Julia Christina Halahan

(circa 1900 - 13 July 1926)
     Julia Christina Halahan was born circa 1900 in Dublin. She was the daughter of Patrick Halahan and Julia O'Brien.
     Julia died on 13 July 1926 in 48 Lwr Camden St, Dublin. Julia Christina Halahan, spinster aged 26, house keeper. Her father Patrick was the informant.

Kathleen Halahan

     Kathleen Halahan was also known as Kitty in records. She was the daughter of Thomas Dufour Halahan OBE and Ethel Louisa Preston.
Kathleen Halahan married Arnold Cassie.

Kathleen Halahan

(10 March 1901 - 21 November 1997)
     Kathleen Halahan was commonly known as Kate. She was born on 10 March 1901. She was the daughter of Dr John Halahan and Edith Emily Bristowe.
     Kathleen was educated at Rodean School, Sussex.
Kathleen Halahan married Ronald Lockwood. This marriage does not seem to be registered in England.
     Kathleen died on 21 November 1997 aged 96.

Child of Kathleen Halahan and Ronald Lockwood

Kathleen Ann Halahan

(1 November 1910 - 8 March 1993)
     Kathleen Ann Halahan was born on 1 November 1910. She was the daughter of Dr Samuel Handy Halahan and Constance May Shepperson.
Kathleen Ann Halahan married Johannes Aseph Venter on 24 January 1935 in Harding, Natal, South Africa.
     Kathleen died on 8 March 1993 aged 82. Her funeral was held in Irene, Pretoria on 10 March 1993. She was cremated and her ashes were scattered. There's a rememberance plaque for her in Knysna, South Africa.

Child of Kathleen Ann Halahan and Johannes Aseph Venter

Kathleen Hannah Frances Halahan

(12 October 1903 - 23 April 1980)
     Kathleen Hannah Frances Halahan was born on 12 October 1903 in Hambledon RD. She was the daughter of Samuel Crosby Halahan and Maud Ethel Galton. Kathleen Hannah Frances Halahan was christened on 19 December 1903 in Chiddingfold, Surrey.
     Kathleen resided at Littlecroft, Chiddingfold, Surrey, between 1929 and 1931. From 2 August 1971, Kathleen was nick-named Bridget or Biddy.
Kathleen Hannah Frances Halahan married Brigadier Edgar James Bernard Buchanan on 2 August 1971. He was of South Harting, Sussex.
     Kathleen died on 23 April 1980 aged 76. She was buried on 29 April 1980 in Chiddingfold, Surrey.

Kathleen Mary Halahan

(2 July 1870 - 2 February 1962)
     Kathleen Mary Halahan was christened on 14 September in Stockwell, Surrey, England. She was born on 2 July 1870 in Lewisham, Kent. She was the daughter of Capt Samuel Handy Halahan and Hannah Croucher Engeham. Kathleen, Constance, Henrietta, Arthur, George, John and Frederick were listed as the children of Capt Samuel Handy Halahan in the 1881 census in Thomas' Hill, Haighlands, Camberwell, Surrey, England.
Kathleen Mary Halahan and Samuel Crosby Halahan witnessed James Henry Baker and Constance Maud Halahan's wedding on 10 July 1901 in St Mary, Chiddingfold, Surrey.
Kathleen Mary Halahan married William Robert Percival McNeight on 14 October 1903 in Petworth RD, Sussex. He was of Foxrock, Dublin.
     Kathleen died on 2 February 1962 aged 91.

Children of Kathleen Mary Halahan and William Robert Percival McNeight

Lewis Halahan

Louis Arnold Halahan

(30 October 1908 - 29 January 1953)
     Louis Arnold Halahan was born on 30 October 1908 in Umzimkulu, Natal, South Africa. He was the son of Dr Samuel Handy Halahan and Constance May Shepperson.
In 1929, presumably on the death of his father, L A Halahan is mentioned in the NASA database re an allotment of ERF no. 36 Crieghton, Natal. In 1932 he was issued a crown grant of the land.
Louis Arnold Halahan married Glorie Patricia Anderson on 25 June 1940 in Durban, Natal, South Africa.
     Louis died on 29 January 1953 aged 44. He was divorced and left no issue.

