Ellen Hayes

(before 1848 - )
     Ellen Hayes was born before 1848 in Cork, Ireland.
Ellen Hayes married Michael Colbert (of Midleton RD).

Child of Ellen Hayes and Michael Colbert (of Midleton RD)

Frederick St L Hayes

     Frederick St L Hayes married Isabel Windeyer Phillips, daughter of Francis Henry Phillips and Isabella Hare, in 1901 in Waverley district, New South Wales.

Kathleen Hayes

(13 August 1901 - )
     Kathleen Hayes was born on 13 August 1901.
Kathleen Hayes married John Dunbar Dobson, son of Charles Killigrew Dobson and Mary Ann Haines, on 27 May 1939 in St Aiden's, Payneham?, South Australia. They had no issue. He was possibly a jeweller.

Margaret Hayes

(before 1545 - 3 October 1625)
     Margaret Hayes was born before 1545 in England.
Margaret Hayes married John Killingworth on 7 February 1561/62 in St Leonard, Eastcheap, London, England. Margaret was present at Sybil Killingworth's christening on 8 April 1565 in London.
     Margaret was buried on 3 October 1625 in All Hallows, Lombard St, London.

Children of Margaret Hayes and John Killingworth

Margaret Hayes

(before 1835 - )
     Margaret Hayes was born before 1835 in Cork, Ireland.
Margaret Hayes married Edmond Colbert on 24 February 1857 in Castlelyons, Cork, Ireland. Wintesses were John Scanland & Richard Hayes.

Amelia Hayley

     Amelia Hayley married William Skottowe Parker, son of Richard Neville Parker and Margaret Skottowe, on 25 August 1836 in Port Macquarie, New South Wales. By special license on the 5th August, at Port Macquarie, by the Rev. John Croft, W. S Parker, Esq., of Clarefield, to Miss Amelia Hayley, of

Elizabeth Hayne

( - 24 December 1768)
     Elizabeth Hayne married John Ruby, son of John Ruby and Jane Parson, on 2 February 1732/33 in Davidstow, Cornwall.
     Elizabeth was buried on 24 December 1768 in Davidstow, Cornwall.

Children of Elizabeth Hayne and John Ruby

Margery Hayne

     Margery Hayne married John Ruby, son of John Ruby and Elizabeth Hayne, on 24 April 1769 in Davidstow, Cornwall.

Children of Margery Hayne and John Ruby

Harriett Haynes

(before April 1837 - 2 December 1916)
     Harriett Haynes was born before April 1837 in Radford/Retford, Nottinghamshire.
Harriett Haynes married John Henry Wafford, son of John Wafford and Eliza Porter, on 15 October 1854 in St Leonard, Shoreditch, London.
     Harriett Haynes and John Henry Wafford were recorded on the 1861 census in 36 Nottingham Place, Mile End Old Town, London. John Wafford .head, 26, porter born London with his wife Harriet, 23, born Radford?, Notts; son Henry aged 5, born London; daughter Alice aged 3, born London; son Edmund, aged under 1 month, born London, Mdx; with Eliza Wafford, widowed mother?, aged 56, born London.
     Harriett Haynes and John Henry Wafford were recorded on the 1871 census in 14 East St, Marylebone, London. John Wafford head, 38, fishmonger, born St Martin in Fields, his wife Harriet 35, bron Radford, Nottingham, children Alice 12, born Hackney, Walter 10, born Whitechapel, Arthur 8, born Paddington, George 3, born Paddington.
     Harriett Haynes and John Henry Wafford were recorded on the 1881 census in 15 Barrett Street, St Marylebone, Westminster, Middlesex. John H Wafford, refreshment house keeper aged 46, his wife Harriett aged 44, and children Wallace aged 21, George aged 13 and Alice aged 20, all born in London.
     Harriett Haynes was recorded on the 1891 census in 15 Barrett St, Marylebone, London. Harriet Wafford head, married, 53, fishmonger, born Bedford, Ntt; John H Wafford, son, single, 34, ditto, born St Giles, London; George F Wafford, son, 22, furniture salesman (cabt), born London, Marylebone.
     Harriett Haynes was recorded on the 1901 census in 6 Oldfield Terrace, Acton, London. Harriet Wafford, head, widow, 63, fishmonger, own account, born Retford, Ntt; George Fredk Wafford, son, married, 32, C... maker, worker, born Marylebone; Millie Wafford, his wife, 33, born Paddington, Lester Wafford, grandson, 2 weeks, born Acton; with a nurse and a boarder.
Harriett Haynes was listed in a directory dated 1902 as Wafford, Harriet (Mrs), fried fish shop at 15 Barrett St, Manchester Square, London.
     Harriett's death was registered in the quarter ending on 2 December 1916 in Watford, Hertfordshire.
     Her will was proved on 22 December 1916 at the Principal Probate Registry, London. Harriett Wafford of Holmwood, Haddon Rd, Chorley Wood, Hertfordshire, widow, died 2 Dec 1916. Administration 22 Dec to Wallace Wafford, restaurant keeprer. Effects £63/5/8.

