Welbore Ellis Agar

(1735 - October 1805)
     Welbore Ellis Agar was born in 1735 in Ireland. Second son according to his father's will 1743.. He was the son of Henry Agar and Ann Ellis. Welbore Ellis Agar and Ann Ellis, James Agar (Viscount Clifden) and Charles Agar Earl of Normanton were beneficiaries in Henry Agar's will proved 29 November 1746 in the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland. Welbore Ellis Agar was listed as a Freeman of the city of Fethard, Tipperary, in 1800.
     Welbore died in October 1805.

Edward Wynne

     Edward Wynne was born in Nantymerchied, Montgomeryshire. He was the son of Richard Wynne.
     Edward Wynne married Catherine Wynne (Wynne), daughter of Lewis Gwynne ap Cadwallader and Sidney Wynne, in Wales. She married her cousin Edward Wynne of Nantymerchied, son of Richard Wynne of Maesmochnant.