Jane Emslie

(3 April 1825 - 26 July 1875)
     Jane Emslie was also known as Jean in records. She was christened on 3 April 1825 in St Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. John Emslie, coppersmith & his spouse Jane Stephen had a daughter born named Jane baptised by the Rev Dr Kidd in presence of George Stephen & William Emslie. She was the daughter of John Emslie and Jane Stephen.
     Jane Emslie appeared on the 1841 census in the household of John Emslie and Jane Stephen in Huntly St, Gilcomston, Old Machar.
     Jane Emslie married Paul MacPherson, son of Alexander MacPherson and Anne Grant, on 12 September 1844 in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire. Paul McPherson, merchant in Aberdeen & Jane Emslie, daughter of John Emslie, coppersmith in Aberdeen by the Rev. John Stephen, minister in Aberdeen, in the presence of the said John Emslie and Peter McPherson, hatter in Aberdeen.
     Jane Emslie and Paul MacPherson arrived per "Waverley" on 20 December 1848 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, from Plymouth 3rd September 1848, carrying assisted passengers. Paul McPherson, 30, farm labourer, of Blackhause, Banffshire; son of Alexander & Anne; wife Jane McPherson, 22, dressmaker, born Aberdeen, daughter of John & Jane Hemsley, living in Aberdeen; Margaret (sister) 13, born Blackhause, no parents given; Jane 3 & Margaret 1 1/2 both born Aberdeen. Jane Emslie and Samuel Emslie, Peter Emslie, Elizabeth Ann Emslie, John Emslie and Elizabeth Binnie (Watson) were beneficiaries in John Emslie's will proved 1 December 1874 in Aberdeen.
     Jane died of cirrhosis of the liver on 26 July 1875 in Newmarket, Carisbrook, Victoria, aged 50. She was buried on 28 July 1875 in Carisbrook.

Children of Jane Emslie and Paul MacPherson

Edward Colbert

(between 1835 and 1840 - 25 April 1899)
Edward Colbert
     Edward Colbert was also known as Edward John Colbert in records. He was listed as Edward Jno on his son Edward Michael's death certificate, which also incorrectly gave his mother's name as Ellen O'Hagan. He was christened on 11 November 1828 in Youghal, Cork. A child( whose name was not recorded) son of Edward Colebert & Catherine McAuliffe. Witnesses were Maurice? Colebert & Mary Colebert. This may be a sibling but the parents are correct.. He was born between 1835 and 1840 in Fermoy, Cork, Ireland. There is no record in the Fermoy district of a suitable birth, according to the Mallow Heritage Centre. He was born c.1837 if aged 62 at death in April 1899 and c.1835 if aged 22 on his arrival in Feb 1858 or embarkation; born about 1841 if aged 58 at death, c.1840 if aged 30 at his marriage in Nov 1870. At his eldest son's birth in Nov 1871 which was registered in Jan 1872 he was aged 32. There is no RC Edward Colbert & variants recorded on the Irish roots website, with the right parents apart form N. R [Not recorded] but the birth date is earlier than expected.. He was the son of Edward Colbert and Catherine MacAuliffe.
     Edward Colbert arrived per "Chancellor" on 31 January 1858 at Melbourne, Victoria. Edmund! Colbert, aged 22, labourer, Irish, was an unassisted emigrant on the American ship Chancellor, 1812 tons, which departed Liverpool 22 Oct 1857, Master Borland, which took 140 days from Liverpool to Melbourne. He stated that he arrived in the colony in 1857 when his children were placed in an orphanage after his wife's death. A case against the Master John Borland stated that they arrived Sunday 31 January 1858. The ship departed from Callao on 18 March 1858.
     In a list and description of horses and cattle reported to the Police as stolen during the week ending 12 Dec 1865: on the night of 28 Nov a dark bay mare was taken from Dead Horse Gully, Ballarat by Edmond Colbert, of Dead Horse Gully..
     Edward Colbert married Mary Hagan, daughter of Charles Hagan and Ellen Meenagh, on 5 November 1870 in St Alipius RC church, Ballarat, Victoria. Married by licence. She was an illiterate servant, aged 27, and he called himself Edward Colebart, miner, aged 30.
     Edward was a defendant in a court case on 7 April 1876 in Smythesdale. He was brought to the Smythesdale Petty Sessions, the complainant being Constable Daly of Haddon. Edward Colbert was fined 5/- for assault with 5/- in costs, in default 12 hours. He paid that day. He was with David Addams who was also charged. He was the informant at the death of Elizabeth Hagan, on 9 May 1879. Edward Colbert was widowed on 11 May 1886 on the death of his wife Mary Hagan. Edward Colbert was listed in a directory dated between 1888 and 1889 as Edward Colbert at Koorooman, Victoria. He was not listed there in the 1891/2 directory.
     On the 3 March 1892 he removed his children Elllen, Charles & Michael from the orphanage in Ballarat. However his son Edward was not removed until 9th October. His address was given as Gippsland.
     Edward Colbert was granted land before 1893 in Koorooman, Victoria, under the Selection Act. The land was eventually granted to his sons Charles & Michael in 1904.
     Edward Colbert made a will dated 23 September 1898 in Leongatha, Victoria. This is the last will of Edward Colbert of Leongatha farmer I revoke all former wills and appoint Hugh McCartin of Leongatha auctioneer & Thomas Hyne of Leongatha farmer, executors and trustees of this my last will
I devise and bequeath the whole of my real and personal estate unto the said executors and trustees upon the trusts following To pay my debts funeral and testamentary expenses and if necessary for this purpose to mortgage my real estate. To permit my sons Michael and Charles to reside on cultivate farm and manage my real estate for their use and profit (and for this purpose the said Michael and Charles are to have the use of my plant furniture stock and everything now in use upon or .. in or about my farm) until the younger of them attains the age of 21 years or if the younger should die before attaining that age then till eth other of them attains that age. Upon the younger of the said sons attaining the age of 21 years, I direct my said executors and trustees to convey my said real estate to my said sons Michael and Charles as tenants in common and to transfer to them absolutely my personal estate
I direct my said executors to pay the following legacies following as soon as convenient after the younger of my said sons attaining the age of 21 years and for the purpose of paying the same they may mortgage or otherwise charge my real estate
To my son John one hundred pounds
To each of Johns's two children now living £25
To my daughter Ellen £20
To my son Edward £5
I direct my executors to pay as soon after my death as convenient two sums of £2/10/- each for masses for the repose of my soul, one sum to the abbot of Melleray co. Waterford Ireland, the other sum to Father Galivan now or lately stationed at Gisborne Vic. I further direct my executors to spend a sum not exceeding £50 in erecting a tombstone to my memory in the cemetery at Leongatha. Signed & dated 23 Sep 1898 - Edwd Colbert, witnessed by Edward Hurst accountant & Chas Hyne salesman, both of Leongatha.

