John MacPherson

(circa 1860 - 1861)
     John MacPherson was born circa 1860 in Victoria. He was the son of Paul MacPherson and Jane Emslie.
     John died in 1861 in Victoria. He was aged 14 months.

Sarah MacPherson

(1863 - November 1925)
     Sarah MacPherson was born in 1863 in Carisbrook, Victoria. She was the daughter of Paul MacPherson and Jane Emslie.
     Sarah MacPherson married Unknown Burn after 1888.
     In Paul MacPherson's will dated 24 September 1897 in Carisbrook, Victoria, Sarah MacPherson was named as heir; Paul McPherson of Newmarket, near Carisbrook, farmer - ... Maryborough Benevolent Society £5, Victorian Alliance £10, unto my grandson Paul McPherson Robertson such of my deposit receipts in the London Bank of Australia Ltd, Maryborough, as may be current at the time of my decease together with such an amount out my person.... £50, unto my daughter Janet Balgowan Barr the sum of fifty pounds subject to ... by her husband Andrew Barr, Mrs Selina Earl of Maryborough, grocer..., unto my daughter Sarah Burns the sum of fifty pounds, my daughter Martha Jennings... grand-daughter Margaret McCulloch, grand-daughter Matilda McCulloch, niece Mary Harwood [Hurwood], son-in-law Henry Perryman, son Paul McPherson, son Peter McPherson, in equal proportions to my daughters Jane McCulloch and Mary Ann Robertson I devise all my real estate unto my son Peter McPherson and I hereby appoint Archibald McCrab of Deep Creek, (R McCulloch)?, my son Peter McPherson of Newmarket, farmer, executor...
     Sarah Byrnes, 64, widow, sister of Mrs P McPherson, who went missing from her home in Wagga in June 1925.
     Sarah died in November 1925 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. Sarah Burns, the sister of Paul McPherson was found dead in flood waters at Wagga in Nov 1925..

Paul MacPherson

(1867 - 5 August 1929)
     Paul MacPherson was born in 1867 in Carisbrook, Victoria. He was the son of Paul MacPherson and Jane Emslie.
     The Age Saturday 18 April 1936 p 8 has a photograph of the students at Carisbrook school including Paul McPherson in grade 5, c 1889.
     There are several references to Paul McPherson's farm near Wagga in the local newspapers between 1902 and 1907.. His telephone number was In Nov 1906 at an enquiry into more Kittagora famers: Paul McPherson, share farmer, Kittagora, said he was unmarried, but supported his widowed sister and her
child. Ho held a written agreement.
He had 300 acres uuder crop this year,
and he expected a crop oi about 14
bushels to the acre. His wished to remain where he was.
in November 1906 in Kittagora, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.
     Sarah Burns, the sister of Paul McPherson was found dead in flood waters at Wagga in Nov 1925.
     Paul died on 5 August 1929 in Coolamon, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. A Paul McPherson was buried at Wagga who died 5 August 1929. However he was not listed on his father's death certificate. A Paul McPherson was listed on the 1930 electoral roll as a farmer at Kittegorm, in the Coolamon district of the Riverina, NSW. He did not appear to have a wife.
The Sydney Morning Herald reported on 9 August 1929: FARMER FOUND DEAD.COOLAMON, Wednesday.
Mr Paul Mcpherson, a farmer in comfortable circumstances, who lived alone on his farm at Tooyal, was found by a neighbour dead in his kitchen on Monday. He had not been well for some time. An inquest was held to-day, the verdict being death from natural causes