Sir Robert Babthorpe

( - 1468)
     Sir Robert Babthorpe was born. He was the son of Ralph Babthorpe Esq. od Osgodby and his wife Dulcia, the daughter of Thomas Ashley of Lancashire..
Sir Robert Babthorpe married Sybill or Isabel! Ryther, daughter of Sir William Ryther and Sibyl de Aldeburgh.
Robert, son and heir of Ralf Babthorp is mentiond in the Certificates o Hmage, in the Privy Seal Office. Conflicting evidence states that Sir Robert Babthorpe died in 1466 in Yorkshire.
     Robert died in 1468 in Babthorpe, Yorkshire.
Visitation of Yorkshire 1538/5 & 1612 & additional pedigrees: Ralph? Babthorpe, Esq who married daughter of Ashley, his son Robert Esq. married daughter & only heir of Sir William Ryther Kt. elder brother to Sir Raphe Ryther, kt. (1431-1520); issue - Raphe, no issue; Robert married Katherine - issue Isabel who married Wm Plumptom; Wm who had issue Sir William, Robert DD, Ralph who had issue.

William Babthorpe

     William Babthorpe was born in Yorkshire, England. He married Christian Sothill had issue. He was the son of Sir Robert Babthorpe and Sybill or Isabel! Ryther.

Elizabeth Bacchus

     Elizabeth Bacchus married Richard Grimwood, son of Richard Grimwood and Elizabeth Parmenter, on 24 December 1738 in Akenham, Suffolk. Married by licence.

Elizabeth Bachelor

(between 1819 and 1820 - 4 October 1852)
     Elizabeth Bachelor was also known as Clara in records. She was born between 1819 and 1820.
Elizabeth Bachelor married Capt Charles Dunbar, son of Major John Killigrew Dunbar and Helena Nash, on 13 February 1835 in Cannanore/Kannur, Kerala, Madras Presidency, India. Charles Dunbar, Lieut in the 57th Regiment, bachelor & Elizabeth Bachelor, spinster.
     Elizabeth died on 4 October 1852 in Kussowlie/Kasauli. ? Clara Dunbar, aged 27, wife of Captain Dunbar H M 10th Regiment, buried 5th October.

Children of Elizabeth Bachelor and Capt Charles Dunbar

Judith Bacon

(before 1605 - )
     Judith Bacon was born before 1605 in Suffolk, England.
Judith Bacon married Francis Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Frances Unknown, in 1623 in Suffolk.

Child of Judith Bacon and Francis Cocksedge

Mary Bacon

(say 1700 - )
     Mary Bacon was born say 1700 in Bradfield, Yorkshire.
Mary Bacon married Rev Charles Steer, son of William Steer and Sarah Ludlam, on 9 December 1725 in Yorkshire.

Children of Mary Bacon and Rev Charles Steer

Ann? Baddeley

(28 December 1798 - )
     Ann? Baddeley was born on 28 December 1798 in St Clement Danes, Middlesex. She was the daughter of Charles Baddeley and Ann Cordell.

Caroline Baddeley

(5 March 1827 - )
     Caroline Baddeley was christened on 5 March 1827 in St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex. She was the daughter of Charles Baddeley and Ann Cordell.

Caroline Baddeley

(10 July 1802 - )
     Caroline Baddeley was born on 10 July 1802 in St Clement Danes, Middlesex. She was the daughter of Charles Baddeley and Ann Cordell.

Charles Baddeley

(21 November 1767 - 24 November 1836)
     Charles Baddeley was born on 21 November 1767 in London, England.
Charles Baddeley married Ann Cordell on 10 February 1793 in St Marylebone, Westminster, Middlesex. They were married by banns which were called from 30 Dec 1792. They had a large family and were non-conformists.
     Charles died on 24 November 1836 in England aged 69.

Children of Charles Baddeley and Ann Cordell

Charles Baddeley

(18 October 1800 - )
     Charles Baddeley was born on 18 October 1800 in St Clement Danes, Middlesex. He was the son of Charles Baddeley and Ann Cordell.

Edward Baddeley

(3 August 1815 - )
     Edward Baddeley was born on 3 August 1815 in London?. He was the son of Charles Baddeley and Ann Cordell.

