Andrew James Barr

(circa 1849 - 1930)
     Andrew James Barr was born circa 1849 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
     Andrew James Barr married Janet Belgowan MacPherson, daughter of Paul MacPherson and Jane Emslie, in 1874 in Victoria.
     Andrew died in 1930 in Fairfield, Victoria.

Child of Andrew James Barr and Janet Belgowan MacPherson

Peter MacPherson

(1856 - 1933)
     Peter MacPherson was born in 1856 in Alma, Victoria. He was the son of Paul MacPherson and Jane Emslie. Peter MacPherson was admitted to the hospital, Maryborough, between 1892 and 1907. Peter was admitted on April 11 1892 aged 36 farmer of Newmarket, single, Presbyterian, native of Alma. He was again admitted 7 Nov 1902, labourer, of Carisbrook, married. Emergency admission 30 May 1905, of Maryborough, and again admitted 19 Aug 1907.
     Peter was a defendant in a court case on 6 January 1892 in Maryborough, Victoria. He was convicted on a charge of "furious riding".
     In Paul MacPherson's will dated 24 September 1897 in Carisbrook, Victoria, Peter MacPherson was named as heir. Paul left all my real estate to my son Peter McPherson of Newmarket; Paul McPherson of Newmarket, near Carisbrook, farmer - ... Maryborough Benevolent Society £5, Victorian Alliance £10, unto my grandson Paul McPherson Robertson such of my deposit receipts in the London Bank of Australia Ltd, Maryborough, as may be current at the time of my decease together with such an amount out my person.... £50, unto my daughter Janet Balgowan Barr the sum of fifty pounds subject to ... by her husband Andrew Barr, Mrs Selina Earl of Maryborough, grocer..., unto my daughter Sarah Burns the sum of fifty pounds, my daughter Martha Jennings... grand-daughter Margaret McCulloch, grand-daughter Matilda McCulloch, niece Mary Harwood [Hurwood], son-in-law Henry Perryman, son Paul McPherson, son Peter McPherson, in equal proportions to my daughters Jane McCulloch and Mary Ann Robertson I devise all my real estate unto my son Peter McPherson and I hereby appoint Archibald McCrab of Deep Creek, (R McCulloch)?, my son Peter McPherson of Newmarket, farmer, executor... He was the informant at the death of Paul MacPherson, on 25 February 1898.
     Peter was a defendant in a court case between 18 October 1905 and 8 August 1905 in Maryborough. He was convicted for drunkenness.
     Peter died in 1933 in Maryborough, Victoria.

Isabella MacPherson

(circa 1858 - before 1870)
     Isabella MacPherson was born circa 1858 in Victoria. She was the daughter of Paul MacPherson and Jane Emslie.
     Isabella died before 1870. She was described as deceased at her mother's death in 1875.