Children of Harriett Haynes and John Henry Wafford

Frances Hayward

(circa 1580? - before 20 June 1623)
     Frances Hayward was also known as Haynes in records. She was born circa 1580?.
Frances Hayward married Francis Steer, son of Henry Steer and Alice Unknown (Steer), on 24 August 1613 in Darley, Derbyshire.
     Frances died before 20 June 1623 in Darley, Derbyshire. Fraunces wife of Frauncis Stear. She was buried on 20 June 1623 in Darley.

Mary Hayward

     Mary Hayward married William Heatherly as his second wife, on 26 December 1682 in St James, Duke Place, Aldgate, London. He was a widower and she a spinster, Thomas Hayward was witness?.

Sarah Haywood

(before 1825 - June 1859?)
     Sarah Haywood was born before 1825 in Rufford, Nottinghamshire.
Sarah Haywood married Henry Rich, son of Joseph Rich and Frances Ryalls, on 18 June 1843 in St peter & St Paul, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
     Sarah Haywood and Henry Rich were recorded on the 1851 census in Rufford, NTT. Henry Rich aged 44, born Blyth, Ntt, carpenter, was a lodger in the Haywood household; with his wife Sarah aged 29, born Ollerton, and children Edward? 7, Betsey 4, Harriet/Frederick? son, 3, Henry 1, all born at Rufford.
     Sarah's death was registered in the quarter ending in June 1859? In Worksop RD, Nottinghamshire.

Children of Sarah Haywood and Henry Rich

John Hazelby

     John Hazelby married Ann Ryther on 19 November 1734 in Haxey, Lincolnshire.

George Hazelton

     George Hazelton married Helena St Aubyn Dobson, daughter of John Dunbar Dobson and Jessie Stevens, on 5 December 1938. They had no issue.

Alec Harold Hazelwood

(14 January 1910 - 15 November 1992)
     Alec Harold Hazelwood was born on 14 January 1910 in Bardwell, Suffolk. Alec was educated in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. He attended night school after attending the local school at Bardwell. Alec was a carpenter, joiner and builder from 1925 to 1987, in Bardwell & Thurston, Suffolk.
     Alec resided at 'Alandale', Barton Rd, Thurston, Suffolk, from 1937 to 1992.
Alec Harold Hazelwood married Daphne Florence Fisher, daughter of William Michael Fisher and Lavinia Alice Bennington, on 23 February 1938 in Bardwell, Suffolk.
     Alec died on 15 November 1992 in the West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, aged 82. He was buried on 23 November 1992 in Thurston, Suffolk.

Children of Alec Harold Hazelwood and Daphne Florence Fisher

Angela Hazelwood

(29 July 1939 - after 29 July 1939)
     Angela Hazelwood was born on 29 July 1939 in Norwich, Norfolk.
     Angela died after 29 July 1939 in Norwich, Norfolk. She was the daughter of Alec Harold Hazelwood and Daphne Florence Fisher.

Diana Hazelwood

(29 July 1939 - July 1939)
     Diana Hazelwood was born on 29 July 1939 in Norwich, Norfolk, England.
     Diana died in July 1939 in Norwich, Norfolk. She was the daughter of Alec Harold Hazelwood and Daphne Florence Fisher.

Letitia Head

     Letitia Head married John Armstrong Drought, son of Thomas Drought and Caroline Armstrong. They had three sons and five daughters. See Burke for further information.

Elizabeth Healey

(circa 1605 - 25 November 1629)
     Elizabeth Healey was born circa 1605 in Burringham, Althorpe, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Thomas Healey of Burringham & Anne, daughter of Thomas Popple of Burringham; her brother was Vicar of Haxey.
Elizabeth Healey married Humphrey Popplewell, son of David Popplewell and Elizabeth Tuswell, circa 1622.
     Elizabeth was buried on 25 November 1629 in Belton, Lincolnshire.

