Paul MacPherson

(circa 1755 - )
     Paul died. He was born circa 1755 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. He was probably born about 1756 if he was 21 at his marriage. There are 2 un-named sons born in that period and another with no name and no sex. He is probably the Paul McPherson in Tomachlaggan who had an illegitimate son James baptised in 1774, but he is described as of Blackhaugh by the arrival of his legitimate issue. There was a smithy at Tomachlaggan and there was a track from Tomachlaggan to Blackhaughs. John McPherson of Tomachlaggan had an un-named son in 1762 but if this is Paul, it would mean he was only c.12 when James was born. The illegitimate James moved from Blackhaughs to Tomachlaggan.
The ministers in the Statistical Accounts observe that the registers are deficient and have been transcribed. A 1756 birth makes him exactly contemporary with Abbe Paul McPherson who was the son of a Paul of Inveravon. However there was also a Paul baptised at Kingussie in 1755. He may be a younger son of the McPhersons of Ellick.
     In 1687 a Paul McPherson of Knocken is mentioned in a Banff sasine dated 1 Aug 1687, and a Paul McPherson of Towie between 1673 and 1676, he? is described as son of William of Towie in a sasine dated 20 Jan 1670.
     Bruce Bishop quoting Gaffney, 1970 states the McPhersons arrived in thre parish in the 17th century.
An Alex McPheson of Bellenlon ... [Jn..] paid tax on 2 horses in 1797-1798. On the same page (2) were Adam McPherson, Mains ... with 1 horse and Cosmo McPherson & Geo McPherson, both of Ellick paying for 2 hoses each. Also a John McPherson Blearnamire with 1 horse. On page 3 were John McPherson Fotherletter with 1 horse, John McPheson Findron with 2.
     Paul is the first linked member of the McPherson family we can confirm. He farmed at Blackhaugh which appears to be new lands on the Chabet Water.
     There was a contemporary Abbe Paul MacPherson (1756-1846) at Salan seminary at neighbouring Braes of Glenlivet. He was sent to Rome on a mission in 1812 by the British government, then imprisoned by Napoleon at Savona. MacPherson's readiness to co-operate helped to bring about the relaxation of the British government's restrictions on Catholics. He returned to Glenlivet in 1820 to build up chapel, presbytery and school. From 1717 to 1799 about 100 priests were trained in the seminary there. He was born at Scalan 4 March 1756, the son of Paul MacPherson and Jean Cumming; arrived at Scots College Rome 8 Feb 1770; for reasons of health, came to Valledolid; ordained a priest by Bishop of Segovia in his private chapel, 6 April 1779 and left for Scotland 21 April 1779; procurator of the Scottish Mission, Rome 1793-98; returned to Rome 1814 and then became the rector of the college there 1820-27 and 1835-46; died in Rome 24 Nov 1846 and buried in college chapel.
     In the Muster roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart's army 1745-6 the following Paul McPhersons are listed in Cluny McPherson's regiment: of Machemill, of Reylahyle, horsekeeper to Cluny. The first two surrendered.
     Paul MacPherson married Janet Riach circa 1776 in Banffshire, Scotland.
Paul MacPherson was listed on the rent roll of the Duke of Gordon, in 1785, for property in Blackhaugh, Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. Cropt 1785: Blackhaugh, no lease, Grassum.
Blackhaugh is located off the main Avonside Road, B9136, from Ballanlish to Croughly. Part of this road forms part of the Tomintoul Spur of the Speyside Way. It now forms part of the Forestry Commission lands with only a path through to Ballanlish.
Paul MacPherson was listed on the rent roll of the Gordon estate, in 1790, for property in Kirkmichael, Banffshire. 1790: Black-haugh, £3/10/- rental, 1 custom wedder, farm.
Paul MacPherson was listed on the rent roll of the Gordon estate, between 1800 and 1801, for property in Blackhaugh, Kirkmichael. He was 1 shilling in arrears.
Paul MacPherson was listed on the rent roll of the Duke of Gordon, in 1802, for property in Kirkmichael. "State of the multures payable by the tenants in Mr Marshall's collection in proportion to their present rents 1802": Paul McPherson, Blackhaugh. £4/10/- rental, Money...
Others were: Alexander McPherson etc. ilisted at Easter Inverauries, money £40, grassum £160 converted £16, 2 wedders £1.£57 rent, proportion of multures £2/5/11. Paul is listed separately at Blackhaugh.
Paul MacPherson was listed on the rent roll of the Duke of Gordon, in 1809, for property in Kirkmichael. 1809: crop Blackhaugh, rental £7/7/-. Old feus nos.42 & 43 - half tenements each in Tomintoul. Also lot 7 between the service roads South, Tomintoul; Lot next to Foordmouth & St Bridget, held with Miss Goggin. This Probably a different Paul.

Child of Paul MacPherson and Betty MacGregor

Children of Paul MacPherson and Janet Riach

Janet Riach

(before 1760 - )
     Janet Riach was born before 1760 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. She should be the daughter of Peter & Sarah according to the traditional naming patterns..
     Janet Riach married Paul MacPherson circa 1776 in Banffshire, Scotland.
     Janet Riach appeared on the on 20 April 1824 'status animarum' in Blackhaughs of Kebbet, Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. She may be the Janet Riach, widow, communicant of Tomintoul listed along with Isabel Riach, single.
     Janet Riach appeared on the 1841 census in Kirktown, Kirkmichael, Banffshire. She may be the pauper, Jane McPherson, aged 85.

Children of Janet Riach and Paul MacPherson

Anne Grant

(before 1795 - between 1835 and 1848)
     Anne Grant was born before 1795 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland.
     Anne Grant married Alexander MacPherson, son of Paul MacPherson and Janet Riach, on 7 June 1817 in Kirkmichael, BAN, SCT. Alexander MacPherson, blacksmith, Blackhaughs & Ann Grant, Inverlochy were married June 7, 1817.
     Anne died between 1835 and 1848. However an Ann McPherson or Grant, aged 54, single, daughter of Robert Grant & Jane McPherson, was buried at Tomintoul in 1861.
     Anne Grant and Alexander MacPherson appeared on the 1841 census in Rothes, Moray. Alexander Macpherson 45, Annie Macpherson 45, Margaret Gordon 60 (6?).

Children of Anne Grant and Alexander MacPherson