Eugenia Cranston Hannaford

(3 May 1876 - 1 August 1882)
     Eugenia Cranston Hannaford was born on 3 May 1876 in Duffield, Derbyshire, England. She was the daughter of Arthur Mews Hannaford and Dinah Ruby. Eugenia Cranston Hannaford was christened on 22 October 1876 in Abbotskerswell, Devon.
     Eugenia died on 1 August 1882 in Derby, Derbyshire, England, aged 6. She was buried in Uttoxeter Rd cemetery, Derby, Derbyshire.

George Warren Hannaford

(5 October 1917 - )
     George Warren Hannaford was also known as Warren in records. He was born on 5 October 1917 in Canada. He was the son of Arthur Ruby Hannaford and Ann Briggs.
George Warren Hannaford married Margaret Lillian Black on 4 June 1941 in St George's, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. George was a grocer, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Louisa Adelaide Hannaford

(19 March 1874 - 3 May 1947)
      Called Aunt Marmalade by Peggy Larkham on annual childhood visits to Abbotskerswell. She was a spinster.. Louisa Adelaide Hannaford was commonly known as Adelaide. She was born on 19 March 1874 in Duffield, Derbyshire, England. She was the daughter of Arthur Mews Hannaford and Dinah Ruby. Louisa Adelaide Hannaford was christened in Duffield, DBY, ENG.
     Louisa died on 3 May 1947 in the Hospital, Newton Abbot, Devon, aged 73. She was buried in Abbotskerswell.

Mary Dinah Hannaford

(25 June 1914 - 1 October 2011)
     Mary Dinah Hannaford was born on 25 June 1914 in Canada. She was the daughter of Arthur Ruby Hannaford and Ann Briggs.
Mary Dinah Hannaford married George Philips on 1 February 1933 in Canada.
     Mary resided at Campbellville, Ontario, Canada.
     Mary died on 1 October 2011 in Groves Community Hospital aged 97. Mary Dinah (Hannaford) Phillips died last Saturday, October 1st at Groves Community Hospital, Fergus, Ontario. She was born in 1914, so was 97 years old.

Andrew Hannah

     Andrew Hannah married Daisy Jane Bowker, daughter of Francis William Bowker and Susannah Turner, on 17 February 1913 in South Africa.

Margaret Hannahan

(before 1833 - )
     Margaret Hannahan married Michael Colbert. Margaret Hannahan was born before 1833.

Child of Margaret Hannahan and Michael Colbert

Anne Hannan

(circa 1810 - 9 November 1855)
     Anne Hannan was born circa 1810.
Anne Hannan married Dr Samuel Handy Halahan, son of John Halahan and Mary Handy, on 30 August 1831 in St Anne's, Dublin, Ireland. At St Anne's church, in the morning othe 30 August by H R Halahan, Samuel H Halahan, Esq., surgeon, of York street to Ann, eldest daughter of the late Captain Hannan..
     Anne died on 9 November 1855 in 'Gulistan', Upper Mt Pleasant Ave, Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland. She was buried on 11 November 1855 in St Paul, Dublin.
     The administration of her estate was granted to Mary Halahan on 20 December 1873 Letters of Administration of the personal estate of Anne Halahan otherwise Hannan, late of Gulistan, Upper Mt Pleasant Ave., co. Dublin, widow, who died 11 November 1855 at same, were granted to Mary Dowse (wife of Richard Henry Dowse, Esq., of Killeen House, Mageny, Queens co.) the daughter of the deceased. Effects under £600.

Children of Anne Hannan and Dr Samuel Handy Halahan

Elsie Gertrude Hannan

(1891 - 22 May 1982)
     Elsie Gertrude Hannan was born in 1891.
Elsie Gertrude Hannan married William Ruby, son of Richard Henry Ruby and Mary Ann Monk, in 1915 in Donnybrook, Western Australia.
     Elsie died on 22 May 1982 in Como, Western Australia.

