Hugh Gressam

     Hugh Gressam married Dorothy Popplewell, daughter of Robert Popplewell and Ann Brighouse, on 5 October 1615 in Flixborough, Lincolnshire.

Children of Hugh Gressam and Dorothy Popplewell

Jane Gressam

(before 2 December 1618 - )
     Jane Gressam was born before 2 December 1618 in Rossington, Yorkshire, England. She was the daughter of Hugh Gressam and Dorothy Popplewell.

Alice Gressome

(circa 1620? - )
     Alice Gressome was born circa 1620?.
Alice Gressome married Brian Rich, son of Brian Rich and Ann Raine, on 16 November 1643 in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

William Grevell

(1915 - 1951)
     William Grevell was born in 1915 in Queensland, Australia.
     William died in 1951 in Queensland.

Ann Greville

     Ann Greville was born in Warwickshire, England.
     Ann Greville married Morris Wynne as his second wife, circa 1565.

Child of Ann Greville and Morris Wynne

Sir Henry de Grey

Child of Sir Henry de Grey

Eleanor Grey

( - circa 1503)
     Eleanor Grey married John Arundell, son of Thomas Arundell, before 1500. She was the daughter of Thomas Grey, 1st marquess of Dorset).
     Eleanor died circa 1503.

Children of Eleanor Grey and John Arundell

Frances Grey

( - November 1807)
     Frances Grey was born. She was the daughter of William Grey, esq.. Frances Grey was also known as Fanny in records.
     Frances Grey married Warneford Armstrong as his third wife, in January 1760.
     Frances Grey was mentioned in the will of Warneford Armstrong dated 2 October 1766.
     Frances died in November 1807 in Dublin, Ireland.

Children of Frances Grey and Warneford Armstrong

Sir John Grey

( - 13 December 1392)
     Sir John Grey married Alice de Lisle, daughter of Warin de Lisle and Alice Tyes, before 20 October 1330.
     John died on 13 December 1392.

Margaret Grey

(before 1625 - )
     Margaret Grey was born before 1625.
Margaret Grey married Robert Bullett on 26 September 1639 in Thaxtead, Essex. They had 5 known children at Thaxtead incude a John 25 August 1658 and a Robert baptised 20 Feb 1647. Therew was also a Thomas Bulletout having children at Ashdow Essex in the 1650s..

Maud or Matilda Grey

(before 1305 - after 3 January 1376/77)
     Maud or Matilda Grey was also known as Maud de Ferrers in records. She was born before 1305 in England. She was the daughter of Sir Henry de Grey.
Maud or Matilda Grey married John de Lisle 2nd Baron, son of Robert de Lisle and Margaret de Beauchamp, before 16 December 1332. He married before 16 Dec 1332 when they had dispensation to remain in the marriage they had contracted while ignorant that they were within the 4th degree, Maud daughter of Sir Henry de Grey.
     Maud or Matilda Grey was the subject of an Inquisition Post Mortem held 10 June 10 Edw III [1336]. Maud de Ferers, late the wife of John de Insula. Writ 10 June 10 Edw III: Southampton: Inq 29 June 10 Edw III: Compton Monceaux. The manor (extent given) held for life of John de Fienles and Maud his wife by service of a rose yearly, by fine levied in the king's court, with reversion to the said John & Maud and the heirs of the said Maud. She held no other lands in the county. She had no heir of the said manor, by virtue of the fine aforesaid.
3 Non. Jan. Avignon.(f. 309d.) To Matilda, wife of John de Insula, lord of Rougemont (de Rubeomonte), knight, of the diocese of Ely. Indult to enter the monasteries of St. Clare, Aldgate, London, and of Denny, in the diocese of Ely, with two honest matrons.
18 Kal. Feb.Avignon. (f. 310d.)To the archbishop of York. Mandate, at the request of John de Insula, knight (as above), to appropriate to the monastery of Bolton in Craven, endowed by the predecessor of the said knight, the church of Horwode, in his diocese, given by the same knight, a vicar's portion being assigned; six priests being appointed by the prior of the monastery to celebrate masses for the souls of the said John, his predecessor, and other faithful
. From: 'Regesta 222: 1353', Calendar of Papal Registers Relating to Great Britain and Ireland, Volume 3: 1342-1362 (1897), pp. 485-496. URL: rougemont Date accessed: 12 March 2012.. She was widowed on 14 October 1355 on the death of her husband John de Lisle 2nd Baron. Maud or Matilda Grey was the subject of an Inquisition on 6 April 1356. Maud, late the wife of John de Insula de Rougemont:
Writ missing but the date is stated in the following assignment to have been 6 April, 30 Edw III [1356].
York. Assignment in dower of the manor of Harewood, made there in the presence of William Fraunk of Alwetheley, Nicholas de Harwod, William Gascoigne and Robert de Ecclesley.
The following were assigned to her by the escheator: -Within the chief messuage of the said manor, a chamber with a cellar called Benal chaumbre, a chamber with a cellar called Risshton chaumbre, a small chamber by 'Le Garner' towards the east, a small stable by the gate of the manor, a chapel & an old kitchen thereby for a a grange of the said dower, a third part 'del Felhous' etc. (full details given with field names and tenants). The towns of Stokton, Donkeswyk, Helthwayt and Carleton are mentioned as appurtenances of the said manor, and foreign tenants in Westcogh, Hoby and Alwetheley; as also a plot of meadow and pasture called 'Rugemont' and a rent paid by the abbot of Sallay for the fishpond of the mill of Kerby; and the profits of court both of the borough and of other tenants within the lordship of the manor
She is sometimes called "de Ferrers". She held one third of the manor of Harewood in dower in 1357.
Elizabeth and Maud was party to a deed dated 1364 in Harewood, Yorkshire; Inquisition whether it would be to the detriment of the King or of others that Robert de l'Isle of Rougemont, kt should enfeoff William de Aldeburgh kt and Elizabeth his wife of 2 parts of the manor of Harewood, which he held in chief: and should concede that the third part of the said manor, which Maud late the wife of John de l'Isle of Rougemont, father of Robert, held in dowry, should remain after Maud's death to Wm & Elizabeth.
Robert de l'Isle paid £70 pre licencia feoffandi the two parts of the manor, 16 June 1634.
Cokayne notes that the remainder was to the heirs of William not Elizabeth.
]Robert was paid 1000 pounds for Harewood by his brother-in-law William Aldburgh in 1365. [Fine 38 Edw III]
     Maud died after 3 January 1376/77.

