John Emslie

(18 September 1865 - )
     John Emslie was born on 18 September 1865 in Old Machar, Aberdeenshire. He was the son of John Emslie and Elizabeth Binnie (Watson). John and Elizabeth were listed as the children of John Emslie in the 1871 census in 15/25 Bank Street, Ferryhill, Aberdeen. John Emslie and Jane Emslie, Samuel Emslie, Peter Emslie, Elizabeth Ann Emslie and Elizabeth Binnie (Watson) were beneficiaries in John Emslie's will proved 1 December 1874 in Aberdeen. John and Elizabeth were listed as the children of Elizabeth Binnie (Watson) in the 1881 census in 25 Bank St, Old Machar, Aberdeen.

Jane MacPherson

(1845 - 1920)
     Jane MacPherson was born in 1845 in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. She was aged 30 at her mother's death.. She was the daughter of Paul MacPherson and Jane Emslie.
     Jane immigrated with the family to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 20 December 1848 per "Waverley".
     Jane MacPherson married Joseph MacCulloch in 1867 in Victoria, Australia.
     In Paul MacPherson's will dated 24 September 1897 in Carisbrook, Victoria, Jane MacPherson was named as heir; Paul McPherson of Newmarket, near Carisbrook, farmer - ... Maryborough Benevolent Society £5, Victorian Alliance £10, unto my grandson Paul McPherson Robertson such of my deposit receipts in the London Bank of Australia Ltd, Maryborough, as may be current at the time of my decease together with such an amount out my person.... £50, unto my daughter Janet Balgowan Barr the sum of fifty pounds subject to ... by her husband Andrew Barr, Mrs Selina Earl of Maryborough, grocer..., unto my daughter Sarah Burns the sum of fifty pounds, my daughter Martha Jennings... grand-daughter Margaret McCulloch, grand-daughter Matilda McCulloch, niece Mary Harwood [Hurwood], son-in-law Henry Perryman, son Paul McPherson, son Peter McPherson, in equal proportions to my daughters Jane McCulloch and Mary Ann Robertson I devise all my real estate unto my son Peter McPherson and I hereby appoint Archibald McCrab of Deep Creek, (R McCulloch)?, my son Peter McPherson of Newmarket, farmer, executor...
     Jane was registered as McCulloch, Jane, h.d. at Carisbrook, Victoria, on the 1908 electoral roll. Also listed were McCulloch, George, farmer; John, farmer; Joseph, farmer; Matilda, h.d; Robert, farmer; William, Charlotte Plains, farm labourer.
     Jane MacPherson was mentioned in the will of Joseph MacCulloch dated 23 April 1915.
     Jane died in 1920 in Maryborough, Victoria. 20 March from descendant's Ancestry tree. She was buried in the cemetery, Carisbrook. Memorial inscription: In memory of Joseph McCulloch, and also – his wife Jane (no dates) The register destroyed by fire in 1921.

Children of Jane MacPherson and Joseph MacCulloch

Joseph MacCulloch

(13 January 1834 - 23 July 1915)
     Joseph MacCulloch was also known as MacCullogh in records. He was born on 13 January 1834 in Kincardine By Doune, Perthshire, Scotland. He was the son of Joseph & Margaret nee Graham.
     Joseph MacCulloch arrived per "Ellen Stuart" on 7 December 1858 at Victoria, from |Jos McCullogh 24 & Mary Ann McCullogh 26 were unassisted passengers.
     On 18 Sep 1863 Joseph McCulloch had an unclaimed letter at Yackandandah advertised in the Government gazette.
     Joseph MacCulloch married Jane MacPherson, daughter of Paul MacPherson and Jane Emslie, in 1867 in Victoria, Australia.
     Joseph MacCulloch made a will dated 23 April 1915. Joseph McCulloch, retired farmer of Carisbrook appoints his sons Joseph, Robert & John as executors and mentions his other children giving George, Margaret Glaznur, Jessie Moss & Rebecca Green £25. He gives his wife Jane an annuity of £50, after these legacies he bequaths the whole of his estate to his sons John, William & Alexander as tenants in common.
     Joseph died on 23 July 1915 in Carisbrook, Victoria, aged 81. He was buried in the cemetery, Carisbrook. Memorial inscription: In memory of Joseph McCulloch, and also – his wife Jane.
     His will was proved on 17 September 1915 at Victoria. Probate was granted to Robert McCulloch, of Mildura, railway employee; Robert McCulloch of Caulfield, gentleman and John McCullock of Carisbrook, farmer, executors.

Children of Joseph MacCulloch and Jane MacPherson