Peter MacPherson

(23 November 1819 - 4 October 1904)
     Peter MacPherson was born on 23 November 1819 in Blackhaugh, Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. He was the son of Alexander MacPherson and Anne Grant. Peter MacPherson was christened on 27 November 1819 in Kirkmichael. Peter, son of Alexander McPherson in Blackhaugh by Ann Grant his spouse was born the 23rd, bapt the 27 Nov 1819..
     Peter MacPherson and Peter MacPherson appeared on the 1841 census in Mains, Kirkmichael, Banffshire. Peter McPherson aged 18, was a male servant in the household headed by George Stuart, farmer at Mains. Peter MacPherson was listed in a directory dated 1844 as Peter McPherson, Hardware shop at 44 North Gallery, Newmarket, Aberdeen. He and John Emslie witnessed Paul MacPherson and Jane Emslie's wedding on 12 September 1844 in St Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
     He may have been the Peter, residing at Ballinbone, who married Elizabeth Stuart residing at Mains of Inverourie, both of this parish, 9 Dec 1847 at Kirkmichael? However this Peter went on to have 6 children and died at Rothes. See George Watts notes. He was not in Kirkmichael in 1851 census. Peter was a farm servant before 1848.. He was listed in a directory dated between 1848 and 1849 as Hatters: Peter McPherson, manufacturer at 14 Market Gallery, Aberdeen.
     Peter MacPherson lived at Banff, Banffshire, Scotland, June 1849. He was a hat manufacturer.
     Peter MacPherson married Ann Murray on 25 June 1849 in the United Presbyterian church, St Nicholas Lane, Aberdeen. Peter McPherson, hat manufacturer, Banff, and Ann Murray, residing in Dee St in this parish signified their purpose of marriage by Mr Alex Crombie Elder and being thrice proclaimed, they were married on the 25th June 1849 by the Rev Henry Angus, Minister of the United Presbyterian Chuch, St Nicholas Lane, Aberdeen.
This marriage is also proclaimed in Banff, Banffshire on 23rd June 1849 Peter Mcpherson, formerly Farm Servant, now hat maker in Banff and Ann Murray in the parish of Old Machar, were contracted for the purpose of Marriage and afyrt public Proclamations in the Parish Church were married by the Revd. Henry? Angus Minr. of the United Prespyterian Church, Aberdeen on 25th June 1849. Below the entry there is an N.B. Farm Servant" was inserted afterwards at Mr McPherson's desire. Signed Alex. Smith, S.C..
     Peter MacPherson and Ann Murray arrived per "Catherine" on 26 May 1851 at Adelaide, South Australia. Peter (aged 31, labourer, Banff) and his wife Ann (aged 30) with their infant daughter Margaret. They departed Liverpool 9 Feb 1851 via Plymouth and arrived at Port Adelaide on Monday 26 May.. Peter MacPherson was listed in a directory dated 1854 as Peter McPherson, gold miner at Heathcote, Victoria. He was listed in a directory dated 1856 as Peter McPherson, miner at Alma, Victoria. He was listed in a directory dated from 1858 as Peter McPherson, farmer at Bet Bet, Victoria.
     Gary McPherson holds a 'Forget me not' card dated 1868 from Mrs George Gordon of Aberdeen in which she describes herself as sister to Paul McPherson of Newmarket, Peter McPherson of Bet Bet & Alexander Borland of Laanecoorie. He was listed in a directory dated 1868 as Peter McPherson, farmer at Eddington, Victoria. He was listed in a directory dated 1871 as P McPherson, farmer at Bet Bet, Victoria. He was listed in a directory dated between 1884 and 1885 as Peter McPherson at Eddington. He was listed in a directory dated 1899 as Peter McPherson, farmer at Eddington.
          The Cyclopedia of Victoria states that he was born in Scotland in 1819. At home he learned the trade of hatter, and worked at it as a journeyman in England & Scotland, as he also did for a few months after his arrival in South Australia in 1851. Crossing over into Victoria he went to the Forest Creek and other goldfields, where he engaged in mining for some time with considerable success. After that he proceeded to his present location and selected 80 acres of land, to which he has gradually added so much that he now holds 320 acres, which he uses for agriculture and dairy farming, and besides he has an orchard.
Eddington reflections states that Peter McPherson, an early settler in the Eddington district, was born in Scotland in 1819. He trained as a hatter and worked for established hatters in Scotland and England. He arrived in Adelaide in 1851 where he carried on his trade for several months before moving to the Victorian goldfield of Forest Creek (Castlemaine). After working successfully for some time at Forest Creek he selected 80 acres of land at Eddington. By the 1880s he had increased his holding to 320 acres and was [using] the land for agriculture, dairying and an orchard. There is a memorial window to Mr & Mrs P McPherson in St Andrew's Presbyterian church, erected when the church was extensively renovated.
Mrs Heena McPherson, in her letter dated 29 May 89, states that William had a sister Anne ? who married a Formby and a brother Alix, but she didn't know them
The original property owned by Peter McPherson at Betley was named "Logie" and was situated on the Bet Bet Creek a mile or so downstream from Betley, on the road to Eddington. The home was built on the north side of the Creek and the ruins are still visible and the large cellar is quite distinct. The cellar measures 36 x 12 feet (the wedding breakfast for Edith & Neil Forbes was held there and seated almost 100 people). Before 1910 Betley was known as Middle Bridge. The property was mixed farming with wheat and crops, sheep, cows etc. and fruit trees along the creek flats. His son Charles then lived on the property until 1922 when he moved to Shepparton. Peter's son Willie had a farm nearby called "Laurie" [Letter from Barry Klemm 27 Feb 1990].
     Peter MacPherson made a will dated 16 November 1901.
     Peter died on 4 October 1904 in Middlebridge, Betley, Victoria, aged 84. MCPHERSON.- On the 4th October, at his residence, Middlebridge, Peter Mcpherson, native of Banffshire, Scotland, aged 84 years. (A colonist of 53 years.). He was buried on 5 October 1904 in Eddington.
     His will was proved on 13 December 1904 in Victoria. Peter McPherson, late of Middlebridge, farmer. His estate was valued at £970/13/- and later at £2675/13/-.

Children of Peter MacPherson and Ann Murray

Alexander MacPherson

(27 June 1822 - 1910)
     Alexander MacPherson was born on 27 June 1822 in Blackhaugh, Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. He was the son of Alexander MacPherson and Anne Grant. Alexander MacPherson was christened on 3 July 1822 in Kirkmichael. Alexander, son of Alexander McPherson, Blackhaughs by Ann Grant his spouse was born 27 June & bapt. 3rd July 1822. Witnesses Marjory McKenzie & Ann McPherson.
     Alexander MacPherson married Jean Unknown before 1851.
     Alexander MacPherson and Jean Unknown were recorded on the 1851 census in 66 Gerrard St, Aberdeen. Alexander Mcpherson 28, confectioner, born Kirkmichael, Jean Mcpherson 29, born Aberdeen.
     Alexander may have died as Alex McPherson, aged 89, at Violet Town, son of Alex McPherson and Annie 1910/14595) in 1910.