Children of Maud or Matilda Grey and John de Lisle 2nd Baron

Emma Grieg

     Emma Grieg married James Ruby.

Child of Emma Grieg and James Ruby

James Ross Grieve

(23 December 1948 - 17 February 1973)
     James Ross Grieve was born on 23 December 1948. He was the son of John Reginald Wickham Grieve and Mary Bowden MacKenzie.
     James died in a motor cycle accident on 17 February 1973 aged 24.

John Reginald Wickham Grieve

(say 1920 - )
     John Reginald Wickham Grieve was born say 1920.
John Reginald Wickham Grieve married Mary Bowden MacKenzie, daughter of James George MacKenzie and Vio Jewel Bowden, on 21 December 1947.

Child of John Reginald Wickham Grieve and Mary Bowden MacKenzie

Ann Griffin

(circa 1824 - )
     Ann Griffin was born circa 1824 in Boro Fen, Northamptonshire.
The marriage of Ann Griffin and Henry Layton Burnham, son of John Burnham and Mary Blunt, was registered in Peterborough RD in the June 1844 quarter.
     Ann Griffin and Henry Layton Burnham were recorded on the 1851 census in Market Place, Whittlesey. Henry Layton Burnham, 28? farmer of 350 acres, 8 labourers, born Whittlesey; his wife Ann aged 27, born B..., Northamptonshire?, children Mary Ann 6, Elizabeth 4, Harry ..months, all born at Whittlesey, with 2 servants and a nurse.
     Ann Griffin and Henry Layton Burnham were recorded on the 1861 census in Whittlesey. Henry L Burnham 38, farmer of 392 acres employing 11 men and three boys, born Whittlesey, his wife Ann Burnham 37, born Boro' Fen, Northants; children Mary A Burnham 16, Elizabeth Burnham 14, Henry Burnham 10, Alice Burnham 6, Robert H Griffin 12, visitor, farm boy, born Boro Fen, Ann Watson 43, cook, Jane Courts 22, general servant. They lived next door to Thomas Bowker, farmer of 286 acres and his family.
     Ann Griffin and Henry Layton Burnham were recorded on the 1881 census in Market Place, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. Henry L Burnham, aged 58, born Whittlesey, magistrate farmer of 630 acres 14 men, 4 boys & 2 women; his wife Ann, aged 57, born Boro Fen, Northamptonshire; son George 19, born Whittlesey, with 2 servants.

Children of Ann Griffin and Henry Layton Burnham

Mary Griffin

     Mary Griffin was born in Tipperary, Ireland.
Mary Griffin married John Colbert before 1838 in Tipperary.