Lucy Halahan

(12 August 1782 - 4 May 1865)
     Lucy Halahan was christened on 12 August 1782 in St Bride's, Dublin. She was the daughter of John Halahan and Mary Handy.
     Lucy died of hepatitis on 4 May 1865 in 'Gulistan', Upper Mt Pleasant Ave, Ranelagh, Rathmiines, Dublin, aged 82. She was buried on 8 May 1865 in St Paul, Dublin.

Lydia E Halahan

(3 April 1913 - )
     Lydia E Halahan was born on 3 April 1913 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was the daughter of Dr Robert Edwin Halahan and Lydia Margarita Hearne.
Lydia E Halahan married Ronald Martin on 21 August 1937 in Buenos Aires. They have issue.

Mabel Louise Halahan

(4 January 1877 - 22 March 1878)
     Mabel Louise Halahan was born on 4 January 1877 in Sydenham, Surrey. She was the daughter of Capt Samuel Handy Halahan and Hannah Croucher Engeham.
     Mabel died on 22 March 1878 in Camberwell RD, Surrey, aged 1.

Margaret Elvira Halahan

(5 February 1922 - 21 February 1993)
     Margaret Elvira Halahan was born on 5 February 1922 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was the daughter of Dr Robert Edwin Halahan and Lydia Margarita Hearne.
     Margaret died on 21 February 1993 aged 71.

Margaret Mary Halahan

(1899 - 1899)
     Margaret died in 1899 in New York, USA. She was born in 1899 in New York. She was the daughter of Samaurez de Bourdieu Halahan and Margaret Mary Reid.

Margaret Maud Halahan

(12 July 1898 - 24 June 1990)
     Margaret Maud Halahan was born on 12 July 1898 in Leigh Manor, Cuckfield, Sussex. She was the daughter of Samuel Crosby Halahan and Maud Ethel Galton. Frederick and Margaret were listed as Samuel Crosby Halahan's children in the 1901 census in Cuckfield, Sussex.
Margaret Maud Halahan married Philip Wood on 19 November 1932 in St Mary, Chiddingfold, Surrrey. Margaret Maud Halahan and Philip Wood were divorced in 1947.
Margaret Maud Halahan married Admiral Francis Clifton-Brown as her second husband, in 1952..
     Margaret died on 24 June 1990 in Oxford aged 91.

