Murray Halliday Hooper

(1874 - 12 July 1913)
     Murray Halliday Hooper was born in 1874 in Deniliquin, New South Wales. He was the son of William Henry Hooper and Sarah Sophia Halliday.
     Murray Hooper sat the civil service exam in September 1895.
     The Pastoral times reported an enthusiastic sendoff for Mr Murray Hooper on 2 March 1901 and the Independent 1 March p. 7 on his departure for Ararat.
     Murray Halliday Hooper lived at Ararat, Victoria, May 1906.
     Murray Halliday Hooper was employed by the Bank of NSW as a clerk in 1911, Albury, New South Wales. Murray was the manager of the Bank of NSW in 1913, in Corryong, Victoria.
     Murray died of a self inflicted revolver shot on 12 July 1913 in Corryong, Victoria. BANK MANAGER'S SUICIDE. MR HOOPER SHOOTS HIMSELF AT CORRYONG. A POPULAR OFICER.
Intense surprise and keen regret were expressed on Saturday morning in Albury when the news spread that Mr. Murray Hooper, manager of the Corryong branch of the Bank of New South Wales, had shot himself. .For the four years prior to last. April, when he was appointed to the management of the branch at Corryong. Mr. Hooper was accountant at the Albury branch. In banking, social, and sporting circles in Albury he made hosts of friends, and everyone who came into contact, with him has and most sympathetic words to say of him. Mr. Hooper was a keen and excellent cricketer, a golfer, and a tennis player. Tall and commanding, Mr. Hooper's was a cheerful and familiar figure on the cricket field, He was one of the Albury club's best batsmen and bowlers last season. Furthermore, he was a member of the selection committee of the Albury and Border Cricket Association. When Mr. Hooper left the town for Corryong a large number of his friends showed their goodwill towards him and appreciation of his manly qualities by entertaining' him and making him a presentation. Mr. Hooper was about 38 years of age, and had seen 20 years' service with the bank. Lately he suffered a nervous break down, and was just about to go on three months' leave of absence, granted him by the bank. Mr. O. A. Baker, manager of the Albury branch of the bank, said on Saturday that Mr. Hooper was one of the grandest men he had ever met, and one of the whitest, Mr. Hooper was conscientious and level headed, 'He was a man who stuck to his work.' said Mr. Baker. 'and I could have trusted my life with him. Poor old chap,' 'The details of the tragedy are simple in thel extreme. Mr, Hooper entered the bank as usual at 9 o'clock on Saturday morning. Shortly afterwards the report of a revolver shot was heard, and the accountant, Mr. Hamilton, rushed into his manager's office to find Mr. Hooper lying on the floor wlth a bullet wound through his head. This is all there is to tell about tho Iast moments of one of the pleasantest young fellows one could wish to meet, The Deputy Coroner, Mr. Alf. Acocks, held an inquiry in the afternoon, Evidence was taken of. the finding of the body, but there was no evidence to show the state of mind of the deceased, The verdict of the Deputy Coroner was to the effect that Murray Hooper died from a revolver shot,self-inflicted.. A coroner's inquest was held regarding his death on 12 July 1913 in Corryong. Inquiry at Corryong, on same day as death: On 12 June 1913 the deceased consulted me professionally, in a low state of health and in a condition of neurasthenia & bordering on melancholia. I recommended a change and gave him a medical certificate to procure leave of absence for an indefinite time... David Peter Greenham, Medical Practitioner, Corryong. He was buried on 14 July 1913 in Corryong.
     The administration of his estate was granted on 18 September 1913 at Victoria.

Nancy Hooper

(25 February 1649/50 - )
     Nancy Hooper was christened on 25 February 1649/50 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire. She was the daughter of William Hooper and Elspeth Dickson.