Child of Mary Griffin and John Colbert

Sarah Griffin

(29 February 1852 - )
     Sarah Griffin was born on 29 February 1852 in Salwarpe, Worcestershire. Geoff Ayres wrote: I believe she was the daughter of George Griffin and Winifred Bedwell, and baptised at Salwarpe on 29 Feb 1852 (IGI).
Alsothat George Griffin married Winifred Bedwell in Kempsey, Worcs. on 8 Jun 1835 (IGI)
     Sarah Griffin married Robert Sigsworth Martin as his second wife, in September 1875 in Woolwich RD, Kent. Sarah Griffin was listed as Robert Duncan Martin's daughter-in-law in the 1881 census in 97 Bloomfield Rd, West Plumstead, Kent. Robert Martin, head, widower, 77, retired brass fonder, born Woolwich, Kent, Robert S Martin, son, mar 40, illeg., born London, Sarah daughter in law, 29, born Lelerarp? Worcestershire, Nelly F?, grand daughter, 5, born Plumstead, Kent.
Sarah Griffin married Charles Langley as her second husband, between January 1888 and March 1888 in Worcester..
     Sarah Griffin and Charles Langley were recorded on the 1891 census in New Punch Bowl Inn, 8 Lich St, Worcester, Worcestershire. Charles Langley, 29, licenced victualler, born Worcester, with his wife Sarah 36, born Droitwich, Worcs, and stepchildren Nellie F Martin 15 born Plumstead; Percy D/O Martin 9, scholar, born Plumstead; Mable F Martin 7, scholar, born Worcester.

Children of Sarah Griffin and Robert Sigsworth Martin

William Stewart Griffin

(circa 1868 - )
     William Stewart Griffin was born circa 1868.
William Stewart Griffin married Sophia Kate Dempster, daughter of Percival Wilkes Dempster and Mary Ann Sophia Elizabeth Dean, on 3 September 1896 in St Anne's, Tottenham, Middlesex.

Eva ferch Griffith Vaughan

     Eva ferch Griffith Vaughan married David Lord of Friw Lly ap Gruffudd, son of Gruffudd Lord of Friwlwyd ap Caradog and Lleucu ferch Llywerch Vaughan. Eva ferch Griffith Vaughan was born in Wales. She was the daughter of Gruffudd Vychan ap Gruffudd ap Moriddig.

Child of Eva ferch Griffith Vaughan and David Lord of Friw Lly ap Gruffudd

Catherine Griffith

     Catherine Griffith married Sir Richard Bulkeley (Chamberlain of North Wales), son of Rowland Bulkeley (of Beaumaris & Cheadle) and Alice Beconsai. She was the daughter of Sir William Griffith of Penrhyn.

Catherine Griffith (Buck)

(1756 - )
     Catherine Griffith (Buck) was commonly known as Kitty. She was born in 1756 in Ireland. She was the daughter of Richard Griffith and Elizabeth Griffith (Griffith).

Edward Griffith

     Edward Griffith was born in Ireland. He was the son of the Very Rev Richard Griffith, (1643-1717), rector of Coleraine & Dean of Ross.
     He served as an Ensign in Col Pearce's Regiment from 1706. Served in Portugal and was sent to England to recruit in 1709. Appointed ensign in Maj-Gen Chas Sibourg's regiment 24 Febraury 1713.
Edward Griffith married Abigail Handcock, daughter of Sir William Handcock and Elizabeth Coddington, circa 1713 in Ireland.

Children of Edward Griffith and Abigail Handcock

Edward Griffith

(circa 1716 - )
     Edward Griffith was born circa 1716 in Ireland. He was the son of Edward Griffith and Abigail Handcock.

Edward Noel Griffith

(14 October 1896 - )
     Edward Noel Griffith was born on 14 October 1896.
Edward Noel Griffith married Maude Lyle Hooper, daughter of Henry Brereton Hooper and Anna Maria Mackay, on 21 April 1919 in St Mary, Witney, Oxfordshire.

Elizabeth Griffith (Griffith)

(11 October 1727? - January 1793)
     Elizabeth Griffith (Griffith) was born on 11 October 1727?. She was the daughter of Thomas Griffith (1677-1744) & Jane Foxcroft (1694-1773). Elizabeth was an actress. On Oct. 13, 1749, Elizabeth debuted at the Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet (with Thomas Sheridan as Romeo). She continued to act throughout this season and the following season, including roles as Alinda, in The Loyal Subject; Cordelia, in King Lear; The Lady, in Milton's Comus; Andromache in The Distrest Mother; Calista, in The Fair Penitent (with Sheridan as Horatio); Laura, in James Thomson's Tancred and Sigismunda; Marcia, in Cato; and the Countess of Nottingham, in The Earl of Essex.
The following season, 1750-1751, she appeared as: Cordelia (Lear); Sylvia, in The Double Gallant; The Countess of Nottingham (The Earl of Essex); Andromache (The Distrest Mother); Lady Macduff, in Macbeth; Ismene, in Phaedra and Hippolitus; Leonora, in The Spanish Fryar; Pulcheria, in Theodosius; Lucinda, in The Conscious Lovers; Jane Shore, in Jane Shore (her first title role); and Ismene, in Hill's Merope.
Elizabeth Griffith (Griffith) married Richard Griffith, son of Edward Griffith and Abigail Handcock, on 12 May 1751 in Ireland. Richard traveled extensively, and Elizabeth helped to support their family with her writing career. They were the authors of "A series of genuine letters between Henry & Frances" in 1746. See the Genealogical Society of Ireland journal v. 11 (2010) - "A social aspect of older times" by Bill Griffith for more on this family.
     Elizabeth died in January 1793 in 'Millicent House', Clane, Kildare, aged 65. The Waterford herald, no. 304, Thursday 10 Jan reported: Last Saturday at millecent, county Kildare, Mrs Griffith, relict of the late Richard Griffith, Esq.