Mary Halahan

(17 February 1838 - )
     Mary Halahan was born on 17 February 1838 in 11 York St, Dublin, Ireland. She was the daughter of Dr Samuel Handy Halahan and Anne Hannan. Mary Halahan was christened on 19 February 1838 in St Nicholas Without, Dublin.
Mary Halahan married Richard Henry Dowse on 28 January 1864 in St Peter's, Dublin.
     Mary Halahan was mentioned in the will of Dorothea Dopping Halahan dated 9 June 1868. She was mentioned as the only daughter of Samuel Halahan in the will of her aunt Dorothea Halahan. Her husband? was of Mounts Michael, Templeogue.
     Administration of the estate of Anne Hannan was granted to Mary Halahan, on 20 December 1873 Letters of Administration of the personal estate of Anne Halahan otherwise Hannan, late of Gulistan, Upper Mt Pleasant Ave., co. Dublin, widow, who died 11 November 1855 at same, were granted to Mary Dowse (wife of Richard Henry Dowse, Esq., of Killeen House, Mageny, Queens co.) the daughter of the deceased. Effects under £600.
Introduction: The following documents relate to property in the present Mount Pleasant Avenue and
Gulistan Avenue, Rathmines, which was held by widow Mary Halahan under a lease issued by the Earl of Meath for one hundred years in 1832. In this lease the property is described as “No. 8, part of Cullenswood”; after 1846, it is called “Gulistan” which may have been inspired by the epic work of that title written by the 13th century Persian poet, Sadi. The Gulistan was first translated in 1787 and proved to be very popular, with extracts being quoted frequently as proverbs (1).
Mary Halahan died in 1846 and bequeathed her interest in Gulistan to her unmarried daughters, Jane, Dorothea and Lucy Halahan (see UDC/1/10/2, below). The Halahan sisters issued building leases to their sister-in-law Mrs. Sophy Halahan, which resulted in six houses being erected at Gulistan Avenue (see UDC/1/10/3, below); and to their sister Mrs. Augusta Fitzsimons, who built two fine villas which are still standing, Aubrey Cottage and Mosaphir Cottage (see UDC/1/10/4 and 6, below). The Meath lease was later bequeathed by the Halahan sisters jointly to their nephew Christopher, son of their brother Hickman Rose Halahan; and to their niece Mary, daughter of their brother Samuel Handy Halahan and wife of Richard H. Dowse. After 1880, the Dowses took out several mortgages on Mary’s interest in the property, to which she had to affirm her voluntary consent, an acknowledgement of the improved status of married women. In 1891, the Commissioners of Rathmines and Rathgar purchased the Halahan
family’s interest in Gulistan, with a view to the erection of artisan dwellings on the site (see UDC/1/Mins. 1/6, pp 293, 338). The documents which are contained in list 10 came into the possession of the Commissioners together with the property at that time.
This descriptive list was prepared in 1982 and portions of it were drawn up by Rose Doyle and Norma Foley, as part of work-experience while studying for the Diploma in Archival Studies at University College Dublin.
UDC/1/10/1A Copy LEASE: John Chambre, Earl of Meath to Mary Halahan, widow, York Street, Dublin.
Property: No. 8, part of Cullenswood, barony of Rathdown, Co. Dublin. Area: 3 acres, 2 roods, 30 perches, Irish plantation measure. Rent: £41 - 7s - 2d sterling p.a. Term: 100 yrs. Witnesses: William Tighe Hamilton, Charles Chuton and William Keogh. Seals: On original lease, seals were affixed by Earl of
Meath and Mary Halahan. Original lease dated 25 March 1832, copy 1894.
UDC/1/10/1B With attachment: MAP dated Jan 1832, based on a survey dated 1807.
Title: “Part of the lands of Cullinswood, Estate of the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Meath”. Surveyor: J. Cooke, 12 Pitt Street, Dublin. Dimensions: 220 x 140 mm. Boundaries: Mary Halahan’s holding bounded: by
Half Miles Rd/Milltown Rd (N); by William Bernard’s holding from Robert Shaw (S); by William Bernard’s
holding from Lord Meath (W); by Gallagher’s holding from Robert Shaw (E). One flashpoint; one building in plan. 1807 - 1832 2 docs
Gulistan: Halahan and Dowse Lease Doc. No Description UDC/1/10/2A LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION issued by Richard, Archbishop of Dublin in Consistorial and Metropolitical Court to Jane Armstrong Halahan, spinster, Mount Pleasant Avenue: re estate of Mary Halahan. Witnesses: John Samuels and Joseph Radcliff, VicarGeneral. Seal (pendant): of Consistorial Court. Parchment; printed form; 1 membrane February 1846 1 doc
