Ann Clerk

(circa 1712 - before 3 January 1748)
     Ann Clerk was born circa 1712.
     Ann Clerk married John Popplewell, son of Thomas Popplewell and Elizabeth Simpson, on 16 November 1731 in Luddington, Lincolnshire, England. Ann Clerk was buried on 19 May 1747 in Luddington, LIN, ENG.
     Ann died before 3 January 1748 in Luddington, LIN, ENG.

Child of Ann Clerk and John Popplewell

Margaret Fraser?

( - before January 1421/22)
     Margaret Fraser? was born. Thomas Innes, Carrick pursuivant, in Scottish Notes and Queries v.6 p.124, makes the suggestion that she was heiress of Frendraught and therefore a Fraser, on the grounds (i) of the remainder of the entail of Frendraught (Antiq. of Aberdeen & Banff v.3 p.587) by James de Dunbar, afterwards 10th Earl of Moray, to [his elder brother] Thomas, 9th Earl - a remainder explicable if he were by descent a possible heir to Frendraught; and (ii) of the greater robability that Frendraught came thus be descent than that Alexander de Dunbar, younger son of the first Dunbar, Earl of Moray, and hitherto accredited as father of Earl James - which Alexander was an ecclesiastic - should have acquired it by marriage with "Maud/Matilda" Fraser. She (Margaret) presumably died before Jan 1421/2 because the resettlement of that date contains no reference to her, Frendraught being said to have descended hereditarily to (her son) James (Antiq. of Aberdeen & Banff, v.3 p.587).
It is possible that she was of the Lovat family as her grandson Alexander Dunbar could not marry Isabel Innes as they were second cousins.
     Margaret Fraser? married Thomas Dunbar 2nd (5th) Earl of Moray, son of John Dunbar 1st (4th) Earl of Moray and Marjory Stewart, before 15 February 1392.
     Margaret died before January 1421/22.

Mary Cawood

(12 September 1725 - before 25 September 1749)
     Mary Cawood was christened on 12 September 1725 in Luddington, Lincolnshire.
     Mary Cawood married John Popplewell as his second wife, on 18 February 1747/48 in Adlingfleet, Yorkshire.
     Mary died before 25 September 1749 in Adlingfleet, Yorkshire.

Child of Mary Cawood and John Popplewell