Janie Beatrice Philips Hawkins

(31 May 1870 - 1879)
     Janie Beatrice Philips Hawkins was born on 31 May 1870. She was the daughter of George Hawkins and Jane Sanderson.
     Janie died in 1879.

Joseph Hawkins

     Joseph Hawkins married Edith Beatrice Squirrell, daughter of John Squirrell and Maria Elizabeth? Unknown, in 1906 in New Zealand.

Leonard Prideaux Hawkins

(8 March 1917 - 29 December 1982)
     Leonard Prideaux Hawkins was born on 8 March 1917. He was the son of Arthur Prideaux Hawkins and Kathleen Susie O'Reilly.
     Leonard died on 29 December 1982 in Canberra, ACT, aged 65.

Lionel Comber Hawkins

(29 February 1868 - )
     Lionel Comber Hawkins was born on 29 February 1868 in Hove, Steyning RD, Sussex. He was the son of George Hawkins and Jane Sanderson. Lionel were listed as the children of George Hawkins in the 1871 census in Argoss Lodge, Rotherfield, Sussex.
     Lionel Comber Hawkins were recorded on the 1881 census in the Grammar School, Halstead, Essex. Amy, Lionel and Robert were listed as the children of Jane Sanderson in the 1891 census in 11 Olive Grove, Croydon, Surrey.
The Moffatt family book states:
Commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Royal Buckinghamshire regiment. Went to South African War; Captain 1899; returned safely; living at Calverton? Stony Stratford with his mother and sister (at present) 1906; Director of McCorquodale Works – JP in Bucks. Went to war 1914, injured in 1916 after doing well and made colonel. In hospital for some time in England.
He was Lt Colonel and a very senior Freemason and Grand Superintendent for Buckinghamshire from 1930 to 1945.He served as Third Grand Principal for the Province from 1922 to 1930. For further details,please see: RWG Dunbabin's The History of The Royal Arch Province of Buckinghamshire 1891-1991.

Raymond Sydney Hawkins

Richard Hawkins

(15 April 1832 - )
     Richard Hawkins was born on 15 April 1832 in Bourton on the Water, Gloucestershire. Possibly son of Robert and Sarah Hawkins, a carpenter from Bourton on the Water, but baptism of Richard not found (but sons Francis and George, and daughters Mary and Sarah were found). Have found Richard hawkins, son of Robert & Ann, 1832
Cannot find in any Gloucester census in 1851, 61 or 71 - assume they moved out of county. Cannot find in 1881, assume therefore that he had either died or emigrated
1851: Labourer when Mary Ann was baptised.

Richard Hawkins married Ann Keen, daughter of John Keen and Mary Mason, on 25 June 1850 in Lower Slaughter. Marriage witnessed by: Valentine Keen & Elizabeth Loudel.

Richard Leonard Hawkins

(31 October 1848 - 10 April 1938)
     Richard Leonard Hawkins was commonly known as Lennie. He was born on 31 October 1848 in 8 Mayfield Place, Kensington, London.
The marriage of Richard Leonard Hawkins and Jane Anna Maria Hooper was registered in Kingston RD in the March 1872 quarter. Richard had a coach building business which appears to have been successful as he employed 60 men. His younger brother, Howard, was a medical doctor, with a practice in a village to the North east of London. They were at a private boarding school together in Reading while their parents were living in Hastings, in Hastings, Sussex.
     Richard Leonard Hawkins and Jane Anna Maria Hooper were recorded on the 1881 census in Hillside, Hastings, Sussex. Richard L Hawkins 33, coachbuilder employing 60 men, born Kensington; his wife Jane A Hawkins 40, born Stoke, Devon; Sarah Thomas 25 servant.
     Richard Leonard Hawkins and Eliza Alice Wafford were recorded on the 1891 census in 30 Ash Grove, Hendon. Richard L Hawkins, 41, head, living on means, born Kensington with wife (sic) Eliza A Kimpton, 32, born Hackney, children Maud 8, Howard 2 & Arthur Kimpton 1, born N London, W London & Cricklewood, with a 21 year old nurse.
Richard Leonard Hawkins married secondly Eliza Alice Wafford on 25 May 1891 in the Register Office, Hendon RD.
     Richard Leonard Hawkins and Eliza Alice Wafford were recorded on the 1901 census in 40 Ranelagh Rd, Ealing, London. Hawkins, Richard L, Head, Married M 50 1851, Engineer, born Kensington
London; Alice Wife F 42 1859 , born Hackney London, HAWKINS, Maud Daughter Single F 18 1883 , Marylebone, London; HAWKINS, Howard Son M 12 1889 born Kilburn
London; HAWKINS, Arthur G, Son M 11 1890 Cricklewood, London; BROW, Isabella Visitor Married F 72 1829
Henley, Berkshire; HUNT, Eliza F 16 1885 Servant Domestic, born Maidstone, Kent.
     Richard Leonard Hawkins and Eliza Alice Wafford were recorded on the 1911 census in 38 Cambridge Gardens, Kensington, London. Richard Leonard Hawkins 60, Eliza Alice Hawkins 52, married for 24 years, she has 2 living children of the present marriage (none deceased); pencil manufacturer, born Kensington, Mdx, his wife was born Hackney.
     Richard died on 10 April 1938 aged 89.