UDC/1/10/2B With attachment: copy WILL of Mary Halahan, York St, Dublin prepared by solicitor William S. Kildahl: original dated 1832. Bequest: include. property at Cullenswood to her daughters Jane Armstrong, Dorothea Dopping and Lucy Halahan if still unmarried; with some furniture from
house at York Street.
Codicil: Silver vase to son Samuel Halahan.
Witnesses: John Handy, Samuel Litton and Thomas
Parchment; 1 membrane
Mortgage: R.H. Dowse, Gulistan, Ranelagh and wife Mary Dowse (nee Halahan) to National Discount Co. of Ireland, 25 St. Andrew Street, Dublin. Property: half-share of interest in Gulistan, including
ground-rents Gulistan Terrace, as security for loan of £127 repayable 27, UDC/1/10/13].
UDC/1/10/14 RE-CONVEYANCE of Mortgage: National Discount Company of Ireland to R.H. Dowse, Gulistan, Ranelagh and wife Mary Dowse (see No. 13, above). 19 Aug 1881 ...
UDC/1/10/19 MORTGAGE R.H. Dowse, Gulistan and wife Mary Dowse, to George Sykes, 15 Garville Avenue, Rathgar, “gentleman”. Interest in Gulistan and in ground rents of Gulistan Avenue as security for loan of £100. 15 Nov 1888.
1891 UDC/1/10/23     Abstracts of TITLE: (1) Rev. Christopher Halahan re half-share interest in Gulistan and in ground rents of Gulistan Terrace (prepared by J. Alexander, solicitor, Enniskillen); (2) R.H. Dowse and wife Mary to undivided moiety of: house and lands, Gulistan; rents payable out of 1 - 8 Gulistan Terrace and 47 Mount Pleasant Avenue; and abstract of title to incumbrances affecting above property (prepared by Wills C. Bennett, solicitor, 36 Molesworth Street, Dublin). 1891
UDC/1/10/24 In the sale of property, Dowse to Rathmines Commissioners: REQUISITION of purchaser’s
solicitors on title with replay of vendors’ solicitors; Registry of Deeds negative search for acts affecting 1 - 8 gulistan Terrace and 47 Upper Mount Pleasant Avenue; and Registry of Deeds negative search on index of names for acts of Christopher Halahan and Noble Hilliard affecting premises at Gulistan. c. Feb 1891
Gulistan: Halahan and Dowse Lease Doc. No. UDC/1/10/25 DECLARATION by Mary Dowse to Rathmines Commissioners that she is the lawful heir, along with Rev. Christopher Halahan, to property bequeathed by Mary Halahan and subsequently bequeathed by Jane A. Halahan and Dorothea Dopping Halahan. With enclosure burial certificate Parish of St. Paul, Dublin: Lucy Halahan (8 May 1865) and Jane A. Halahan (Nov 1867) issued Dec. 1890.
14 March 1891 3 items .
UDC/1/10/26: CERTIFICATE issued by Inland Revenue re payment of succession duty by Rev. Hickman Rose Halahan in 1878 upon death of Dorothea Dopping Halahan. 2 Apr 1891
UDC/1/10/27 Dowse to Rathmines Commissioners: DECLARATION from R.H. and Mary Dowse and from solicitor Wills C. Bennett, regarding authenticity of copy LEASE dated 23 Sept 1846 (see no. 3 above).
1 May 1891
UDC/1/10/28 LETTER from R.H. Beauchamp, Solicitor, Foster Place, to Messrs. D and J Fitzgerald, solicitors. re Halahan to Rathmines Commissioners. With enclosure, succession accounts, Mary Dowse and Christopher Halahan. 1 June 1891 .
UDC/1/10/30: CORRESPONDENCE Rathmines Commissioners (from 1898 Urban District Council) with Messrs. D and T Fitzgerald, Solicitors, 20 St. Andrew Street, Dublin. With reference to rental of Gulistan, 1891; rent due from Rev. Christopher Halahan, 1897; and queries re original lease of 1832 (see no. 1 above). Includes: schedule of documents relating to Gulistan Terrace. 1891 - 1913
     Administration of the estate of Rev Hickman Rose Halahan was granted to Mary Halahan, in 1888 in Dublin Administration with will annexed of Rev Hickman Rose Halahan, late or Gulistan, Rathmines, co. Dublin, clerk who died 26 February 1888 at same, granted at the Principal Registry to Mary Dowse (wife of Richard H Dowse)) of Gulistan, the residuary legatee. Effects £678/16/-.
     Mary Halahan and Richard Henry Dowse were recorded on the 1911 census in Scholarstown, Rathfarnham. Mary Dowse, head, widow, 70, born Dublin City; son Richard Henry Dowse, 42, First Class Engineer, Merchant Service, born co. Wexford, single; grandson Richard Henry Dowse 23, single, Bank of Ireland official, born Dublin City; Anne Fleming 38, daughter, born Queens Co, Samuel H G Fleming 50, son in law, born Galway, John R W Fleming, grandson aged 3, born Dublin City; with a governess & servant.

