH BK 1.
Union: Lismore.
Cause of death: No medical attendant.
Informant: Colbert James His Mark Occupier..
     Catherine may have died Catherine Colbert, aged 60. in 1869 in Youghal RD, Cork.
     Catherine may have died on 31 March 1873 in Tallow, Waterford. [Catherine Colbart, aged 79, married, wife of a farmerr.
Registrar: William Hannan.
Register: TALLOW DTH BK2.
Union: Lismore.
Cause of death: Diarrhoea 8 days uncert no medical attendant .
Informant: Colbart C Her Mark Pres/Dth..
     Catherine may have died on 27 December 1878 in Square, Portlaw, Waterford. Catherine Colbert, aged 64, widow, labourer.     
Registrar: Martin James.
Register: PORTLAW DTH BK4.
Union: Carrick on suir.
Cause of death: Bronchitis a week certified .
Informant: Power John His Mark Occupier..
     Catherine may have died on 14 June 1881 in Canty, Whitechurch, Waterford. Catherine Colbert, aged 90, widow of a labourer.     
Registrar: Hartland J.F..
Union: Dungarvan.
Cause of death: Senile decay many years uncert no med att .
Informant: Colbert Her Mark Present In Illness..
     Catherine may have died Kate Colbert, aged 61. in 1883 in Youghal RD Cork.
     Catherine may have died on 18 September 1883 in Clonkerdine, Whitechurch, Waterford. Catherine Colbert, aged 32, Registrar: Hartland J.F.
Union: Dungarvan.
Cause of death: Post parteen homarrhage 5 hrs uncertified no med .
Informant: Colbert Thomas Husband Present.married, wife of a smith.
     Catherine may have died on 11 January 1885 in Monavarnogue Cork, Templemichael, Waterford. [Catherine Colbert, aged 75, widow, labourer.
Registrar: Rogers R.H..
Register: TMICHAEL DTH 2.
Union: Youghal.
Cause of death: Old age 4 days uncertified no medical attd .
Informant: Colbert Thos His Mark Present At Death Son..
     Catherine may have died Catherine Colbert from Kilworth, widow of labourer, aged 76 on 26 July 1885 in the Workhouse, Fermoy, Cork.

Children of Catherine MacAuliffe and Edward Colbert

Charles Hagan

(circa 1810 - before 1878)
     Charles Hagan was born circa 1810 in Ireland. He was the son of Patriarch Hagan.
     Charles Hagan married Ellen Meenagh before 1835. Charles Hagan was christened on 2 November 1836? In Dungannon, Tyrone. Charles, son of John Hagan & Eliza McShane, witness John ? & Mary McShane.
     Charles Hagan lived at Inish in Sultan townland, Termonmaguirk, Tyrone, Ireland, from 1837.
     The Catholics had three chapels, Creggan, Loughmacrory and Rocktown. There were separate burial places for women and children at Termon much used by the RCs. Carrickmore is known as the Rock or Termon Rock to the locals. Inish/Sultan townland is in the DED of Creggan.
Gary O'Hagan descends from a Charles O'Hagan, mason and his wife Jane Millar, of Derryloran, co. Tyrone. Their son Michael who emigrated to Vic was born 1 April 1845 and baptised the same day at Tullywiggan. He had sisters Eleanor Jane born 31 Jan 1840 at Gortalowry, Cookstown and Elizabeth born 22 April 1845 at Cookstown. Charles is listed in the Griffith Valuation at Gortalowry, parish of Derryloran.
     Charles died He may be the Charles Hagan aged 80 who died 25 Oct 1890 at Feegarron, Cookstown district, married farmer but the 1878 letter suggests her parents are dead. He could be the Charles Hagan who died 28 Dec 1871 aged 55 of Drumenny, Coagh, married, a weaver. The informant was Henry Hagan of Drumenny (who died in 1887 and the informant was his niece Eliza Devlin). He is more likely to be the Charles Hagan aged 60 who died at Cookstown RD in 1869 - certificate not yet available online before 1878 in Cookstown RD, Tyrone.

Children of Charles Hagan and Ellen Meenagh

Ellen Meenagh

(circa 1815 - 31 March 1868?)
     Ellen Meenagh was also known as Minagh in records. The name is found mostly in co. Tyrone. She was born circa 1815 in Ireland. The name Meenagh is common in Termonmaguirk in the 1901 census and there is an Annie in Sultan townland. In the Griffith Valuation of Ireland the name is recorded as Minagh. Meenaghs are to be found in the parishes of Arboe, Ematris, Clonfeacle, Drumglass, Tullylish, Bovevah, Carrickfergus, Derryloran, Holywood and possibly Aghagallon (Meenaght). There are Meenans in Termonmaguirk.
Itr is also spelled Minagh & Managh.
     Ellen Meenagh married Charles Hagan, son of Patriarch Hagan, before 1835.
     Ellen died on 31 March 1868?. In Killycanavan, Coagh, Cookstown Union, Registration district of Coagh, Tyrone: an Ellen Hagan died 31 March 1868, aged 88, married, housewife, of senile decay. The informant was Jane Hagan of same. This person seems too old to be Ellen's mother.

Children of Ellen Meenagh and Charles Hagan