Nathaniel Hooper

(10 March 1793 - 5 March 1858)
     Nathaniel Hooper was born on 10 March 1793 in Westminster, Middlesex. He was the son of James Hooper and Katherine Saxon. Nathaniel Hooper was christened on 10 April 1793 in St George Hanover Square, Westminster. Nathaniel was a solicitor in 1816. Hooper & Leachman, Solicitors, were at 2 George St, Mansion House in 1816-17. By 1822 he was in partnership with his uncle Nathaniel Saxon at 5 Pump Court, Middle Temple, which remained the address of his firm.
     Nathaniel Hooper lived at 2 Mansion House Place, London, between 1818 and 1825.
     Nathaniel Hooper married Elizabeth Saxon, daughter of Samuel Simon Saxon and Elizabeth Isabella Livingston, on 16 August 1823 in Evercreech, Somerset.
     Nathaniel Hooper lived at 23 Old Burlington St, London?, 1827. He was widowed before 1837 on the death of his wife Elizabeth Saxon.
     Nathaniel Hooper lived at 6 Michael's Grove, Brompton, London, 1837.
     Nathaniel Hooper and an unknown person obtained a marriage licence on 15 September 1837.
     Nathaniel Hooper married secondly Emma Warner in September 1837 in Kensington RD, Middlesex.
     Nathaniel Hooper and Emma Warner appeared on the 1841 census in Greville Place, St Marylebone, Westminster. Nathaniel Hooper, 45, solicitor; Emma 40, Katharine 14; Elizabeth 13; Mary 11; Emma 2, Eliza 11 weeks, all except Katharine born in the county.
     Nathaniel Hooper lived at 11 Greville Place, Kilburn, Middlesex, 1845. From 1845-8 he lived at 11 Greville Place, Kilburn, and also in 1848 was listed as of Richmond Surrey, and solicitor to the New Brunswick & Nova Scotia Land Company. He was still at Richmond in 1853, but moved to Hartley Wintney, Hants., where he died.
     Nathaniel Hooper lived at 5 Pump Crt, Temple?, London, May 1846.
     Nathaniel Hooper and Emma Warner were recorded on the 1851 census in The Rise, Richmond, Surrey. Nathaniel Hooper, head, 58, solicitor, born Mdx St Geo Hanover Square, his wife Emma aged 50, ditto, and daughters Catherine Saxon 24, born Evercreech, Somerset; Elizabeth Saxon aged 23, born Fulham, Middlesex; Mary aged 21, born Fulham, Emma A W aged 12, scholar at home, born Kensington and Cecilia Petersdorff aged 7, ditto, born St Mary le Bow.
     Nathaniel Hooper made a will dated 2 September 1855. He mentions his five daughters, stocks, leasehold houses at nos.10 & 11 South Molton St, a fourth share in houses in the parish of St Margaret Westminster devised by the will of his late uncle Simon Saxon Hooper.
     Nathaniel died on 5 March 1858 in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, aged 64. At his residence, Hartley Wintney, Hants., aged 64, Nathaniel Hooper esq. late of the Temple, London and of Richmond, Surrey.
     His will was proved on 1 April 1858 at the Principal Probate Registry, London. His will (effects under £16,000) was proved by Emma Hooper, widow and James Hooper of Bath Place, Peckham, Surrey, the brother.

Children of Nathaniel Hooper and Elizabeth Saxon

Children of Nathaniel Hooper and Emma Warner

Nunus Septimus Hooper

(2 May 1788 - )
     Nunus Septimus Hooper was christened on 2 May 1788 in St Mary, St Marylebone, Westminster, Middlesex. He was the son of John Hooper and Mary Fawler.

Octavius Septimus Hooper

(22 January 1787 - )
     Octavius Septimus Hooper was christened on 22 January 1787 in St Mary, St Marylebone, Westminster, Middlesex. He was the son of John Hooper and Mary Fawler.

Patriarch Hooper

     Patriarch Hooper lived at Stitchell, Berwickshire, Scotland. A quaint old monument outside the chancel of Stitchell church, is known as the Hooper stone. The inscription is incomplete, but one may still decipher on the upper slab some names and figures and this triumphant sentiment:
Vita miati Mrtis mors
Vitae jauna factua est.