Children of Elizabeth Griffith (Griffith) and Richard Griffith

Elizabeth Griffith (Welch)

(circa 1720 - )
     Elizabeth Griffith (Welch) was born circa 1720 in Ireland. She was the daughter of Edward Griffith and Abigail Handcock.

John Griffith

(circa 1719 - )
     John Griffith was born circa 1719 in Ireland. He was the son of Edward Griffith and Abigail Handcock.

Richard Griffith

(17 March 1714 - 1788)
     Richard Griffith was christened on 17 March 1714 in London. For further details see [EMAIL:][:EMAIL]. He was the son of Edward Griffith and Abigail Handcock.
Richard Griffith married Elizabeth Griffith (Griffith) on 12 May 1751 in Ireland. Richard traveled extensively, and Elizabeth helped to support their family with her writing career. They were the authors of "A series of genuine letters between Henry & Frances" in 1746. See the Genealogical Society of Ireland journal v. 11 (2010) - "A social aspect of older times" by Bill Griffith for more on this family.
     Richard resided at 'Maidenhall', Bennetsbridge, Kilkenny, Ireland.
     Richard died in 1788 in Naas, Kildare, Ireland.

Children of Richard Griffith and Elizabeth Griffith (Griffith)

Richard Griffith

(10 June 1752 - 1820)
     Richard Griffith was born on 10 June 1752 in Abbey St, Dublin, Ireland. He was the son of Richard Griffith and Elizabeth Griffith (Griffith).
He became a writer in the East India Company. Richard was an accountant for the East India Company and upon his return in 1786?, settled at Millicent House, Kildare, Ireland. His parents lived with him there. He made a fortune in India dealing with opium among things. See the Genealogical Societyo f Ireland journal v. 9 (2008) for an account of "Richard Griffith in India (1770-1780) by W S Griffith.
Richard Griffith married Charity Yorke Bramston on 17 September 1780.      
Richard Griffith was MP for Askeaton between 1783 and 1790 for Limerick.
     Richard resided at Naas, Kildare, Ireland.
     Richard resided at 'Millicent', Kildare, Ireland.
     Richard died in 1820.

Child of Richard Griffith and Charity Yorke Bramston

Sir Richard John Griffith

(20 September 1784 - 22 September 1878)
     Sir Richard John Griffith was born on 20 September 1784 in Hume St, Dublin. He was the son of Richard Griffith and Charity Yorke Bramston.
LHe was a Lieut. in Royal Irish Artillery, 1799; resigned at Act of Union; ed. as engineer in London and Edinburgh; returned to Ireland, 1808; surveyed Leinster coalfields for RDS, 1808; engineer to Commissioner on Bogs of Ireland, 1809-1812 [var. to 1810]; appt. RDS Professor of Mining and Geology, 1812; Wollaston medal for geological map, 1815; appt. govt. inspector of mines; appt. Commissioner of Valuation on passage of Valuation Act, 1827; superintendent of road construction in south, 1822-30; Commissioner of Valuation, 1828-68 (working with Patrick Ganly, 1809-99, who discovered cross stratification); held responsibility for valuations in conjunction with the projected 6-inch Irish map series of the Ordnance Survey Commission; prepared Geological Map of Ireland (finalised 1855); surveyed every parish and townland from 1830; issued The Valuation of Ireland, basing valuations on soil and subjacent rock, establishing yardstick of ‘Griffith’s valuation’; deputy chairman of Board of Works, 1846; Chairman, 1850-64; Hon. LLD TCD, 1851; his Geological Map of Ireland adopted by Ordnance Board in 1855; created baronet, 1858; d. 22 Sept., Fitzwilliam Place; his valuations of Irish parishes and townlands are esteemed book collector’s items, generally printed by Thom; there is a marble bust by Sir Thomas Farrell in the RDS.
Sir Richard John Griffith married Maria Jane Unknown.
     Richard died on 22 September 1878 in 2 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin, Ireland, aged 94. He was buried in Mt Jerome cemetery, Harolds Cross, Dublin.