Elizabeth Henderson

     Elizabeth Henderson married John Dempster on 30 September 1621 in St Martin in the Fields, Westminster.

Mariah Louise Henderson

(circa 1809 - )
     Mariah Louise Henderson was born circa 1809 in Virginia, USA. She was the daughter of Hugh or Robert Henderson & Ann E (Nancy) Eaton. Her children were named in 'their' grandmother Elizabeth Hall Eaton's will: John H Handy b. c. 1836, Mariah L Handy c. ca 1839 & William Wesley Handy b. ca 1841.
     Mariah Louise Henderson married Thomas Kingston Handy, son of William Orme Handy and Mary Kingstone, on 16 September 1834 in Williamson county, Tennessee, USA.
     Mariah Louise Henderson was recorded in 1850 census in Davidson county, Tennessee, USA. Mariah Crutcher aged 41, Frances A Crutcher aged 20, Elizabeth Y Crutcher aged 18, living with a Foster family.
     Mariah Louise Handy married Edward M Crutcher on 29 July 1852 in Williamson County, Tennessee, USA.

Children of Mariah Louise Henderson and Thomas Kingston Handy

Countess Elizabeth Heneage

(9 July 1556 - 23 March 1633/34)
     Countess Elizabeth Heneage was born on 9 July 1556 in Copt Hall, Essex. She was the daughter of Sir Thomas Heneage and Anne Poyntz.
     Countess Elizabeth Heneage married Sir Moyle Finch (Bt), son of Sir Thomas Finch and Catherine Moyle, on 14 November 1572. Elizabeth became Viscountess Maidstone on 8 July 1623. Elizabeth was created Countess of Winchelsea on 11 July 1628.
     Elizabeth died on 23 March 1633/34 in Eastwell, Kent, aged 77. She was buried on 5 April 1634 in Eastwell.
     Her will was proved in 1634 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Children of Countess Elizabeth Heneage and Sir Moyle Finch (Bt)

John Heneage

(circa 1452 - 31 May 1530)
     John Heneage was born circa 1452. He was the son of John Heneage and Eleanor Preston.
     John Heneage married Katharine Wymbish. She was the daughter of Thomas Wymbish of Nocton.
     John died on 31 May 1530. He was of Hainton.

Child of John Heneage and Katharine Wymbish

John Heneage

( - circa 1473)
     John Heneage was the son of John Heneage and Alice Goddard.
     John Heneage married Eleanor Preston circa 1451. She was the daughter of John Preston of South Reston, Lincs.
     John Heneage made a will dated 4 December 1469.
     John died circa 1473.

Child of John Heneage and Eleanor Preston

John Heneage

( - 22 September 1439)
     John Heneage married Alice Goddard. She was the daughter of Walter Goddard of Snettisham (Suettisham), Nfk.
     John died on 22 September 1439. Of Hainton, legatee of John, Lord La Warr 1398.

Child of John Heneage and Alice Goddard

Robert Heneage

( - circa November 1556)
     Robert Heneage was the son of John Heneage and Katharine Wymbish.
     Robert Heneage married Lucy Buckton. She was the daughter and heiress of Ralph Buckton of Helmswell, Yks. He married secondly Margaret, daughter of George Manners, Lord Roos of Hamlake.
     He was of the City of Lincoln, Surveyor the Woods north of the Trent.
     Robert Heneage made a will dated 11 July 1556.
     Robert died circa November 1556. He was buried in St Katherine Cree, London.
     His will was proved on 1 December 1556.

Child of Robert Heneage and Lucy Buckton

Sir Thomas Heneage

(circa 1533 - 17 October 1595)
     Sir Thomas Heneage was born circa 1533. He was aged 24 in the 3-4 year of the reign of Phillip & Mary. He was the son of Robert Heneage and Lucy Buckton.
     Sir Thomas Heneage married Anne Poyntz, daughter of Sir Nicholas Poyntz. Cokayne states that Elizabeth was grand daughter on the mother's side of Thomas, Lord Berkeley of Berkeley Castle.
     He was Chancellor of Lancashire. Privy Councillor. Vice Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth.
     Thomas died on 17 October 1595 in Copt Hall, Essex. He was buried in St Paul's Cathedral, London.
     His will was proved on 2 December 1601.