Children of Richard Leonard Hawkins and Eliza Alice Wafford

Robert Spencer Hawkins

(19 November 1874 - June 1897)
     Robert Spencer Hawkins was born on 19 November 1874 in Ramsgate, Thanet RD, Kent. He was the son of George Hawkins and Jane Sanderson. Amy, Lionel and Robert were listed as the children of Jane Sanderson in the 1891 census in 11 Olive Grove, Croydon, Surrey.
     Robert died in June 1897 in Perth, Western Australia, aged 22. A very clever young engineer. Went to the Ayrshire Minies in Rhodesia in 1895. Had a miraculous escape to Salisbury in 1896. He came home and then went out to the mines in Perth, W. Australia, where he got fever and died in June 1897 - a very promising young life cut short. He was engaged to Ethel Britton. The history of his escape was in all the papers and published specially in the Pall Mall Gazette.

Sydney Sanderson Hawkins

(17 May 1865 - )
     Sydney Sanderson Hawkins was born on 17 May 1865 in Brighton RD, Sussex. He was the son of George Hawkins and Jane Sanderson.
Sydney Sanderson Hawkins went to India. He married Clara, daughter of W Skeats Esq, Calcutta Cathedral, and had: Beatrice Amy b. 6 Nov 1891 in Assam; Charles Lionel Hawkins b. 8 Feb 1905 in Assam.

William Hawkins

     William Hawkins married Eliza Handy, daughter of John Handy, on 12 February 1856 in Tippenan?, Kildare, Ireland. 12 Feb 1856, William Hawkins, 23, bachelor, farmer, of Doneghmore, co. Wicklow, son of Thomas Hawkins, farmer & Eliza Handy, 21, spinster, of Tippenean, daughter of John Handy, farmer, by licence. Both signed in the presence of John Handy & George Oliver.

William Hawkins

     William Hawkins married Fanny or Eliza Constantia Drought, daughter of Thomas Drought and Frances Maria Wallen. He was the son of the late Bishop of Raphoe.

Emma Hawkins?

(circa 1843 - September 1877)
     Emma Hawkins? was born circa 1843 in Sheffield, Yorkshire.
The marriage of Emma Hawkins? and Henry Stancer, son of Henry Stancer and Mary Unknown, was registered in Sheffield RD, Yorkshire, in the September 1865 quarter.
     Emma Hawkins? and Henry Stancer were recorded on the 1871 census in Drabbles? Yard, Greystock St, Brightside Bierlow, Yorkshire. Henry Stancer, head, married, 30, striker, Emma, wife, 28, John, son, 8, George son 5, Harriett daughter 3, Henry son 1, all born in Sheffield.
     Emma's death was registered in the quarter ending in September 1877 in Sheffield RD Yorkshire.

Children of Emma Hawkins? and Henry Stancer

Henry Hawksworth

(before June 1698 - )
     Henry Hawksworth was born before June 1698 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire.
     Henry Hawksworth and Martha Rich obtained a marriage licence on 26 June 1722 in Penistone, Yorkshire. Henry Hawkesworth aged 24 of Ecclesfield and Martha Rich, aged 20 of Penistone to wed at Penistone parish church or Cawthorne Chapel or Bradfield Chapel.
Henry Hawksworth married Martha Rich, daughter of Abel Rich and Ellen or Eleanor Morton (Brook), on 26 July 1722 in Cawthorne, Yorkshire. He was of Divardine, Ecclesfield and she was of Catshaw in Peniston.

Elizabeth Hawley

     Elizabeth Hawley was the daughter of James Hawley and Elizabeth Banks.
Elizabeth Hawley married John Craley.

Sir Henry Hawley

(1745 - 1826)
      1st Baronet, of Leybourne Grange, co. Kent; executor for Sir Joseph Banks.. Sir Henry Hawley was born in 1745. He was the son of James Hawley and Elizabeth Banks.
Sir Henry Hawley married Dorothy Ashwood.
     Henry died in 1826.