Children of Elsie Gertrude Hannan and William Ruby

Elizabeth Hannell

Child of Elizabeth Hannell

Dagmar E Hansen

(1890 - 29 January 1957)
     Dagmar E Hansen was born in 1890 in California, USA. She was the daughter of Edward Hansen and Mary Jane Ross.
Dagmar E Hansen married Clarence E Vollman in 1911.
     Dagmar died on 29 January 1957 in Sacramento, California, USA. She was buried in the East Lawn cemetery, Sacramento.

Child of Dagmar E Hansen and Clarence E Vollman

Edward Hansen

(May 1843 - 1900)
     Edward Hansen was born in May 1843 in Denmark.
Edward Hansen married Mary Jane Ross, daughter of John Ross and Mary Tindal, on 2 April 1885 in Sonoma County, California, USA.
     Edward died in 1900 in Sacramento, California, USA. He was buried in the East Lawn cemetery, Sacramento.

Child of Edward Hansen and Mary Jane Ross

Bridget Hansom

(before 1590 - )
     Bridget Hansom was born before 1590.
Bridget Hansom married William Popplewell on 23 September 1605 in Misterton, Nottinghamshire.

Dora Elizabeth Hanson

(1 March 1902 - 2 March 1972)
     Dora Elizabeth Hanson was born on 1 March 1902 in Polwarth, Surrey, England.
Dora Elizabeth Hanson married Frederick Oswald Pollard, son of Thomas William Pollard and Alice Bland, on 1 October 1919 in Bonshaw, New South Wales. Dora Elizabeth Hanson was confirmed on 8 July 1930 in All Saints, Texas, Queensland. She received First Communion on 24 August 1930.
     Dora died on 2 March 1972 in Toowoomba, Queensland, aged 70. She was cremated after 2 March 1972.

Children of Dora Elizabeth Hanson and Frederick Oswald Pollard

John Hanson

(say 1620 - )
     John Hanson was born say 1620 in Hill Top near, Thurgoland, Yorkshire.
John Hanson married Mary Rich, daughter of John Rich and Ellen Wilson. This is possibly confused with Mary the daughter of William Rich - see his will of 1648..

Aubrey de Harcourt

(circa 1135 - 1205)
      She was the co-heir of William Peverel of Bourn, co. Cambridge.
de Harcourt, Albreda - "Daughter of Roland de Harcourt… Wife of William II Trussebut"
de Harcourt, Ivo. "…he left…a daughter Albreda (b.c.1120), wife of William II Trussebut." Two different fathers given for Albreda
. Aubrey de Harcourt was also known as Albreda in records. She was born circa 1135. Ivo is also given as her father. She was the daughter of Rollo de Harcourt and Roese Peverell.
Aubrey de Harcourt married William Trussebut Lord of Warter, son of William Trussebut and unknown Pain.
     Aubrey died in 1205.

Children of Aubrey de Harcourt and William Trussebut Lord of Warter

Rollo de Harcourt

     Rollo de Harcourt was also known as Roland de Harcourt in records.
Rollo de Harcourt married Roese Peverell, daughter of William Peverell.

Child of Rollo de Harcourt and Roese Peverell

Mary Hardgrave

(before 1710 - )
     Mary Hardgrave was born before 1710 in Yorkshire, England.
Mary Hardgrave married John Ryther on 31 March 1730 in St Michael-le-Belfry, York, Yorkshire. John Ryther of St Olave parish & Mary Hardgrave of this parish.

Eliza Brandon Harding

(circa 1800? - )
     Eliza Brandon Harding was born circa 1800?.
Eliza Brandon Harding married Daniel Mackglew, son of Daniel Mackglew and Ann Taylor, on 24 July 1820 in St James, Paddington, Middlesex. Daniel Mackglew of this parish ad Eliza Brandon Harding of this parish were married in this church by banns. Both signed in the presence of Sophia Brandon Harding & ... Daniel Mackglew obtained a marriage licence in 1820 to marry at Paddington. He was described as a hatter.
Eliza Brandon Harding married John Taylor on 5 December 1836 in St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey, England. This is only supposition until the death of Daniel is found.

