Alice Hampson

(before 1570 - )
     Alice Hampson was born before 1570 in Suffolk, England.
Alice Hampson married William Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge, on 16 October 1588 in Rougham, Suffolk.

Child of Alice Hampson and William Cocksedge

Alice Hamsworth

     Alice Hamsworth married Robert Thornton, son of Robert Thornton and Janet Carr, on 26 January 1613/14 in Clapham, Yorkshire, England.

Child of Alice Hamsworth and Robert Thornton

Cassandra Hancock

(circa 1705? - )
     Cassandra Hancock was born circa 1705? In Suffolk.
Cassandra Hancock married John Cocksedge on 21 April 1726 in Gazeley, Suffolk.

John Hancock

(23 June 1922 - 19 July 1981)
     John Hancock was born on 23 June 1922 in Killarney, Kerry.
     John died on 19 July 1981 in Toowoomba, Queensland, aged 59.

Child of John Hancock

John Winton Hancock

(18 March 1949 - 18 March 1949)
     John died on 18 March 1949 in Toowoomba, Queensland. He was born on 18 March 1949 in Toowoomba, QLD. He was the son of John Hancock.

Mary Hancock

(circa 1670 - 1721 or 1731)
     Mary Hancock was born circa 1670 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. She was the only daughter of Rev. Rowland Hancock of Shirecliff Hall. But Beckwith in Yorkshire pedigrees calls her daughter and co-heir. He was an ejected minster at Shefffield.
The Rev. ROWLAND HANCOCK came first to Sheffield as under-master of the Free Writing School. He became afterwards vicar of Ecclesfield, but relinquished the benefice at the Restoration to the old incumbent. In 1661 he was elected assistant minister by the burgesses. But as his right to the living was disputed, a meeting was held at the church June 11, 1662, Sir John Bright and others being present, when it was resolved-" That as for matter of title, Mr. Hancock is now an assistant, the burgesses will be ready to maintain." In the following August, however, this resolution was rescinded, and the old incumbent replaced,- a decision which the Act of Uniformity, which came into operation immediately after, confirmed. The passing of the Five-mile Act drove Mr. Hancock from Sheffield, and compelled him to take refuge at Bull-House, the residence of Mr. Rich. On the indulgence Mr. H. returned to Sheffield, and to his on n house at Shiercliffe Hall, and he preached at Attercliffe, and at Brookside, near Bradfield, where he could escape from hostile eyes. Though not a man of university education, Mr. H. was "a very good scholar, and a man of fine parts as well as real piety."
Her father was also a dissenting divine, who had been admitted vicar of Ecclesfield in 1656 and displaced when the sequestered vicar was restored in 1660. He then became an usher of Sheffield Grammar School, and was chosen by the burgesses as one of their assistant ministers, but did not occupy the post. When the five mile act was passed he left Sheffield and in 1668 was taken near Sheffield and committed to York Castle for preaching. Later he became a tenant of Shiercliffe Hall, where he was licenced as a preacher under the Declaration of Indulgence in 1672, being co-pastor of a Congregational church there for a time. When in 1689 his daughter Mary married, she took with her a marriage portion of £400: this at a time when £100 a year was considered a handsome income, and £500 an estate which justified retirement from business. The young couple lived in part of Shiercliffe Hall. Joseph's will mentions his cousin Samuel Handcock..
Mary Hancock married Joseph Banks, son of Robert Banks and Margaret Frankland, on 5 August 1689 in Sheffield, Yorkshire. He married Mary, daughter of Rowland Hancock, of Shirecliffe Hall 5 Aug 1689, and had with her a fortune of £400. "As soon as his articles expired".
     Mary died in 1721 or 1731. She died in 1731 according to Cameron..

Children of Mary Hancock and Joseph Banks

Mona Hancock

     Mona Hancock married Stanley Grenfell Hutchins on 8 April 1939. They had one daughter and one son.

Robert Hancock

(circa 1630 - )
     Robert Hancock was born circa 1630 in Yorkshire.
Robert Hancock married Elizabeth Ludlam, daughter of Thomas Ludlam and Maria Lightfoot, on 4 July 1656 in St Peter's, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Robert Handcocke, of Sheffield, tayler & Elizabeth Ludlam of Whiston, spinster, was published on the 15th, 22bd & 29th June and was married on the 4th day of July 1656.

Elizabeth Hancocke

     Elizabeth Hancocke was born in Yorkshire, England.
Elizabeth Hancocke married William Rich, son of Thomas Rich and Elizabeth Creswick, on 30 July 1615 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Children of Elizabeth Hancocke and William Rich

(?) Handcock

(22 February 1835 - )
     (?) Handcock was born on 22 February 1835 in Dublin. On the 22d ultimo, at her father's house, Rutland-square, Dublin, the lady of George Handcock, Esq., of a son.. He was the son of George Handcock and Elizabeth Alicia French.

Abigail Handcock

     Abigail Handcock was born in Ireland. She was the daughter of Sir William Handcock and Elizabeth Coddington.
Abigail Handcock married Edward Griffith circa 1713 in Ireland.

Children of Abigail Handcock and Edward Griffith

Abigail Handcock

     Abigail Handcock was the daughter of William Handcock and Susan/Sarah Warburton.
Abigail Handcock married Mark Rainsford.