Children of Mary Halahan and Richard Henry Dowse

Mary Halahan

(say 1800? - before 19 January 1813)
     Mary Halahan was born say 1800?. She was the daughter of John Halahan and Mary Handy.
     Mary died before 19 January 1813 in Dublin. She was buried on 19 January 1813 in St Paul, King St North, Dublin.

Mary Halahan

(20 July 1837 - 1877)
     Mary Halahan was born on 20 July 1837 in 18 French St, Dublin, Ireland. She was the daughter of Dr John Wallen Halahan and Henrietta Brownrigg. Mary Halahan was christened on 11 September 1837 in St Nicholas Without, Dublin. Henry, Mary, Elizabeth, Samuel and Charles were listed as the children of Dr John Wallen Halahan in the 1851 census in Field Officers Quarters, Woolwich Common, Kent.
     Mary died in 1877 in Dublin South. Which Mary?.

Mary Halahan

(before 1903 - )
     Mary Halahan was born before 1903. The only evidence for her existence is from the 1924 electoral roll, she may be the niece Mary or even the wife of Samuel junior who was a student on the roll. She was a nurse in the household of Dr Samuel Halahan. She was the daughter of Dr Samuel Handy Halahan and May Sarah Sophia Collins. Mary Halahan was registered in the between 1921 and 1928 electoral roll with Dr Samuel Handy Halahan and May Sarah Sophia Collins. Mary Halahan, nurse.

Mary Halahan

(27 June 1872 - )
     Mary Halahan was born on 27 June 1872 in Hazareebaugh/Hazaribagh, India. She was the daughter of Jeremiah Halahan and Deboragh Noonan.

Mary Anne Halahan

(1820 - )
     Mary Anne Halahan was christened in 1820 in Dubllin North.

Mary Anne Halahan

(circa 1787 - 19 November 1856)
     Mary Anne Halahan was also known as Fanny in records. She was born circa 1787 in Ireland.
     Mary died on 19 November 1856 in Rathcormac, Cork. Aged 69. Church of Ireland.

Mary Augusta Halahan

(11 June 1872 - 1873)
     Mary Augusta Halahan was born on 11 June 1872 in Knockbreda, Antrim. She was the daughter of Rev Christopher Halahan and Elizabeth Catherine Dobbin Halahan. Mary Augusta Halahan was christened on 28 September 1872 in Knockbreda, Antrim.
     Mary died in 1873 in Enniskillen, Fermanagh.

Mary Dorothea Harriet Halahan

(1895 - 1959)
     Mary Dorothea Harriet Halahan was born in 1895 in Edenhope, Victoria. She was the daughter of George Augustus Frederick Halahan and Jane Amy Collins. Mary Dorothea Harriet Halahan was registered in the between 1921 and 1928 electoral roll with Dr Samuel Handy Halahan and May Sarah Sophia Collins. She may be the Mary Halahan, nurse.
     Mary Dorothea Harriet Halahan married Ashley Pegler Rees as his second wife, in 1926 in Victoria. He had previously been married to Adelilne and had a son Royce Ashley Rees. He married and divorced Barbara.
The South Bourke and Mornington Journal Thu 6 Jan 1927 reported: REES—HALAHAN. Avery pretty and quiet wedding was celebrated at the Church of Ascension, Springvale, by the Rev. C. W. Meredith, on the morning of Boxing Day. The Church was nicely decorated with beautiful .. flowers, and Mrs. A. Ericksen ably officiated at the organ. The parties were Miss Mary D. H., daughter of Mr. G Halahan, and Mr. A. P. Rees, son of the. late J. Rees and Mrs. Rees, of Adelaide. 'The bride was given away by her father, and was becomingly dressed in white. She also wore a beautiful veil, lent by Miss Hayman, of Dandenong. The bridesmaids were Misses Halahan and Joan Collins, cousins of the bride, who were daintly dressed in pink with bouquets to match. The best man was Mr. Jack Halahan (brother), and S. H. Halahan (cousin)
was groomsman. Mr and Mrs, Halahan left Melbourne'on Tuesday, 28th ult., for their new home at Caliph, South Australia.
     Mary died in 1959 in Melbourne, Victoria.