Eliza Baddeley

(4 January 1807 - 20 October 1893)
     Eliza Baddeley was born on 4 January 1807 in Holborn, London. Her birth was registered at Keppell St Russell Square Baptist church, Holborn. Eliza daughter of Charles & Ann. She was the daughter of Charles Baddeley and Ann Cordell. Eliza Baddeley was christened on 5 March 1827 in St Clemenet Danes, Westminster, Middlesex. She had an adult baptims, daughter of Charles & Ann. Also baptised on the same day were her sisters Caroline & Elizabeth.
     Eliza Baddeley married Rev Thomas Sanderson as his second wife, on 14 May 1835 in Chapel Royal, Savoy, London. Barry Reid wrote: The information also indicates that Robert Edward SANDERSON and Charles SANDERSON were products of a previous union between the Rev. Thomas and Emily BADDELEY (b. 20 May 1793; d. 1833?), an elder sister of Eliza.
     Eliza Baddeley and Rev Thomas Sanderson were recorded on the 1841 census in West End, Wellingborough. Thomas Sanderson, 39, Ck [clerk]? Mast of Gr School, born in the county; Eliza Sanderson, 34, not born in the county; Robert Sanderson 13, Charles Sanderson 11, Emily Sanderson 5, Jane Sanderson 1, all born in the county.
     Eliza Baddeley and Rev Thomas Sanderson were recorded on the 1851 census in Oxford St, Wellingborough. Thomas Sanderson head, 49, Curate of Ashby Mears, of Oxford, born Welllingbro; his wife Eliza Sanderson 44, born London, Mdx; children Charles Sanderson, 21, solicitor not practising, Anne Baddeley Sanderson, 7, Thos Comber Sanderson, 4, all born Wellingboro, heading a school with boarders.
     Eliza Baddeley was living as a step-mother in the household of Robert Edward Sanderson in Milberg House, Seaford, in the 1861 census in Seaford.
     Eliza Baddeley and Emily Sanderson were recorded on the 1871 census in 8 Priory Crescent, Southover, Sussex. Eliza Sanderson 64, widow, annuitant, born London, Mdx; Emily Sanderson 35, unmarried daughter, clergyman's daughter, born Welllingborough; Charlotte S F Sanderson, 9, grand daughter, scholar, born Calcutta, India; Tina L J Sanderson 7, ditto, Mary F Sanderson 5, ditto Harriett Giddings 22 Annie Long 22, housemaid & cook. Eliza Baddeley was listed as Jane Sanderson's mother in the 1891 census in 11 Olive Grove, Croydon, Surrey.
     Eliza died on 20 October 1893 in 7 Pagoda Villas, Blackheath, Kent, aged 86. She was interred in Lewisham Cemetery – Service at St Stephen’s Church – in the grave of the Moffatts.

Children of Eliza Baddeley and Rev Thomas Sanderson

Elizabeth Baddeley

(25 October 1804 - )
     Elizabeth Baddeley was born on 25 October 1804 in London. She was the daughter of Charles Baddeley and Ann Cordell.

Emily Baddeley

(20 May 1795 - 23 August 1834)
     Emily Baddeley was born on 20 May 1795 in London, England. Her birth was registered at Keppell St Russell Square Baptist church, Holborn. Emely daughter of Charles & Ann his wife, of the parish of St James, Oxford St, Mdx. She was registered on 13 July 1803 with her siblings Thomas born 17 Nov 1793, Mary Ann born 28 Jan 1797, Ann born 28 Dec 1798, Charles born 18 Oct 1800, Caroline born 10 Jul 1802, Elizabeth 25 Oct 1804, Frederick born 30 Dec 1808, Henry born 26 Nov 1810, William 17 Nov 1812 & Edward born 3 August 1815. She was the daughter of Charles Baddeley and Ann Cordell.
Emily Baddeley married Rev Thomas Sanderson, son of Thomas Sanderson and Jane Sanderson, on 26 April 1827 in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. Rev Thomas Sanderson D.D. (Oxford), headmaster of Wellingborough Grammar School (1823-1863) and from 1850-1868 priest in charge at Great Doddington, Northamptonshire, eldest son of Thomas Sanderson and Jane Sanderson (cousins), from W. Yorkshire. Lived in Wellingborough. Emily Baddeley was christened on 11 January 1828 in St Clement Danes, Westminster, Middlesex. Emily (an adult) daughter of Charles & Ann Baddley of 130 Strand. Witnessed by Thomas Sanderson & Ann Baddeley..
     Emily died on 23 August 1834 in West End, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, aged 39. She was buried on 29 August 1834 in All Hallows, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. The memorial inscription reads: Emily wife of the Revd Thomas Sanderson died 23rd August 1834 aged 39.

Children of Emily Baddeley and Rev Thomas Sanderson

Frederick Baddeley

(30 December 1808 - )
     Frederick Baddeley was born on 30 December 1808. He was the son of Charles Baddeley and Ann Cordell.