Children of Patriarch Hooper

Percy Walpole Hooper

(before 1 April 1862 - 1893)
     Percy Walpole Hooper was born before 1 April 1862 in Bromley, Kent, England. He was the son of Alfred Dawson Hooper and Letitia Walpole. Louisa, Letitia, Ellen and Percy were listed as the children of Alfred Dawson Hooper in the 1871 census in 'Souldern', Sevenoaks, Kent.
     Percy was educated from from September 1873 to April 1878 at Lancing College, Sussex. Letitia, Louisa, Henry, Ellen and Percy were listed as the children of Alfred Dawson Hooper in the 1881 census in 'Souldern', Vine Rd, Sevenoaks, Kent.
     Percy Walpole Hooper arrived in 1882 at Western Australia.
     Percy died in 1893 in Western Australia.

Peter Hooper

(before 1796 - 23 January 1873)
     Peter Hooper was born before 1796 in Melrose, Roxburghshire.
     Peter Hooper married Margaret Scott on 31 July 1821 in Kelso & Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland. Peter was an ironmonger between 1841 and 1851.
     Peter Hooper appeared on the 1841 census in Roxburgh Street East Side, Kelso, Roxburghshire. Peter Hooper 45, Ironmonger; Margret Hooper 45, Joseph Hooper17, George Hooper15, Thomas Hooper 8, Thomas Miller 35, Agness Hush 25.
     Peter Hooper and Margaret Scott were recorded on the 1851 census in Roxburgh St, Kelso, Roxburghshire. Peter Hooper 55, born Melrose, Rox, Smith, employing 16 men; wife Margaret Hooper 56, born Hawick, Joseph Hooper 27, born Kelso, Thomas Hooper 17, born Kelso, Margaret Gibson 27, house servant.
     Peter died on 23 January 1873 in Kelso, Roxburghshire. MI: Erected in memory of Robert Hooper son of Peter Hooper ironmonger in Kelso who died 6 July 1833 aged 11 years ...also his son George who died at Rothesay 11 April 1849 aged 22 years also Margaret Scott wife of the above Peter Hooper who died 21 April 1859 aged 64 years. Also the above Peter Hooper who died 23 Jan 1873 aged 72 years ... also Thomas Millar brother-in-law of the above Peter Hooper who died 7.2.1849 aged 49 years and Mary Scott his wife died 3.10.1842 aged 38..

Children of Peter Hooper and Margaret Scott

Possible link Hooper

     Possible died in Roxburghshire, Scotland.

Child of Possible link Hooper

Ralph Archbald Hooper

(15 October 1783 - 4 November 1847)
     Ralph Archbald Hooper was christened on 15 October 1783 in Ednam, Roxburghshire. He was the son of Robert Hooper and Elisabeth Archbald.
     Ralph died Ralph Hooper aged 66 on 4 November 1847 in Kelso, Roxburghshire, aged 64.

Ralph Archbald Hooper

(11 July 1782 - before 1783)
     Ralph Archbald Hooper was christened on 11 July 1782 in Ednam, Roxburghshire. He was the son of Robert Hooper and Elisabeth Archbald.
     Ralph died before 1783 in Ednam.

Randle Brereton Hooper

(9 February 1855 - 14 January 1881)
     Randle Brereton Hooper was also known as Randell in records. He was born on 9 February 1855 in Thornage Hall, Thornage, Erpington RD, Norfolk. He was the son of Rev Robert Poole Hooper and Harriet Brereton. George, Robert, Randle and Henry was listed as the son of Rev Robert Poole Hooper in the 1861 census in Manor Cottage, Langham, Norfolk. Robert Poole Hooper, head, mar, 34, clerk in holy orders, without cure of souls, born Bloomsbury, Mdx; Harriot, wife, 34 born Blakeney, Nfk; George Brereton, son 10? born Gt Stanmore, Mdx; Harriet Anna, daughter 9, born Blakeney, Nfk; Robert Poole, son, 7, born Thornage Nfk; Randle Brereton, son 6, ditto; Augusta Maude, daughter 5, ditto, Margaret Ross, daughter 3, born Langham, Nfk; Henry Brereton, son 1, ditto; Margaret Hooper, sister, unmarried, 47, born Bloomsbury, Mdx; and four servants.
     Randle was educated from from August 1867 to June 1871 at Uppingham school, Rutland.
     Randle died on 14 January 1881 in Tweefontein, Basutoland, South Africa, aged 25. He served in the 2nd Cape Mounted Yeomanry and was killed in action. The clock in the tower of St Mary's New Shoreham was erected in memory of Randle and his mother by Robert Poole Hooper in 1893.