Children of Elizabeth Healey and Humphrey Popplewell

Mary Healey

     Mary Healey married John Fennessey before 1841.

Child of Mary Healey and John Fennessey

Timothy Heardson

(8 June 1650 - )
     Timothy Heardson was christened on 8 June 1650 in St Margaret's, Claythorpe/Lincoln, Lincolnshire. He was the son of Edward Heardson. He was a chorister of Lincoln Cathedral before 1665. In 1678 he was of Somerby in Gainsborough.
Timothy Heardson married Alice Popplewell, daughter of Robert Popplewell and Elizabeth Unknown, on 28 September 1678 in Kettlethorpe, Lincolnshire. The marriage bond described them as Timothy Heardson of Gainsborough & Alis Popplewell of Gainsborough, spinster.
     Timothy Heardson made a will dated 16 September 1712.
     His will was proved on 1 February 1721/22.

William Hearn

(circa 1852 - )
     William Hearn was born circa 1852.
William Hearn married Caroline Jane Wafford, daughter of Charles Watford, on 13 July 1874 in St Luke, Chelsea, London, Middlesex. Although the certificate is clearly Wafford, both she and her witness sign Watford!.

Lydia Margarita Hearne

( - 4 June 1923)
     Lydia Margarita Hearne married Dr Robert Edwin Halahan, son of Dean John Halahan and Harriette Sargent, on 16 April 1912 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
     Lydia died on 4 June 1923 in Buenos Aires.

Children of Lydia Margarita Hearne and Dr Robert Edwin Halahan

Helen Heasse

(before 1595 - )
     Helen Heasse was born before 1595 in Derbyshire, England.
Helen Heasse married Robert Steer, son of Unknown Steer, on 7 April 1611 in Beeley, Derbyshire.

Daisy Belle Heath

(8 August 1895 - 1976)
     Daisy Belle Heath was born on 8 August 1895 in Waanyarra, Tarnagulla, Victoria. She was the daughter of Frank Elander Heath and Martha Borland.
Daisy Belle Heath married George Jonathan Jones on 18 September 1915 in Churches of Christ, Geelong, Victoria.
     Daisy resided at Lara, Victoria, between 1919 and 1925.
     Daisy and George resided at 251 Burke Rd, Camberwell, Victoria, 1928.
     Daisy resided at 23 Lyle St, Brunswick, Victoria, 1931.
     Daisy resided at 5 Fairway St, Frankston, Victoria, between 1963 and 1968.
     Daisy died in 1976 in Heidelberg, Victoria.

Children of Daisy Belle Heath and George Jonathan Jones

Edwin Franklin Heath

(27 April 1894 - )
     Edwin was an engineer for State Government. He served in the Light Horse Regiment in WWI. He was born on 27 April 1894 in Bendigo, Victoria. He was the son of Frank Elander Heath and Martha Borland.
Edwin Franklin Heath married Dora Corbett in 1917 in Victoria.

Child of Edwin Franklin Heath and Dora Corbett

Edwin Franklin Heath

(circa 1917 - 1920)
     Edwin Franklin Heath was born circa 1917 in Victoria. He was the son of Edwin Franklin Heath and Dora Corbett.
     Edwin died in 1920 in Fairfield, Victoria.

Emma Heath

(circa 1851 - 12 June 1922)
     Emma Heath married John George May. Emma Heath was born circa 1851.
     Emma died on 12 June 1922 in 'Leura', Yarram, Victoria.

Children of Emma Heath and John George May

Frank Elander Heath

(30 October 1871 - 1957)
     Frank Elander Heath was born on 30 October 1871 in Pleasantville, Venango County, Pennsylvania, USA. He was the son of Edwin Heath & Louemma Keth who emigrated to Australia.
Frank Elander Heath married Martha Borland, daughter of Alexander Borland and Isabella MacPherson, on 4 October 1893 in the Presbyterian church, Laanecoorie, Victoria. They had issue.
     Frank died in 1957 in Daylesford, Victoria.

Children of Frank Elander Heath and Martha Borland

Levi Hudson Heath

     Levi Hudson Heath married Ada Constance Bush, daughter of Alfred Elliott Bush and Ada Matilda Bird, on 16 February 1888 in Lismore, New South Wales. . Heath-Bush. Febrary 16 1888, at St Mary's church of England, Ballina, Richmond River NSW, by the Rev F R Newton, Levi Hudson, second son of hte late John Heath, of Connecticut, USA, to Constance Ada, second daughter of the late Alfred Elliott Bush of New York, America..