Elizabeth James

(after 1656 - before 1670)
     Elizabeth James was born after 1656. She was the daughter of Sir John James and Mary Killigrew.
     Elizabeth died before 1670. Died in infancy..

Anne Killigrew

(7 September 1607 - 6 July 1641)
Anne Killligrew (Kirke) c. 1637
     Anne Killigrew was christened on 7 September 1607 in Hanworth, Middlesex. She was aged 14 in 1622. She was the daughter of Sir Robert Killigrew and Mary Woodhouse.
     Anne Killigrew was mentioned in the will of Margaret or Margery Saunders (Leigh) dated 22 May 1623.
     Anne Killigrew married George Kirke on 4 January 1627. She was the daughter of Sir Robert killigrew of Kempton, Mdx. They had 2 sons and 2 daughter, one of each dying in his lifetime. He married secondly Mary, daughter of Aurelian Townsend in 1646.
Kirke’s first marriage involved him in an unpopular Lincolnshire drainage project, which led to rioting on the outbreak of the Civil War, when he accompanied the Court to Oxford. Following the end of hostilities he paid £985 to compound for his delinquency.
     Copy Letters patent 11 Dec. 1627 confirming an indenture of lease 1 Aug. 1627 by Walter, Fullerton and Trevor to George Kirke a Groom of the Bedchamber, of the lordship of Sheriff Hulton and lands in Offringham and Cottinghams, for 80 years on the lives of George Kirke and Anne Killigrew of Lothbury London daughter of Sir Robert Killigrew, at £24.5. -, except lands surrendered by George Kirke by indenture 17 Nov. 1627.
Certified copy. Oath as to correctness of copy and to the effect that George Kirke was alive and in the rules of the Upper Bach Prison on that day, 23 May 1653, Sworn by Thomas Rudd, cit. & haberdasher
. A picture of Anne Killigrew by Isaac Beckett, after Sir Anthony van Dyck circa 1637. Thee copies circa 1680-4 are held in the National Portrait Gallery.
     She was appointed dresser to Queen Henrietta Maria in 1637, and first wife of George Kirke, the notorious groom of the chambers. In Robert Heath's "Clarastella" is an "Epicedium on the beautiful lady".
     Anne died by drowning from London Bridge when the Royal barge collapsed on 6 July 1641 in All Saints Franciscan church, London, England, aged 33. She was buried on 9 July 1641 in Westminster Abbey, London.

Children of Anne Killigrew and George Kirke