James Reach or MacKenzie

(22 February 1778 - )
     James Reach or MacKenzie was born on 22 February 1778 in Kilmuir Easter, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. He was the son of Alexander Reach and Jean Munro. James Reach or MacKenzie was christened on 26 February 1778 in Kilmuir Easter. James McKenzie, son of Alexander & Jean, Portlich, witnessed by Don Munro & Isabel McKenzie.

Thomas Killigrew

(before 1505 - )
     Thomas Killigrew was born before 1505. He was the second son.. He was the son of Robert Killigrew and Elizabeth Morys (of Wolstane).

Elinor Killigrew

     Elinor Killigrew was the daughter of Robert Killigrew and Elizabeth Morys (of Wolstane).
     Elinor Killigrew and Agnes Unknown (Killigrew), John Killigrew, Agnes Killigrew (Buscarnon), Robert Killigrew, Thomas Killigrew, Elizabeth Killigrew and Thomas Killigrew were beneficiaries in Thomas Killigrew's will dated 22 March 1500/1. Eleanor the daughter of Robert Kylligrewe was bequeathed one silver nut by her grandfatherThomas.
     She was named in the will of her cousin Thomas Killigrew (grandfather in 1501); an Ellen Killigrew was named in the 1567 will of James Killigrew.