Child of Sir Henry Hawley and Dorothy Ashwood

Sir Henry Hawley (2nd Bart)

(1776 - 1837)
     Sir Henry Hawley (2nd Bart) was born in 1776. He was the son of Sir Henry Hawley and Dorothy Ashwood.
     Henry died in 1837.

James Hawley

(1705 - 1777)
      He was also of Leybourne Grange, Kent.. James Hawley was born in 1705. James was described as M.D. in Brentford, Middlesex, England.
James Hawley married Elizabeth Banks, daughter of Joseph Banks and Ann Hodgkinson, on 8 November 1744 in Grays Inn chapel, London, England.
     James died in 1777.

Children of James Hawley and Elizabeth Banks

James Hawley

     The marriage of James Hawley and Bettina Mary Jones, daughter of Charles Frederick Jones and Dorothy Gwendoline Bullett, was registered in Stafford RD, Staffordshire, in the September 1943 quarter.

Fred Haworth

     The marriage of Fred Haworth and Agnes Lydia Bullett, daughter of John Bullett and Lydia Crockford, was registered in Huddersfield RD, Yorkshire, in the December 1909 quarter.

Barbara Hay

     Barbara was buried in Auldearn, Nairnshire.
Barbara Hay married David Dunbar.

Egidia Hay

     Egidia Hay married Alexander Seton Lord Gordon, Earl of Huntly, son of Alexander Seton Sir, Lord Gordon and Elizabeth Gordon, circa 8 January 1426/27.

Elizabeth Hay

     Elizabeth Hay married George Gordon 2nd Earl Huntly as his third wife, circa June 1466 in Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. On 4,11 and 18 August 1471 banns of marriage between George and Elizabeth Hay were published. "It is usually said the marriage did not take place till after 12 May 1476, but this is founded on the erroneous date noted above (a footnote explains this), and the marriage probably followed closely on the final proclamation.
Elizabeth Hay was the mother of ten legitimate children, four sons and six daughters.
"In February 1504-5 she obtained letters against Alexander, Earl of Huntly, compelling him to pay 50 pounds to her as his mother---".

Elizabeth Hay

     Elizabeth Hay was the daughter of John Hay 3rd Lord Hay of Yester and Elizabeth Douglas.
     A contract for the marriage of Elizabeth Hay and George Seton 4th Lord Seton was signed on 10 April 1527.
Elizabeth Hay married George Seton 4th Lord Seton, son of George Seton 3rd Lord Seton and Lady Janet Hepburn, on 15 June 1527.

Child of Elizabeth Hay and George Seton 4th Lord Seton

James Hay

     James Hay married Katherine Dunbar, daughter of Alexander Dunbar and Katherine Reid.

Janet Hay

     Janet Hay married James Dunbar, son of Archibald Dunbar and Janet Tulloch. Theyhad issue Robert, James and Archibald who married 4 May 1682 .... Innes, daughter of Mr John Innes of Coxton and had James Dunbar of Balnagieth 1664.
A James Dunbar married Magdalen Hay on 27 July 1647 at Dyke..

Children of Janet Hay and James Dunbar

John Hay 3rd Lord Hay of Yester

     John Hay 3rd Lord Hay of Yester was also known as John Hay in records.
John Hay 3rd Lord Hay of Yester married Elizabeth Douglas, daughter of George Douglas Master of Angus.

Child of John Hay 3rd Lord Hay of Yester and Elizabeth Douglas

Margaret Hay

( - 14 February 1609)
     Margaret Hay was born in Lochloy.
     A contract for the marriage of Margaret Hay and John Dunbar was signed on 15 March 1569. Burke's Peerage p. 594-5 states: Alexander Brodie of Brodie.. first married Marjory daughter of Robert Dunbar of Durres before1553 and she died before 1569 having a son David. He married secondly (contract 15 March 1569) Margaret, widow of Dunbar of Benageield and edlest daughter of John Hay, of Lochloy. They had a charter 27 Jan 1570.... He died in August1584 and sShe married thirdly Mr Wiliam Douglas, thesaurer of Moray, made her will and died 14 Feb 1609.
     Margaret died on 14 February 1609.

Margaret Hay

     Margaret Hay married David Dunbar.

Thomas Hay

     Thomas was Constable of Scotland.
Thomas Hay married Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of Robert, II Stewart, King of Scotland and Elizabeth Mure.

Lillian Alice Haydock

(8 October 1921 - March 2004)
     Lillian Alice Haydock was born on 8 October 1921 in Worksop RD, Nottinghamshire.
Lillian Alice Haydock married Richard Groves Stanser, son of William Ellis Stanser and Edith Mary Groves, in September 1955 in Scunthorpe RD, Lincolnshire.
     Lillian's death was registered in the quarter ending in March 2004 in Lincolnshire RD, Lincolnshire.