Audrey Frances Gordon Gray

(8 November 1881 - 1953)
     Audrey Frances Gordon Gray was born on 8 November 1881 in Hunsdon, Hertfordshire. She was the daughter of Archdeacon John Henry Gray and Julia Cox. Audrey Frances Gordon Gray was christened on 28 December 1881 in St Dunstan's, Hunsdon.
     Audrey Frances Gordon Gray and Julia Cox were recorded on the 1901 census in 34 Royal Avenue, Chelsea, London. Julia (Palina crossed out) Gray was a boarder in a lodging house, aged 63, widow, living on own means, born London, with Frances Audrey Gordon Gray, single aged 19, born Hunsdon, Hertfordshire.
Audrey Frances Gordon Gray married George Kruger-Gray.
     Audrey died in 1953.

Dorothy Gray

(10 April 1885 - )
     Dorothy Gray was born on 10 April 1885 in Worcester St, Christchurch, New Zealand. She was the daughter of Henry Gray and Katherine Hooper. Dorothy, Jessie and Gwendoline were listed as the children of Henry Gray in the 1891 census in 146 Porlsdown? Rd, Paddington.

Eileen Audrey Gray

(15 July 1908 - 22 May 1996)
     Eileen Audrey Gray was commonly known as Audrey. She was born on 15 July 1908 in Farnham RD, Surrey, England. She was the daughter of Ronald Evelyn Gordon Gray and Ethel Frampton.
Eileen Audrey Gray married James Wingate Taylor OBE TD on 11 August 1933 in Grayshott, Hampshire, England. They had 3 sons, 9 grandchildren (1 deceased), and 7 great-grandchildren so far.
     Audrey died on 22 May 1996 in Surrey, England, aged 87.

Harry Granville Gordon Gray

(28 January 1878 - circa 1942)
     Harry Granville Gordon Gray was commonly known as Gordon. He was born on 28 January 1878 in Canton, China. He was the son of Archdeacon John Henry Gray and Julia Cox.
As the story goes, Harry didn't do well. His name was never mentioned by REGG at home. Harry's mother, Julia Cox, tried to set him up in several careers and even tried obtaining him a commission in a guards regiment, conceivably by purchase as was sometimes done then by educated families, but that for some reason didn't work out. He eventually moved to Germany where he then married a local girl, Maria. Along came WW I from 1914-18. Along with his nefarious past, this marriage inflamed the sensitivities of his mother, Julia, and she all but cut him out of her Will. He was to receive only the interest on 5,000 pounds until his death and at that time the principle would revert back to Ronald and Audrey, his siblings. The reason given for not equally treating Harry, was stated in Julia's Will as '...he has not shown that consideration to England which I consider due from him.' The date of this Will of Julia Cox is 6 Oct 1914, just at the outbreak of the war. Harry and Maria later moved to Switzerland.
In a codicil dated 9 Feb. 1917, Julia reconsidered and upped the amount to that interest earned on 7,000 pounds and made provision for Maria, on Harry's death, to receive an annuity of 100 pounds until her death. Maria, a German national, wrote REGG out of the blue pleading poverty. Actually, payments were required by Julia's Will, but the war caused a problem. Audrey and her brother REGG, both applied separately to the British Treasury for permission to send money abroad in wartime on compassionate grounds. The bureaucracy excelled itself in granting REGG's request, but turning down Audrey's. The stipends to Maria commenced, but she evidently never acknowledged them.
Harry Granville Gordon Gray married Maria Selma Kaempf on 29 May 1910 in Switzerland. They had no issue..
     Harry died circa 1942 in Switzerland.

Henry Gray

(5 February 1858 - 2 February 1932)
     Henry Gray was born on 5 February 1858 in Lambeth, Surrey, England.
     Henry Gray and Katherine Hooper arrived in 1884 at Christchurch, New Zealand.
Henry Gray married Katherine Hooper, daughter of Henry Hooper and Susannah Hooper, on 12 January 1884 in Christchurch, Greenwich, Kent.
     Henry Gray and Katherine Hooper were recorded on the 1891 census in 146 Porlsdown? Rd, Paddington. Henry Gray 33, provision broker, born South Lambeth, his wife Katherine Gray 35, born Peckham, Dorothy Gray 6, Jessie Gray 4, Gwendoline Gray 2, all born in New Zealand.
     Henry died on 2 February 1932 in 28 Colenso St, Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand, aged 73. He was buried on 4 February 1932 in Bromley Cemetery, Christchurch.

