Agnes Aumale

( - after 1170)
     Agnes Aumale was born in England. Leo van der Pas gives her parentage as: Etienne, Comte d'Aumale, Lord of Holderness, b. bef 1070 & Hawise de Mortemer. She was the daughter of Stephen Aumale Count and Hawise de Mortimer.
     Agnes Aumale married Adam de Brus, son of Robert Brus, after 1151. She was subsequently married to William de Roumare II. Other sources suggest she married him first, but discussion on the medieval list supports a first marriage.
     Agnes died after 1170.

Children of Agnes Aumale and Adam de Brus

Henry Garstin Steer

(24 November 1839 - )
     Henry Garstin Steer was born on 24 November 1839 in Krishnagar, India. He was the son of Charles Steer and Caroline Thompson. Henry Garstin Steer was christened on 24 April 1840 in the old church, Calcutta, West Bengal.

Mary Sarah Steer

(14 February 1810 - )
     Mary Sarah Steer was born on 14 February 1810 in Mainpuri, India. She was the daughter of Charles William Steer and Jane Woodburn Watson. Mary Sarah Steer was christened on 18 November 1810 in Mainpuri.
     Mary Sarah Steer married Edward Hughes on 31 August 1826 in Madras, India.