Abigail Handcock

(circa 1653 - 6 January 1720)
     Abigail Handcock was born circa 1653 in Twyford, Westmeath, Ireland. She was the daughter of William Handcock and Abigail Stanley.
     Abigail died on 6 January 1720 in Castlebellingham, Louth, Ireland. She had married Col Thomas Bellingham on 5 Feb 1671 at Fevy, Westmeath.

Abigail Handcock

     Abigail Handcock was the daughter of Rev Elias Handcock and Catherine Smyth.

Abigail Handcock

     Abigail Handcock was the daughter of Thomas Handcock and Dorothy Green.
Abigail Handcock married Edward Lucas as her second husband, in 1723..

Abigail Handcock

(9 August 1701 - )
     Abigail Handcock was christened on 9 August 1701 in St Peter, Dublin. Abigail daughter of Archdeacon Handcock and Jane his wife. She was the daughter of Rev Matthew Handcock and Jane Unknown.

Adam Handcock

(before 1680 - )
     Adam Handcock was born before 1680 in Ireland. He was the son of William Handcock and Abigail Stanley.
     Adam Handcock and Sir William Handcock, Rev Matthew Handcock, Very Rev Stephen Handcock, Hannah Handcock, George Rochford, John Rochford and Capt Chichester Phillips were beneficiaries in William Handcock's will dated 20 June 1705 in Dublin, Ireland.

Adam Handcock

(10 July 1707 - )
     Adam Handcock was christened on 10 July 1707 in St Bride's, Dublin, Ireland. They resided at Georges Lane. He was the son of Rev Matthew Handcock and Elizabeth Best.

Alfred Handcock

( - before 11 July 1865?)
     Alfred Handcock was the son of William Elias Handcock and Margaret Phillips.
     Alfred died before 11 July 1865? In Poona, India.

Alicia Handcock

( - 13 August 1828)
     Alicia Handcock was the daughter of Richard Handcock 2nd Baron Castlemaine and Ann French.
Alicia Handcock married Richard Boyle Bagnal on 27 April 1813.
     Alicia died on 13 August 1828.

Ann Handcock

     Ann Handcock was the daughter of Sir William Handcock and Elizabeth Coddington.
Ann Handcock married Patrick Wemyss in 1702.

Ann Handcock

( - 1 March 1878)
     Ann Handcock was the daughter of Richard Handcock 2nd Baron Castlemaine and Ann French.
She married firstly on 14 Oct 1830 Col. Sempronius Stretton who died 5 Feb 1842, and secondly, on 1 Oct 1846, Col. St John Gore Browne, whod died 19 May 1861.
     Ann died on 1 March 1878.

Anne Handcock

     Anne Handcock was the daughter of Rev Richard Handcock and Sarah Toler.
Anne Handcock married John Maunsell in February 1840. A John Maunsell married Anne Handcock in 1793 also.

Anne Handcock

     Anne Handcock was the daughter of John Handcock.
Anne Handcock married John Sealy or Leahy Townsend in September 1795 in Dublin, Ireland. On the 14 Sep 1795 it was reported in a newspaper: Miss Handcock, only daughter of the late Governor Handcock, MP, married John Leahy (Selay) Townsend, Esq.

Arthur Handcock

     Arthur Handcock was the son of Tobias Handcock and Johanna Reily.

Arthur Handcock

(5 April 1796 - 27 July 1826)
     Arthur Handcock was born on 5 April 1796 in Dublin, Ireland. He was the son of Richard Handcock 2nd Baron Castlemaine and Ann French.
He married Margaret Downing and had two daughters, Anna & Florinda. She married secondly Hon Admiral William Le Poer Trench.
     Arthur died on 27 July 1826 aged 30. At Athlone, on the 27th ult. in the 30th year of his age, deservedly and universally lamented, Arthur, second son of Richard Handcock, Esq., late Collector of Athlone..

Arthur Handcock

(circa 1840 - )
     Arthur Handcock was born circa 1840 in Ireland. He was the son of Capt Elias Robison Handcock and Helen Ormsby.

Augusta Georgina Handcock

(circa 1845 - )
     Augusta Georgina Handcock was born circa 1845. She was the daughter of Gustavus Drake Handcock and Augusta Georgina Montfort.

Catherine Handcock

(circa February 1730 - 5 April 1746)
     Catherine Handcock was born circa February 1730 in Dublin, Ireland. She was the daughter of Gustavus Handcock and Elizabeth Temple. Catherine Handcock was christened on 28 April 1730 in St Mary, Dublin, Ireland.
     Catherine died on 5 April 1746 in Athlone, Westmeath/Roscommon, Ireland. See her father's memorial inscription for details..

Charles Handcock

(31 January 1808 - 13 February 1879)
     Charles Handcock was born on 31 January 1808 in Westmeath. Born on the 28th according to the Kings Inn admission papers. He was the son of Richard Handcock 2nd Baron Castlemaine and Ann French.
     Charles matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, on 7 November 1825. Charles was a barrister.
He married Elizabeth Kelly on 25 April 1845, she died 26 June 1878 and was the daughter of Daniel Kelly of Cargins by Mary French, daughter of Charles, 3rd Lord de Freyne.
     Charles died on 13 February 1879 aged 71.