Henry Baddeley

(26 November 1810 - )
     Henry Baddeley was born on 26 November 1810 in London?. He was the son of Charles Baddeley and Ann Cordell.

Mary Ann Baddeley

(28 January 1797 - )
     Mary Ann Baddeley was born on 28 January 1797 in Middlesex. She was the daughter of Charles Baddeley and Ann Cordell.

Thomas Baddeley

(17 November 1793 - )
     Thomas Baddeley was born on 17 November 1793 in Bloomsbury, Middlesex. He was the son of Charles Baddeley and Ann Cordell.

William Baddeley

(17 December 1812 - )
     William Baddeley was born on 17 December 1812 in London?. He was the son of Charles Baddeley and Ann Cordell.

Jemima Bael

     Jemima Bael was born. She was the daughter of Nicholas Bael.
Jemima Bael married Sir Henry Killigrew, son of Sir Henry Killigrew and Jael de Peigne.

Child of Jemima Bael and Sir Henry Killigrew

Gertrude Bagge

     Gertrude Bagge was born in Saltram. She was the daughter of Sir James Bagge of Saltram.
Gertrude Bagge married Richard Arundell Lord of Trerice, son of John Arundell and Mary Cary, circa 1645. She was the widow of prominent royalist, Sir Nicholas Slanning. They had issue....

Richard Boyle Bagnal

     Richard Boyle Bagnal married Alicia Handcock, daughter of Richard Handcock 2nd Baron Castlemaine and Ann French, on 27 April 1813.

Charles Bagot

     Charles Bagot was the son of Milo Bagot and Margaret Armstrong.
Charles Bagot married Temperance Browne. She was the sister of Francis Brown, esq. of Riverstown and they had issue..

Elizabeth Bagot

(1702 - 23 October 1739)
     Elizabeth Bagot was born in 1702. She was the daughter of Milo Bagot and Margaret Armstrong.
Elizabeth Bagot married Warneford Armstrong, son of Andrew Armstrong and Lucy Charnock (Mason), on 15 March 1719.
     Elizabeth died on 23 October 1739.

Children of Elizabeth Bagot and Warneford Armstrong

Mary Bagot (Walsh)

      She married Thomas Walsh, esq of Hallaboys, in co. Kildare and died without issue.. Mary Bagot (Walsh) was the daughter of Milo Bagot and Margaret Armstrong.

Milo Bagot

      He was of Newtown, King's county, high sheriff of that shire..
Milo Bagot married Margaret Armstrong, daughter of Edmund Armstrong and Mary Hamilton.