Children of Henry Gray and Katherine Hooper

Isabella Gray

(say 1760 - )
     Isabella Gray married Henry Cocksedge. Isabella Gray was born say 1760.

Child of Isabella Gray and Henry Cocksedge

Jessie Marguerite Gray

(9 November 1886 - 18 August 1964)
     Jessie Marguerite Gray was born on 9 November 1886 in St James St, Christchurch, New Zealand. She was the daughter of Henry Gray and Katherine Hooper. Dorothy, Jessie and Gwendoline were listed as the children of Henry Gray in the 1891 census in 146 Porlsdown? Rd, Paddington.
Jessie Marguerite Gray married Archibald Findlay, son of Archibald Findlay and Mary Hooper, on 12 March 1902 in New Zealand.
     Jessie died on 18 August 1964 aged 77.

Children of Jessie Marguerite Gray and Archibald Findlay

John Gray

(before 1880 - )
     John Gray was born before 1880.
John Gray married Maud Mary Pratt, daughter of John McKinnon Pratt and Louisa Noakes, in 1901 in Queensland.

John Colin Frampton Gray

(25 April 1913 - 23 September 2009)
     John Colin Frampton Gray was born on 25 April 1913. He was the son of Ronald Evelyn Gordon Gray and Ethel Frampton.
John Colin Frampton Gray married Margaretha de Boer on 10 September 1948. They had 2 sons and 5 grandchildren. John was a librarian.
     John died on 23 September 2009 aged 96. He emigrated to Canada in 1947.

