Alexander MacPherson

(June 1787 - before 1848)
     Alexander MacPherson was christened in June 1787 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire. Alexr, son to Paul McPherson, Black Haugh & Janet Riach his spouse, bp June -- 1787. He was the son of Paul MacPherson and Janet Riach.
     1802 "State of the multures payable by the tenants in Mr Marshall's collection in proportion to their present rents 1802. Alexander McPherson etc. is listed at Easter Inverauries, money £40, grassum £160 converted £16, 2 wedders £1.£57 rent, proportion of multures £2/5/11.
     Alexander MacPherson married Lizzy or Elizabeth Grant before 1807 in Banffshire, Scotland. Alexander was a blacksmith from 1814, Kirkmichael. In 1814 he was a blacksmith of Inverlochy, in 1817 he was at Blackhaughs.
     Alexander MacPherson married Anne Grant on 7 June 1817 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. Alexander MacPherson, blacksmith, Blackhaughs & Ann Grant, Inverlochy were married June 7, 1817. Alexander MacPherson was a tenant of the Duke of Gordon in 1821 in Blackhaugh, Kirkmichael. The factor described him as "Alexander McPherson, a good tenant.' He was not listed in the communicants roll between 1835 and 1837 in Kirkmichael.
     Alexander MacPherson and Anne Grant appeared on the 1841 census in Rothes, Moray. Alexander Macpherson 45, Annie Macpherson 45, Margaret Gordon 60 (6?).
     Alexander died before 1848. He and his wife were not living when their son Paul emigrated. Donald Ross the tenant & occupier at Blackhaugh in the 1855 Valuation roll..

Children of Alexander MacPherson and Lizzy or Elizabeth Grant

Children of Alexander MacPherson and Anne Grant

Samuel Emslie

(circa 1770? - before 1841)
     Samuel Emslie was born circa 1770? In Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He was the son of Patriarch Peter? Emslie.
     Samuel Emslie married Elizabeth Jamieson on 7 February 1792 in Premnay, Aberdeenshire. Samuel was a farmer. Thomas Gordon of Premnay was the proprietor of Lickleyhead, Barnes, Newton & Overhall in 1770. The Prdnanace survey books state: Harestone was: A very fine substantial farmsteading situated a little north of the Premnay Inn, the property of H. Lumsden Esq. Clova. Auchleven was a small village in the parish of Premnay, situated a little west from the centre of the parish and at the foot of Benachie. There is nothing of any note connected with it though the old castle of Licklyhead is close to it. There is also a small mound in form resembling the Bass of Inverurie, which stands in the village but no authentic information can be procured respecting it. It is called the Castle Hillock, though I can't understand how it derived that name unless it be from the Castle of Licklyhead. The village contains a Carding Mill, (corn) Mill, Grocers Shop, Smithy &c. Stone Cists and Urns have been found near the village. It is a small straggling village composed in general of very inferior houses.
Edingarioch was described as: A very fine substantial farmsteading, situated near the village of Auchleven on the south side of the Gaudie. the property of H. Lumsden Esq. Clova.
Backbrae was described as: An ordinary farmhouse with offices and garden attached, property of the heirs of the late Henry Lumsden Esqr..
     Samuel of Edingarroch in Premnay appears to have moved to Aberdeen between 1796 and 1802. The naming pattern suggests that his father was Peter or James, so possibly he is the brother of James who inherited the farm at Premnay, though born at Tullynessle. There is no Samuel Emslie listed in the Aberdeen directories.
     Samuel died before 1841. He may be the Samuel Emslie buried 1 Oct 1832 at St Peter's churchyard, Aberdeen. There is no corresponding entry in ScotlandsPeopel website.

Children of Samuel Emslie and Elizabeth Jamieson

Elizabeth Jamieson

(circa 1772 - before 13 May 1819)
     Elizabeth Jamieson was born circa 1772 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
     Elizabeth Jamieson married Samuel Emslie, son of Patriarch Peter? Emslie, on 7 February 1792 in Premnay, Aberdeenshire.
     Elizabeth died before 13 May 1819 in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. She was buried on 13 May 1819 in Spital cemetery, Aberdeen. Eliz. Jamison, wife of Samual Emslie, labourer, Aberdeen, aged 46.

Children of Elizabeth Jamieson and Samuel Emslie