Children of Mary Dorothea Harriet Halahan and Ashley Pegler Rees

Mary Jane Halahan

(5 March 1839 - 9 February 1928)
     Mary Jane Halahan was born on 5 March 1839 in Dublin, Ireland. The birth of a daughter to Mrs G Halahan of Stephens Green was reported in the "Nenagh guardian" in 1839. She was the daughter of George Augustus Frederick Halahan and Jane Fleming.
     Mary Jane Halahan and Richard Flemyng Halahan were recorded on the 1851 census in 43 York Place, Edinburgh, St Andrew, Midlothian. Richard aged 13 and Mary aged 12 living with their grandmother Elizabeth Fleming aged 74 and Sophia Fleming aged 38.
     Mary was educated at Scotland.
Mary Jane Halahan married Rev Robert Reeves Collins on 29 May 1861 in St George's, Dublin. She was described as the wife of the Rev. Robert Reeves Collins of Castlemaine in the colony of Victoria in her father's 1863 will.
     Mary Jane Halahan and Rev Robert Reeves Collins arrived per "Lightning" in August 1861 at Victoria.
     In George Augustus Frederick Halahan's will dated 9 January 1863 in 29 Harcourt St, Dublin, Mary Jane Halahan was named as heir.
Inland revenue accounts 1866 fol.242: An account of the succession of real property of Mrs Mary Jane Collins, upon the death of GAF Halahan who died 3 August 1866, will proved 15 February 1867 in the Principal Register... part of lands of Ballinbrittig, co. Cork, held for 999 years from 1710 let to Thomas Mannix Cummins at annual value £66.13.4, the tenant pays the head rent in addition to this rent... half to Mrs Collins £33.6.8
Deductions: Proportion of deficient of debts of testator which the personal estate was insufficient to pay as per particulars in paper annexed to A/C on foot of Mrs Halahan's share of same land Capital £151.6.7, Annual 7.11.2. Half poor rates allowed annually to tenant, about £1.0.0. Total £151.6.7. £8.11.2
Gross annual value £33.6.8, deduct £8.11.2, Net annual value £24.15.6
Declared by Mrs Mary Jane Collins, upon the death of GAF Halahan & that said M J Collins was born 5th March 1839 and is a daughter of said GAF Halahan & the predecessor from whom the property is derived. 13 August 1867
[Also annuity] of £24.18.6 for a life aged 27
     Mary died on 9 February 1928 in Edenhope, Victoria, aged 88. She was buried in Edenhope.

Children of Mary Jane Halahan and Rev Robert Reeves Collins

Mary Jane Halahan

(circa 1817 - 11 1897)
     Mary Jane Halahan was born circa 1817 in Ireland.
     Mary died on 11 1897 in Fermoy, Cork. Mary Jane Halahan, aged 80. Church of Ireland.

Mary Sophy Halahan

(26 November 1827 - )
      She is mentioned in the will of her grandfather John Gibbs who died in India in 1848, but is not found in the 1881 census of England.. Mary Sophy Halahan was also known as Sophy Mary in records. She was born on 26 November 1827 in Ghazipur (Ghazeepore), Bengal Presidency, India. She was the daughter of Robert Richard Halahan and Sophia Gibbs. Mary Sophy Halahan was christened on 9 January 1828 in Ghazipur (Ghazeepore), Bengal Presidency.
Mary Sophy Halahan married Rev William Daniel Murray on 28 May 1851 in St Nicholas Without, Dublin. They had no issue.
     Mary resided at 13 Clanbrassil St, Dublin.