Archdeacon John Henry Gray

(29 October 1823 - 17 March 1890)
     Archdeacon John Henry Gray was born on 29 October 1823 in Carlisle, Cumberland, England. Ron Gray, his descendant wrote: He was the son of John Gray, innkeeper and Margaret Park. His father John Gray born abt 1789 according to his gravestone or abt 1797 according to the 1851 census. Birthplace Dudley, Warwickshire (1851 census). John Gray married Margaret Park by licence on 29 Nov. 1820 in St. Mary's Church in Carlisle, Cumbria. The parish register shows the witnesses to be Gert(?) Smith and Thd. Caldwell.
They had 3 sons christened at this St Mary's Church: William Gray chr 15 Sep 1822, John Henry Gray b 29 Oct. 1823 and chr 31 Jan. 1824, Henry Gray chr 22 Oct 1827.
John Gray's occupation was innkeeper. The index of local directories lists John Gray as the licensee of the Old Queen's Head on St Alban's Row off the Market Square, Carlisle in 1829. The parish christening records of the 3 sons dated 1822, 24, and 27 all show John Gray's address as St. Alban's Row and his occupation as innkeeper.
John Gray [sr] was unable to sign his last Will in the normal manner because of some infirmity and instead signed with an 'X' in front of witnesses on Jan. 31, 1860 in Stretford, with 'the said Will having been first read to him'. JRG is of the opinion that JG may have suffered a stroke. The 2 page handwritten document was witnessed by John Wilson, Soliciter in Manchester and T.C. Aitchison of 49 George St., Manchester. John Gray did sign his name on his parish marriage register 40 years previously, so he was presumably literate. It is a possibility that John Gray had gone to live with his son, William, in Stretford in his later years. The Will was proved July 26, 1862. The Will appoints his son, William, to be executor and instructs that all assets are to be divided equally between William and John Henry. Effects were noted as being under 450 pounds. (It should be noted that John Henry at this time was in the middle of his stay at Canton and did not return back to England until 1876.) There is no mention of the last son, Henry
. He was christened on 11 January 1824 in St Mary's, Carlisle.
     John was educated from to 1843 at Houghton-le-Spring, Durham. At Dr Young's.
     John matriculated at Christ's College, Cambridge University, between 1843 and 1847. Matriculated Michaelmas 1843. Admitted Pensioner Christ College 14 June 1843. BA 17 Jan 1847, MA 2 July 1850, LLD 1876. DD (Canterbury) 1881. John was clerk in holy orders at Rothley, Leicestershire, between 28 February 1847 and 1852. He was ordained deacon by the Bishop of Peterborough 25 Feb 1847. Priest 15 March 1848. Clerk of Rothley, Leicestershire, 28 Feb 1847-1852. He was granted a curates licence for Rothley Church in Leicestershire at a yearly stipend of 80 pounds to be paid quarterly and he was required to reside in the parish. The date of this licence is 28 Feb. 1847. There is, however, no curates licence for JHG in the Peterborough Diocesan licences register. Unfortunately, the Ordination Papers for the mid 19th C are missing so we have no such record for JHG either. This date of 1847 conflicts with that of 1850 which is stated in Crockford, Venn and Peile. That an error does exist is shown by Register of the Diocese Hong Kong and the parish records at Rothley showing JHG to be already performing clerical duties in the spring of 1847.
     John resided at Canton, China, between 1852 and 1869.
Archdeacon John Henry Gray married Julia Cox, daughter of William Henry Cox and Emily Augusta Hooper, on 3 October 1876 in St Andrew's Old Church, Hove, Sussex. Their descendant Ron Gray wrote: His home parish was listed as St Martin's in the Fields. That of Julia Cox was given as Hove. The rank and professions of JHG's and Julia's fathers were given as Gentleman and Esquire respectively. Bishop Charles B. Alford, DD conducted the service. The witnesses listed were William Henry Cox (Julia's father), Mary A. Cox (maybe a sister or sister-in-law) and Cassie Jones (this is possibly the Caroline Jones, daughter of a family friend of Julia's father referred to in WHC's Will).
Their marriage occurred while JHG was on his first home leave after 23 years of service in Canton.China. JHG was 53 and Julia was 37. After the marriage, Julia later returned to China with JHG. During the long voyage to China she became pregnant with twins. She had a bad confinement and they left Canton when she was well enough after a stay of 14 months. The girl twin died on the voyage back to England, survived by her twin brother, Harry.
He later brought his wife, Julia Cox, back to China. During the trip she became pregnant with twins. Apparently she had a very bad confinement, and they left Canton 8 June 1878 when she was well enough, after a stay of only 14 months. Due to JC's illness, it was decided to return to England with all haste. The trip back to Britain was by ship via Saigon, Singapore, Ceylon and Aden. (Fourteen Months in Canton, by Mrs. Gray, Macmillan Publishing, London, 1880). The girl twin died on the voyage back to England, survived by her brother, Harry.
     Archdeacon John Henry Gray and Julia Cox travelled to Canton in January 1877. They left Liverpool 13 Jan 1877 by ship and arrived in New York 2 stormy weeks later. They then traveled by train across North America via Niagara Falls, Chicago, Salt Lake City to San Francisco. Then there was another stormy ocean voyage, this one lasting 4 weeks to Japan. The final leg was a trip by ship to Hong Kong and finally Canton. In all the trip was 10 weeks in duration.
     Archdeacon John Henry Gray made a will dated 10 June 1879. The will consisted of 7 handwritten pages and included one codicil. The originally named executors were: -Honorable William Keswick (1834 - 1912), member Legislative Council, Victoria, Hong Kong and of the firm Messrs Jardine Matheson and Co. China. Sir Robert Jardine (1825 - 1905) of Castlemilk Dumfriesshire, North Britain. Alfred Cox, Woodside Hatfield, Herts (assume Julia's uncle). Frederick Anthony White of Kinross House Cromwell Rd., Kensington, London. William Mandell Gunson, MA, senior fellow, Christ's College, Cambridge.
On the basis that executors, who are not necessarily solicitors, might be chosen because of familiarity, trust and possibly friendship, these names could be of interest. The Jardine Matheson archives are held at the Cambridge University Library. JJG Brown, Director of Matheson and Co Ltd, of 3 Lombard St., London is familiar with the material. He advises there are some 40 letters in the archives, mostly from JHG to the firm, though some are addressed to him from Canton in the period 1863-77, with the odd letter from Hong Kong and Whampoa. A few letters exist from JHG in Great Britain in the period 1879-81. John was rector at Hunsdon, Hertfordshire, from 1881 to 1884. He was appointed rector of Hunsdon in Hertfordshire 7 March, 1881 by Thomas Legh, Bishop of the Diocese of St Albans - a position JHG held until 30 June 1884 when he retired. He added a codicil to his will on 30 September 1882. The executor names revised to include: -John Hewlett of Elmhurst, Coper Cope Rd., Beckenham, Kent; Waring Finch of Deercroft Lodge , Reigate, Surrey.
After he retired from Hunsdon, the family spent some 3 years on the continent (mostly in Germany), spending a few months here a few months there. A German governess looked after the 3 children on their travels and JHG gave them private school lessons.
Books written by JHG and Julia Cox: ‘China - A history of the laws, manners and customs of the people’, by John Henry Gray, MA LLD, edited by William Gow Gregor, London: Macmillan and Co., 1878, Volumes I and II. There has also been another edition published January 1974 by AMS Press.
‘Fourteen months in Canton’, by Mrs. Gray, London: Macmillan and Co., 1880.
‘Walks in the City of Canton’, by the Venerable John Henry Gray, MA, Victoria , Hong Kong, De Souza and Co., 1875. Reprinted by Chinese Materials Centre Inc., San Francisco, 1974.
‘A journey round the world in the years 1875-1876-1877’, by the Venerable John Henry Gray, MA LLD, London: Harrison, 59 Pall Mall, 1879.
‘Arabia and its faith’, by John Henry Gray
They also contributed to the London and China Express.
     John died on 17 March 1890 in 82 Marina, St Leonards on Sea, Sussex, England, aged 66. A large portion of the upbringing of the children was then left to his wife, Julia Cox, who survived JHG by 30 years. He had previously been living at Bruntsfield House, Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex and this was the residence of Julia Cox at the time of JHG's death.
     The administration of his estate was granted There was a personal estate value of 7,564.12.3 pounds shown on the Letters of Administration naming Julia Gray as executor - the other executors renounced 29 July, 1890 in favour of Julia Cox.
Ron Gray has researched this family extensively.
JCFG described an experience where he spent one night in the St Martin's in the Fields church in his younger days - to see what it was like. The church allowed down and out people to spend the night in the downstairs crypt. The bare pews were the beds and a roll of newspaper dolled out as a pillow. A volunteer city policewoman pulled JCFG aside as he didn't seem to fit the crowd and advised him that if he wished to take his shoes off for the night, to tie them to his ankle lest they disappear.