Children of Milo Bagot and Margaret Armstrong

Grace Bagshaw

(circa 1701 - 29 September 1724)
     Grace Bagshaw was born circa 1701 in Hucklow, Derbyshire. Grace was the daughter & heir of William Bagshaw of Hucklow Derbyshire, gent. She was aged 7 in 1708.
"A. Chalmer"of Darnall", excelled himself in describing the obsequies (May 6, I72I) in the " Upper Meeting place at ye very bottom of ye isle," of young Mr. John Bagshawe, of Hucklow Hall. It was a great event among the Nonconformists, for the deceased was grand-nephew to the " Apostle of the Peak"; his grandmother was one of the Brights, of Whirlow, and his step-grandmother the daughter of an ejected minister. His widowed mother had taken, as her second husband, the
; and his sister, who became heiress of the family, was afterwards the wife of Aylmer Riche, of Bullhouse.~ Mr. John Bagshawe was only twenty years of age when he died. Unfortunately Chalmer does not tell us at what house the sumptuous funeral entertainment, which he thus so quaintly and graphically describes, took place:
     " They gave gloves and hatbands . . . Then men served first with a glass of sack on a silver hand salver. The ladies were invited downstairs to dinner, and filled up table with gentlemen afterwards. Other gentlemen were invited to dinner. First, cool tankards, yt a glass of white wine, yt a glass of red. Corps lay in dining room in an extraordinary good coffin, no Paul over him, very good grave clothes, room hung with 58 black clothes, four large sconces with tall candles on each ~side~ ye coffin, and two mourners, one at each end, in black clothes, and mourning hats, and hatbands, and relieved by other two. About 4 o'clock mourners came down out of the chamber over ye hall into withdrawing room, where corps lay, and the minister went out in the room for his band. Then out as follows: Mr Clark, his wife as chief mourner, with his cloak on; Mr Ort on Mrs. Grace (Bagshawe, deceased's sister), Mrs Hayward on Mrs Dun (deceased's mother was a Miss Dunne, of Attercliffe), Mr De la Rose on Mrs Jonat. Clark, Mr Blyth on Mrs Sheffield, on Mrs. Mason. He was carried in a hearse drawn by pair of their own mares first, then follows mourning coach with Mrs Clark, Mrs Dun, Mrs Grace (Bagshawe), and Mrs Sheffield; Mr Clark, and his sister Sarah on horseback, somebody rode in her coach fore-most the corps. Then mourning coach 4 horses, then Sheriff's (Mr. Richard Bagshawe, of Castleton, and The Oaks, Norton) coach, 4 horses, his lady and son in it; Mr Some-body's large coch; Mr Ofmey (of Norton) on horseback. Mr Wadsworth preached a funeral oration for him from the xi. of Heb. last close, 4th verse, ' He being dead yet liveth.' All had gloves and dined. Ordinary sort were in kitchen, and had a separate dinner in low parlour, but good beef and veal and lamb. Gentleman's table there were ham and tongues, piddgeon pies, roast pig, lamb, fowls. Wine there plenty, sack, and, to put into close mourning,* fine kickshawes in the middle of the table; and on Sunday, I Ith May, Mr Blyth preached another funeral sermon for Mr Bagshaw. Text was in Gen. 37th, 30 verse, last clause, 'The child is not, and I, whither shall I go ?' Pulpit and seat gentlewomen and gentlemen mourners."
     The mother of the gentleman thus elaborately interred, Mrs Clark, "my good friend and pious gentlewoman," as Chalmer calls her, died February 3rd, I722-3." She was buried the Thursday following at Upper Meeting place, in a new vault digged on purpose for her on the left hand meeting place as one goes into the south door, i.e., ye door towards Hossopfield (Alsop Fields), her son Mr Bagshaw up and set up in ye same vault.* Bearers of ye pole were Mr. ~Wood, Mr. Trout. At feet ye first Mr De la Rose and Mr. Smith, then Mr Wadsworth and Mr Blythe, at head and last, Mr Heywood and Mr Ash, all Independent and Presbyterian ministers. She was carried in an hearse made by Mr Hall, drawn by their own mares, then their own coach drawn by Mr. Offley's 4 horses, with Mrs Dun, Mrs Sheffield, Mrs Grace Rich, Mrs Mason, and Mrs Sarah Clark, Mr Clarke, as chief mourner in his black cloke, and Mr Rich in his, on horseback. Mr Bagshaw's coach only carried Mr Bagshaw and Mr. Offley. Mr Wadsworth spake at the funeral, 7 Eccle., and last part of Ist verse. Mr Blyth preached afternoon Sunday following, upon Psalm 27, from IO verse to the end. Vault cost £8 I8s, 6d"
     Grace Bagshaw and Amor Rich obtained a marriage licence on 3 December 1722 in Attercliffe, Sheffield. Amor Rich, aged 21 of Penistone & Grace Bagshaw aged 22 of Penistone for a marriage at Attercliffe Chapel.
Grace Bagshaw married Amor Rich, son of Elkanah Rich and Martha Thorpe, on 4 December 1722 in Attercliffe chapel, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Mr Amor Rich of Bullhouse, in Peniston Parish, and Mrs Grace Bagshaw, of Attercliffe, married Dec 4 1722.
     In "The Bagshawes of Ford," by Mr. William H. G, Bagshawe: Grace Bagshawe was married to Mr. Riche, by Mr Harris, minister of Attercliffe Chapel, December 4, 1722, the constables and churchwardens being present, as Chalmer records, to keep good order.
     Grace died of consumption on 29 September 1724 in Penistone, Yorkshire. She was buried on 3 October 1724 in Bullhouse chapel, Thurlstone, Penistone. Here lieth interred the body of Grace the daughter and heiress of Wm Bagshaw of Hucklow Esq. and wife of Aymor Rich Esq. who departed this life September the 30th A.D. 1724 in the 27th year of her age.
The Northowram register states: Mrs Rich, wife of Mr Aymor Rich of Bullhouse, buried October 3, died of a consumption, left a son, had not bin married 2 years.

Child of Grace Bagshaw and Amor Rich

Sarah Bagshaw

( - after 1715)
     Sarah Bagshaw was the daughter of Unknown Bagshaw and Unknown Rich.
     Sarah Bagshaw was mentioned in the will of Jonas Rich dated 20 March 1713/14.
     Sarah died after 1715.

Unknown Bagshaw

     Unknown Bagshaw married Unknown Rich, daughter of Jonas Rich and Sarah Unknown.

Child of Unknown Bagshaw and Unknown Rich