Robert Dunbar

(13 February 1670 - September 1742)
     Robert Dunbar was christened on 13 February 1670 in Alves, Moray, Scotland. He was the son of Archibald Dunbar and Elizabeth Hacket.
     Robert Dunbar married Margaret MacKenzie, daughter of Colin MacKenzie, on 27 November 1690. She was the only daughter of Colin Mackenzie of Pluscarden.
     Robert died in September 1742 aged 72. He was buried on 29 September 1742 in Alves, Moray.

Child of Robert Dunbar and Margaret MacKenzie

Child of Robert Dunbar

Archibald Dunbar

(29 October 1671 - 16 April 1733)
     Archibald Dunbar was christened on 29 October 1671 in Alves, Moray. He was the son of Archibald Dunbar and Elizabeth Hacket.
     Archibald Dunbar married Rebecca Adamson in August 1703. She was the widow of Robert Mackenzie/Menzies, W S and daughter of the Rev James Adamson, minister of Ettrick.
Extract Post-nuptial Marriage Contract dated 9 August 1703 between Archibald Dunbar of Thunderton (Thundertoun) and Rebecca Adamson, only daughter of deceased James Adamson minister at Atrick (Ettrick) and Margaret Coltt (Colt), his spouse, whereby said Rebecca is to have in liferent an annuity of 500 merks, her tocher being 1,600 merks. Registered in Elgin Sheriff Court books, 16 August 1717. Archibald was Sheriff of Moray & Provost of Elgin.
     Charter of Resignation by William Duff, elder, provost of the burgh of Innerness (Inverness), and the bailies thereof, with assent of the councillors and community, to Mr. Archibald Dunbar of Thundertoune, his heirs and assignees whatsoever, of three roods of burgh built land, with yard, kiln and coble, formerly pertaining to deceased Alexander Dunbar, lately provost of Innerness, bounded between the king's common highway, at the east, the road running near the water of Ness, at the west, the lands formerly pertaining to deceased John Cuthbert of Castlehill, then to David Cuthbert, his son, and now to Hugh Falconar [Falconer], commissary clerk of Innernes, at the south, and the common vennel leading to the said water of Ness at the north, resigned on date hereof in the hands of the said magistrates, sitting in burgh court, by James Fraser, merchant burgess of Innerness, as procurator for Alexander Dunbar of Barmuckatie [Barmuckity] (who had right to the said subjects from the said Alexander Dunbar, lately provost) in favour of the said Mr. Archibald Dunbar of Thundertoun, in implement of disposition, dated at Edinburgh 15th May 1704; and sasine, given by Mr. Alexander Fraser, bailie, of the said three roods to Mr. Robert Fraser, advocate in Edinburgh, as attorney for the said Mr. Archibald Dunbar.
     Archibald Dunbar lived at Thunderton, Duffus/Elgin, Moray.
     Disposition by Mr Archibald Dunbar of Thundertoun, with consent of James Dunbar, younger, merchant burgess of Inverness, to Alexander Mcintosh of Termit (Termett), merchant and present treasurer of the said burgh, and his heirs male of his body, whom failing his heirs and assignees whatsoever, of three roods or tenements of burgage land, with houses, kiln maltbarn, coble etc. lying on the west side of the Kirk Street of Invernes; which roods sometime belonged to deceased Alexander Dunbar, late provost of Invernes, thereafter to Alexander Dunbar of Ballmuckatie [Barmuckity], and were acquired from the latter by the said Mr Archibald.
     Archibald Dunbar married secondly Phillis Walker.
     Execution of Summons of reduction, raised by Alexander Dunbar of Grangehill, heritable Lord and Baillie of the Regality of Stonny Forenoene [Farneen] and William Garden, at the Milne of Moy within the said Regality, his tenant, against Ludovic Dunbar of Westfield, heritable Sheriff Principal of Elgin and Forres; Archibald Dunbar of Thunderton, Sheriff Principal of said shire; and others
     Archibald died on 16 April 1733 in Edinburgh, Scotland, aged 61. He was buried in Greyfriars churchyard.He left no male issue..

Children of Archibald Dunbar and Rebecca Adamson

Robert Steer

(14 November 1624 - before 14 October 1638)
     Robert Steer was christened on 14 November 1624 in Darley, Derbyshire. He was the son of Robert Steer and Elizabeth Senior?
     Robert died before 14 October 1638 in Darley, Derbyshire. Robert, the son of Robert Steare was buryed the 14th day of October 1638. He was buried on 14 October 1638 in Darley.