JHG's children were given the middle name Gordon, after General Charles George Gordon (1833-1885). The name Granville in JHG's older son's name may have come from Rt. Hon. George Leveson Gower Granville who was Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and who appointed JHG HM Consular Chaplain 24 Feb. 1852.

Children of Archdeacon John Henry Gray and Julia Cox

Margaret Evelyn Gray

(27 June 1910 - September 1981)
     Margaret Evelyn Gray was commonly known as Peggy. She was born on 27 June 1910. She was the daughter of Ronald Evelyn Gordon Gray and Ethel Frampton.
Margaret Evelyn Gray married George Aidan Drury Tait on 11 August 1933 in Alton RD, Hampshire. Peggy & Audrey were married the same day and had a joint reception.
     Margaret's death was registered in the quarter ending in September 1981 in Surrey.

Mary Julia Gray

(3 March 1907 - January 2000)
     Mary Julia Gray was born on 3 March 1907. She was the daughter of Ronald Evelyn Gordon Gray and Ethel Frampton.
Mary Julia Gray married Arthur William Baynes MacDonald on 15 December 1928. They had 2 sons and 2 daughters, 12 grandchildren, and at least 9 great-grandchildren so far.
     Mary died in January 2000 aged 92.

Nina Gwendoline Gray

(30 April 1889 - )
     Nina Gwendoline Gray was also known as Gwendoline in records. She was born on 30 April 1889 in Papanui, Christchurch, New Zealand. She was the daughter of Henry Gray and Katherine Hooper. Dorothy, Jessie and Gwendoline were listed as the children of Henry Gray in the 1891 census in 146 Porlsdown? Rd, Paddington.