     Edward died of cancer of the neck on 25 April 1899 in the Austin Hospital, Heidelberg, Victoria. He was aged 58 according to the death certificate but his gravestone states aged 62. He was buried on 27 April 1899 in Leongatha. The headstone reads "died 26th April 1899 aged 62."
     His will was proved on 26 May 1899. Edward Colbert of Leongatha, farmer, estate valued at £1076/15/-, probate granted 7 June 1899 (died 26th).

Children of Edward Colbert and Mary Hagan

Mary Hagan

(3 March 1840 - 11 May 1886)
     Mary Hagan was also known as O'Haghan in records. Mary Hagan was also known as O'Hegan in records. Mary Hagan was also known as O'Hagan in records. She was born on 3 March 1840 in Inish in Sultan townland, Termonmaguirk, Tyrone, Ireland. Her marriage and death certificates state that she was the daughter of Charles O'Haghan/Heghan and Ellen Moynahan. She was born c.1842 if 20 as stated on her arrival in November 1862; c.1843 by her stated age of 27 at marriage in November 1870; c.1843 if 28 in Nov 1871 or Jan 1872 at her eldest son's birth, c.1844 if 34 as stated at her son's birth in July 1878; but in 1842 if aged 44 at her death in May 1886. Her death certificate stated that she was born in Dungannon.. She was the daughter of Charles Hagan and Ellen Meenagh. Mary Hagan was christened on 3 April 1840 in Termonmaguirk. Mariam ex Charles Hagan et Elena Menagh. Sponsors? Filui/Felix Menagh et Elena McGurk, Inish. Inish was part of Sultan townland. There were 2 Felix Minaghs in Termonmaguirk in the Griffith Valuation, one in Aghagogan, the other in Streefe Glebe. A Felix Meenagh aged 71, widower was living in 1901 at 13 Streefe Glebe, Loughmacrory, Tyrone with his son Hugh & daughter Mary. However Fr Luney of co. Kerry suggested it is poor Latin/transcription of Filius (son of Menagh) which is not unusual for older siblings or cousins as sponsors. RootsIrelland has indexed it as Felix..
     Mary Hagan and Elizabeth Hagan arrived per "Shalimar" on 15 November 1862 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Mary O'Hegan aged 20, & Elizabeth O'Hegan, 26, as unassisted passengers. Their occupation was spinster, nationality - Irish. The ship (1591 tons) departed 22 August, master - Stanley, carrying 427 passengers, 414 in steerage, arriving 15 Nov 1862.
     Mary Hagan married Edward Colbert, son of Edward Colbert and Catherine MacAuliffe, on 5 November 1870 in St Alipius RC church, Ballarat, Victoria. Married by licence. She was an illiterate servant, aged 27, and he called himself Edward Colebart, miner, aged 30. Mary Hagan was mentioned in a letter dated 12 February 1877. Mary Colbert nee Hagan, is probably the sister of Elizabeth Hagan, of Windermere, who wrote to her cousin Mary Hagan, Dungannon mentioning Mr Colbert:
Windermere, 12th Feby 1877
Dear Cousin
I received your letter in due time and I hope you will excuse me for being so long in answering [it?] And I am happy to say this & leaves me enjoying good [health?] trusting when this reaches you I will find you enjoying the same great Blessing my [sister?] Helen sent a letter to directed to Uncle, and five pounds in it to Mother, and mother never got the five pounds nor any word from us until we was three years from home, and he had signed my mothers name and got the money.