Child of Mary Sophy Halahan and Rev William Daniel Murray

Maureen Margarita Halahan

(25 February 1916 - )
     Maureen Margarita Halahan was born on 25 February 1916 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was the daughter of Dr Robert Edwin Halahan and Lydia Margarita Hearne.
Maureen Margarita Halahan married John Asher on 8 August 1940 in the Catholic Church of Nuestra Senora de la Piedad, Buenos Airies, Argentina. They have issue. A wedding portrait is shown on findmypast.com.
     Maureen resided at Ontario, Canada.

Michael Francis Crosby Halahan

(9 October 1940 - 6 March 2001)
     Michael Francis Crosby Halahan was born on 9 October 1940 in Lincoln RD, Lincolnshire. He was the son of Rev Edward Oliver Crosby Halahan and Margaret Ogilvie Leach.
Michael Francis Crosby Halahan married Gwyllian Shankland Thompson on 15 May 1965 in Ludford, Lincolnshire. They were married by his father. They divorced some years later after having three children, Tracey, Dorothy and Patrick, where Granny Grimsby (known to again my brothers and I. And Gwil to family and friends) then proceeded into a second marriage with a man named Terry O'Connell, until her death.
     Michael died of a heart attack whilst working at RAF, Cranwell on 6 March 2001 in Lincolnshire aged 60.

Ft Lt Michael Frederick Crosby Halahan

(11 November 1911 - 18 March 1941)
     Ft Lt Michael Frederick Crosby Halahan was born on 11 November 1911 in Portsmouth, Hampshire. He was the son of Air Vice Marshall Frederick Crosby Halahan and Eve Muriel Groves. Ft Lt Michael Frederick Crosby Halahan was christened on 28 December 1911 in Portsmouth, Hampshire.
     Ft Lt Michael Frederick Crosby Halahan travelled to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in May 1931 per the "Pacific Enterprise". He travelled from Manchester to Victoria, BC then to Vancouver arrived 11 May 1931. He was buried in 1941 in St. Maughold Churchyard, Kirk Maughold, Garff, Isle of Man, UK.
     Michael was killed while serving in no. 74 Fighter Squadron on 18 March 1941 aged 29. He was mentioned in "In Memoriam" notices in the 1960s at Pilot Officer RAFVR.
Casualty of WWII, Michael was a Pilot Officer-Pilot,Service No:88463, with 74 Squadron-Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. He was 29 and the son of Air Vice Marshal Frederick Crosby Halahan, C.M.G.[Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George], C.B.E.[Commander of the Order of the British Empire], D.S.O.[Distinguished Service Order], M.V.O.[ Member of the Royal Victorian Order] and of Eve Muriel Halahan (nee Groves) of Bramshott, Hampshire.
Air Vice-Marshal Halahan(27 May 1880~Camberwell, Surrey – 17 October 1965~Battle, East Sussex) was a gunnery officer in the Royal Navy during the early years of the 20th century who became involved in early naval aviation efforts.Halahan was promoted Lieutenant 15 December 1900. He later served in the Royal Air Force from its establishment in 1918 through to 1930. During World War II, Halahan rejoined the RAF, serving on the staff of the Directorate of Personal Services.
     The administration of his estate was granted to Eve Muriel Halahan on 14 July 1941 Of the Manor House, Rauceby, Lincolnshire.

Molly Doreen Halahan

(29 August 1905 - 8 May 1989)
     Molly Doreen Halahan was born on 29 August 1905. 29 August 1905, at Hawthorn, Mallow, co. Cork, the wife of J C Halahan, Royal Dublin Fusiliers, of a daughter. She was the daughter of John Crosby Halahan and Winifred May Carter. Molly Doreen Halahan was christened on 7 October 1905 in Portsmouth, Hampshire. She was listed as John Crosby Halahan's daughter in the 1911 census in 7 Mount Eden Rd, Pembroke West, Dublin, Ireland.
The marriage of Molly Doreen Halahan and Lt Col Wilfred Montague Were-Collins OBE, MC was registered in Bournemouth RD in the June 1931 quarter.
     She served as a Commandant in WRAF Intelligence.
     Molly died on 8 May 1989 aged 83. She was buried on 15 May 1989 in Yeovil, Somerset.