Ronald Evelyn Gordon Gray

(27 April 1880 - 22 March 1966)
     Ronald Evelyn Gordon Gray was born on 27 April 1880 in Kensington, Middlesex. He was the son of Archdeacon John Henry Gray and Julia Cox. Ronald Evelyn Gordon Gray was christened on 25 May 1880 in St Mary Magdalen, Paddington.
     Ronald matriculated at Pembroke College, Cambridge University, circa 1897. At Cambridge he rowed for Pembroke College. He received his BA in 1900 and in 1904 he both earned his MA and qualified in medicine. He received his MB and ChB in 1905 and his MD in 1911.
     Ronald was educated from until 1897 at Marlborough School, Wiltshire. Ronald was a physician in Hindhead, Surrey, from 1905 to 1937. He was resident house surgeon at St Thomas's Hospital, London in 1904-05. Later in 1905 he took up general practice in Hindhead, Surrey and retained that practice until his retirement in 1937. He initially joined 2 established doctors, Dr Gilbert Smith and Dr. Arnold Lyndon in a partnership. This parternship grew to 5 by the 1920's. (Obituary)
The following are comments about the day-to-day life of REGG as a rural doctor in England in the early 20th C. The day started with breakfast at 8:15, leaving for work at 8:45 to 9:00. REGG first conducted rounds at the Haselmere Hospital, returning home midmorning for sandwiches made by his wife, Ethel Frampton, The Times and messages. He had no office per se, working out of the hospital and his home instead. REGG was largely on the road with patients generally being seen in their own homes or the hospital. Patients rarely came to REGG's home. REGG periodically telephoned home for messages from Ethel for patients to see and to relay to her is expected immediate whereabouts. In this way she could intercept him with emergencies and could somewhat schedule new patients during the day. Dinner was at 7:45 when REGG would usually be just home.
     Ronald resided at Hindhead, Surrey.
The marriage of Ronald Evelyn Gordon Gray and Ethel Frampton was registered in England in the March 1906 quarter.
     He served in the RAMC between 1914 and 1919. In France he contracted typhoid. He returned home to convalesce and in 1916 was posted to Salonika to the war's end and on into 1919. His sister-in-law, Dorothy Frampton, served in WW I at the same hospital in Salonika as a nurse. REGG's primary work during WW I was as a surgical specialist. Keen to return home at the end of the war, it was only upon inquiries as to the progress of his army discharge that he learned that the RAMC had held him purposefully for the possibility of western intervention in the Russian Revolution. Upon his request, he was granted a prompt discharge.
In WW II he came temporarily out of retirement to serve at the Haslemere and District Hospital as a surgeon.
The marriage of Ronald Evelyn Gordon Gray and Violet Harrie Whapham was registered in Southend on Sea RD, Essex, in the December 1947 quarter. There was no issue by this second marriage. Violet was also a medical doctor who practiced in Bedford. After her marriage to REGG she worked part time in the same practice as REGG had prior to his retirement.
REGG founded and captained the Grayshott Fire Brigade. Control of particularly heath fires became more and more an issue as housing was built into that habitat.
REGG was president of the Hindhead Commons Committee of the National Trust. He volunteered after retirement at the Haslemere Museum overhauling the library catalogue. He was president of the museum's Natural History Society.
As a keen botanist, REGG was vice president of the Heather Society of Great Britain and hosted Society tours of his heather gardens, a practice continued by Violet Whapham after his death. His collection of Cape Heaths was described as the best in the British Isles. He is credited as identifying 2 hitherto unknown species of heather. As protocol dictated, the heathers had to be bred true through 7 generations to ensure the taxonomic characteristics remained. One species was Calluna vulgaris Mrs. Ronald Gray. It was a low growing variant that REGG found near Lands End. The dwarf characteristic turned out to not be merely an expression of the harsh windswept environment of this coastal area; it was genotypically separate to other known heathers.
The other heather was Erica ciliaris Dr. Ronald Gray. This was named by Violet Whapham after REGG. REGG had died before the compulsory 7 generations had been completed. This heather is a white variant of an otherwise pink blooming heather.
     Ronald died on 22 March 1966 in Hindhead, Surrey, aged 85. He was buried in St Mary's, Bramshott, Hampshire.