Robert Hooper

(18 August 1842 - 16 February 1858)
     Robert Hooper was born on 18 August 1842 in 8 Manchester Terrace, Islington, London. He was the son of William Benjamin Hooper and Mary Ann Trull. Robert Hooper was christened on 2 December 1842 in Holy Trinity, Islington, London. William, Robert, Mary and Frederick were listed as the children of Mary Ann Trull in the 1851 census in 2 Albion Villas, Liverpool Rd, Islington, London.
     Robert died on 16 February 1858 in London, aged 15. He was buried in Highgate cemetery, London. The family gravestone at Highgate cemetery reads: Also Robert, third son the above [William Benjn Hooper], died 16 February 1858 in his 16th year.

Robert Hooper

(22 October 1694 - )
     Robert Hooper was christened on 22 October 1694 in Ednam, Roxburghshire. Robert Happer had a son baptized called Robert October the 23 day 1694. He was the son of Robert Hooper and Mary Japhray.
     Robert Happer junior was cautioner for the woman in proclamation between William Steavenson in the parish of Nenthorn and Margaret Clark, 28 April 1720.
     30 June 1731 testament produced in favour of James Hoppr; ditto for John Dawson and his family.
     Robert Hooper married Margery Dawson on 24 June 1735 in Ednam, Roxburghshire, Scotland. June 7 1735 compeared Robert Happer and Margery Dauson both in this parish and gave up their names for proclamation in order to marriage and consigned 12 sh for the poor. June 24 Robert Haper and Mergery Dauson was married.
     Robert Hooper married secondly Christian Rankin before November 1751. He appears to have married secondly Christian Rankin and had issue, but this may have been his son Robert but he would have been only c. 14 at the time.
     Contemporaries in Ednam were George Hopper, a herd, who had several children baptised 1754-1764, From 1762-1770 children were baptised of William Dixon servant to Robert Hooper, Tenant in Edinmouth..
     In 1761 Ednam was purchased by James Dickson, merchant of London, who had grown up in Kelso. He established a mill for weaving English blankets, laid out a bleachfield and built a brewery. He also built Ednam House & Cross Keys in Kelso. The establishment of Robert's two sons from Ednam as drapers in London may be connected to this event.
     He is described in the Registers as "tenant in Edinmouth".
Contemporaries in Ednam were George Hopper, a herd, who had several children baptised 1754-1764. From 1762-1770 children James 30 Aug 1767 & Mary 10 Nov 1770 were baptised of children of William Dixon servant to Robert Hooper, Tenant in Edinmouth. Others mentions as servants were William Crammon's at his daughter Margaret's baptism 30 Aug 1752; Robert Anderson's child 3 Jan 1771.

Children of Robert Hooper and Margery Dawson

Children of Robert Hooper and Christian Rankin

Robert Hooper

(before 1640? - after 1723)
     Other mentions of Hooper variants in the Ednam Roxburgh registers include Hary Happer, who came from the parish of Stitchel, and married 2 wives (Agnes Underwood, 10 Jul 1719 at Ednam & Stitchel where he was called Henry; and Elspeth Malcolm 14 may 1725) in Ednam - in the baptism of his 3 children - Sanders, Agnes & Alexander - he is described as "servant in Edinmouth". This was between 1719-1726. The only other mention in registers to 1820 was a Robert Hooper, who was toll-keeper in Ednam in 1790s, John Hoper of Sprouston, who had a daughter baptised in 1703.
The neighbouring parish of Stitchell is full of Hoppers and Happers, many with the christian names of Robert & Henry. The registers of both Stitchel & