Edward Bruce 6th Earl of Carrick, King of Ireland

(circa 1275 - 14 October 1318)
     Edward Bruce 6th Earl of Carrick, King of Ireland was also known as Brus in records.
     Edward Bruce 6th Earl of Carrick, King of Ireland married Isabel de Strathbogie. They did not formally marry. Edward Bruce 6th Earl of Carrick, King of Ireland was born circa 1275. He was the youngest son. He was the son of Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale and Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick. Edward held the title of Earl of Carrick between 1314 and 1318. Edward was crowned High King of Ireland in 1316.
     Edward Bruce 6th Earl of Carrick, King of Ireland married Isabella Ross, daughter of William, Earl of Ross, and Euphemia Barclay? Countess of Ross, in 1317 in Scotland. 1 June 1317: Dispensation for the marriage of Edwrd Bruce, Earl of Carrick and Isabella of Ross, daughter of William, Earl of Ross, as they were related in the 4th & 3rd degrees of affinity. They had no issue.
     Edward died on 14 October 1318 in the Battle of Faughart, Dundalk, Louth, Ireland. He was slain in battle, after being crowned King of Ireland in 1316. He left no legitimate issue. He was buried in Faughart, Cooley Peninsula near Dundalk, Louth.

Child of Edward Bruce 6th Earl of Carrick, King of Ireland and Isabel de Strathbogie

Adam Mure

     Adam Mure lived at Rowallan, Ayrshire, Scotland. He was born. See 'The Mures of Rowallan: the ancestry of Elizabeth Mure, first wife of Robert II, Kings of Scots', for a conjectured new ancestry, in The Scottish genealogist 62:4, (Dec 2015)
Brice Claget on Medieval-L@rootsweb.com wrote: I know the received view is that, as Mr Williams stated, Elizabeth Mure, wife of Robert II, was daughter of Sir Adam Mure of Rowallan and his wife Jonet Mure, heiress of Polkellie. However, several years ago Andrew MacEwen (who is highly knowledgeable about these Scottish lines) told me that in fact Sir Adam Mure was of Polkellie, not Rowallan, and that his wife was Jonet Cunningham, widow of Hugh de Hutscom. Andrew said this is proved by a papal dispensation of 1322. I don't know what Andrew's view is of the purported Montgomery- Mure descent. The account at SP 3:421-427 suggests that the Montgomerys are pretty speculative down to c. 1360, and differs substantially from the account at ES III/4:640.
John Ravilious wrote: Traditional lines have connected her to the Mures of Rowallan, but this is apparently not certain.
Andrew B. W. MacEwen has found that the dispensation for one Adam Mure and his wife Jean/Janet Cunningham (text in Andrew Stuart's history of the Stuarts) is the evidence for the marriage of her parents, but beyond that certainty has not been achieved.
James Paterson's "History of the County of Ayr (with a Genealogical Account of the Families of Ayrshire)" [2 vols, 18747-1852] is the best starting point, with use of George Robertson's "A Genealogical Account of the Principal Families of Ayrshire" likely of use. As I recall you'll find accounts for Mure of Rowallan and Mure of Polkelly: if you can find the right reconstruction of Elizabeth Mure's ancestry, it will require some original sources to validate/correct what Paterson and Robertson have to say,

Children of Adam Mure

Jacques d'Espinay

     Jacques d'Espinay was born in France.

Child of Jacques d'Espinay