Children of Ronald Evelyn Gordon Gray and Ethel Frampton

twin Gray

(1878 - 1878)
     Twin Gray was widowed in 1878 on the death of her husband twin Gray. She was born in 1878. She was the twin of Harry and died in infancy.. She was the daughter of Archdeacon John Henry Gray and Julia Cox.

Mary Grayson

(say 1690 - before 12 July 1750)
     Mary Grayson was born say 1690.
     Mary Grayson married John Fawler as his second wife, on 13 July 1714 in St Benet, Paul's Wharf, London. John Fawler of Deale, Kent, W & Mary Grayson of St Botolph, Aldgate, by licence. His first wife is unknown.
     In John Fawler's will dated 22 September 1719 in Chatham, Mary Grayson was named as heir and executrix of the estate.
     Mary Grayson made a will dated 17 June 1749 in Chatham. In the Name; of God-Amen I Mary Fawler of Chatham in the County of Kent Widow being Sick and weak .in body, but of sound Mind Memory and Understanding Do hereby Revoke all former Wills and declare this to be my last Will as follows (that is to say) I give and bequeath unto my loving Friend Mrs Sarah Rice Wife of Mr Vowland Rice of Chatham Gentln my Wrought Bed Bedstead Feather Bed and all thereto belonging
Item I give unto Mr Daniel Turner of Chatham Gentln my great Easy Chair and all there unto belonging
Item I give unto Mr Charles Couchman the Sume of Five Pounds to be' paid him out of a Debt due to me from Mr Richard Haley of Chatham And all the Remainder of the said Debt I give to be divided between – Mrs Sarah Rice aforesaid and my Executrix, equal shares alike And I do hereby nominate and appoint Mrs Martha Miller wife of Mr Edward Miller of Saint Margts near Rochester sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament
In Witness &c 17 June 1749 - M Fawler - Witnesses: Nowland Rice. Thomas Richards The mark of Sarah Ould.

     Mary died before 12 July 1750.
     Her will was proved on 12 July 1750 at the Rochester Archdeaconry Court. She was buried on 16 July 1750 in St Mary, Chatham. Mary Fawler, widow.

Vera Greacen

(27 December 1901 - 1983)
     Vera Greacen was born on 27 December 1901 in New Zealand.
Vera Greacen married Alfred Joseph Black, son of Richard Black and Jane Eliza Sargeant, in 1924 in New Zealand.
     Vera resided at New Zealand, 21 March 1983.
     Vera died in 1983 in New Zealand.

Child of Vera Greacen and Alfred Joseph Black

Anne Gread

     Anne Gread married John Ruby on 21 October 1615 in Chittlehampton, Devon.

Child of Anne Gread and John Ruby

Alice Greave

(say 1635 - )
     Alice Greave was born say 1635 in Yorkshire.
Alice Greave married George Popplewell on 3 January 1654 in All Saints, Wakefield, Yorkshire.

Arthur Greaves

     Arthur Greaves married Agnes Rich, daughter of John Rich and Jane Unknown, before 1543 in Yorkshire, England.

Christopher Greaves

(before 1585 - )
     Christopher Greaves was born before 1585 in Yorkshire, England.
Christopher Greaves married Mary Rich, daughter of Amor Rich and Alice Burdett, on 3 March 1605 in Penistone, Yorkshire.

