Sidney Wynn (Thelwall)

( - 15 June 1683)
     Sidney Wynn (Thelwall) was the daughter of William Wynn.
     Sidney died on 15 June 1683.

Children of Sidney Wynn (Thelwall)

Edward Bursill

(1880 - 1968)
     Edward Bursill was born in 1880 in Adelaide Lead, Victoria. He was the son of Edward Bursill and Mary Ann Robinson.
     Edward died in 1968 in Boro..., Victoria.

Jane Thelwall (Williams)

(25 December 1665 - )
     Jane Thelwall (Williams) was born on 25 December 1665. She was the daughter of Sidney Wynn (Thelwall).
     She married in 1689 Sir William Williams, Bart of Llanforda, who, succeeding under the will of Sir John Wynn, last Bt. grandson, through his son Henry, of Sir John Wynn, 1st Bart., to the estates of the House of Watstay, assumed the additonal surname and arms of Wynn. He succeeded to the Baronetcy at the decease of his father 1740. From Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn derived the present Sir Watkins Williams-Wynn, 10th Bart..

Child of Jane Thelwall (Williams)