Child of Sir Thomas Heneage and Anne Poyntz

Margaret Louise Henley

(19 August 1913 - 4 September 1963)
     Margaret Louise Henley was born on 19 August 1913 in Charlton, Victoria. She was the daughter of William George Henley & Louise Ruth Stowe.
     Margaret Louise Henley married William Lindsay Bland, son of Leslie George Harold Bland and Margaret Maxwell Campbell, on 1 July 1939 in Wesley College Chapel, Melbourne, Victoria. BLAND-HENLEY, The wedding of Margaret Louise, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Henley, of Moeraki, Nathalia and William Lindsay, second son of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. H. Bland, oí Glenura, Yarram, was celebrated on Saturday at Wesley Chapel by the Rev. W. Frank Hambly. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a tailored suit with toning accessories, and the bridegroom had as best man Mr. W. R. Henley. A reception at the Victoria followed the ceremony.
     Margaret died on 4 September 1963 in Yarram, Victoria, aged 50. She was cremated on 6 September 1963 in The Necropolis, Springvale.

Child of Margaret Louise Henley and William Lindsay Bland

Walter Henley

     Walter Henley married Frances Hales, daughter of Sir James Hales K.B. and Mary Hales, on 29 January 1552.

Agnes Beatrice Hennigan

(12 September 1907 - 17 September 1991)
     Agnes Beatrice Hennigan was born on 12 September 1907. She was the daughter of Timothy & Mary Ann Hannigan.
     Agnes Beatrice Hennigan married William Charles Colbert, son of John Colbert and Mary Jane Robertson, in 1926 in Victoria.
     Agnes Beatrice Hennigan lived at 28 Sandhurst Cres, Bundoora, 1982.
     Agnes died on 17 September 1991 in Bundoora, Victoria, aged 84. She was buried on 20 September 1991 in New Melbourne General Cemetery, Fawkner.

Children of Agnes Beatrice Hennigan and William Charles Colbert

Hon Arthur Henniker

     Hon Arthur Henniker and Florence Ellen Hungerford Milnes were engaged in 1881 in Cairo, Egypt.
     Hon Arthur Henniker married Florence Ellen Hungerford Milnes, daughter of Richard Monckton Milnes Lord Houghton and Hon Annabel Hungerford Crewe.

Anne Henry

(circa 1783 - 20 August 1818)
     Anne Henry was born circa 1783 in Ireland.
     Anne Henry married William Handcock as his second wife, in October 1802. Claudine Nelson is a descendant of this marriage. They had 5 children.
Miss Henry married William Handcock whose immediate ancestors were Protestant clergymen in Cavan, and as he was a man of no fortune the Henry family opposed her right to the estate under the terms of the will. Handcock took the case through Chancery to the House of Lords, achieved success in 1816, and established the Handcocks at Carantrila....
     Anne died on 20 August 1818 in Bath Abbey, Somerset, England. Sacred to the memory of Mrs Anne Handcock of the Kings's County Ireland who departed this lie at Bath on the 20 of August 1818 aged 35. She was buried in 'Carantrilla Park', Dunmore, Galway.

John Stephenson Henry

     John Stephenson Henry married Mary Handy, daughter of John Handy and Emily Alexander, in 1828 in Dublin. This marriage is unlikely as she was described as a spinster at her sister's decease in 1881.

Alphra Henzell

( - 13 July 1783)
     Alphra Henzell was the daughter of Bigoe Henzell.
     Alphra Henzell married Andrew Armstrong, son of Archibald Armstrong and Letitia Playsted, on 1 August 1724.
     Alphra died on 13 July 1783.

Children of Alphra Henzell and Andrew Armstrong

Bigoe Henzell

Children of Bigoe Henzell

Jane Henzell

(circa 1680? - )
     Jane Henzell was born circa 1680? In Barnagrotty, Offaly, Ireland. She was the fourth daughter of Bigoe Henzell, esq of Barnagrotty, King's county.. She was the daughter of Bigoe Henzell.
     Jane Henzell married Michael Armstrong, son of Robert Armstrong and Lydia Howard, on 6 November 1716.

Children of Jane Henzell and Michael Armstrong

Rebecca Henzell

     Rebecca Henzell was the daughter of Bigoe Henzell.
     Rebecca Henzell married William Armstrong, son of Archibald Armstrong and Letitia Playsted, in 1715.

Children of Rebecca Henzell and William Armstrong

Alfred Samuel Hepburn

(17 September 1906 - )
     Alfred Samuel Hepburn lived at Speed, Victoria. He was born on 17 September 1906 in Port Albert, Victoria.
     Alfred Samuel Hepburn married Gladys Mary Fox, daughter of Samuel John Fox and Harriet Bullett, in 1927 in Newport, Victoria.