You need not be hard on us for not writing oftener as we cannot do it our Selves, and Sometimes we cannot get it down So you must just Excuse us, but we think it was BrotherJohns fault and not Uncle. I believe my Brother has been very foolish and Bad tempered since my mother died Helen sent home a letter and he would not let Annie see it, which him and his Wife behaved very unkindly to her. I blame all Annies down fall all on them. She was entitled to some of her fathers effects, if none of the rest of us got anything. Dear Cousin please let me know if you got any act [account?] of her whether dead or alive. I must think she is dead. I would have wrote you sooner only I was frightened we would have got a bad act [account?] of her.
I have been unwell for some time Back. I am troubled with the liver Complaint.
My Sister Mary & Husband and family is all well. She has 1 son & 2 Daughteours [Daughters?], and [send?] their Kind love to you all. We live about three miles apart. My Sister Helen is in New Zealand and has been their [there?] this six years, and got married their [there?], to a man named Henry Swayne, and the [they?] have one child But, she has had bad luck her husband got a hurt Some time ago, in the head and about six months ago he went wrong in the head, and has been in the Asylum ever Since and the last letter I got from her he was no Better; he was a native of Ireland and a respectable man. I have sent her Five pounds to her, and Mr Colbert sent her five pounds also, to help her along as she is left in a very lonly [lonely?] place, and we expect Brother John, for to send her some money as maney [many?] pound she sent home when she could spare it.
I hope the McBrides has not got the key to carry all belonging to my late Father & Mother
I send my kind respects to my uncle & Aunt & family and let me know how he is geting [getting?] his health; and send me his age I was sorrow [sorry?] to hear of my Cousin Henrys Death, but it is the Lords will and the road we [must?] all go. Dear Mary, Please send me your age. I hope when you receive this you are all enjoying good health. I send my kind love to Cousin Annie
I hope you and her will enjoy many happy days as I may say she is all your guide. We wondered to hear that you was not married by this time. I send my best regards to Charles and his little Girl.
I am going to send you next time a likeness of my Girl & Marys to raise your family, so you see whether Charles daughteour [daughters?] or mines is the Bigest. I send my best respects to Cousin James & Daniel also. I hope the [they?] are all married and a long letter to send me about their family
I remain Dear Cousin
Yours for Ever
Elizabeth Hagan
Cardigan post-office
tell my brother John to write me himself and let me know about all my aunts
uncles & Inquirers & friends
Miss Mary C Hagen [Hagan?]
Irish St. Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland
. She was admitted to the Hospital, Ballarat, on 17 April 1886 by Dr Woinarski. She was described as Mary Coleman, aged 44, of Windermere, born co. Tyrone, 23 years in Victoria.
     Mary died of cancer of the stomach on 11 May 1886 in the District Hospital, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, aged 46. Mary Coleman [sic], aged 44, born at Dungannon, Tyrone, daughter of Charles O'Heghan farmer & Ellen; buried 13th May at Ballarat! witnessed by Edward Colbert & William Wilson. She was buried on 13 May 1886 in Smythesdale. The Friends of Mr EDWARD COLBERT, of Haddon, are respectfuliy invited to follow the remains of his late beloved wife to the place of interment, the Scarsdale Cemetery. The funeral will leave the Ballarat Hospital on Thursday, the 13th instant, at 11 o’clock a.m., and will pass through Haddon.
STEPHEN WELLINGTON, Undertaker, 3 Dawson street (opposite the Roman Catholic Church, and next
Adelphi hotel.

Children of Mary Hagan and Edward Colbert