Children of Eliza Brandon Harding and Daniel Mackglew

Elizabeth Harding

(19 December 1847 - )
     Elizabeth Harding was born on 19 December 1847 in Nantwhich, Cheshire.
Elizabeth Harding married Robert Ramsey, son of William Ramsey and Isabella Halliday, on 5 August 1878 in Christ Church, Bexley Heath, Kent.

Children of Elizabeth Harding and Robert Ramsey

Walter Hardwick

     Walter Hardwick was the son of Mary Medley (Hardwick).
The damiral's nephew Walter ardwicj received nothing in his uncle, the Admiral's will. Several times the Admiral had tried to assist with jobs in the Navy, but he realized he was a drunken uneducated wastrel. Walter cotested the will several time over the next 20 years despite being 'bouth off' twice. He tried unsuccesfully to prove his ownership of AYew Tree farm at Belton, formerly the Adiral's property and tenanted by Mrs Ryther..

Dorothy Lillian Hardy

     Dorothy Lillian Hardy was born in Long Melford, Suffolk, England.
The marriage of Dorothy Lillian Hardy and Cyril Edwin Miller, son of Robert Edwin Miller and Mary Maud Bullett, was registered in Sudbury RD in the September 1933 quarter.

Child of Dorothy Lillian Hardy and Cyril Edwin Miller

Frances Charlotte Hardy

(circa 1832 - )
     Frances Charlotte Hardy was born circa 1832 in Pentonville, Middlesex.
Frances Charlotte Hardy married Alfred John Horwood, son of Thomas Horwood and Mary Ann Dempster, on 4 October 1849 in St Pancras, London, Middlesex.
     In the 1851 census Frances Charlotte Hardy was living in the household of her father-in-law Mary Ann Dempster in 'Albury Villa', West St, Newchurch, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.

Thomas Hardy

(circa 1745 - )
     Thomas Hardy was born circa 1745.
Thomas Hardy married Catherine Popplewell, daughter of Robert Popplewell and Mary Burkitt, on 3 July 1769 in Messingham, Lincolnshire.

Thomas Hardy

(circa 1745 - )
     Thomas Hardy was born circa 1745 in Lincolnshire.
Thomas Hardy married Catherine Popplewell in 1769 in Messingham, Lincolnshire. Marriage bond: Catherine aged 25, Thomas aged 24, both single of this parish..

William Hardy

     William Hardy married Mary Steer, daughter of Robert Steer and Elizabeth Senior?, on 21 September 1643 in Darley. She may have died before 1661.
     In Robert Steer's will dated 13 June 1661 in Darley, Derbyshire, William Hardy was named as heir.

Isabella Hare

(1848? - 1911?)
     Isabella Hare was born in 1848?.
Isabella Hare married Francis Henry Phillips, son of Francis Henry Fortunatus Phillips and Susanna Gordon Windeyer, in 1872 in Sydney, New South Wales.
     Isabella died in 1911? In New South Wales.

Charles Richard Harford

     Charles Richard Harford married Jane Dunkin Steer, daughter of Charles William Steer and Jane Woodburn Watson, on 2 September 1846 in St Michael's, Heavitree, Devon. E Edmonds Esq., Jun., of Frankley, Wilts, to Sophia Anne and at the same time and place, Charles Richard, eldest son of Charles R Harford, of Rutland Gate, Hyde Park, to Jane Dunkin, daughters of Charles William Steer, Esq. of Spring Lawn, in this county.

Alan Hargrave

(1948 - 1972)
     Alan Hargrave was born in 1948.
     Alan died in 1972.

James Hargraves

     James Hargraves was born in Gunthwaite, Penistone, Yorkshire.
James Hargraves married Ann Rich, daughter of Jonas Rich and Elizabeth Waring, on 21 April 1786 in Cawthorne, Yorkshire. Married by licence.

James Hargreaves

     James Hargreaves married Ann Rich, daughter of John Rich and Sarah Hirst, on 28 August 1791 in Woolley, Yorkshire.