Child of Alfred Samuel Hepburn and Gladys Mary Fox

Brian George Hepburn

(before 17 October 1945 - before 22 October 1945)
     Brian George Hepburn was born before 17 October 1945. He was the son of Cymboline George Hepburn and May Clover Fox.
     Brian died before 22 October 1945 in Alberton, Victoria. He was buried on 22 October 1945 in Alberton.

Cymboline George Hepburn

(circa 1903 - before 4 November 1954)
     Cymboline George Hepburn married May Clover Fox, daughter of Samuel John Fox and Harriet Bullett. Cymboline George Hepburn was born circa 1903.
     Cymboline died before 4 November 1954 in Wonthaggi, Victoria. He was buried on 4 November 1957 in Alberton, Victoria, Australia.

Child of Cymboline George Hepburn and May Clover Fox

Lady Janet Hepburn

( - after 1557)
     Lady Janet Hepburn was born in Scotland. She was the daughter of Patrick Hepburn Earl of Bothwell and Janet or Joanna Douglas.
     Lady Janet Hepburn married George Seton 3rd Lord Seton, son of George Seton 2nd Lord Seton and Lady Marion or Margaret Campbell, before 1507.
     Janet died after 1557 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. She was buried in Seton, East Lothian, Scotland.

Child of Lady Janet Hepburn and George Seton 3rd Lord Seton

Joan Hepburn

(16 December 1927 - )
     Joan Hepburn was born on 16 December 1927 in Yarram, Victoria. She was the daughter of Alfred Samuel Hepburn and Gladys Mary Fox.
     Joan Hepburn married Ronald James Graham on 22 June 1946 in Holy Trinity Church of England, Yarram, Victoria.
     Joan Hepburn lived at 12 Law Street, Newborough, Victoria, 1992.

Patrick Hepburn Earl of Bothwell

     Patrick Hepburn Earl of Bothwell was also known as Patrick Hepburn Bothwell in records.
     Patrick Hepburn Earl of Bothwell married Janet or Joanna Douglas.

Child of Patrick Hepburn Earl of Bothwell and Janet or Joanna Douglas

Ann Heppenstall

     Ann Heppenstall married Michael Campion, son of Henry Rowland Campion and Margaret Furnes, on 27 April 1665 in Middle Rasen or W Torrington, Lincolnshire, England. Ann was present at Michael Campion's christening on 6 November 1668 in Farforth cum Maidenwell, Lincolnshire. Ann was present at Rowland Campion's christening on 6 December 1674 in Farforth cum Maidenwell, Lincolnshire, England.

Children of Ann Heppenstall and Michael Campion

Arnold Heppenstall

     Arnold Heppenstall married Eliza Mary Popplewell, daughter of Alban Popplewell and Ann Unknown (Clifford), on 13 June 1853 in Spittlegate, Grantham RD, Lincolnshire.
     Arnold Heppenstall and Eliza Mary Popplewell appeared on the 1861 census in Spittlegate, Lincolnshire. Mary Hippenstall, head, widow, 76, Arnold Hippenstall, 33, son, married, maltster, born Spittlegate; Eliza Mary Hippenstall, 36, wife, born Boston, Olive Hippenstall 6, Kate Hippenstall 5,
Ernest Hippenstall 3, grandchildren.
Eliza Mary headed the household as a widow with the three chldren in 1871.

Gwendoline Isabel Herbert

(25 August 1902 - 1 June 1991)
     Gwendoline Isabel Herbert was born on 25 August 1902. She was the daughter of Arthur & Sue Herbert.
     Gwendoline Isabel Herbert married Hugh Raymond Bland, son of George Bland and Mosina Thomas, in 1923 in Victoria.
     Gwendoline was registered at 38 Duke St, Yarram, on the between 1966 and 1982 electoral roll.
     Roy Bland stated that she held 'Aunt Minnie's' bible. She was the organist at the Yarram Methodist church.
     Gwendoline died on 1 June 1991 in Yarram, Victoria, aged 88.

Children of Gwendoline Isabel Herbert and Hugh Raymond Bland

Martha Herbert

     Martha Herbert married Simon Hughes, son of Simon Hughes and Elizabeth Sherwood, on 7 February 1733/34 in St Sepulchre, Holborn, London. Simond Hughes & Martha Herbert, by licence. They obtained a licence from the Faculty Office on 31 March 1733!.

Children of Martha Herbert and Simon Hughes

Richard Herbert

     Richard Herbert married Anna Leach, daughter of Edward Leach and Dinah Murch, in August 1764 in Chagford, Devon. Was a sergemaker.

Elizabeth Hermon

     Elizabeth Hermon married Ralph Ryther on 4 December 1681 in St Peter's, Leeds, Yorkshire, England.