Child of Christopher Greaves and Mary Rich

Christopher Greaves

(circa 1610? - before October 1658)
     Christopher Greaves was born circa 1610?. He was the son of Christopher Greaves and Mary Rich.
     Christopher Greaves made a will dated 24 September 1657 in Smallshaw, Penistone. The following will etc. may refer to the son of Mary & Christopher Greaves, as he mentions his grandfather Emor Rich. Will of a Christopher Greaves of Smallshaw, yeoman. To wife 1/3 of all goods also 10 pounds in silver plate.
     To my eldest son Paul Greaves the house belonging to Smallshaw, except one close called the Little Myrefield and a parcel of ground lying on the south of the ditch in the Great Myrefield, which was left me, by deed for certain years, by my grandfather Emor Rich decd, paying yearly for the same to Sylvanus Rich of Bullhouse. Also the house & tenement belonging to Smallshaw above expressed for the space of 21 years after the gift given by my grandfather be expired, except the close & parcel of ground before excepted which I have in lease of the sd Silvanus Rich paying the sd yearly sum of £12.
     To my second son Timothy Greaves a house called Oatshaw [Catshaw?] & messuage therewith? belonging & the Little Myrefield & the parcel of ground lying on the south side of the ditch in the Gt Myrefield belonging to Smallshaw for the time mentioned in my grandfather's will & which I now have in lease of Sylvanus Rich paying yearly £3.
     To my youngest son Christopher Greaves £65. If sd son Timothie die without issue before the lease of Catshaw etc. be expired, sd youngest son Christopher to have them for remainder of term paying the rent to sd Silvanus Rich & also 30/- to my eldest son Paul Greaves.
     Said son Paul to have the tuition, of his two brothers & to educate and maintain and put them apprentice. Residue of goods (wife's one third deducted) to be equally divided between my three sons. Wife to remain at Smallshaw if she remain single. Whereas £1 was given by my mother Greaves to Thomas son of Lawrence O... Minister is if he demand it, is to be paid. Whereas I was bound by covenant of marriage to give to Elizabeth Hay my wife's daughter deceased & to Ann Hay her other daughter £10 each, the £20 to be paid to Ann Hey the daughter of Anne now my wife. Paul Greaves my son sole exec. Daniel Rich of Smallshaw & Reginald Appleyard of Eclands, supervisors. Dated 24 Sep 1657. Signed Christopher Greaves mark, Witnesses John Wordsworth, Richard Bacon & George Disbury.

     Christopher died before October 1658.
     His will was proved on 5 October 1658 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Proved at London 5 Oct 1658 by Paul Greaves the naturall & lawfull son of said testator and sole exor.

Clifford N Greaves

     The marriage of Clifford N Greaves and Ida Mary Stanser, daughter of James Bingham Stanser and Matilda Alice Waring, was registered in Rotherham RD, Yorkshire, in the December 1912 quarter.

Edward Greaves

(before 1530 - )
     Edward Greaves married Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of John Wilson and Margaret More. Edward Greaves was born before 1530 in Yorkshire, England.

Child of Edward Greaves and Elizabeth Wilson

John Greaves

(circa 1550 - )
     John resided at Windhill, Yorkshire. He was born circa 1550 in Yorkshire, England.
John Greaves married Janet Wilson, daughter of Christopher Wilson and Elizabeth Hattersley, on 20 May 1577 in Yorkshire.

Joseph Greaves

(circa 1843 - )
     Joseph Greaves was born circa 1843.
Joseph Greaves married Ann Elizabeth Stanser, daughter of Henry Buttery Stancer and Ann Bradshaw, on 12 October 1865 in Walesby, Lincolnshire.

Margaret Greaves

(before 1553 - )
     Margaret Greaves was born before 1553 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Edward Greaves and Elizabeth Wilson.

Ralph Greaves (of Yewtrees)

(before 1605 - )
     Ralph Greaves (of Yewtrees) was born before 1605 in Bradfield, Yorkshire.
Ralph Greaves (of Yewtrees) married Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of Christopher Wilson and Beatrice Cudworth, on 17 July 1628 in Bradfield, YKS.

Sarah Greaves

(before 1610 - before 1638)
     Sarah Greaves was born before 1610 in Yorkshire, England.
Sarah Greaves married Reginald Rich, son of Richard Rich and Frances Priest, on 4 November 1628 in Penistone, Yorkshire.
     Sarah died before 1638 in Penistone, YKS. Reginald remarried in 1638, so one assumes the 1688 death is his second wife Sarah (Kay)..

Children of Sarah Greaves and Reginald Rich

Marjorie B Greely

( - 1926)
     Marjorie B Greely married Wilfred Augustus Ruby, son of Samuel Ruby and Jeannette Goerke, in 1922 in USA.
     Marjorie died in 1926 in USA.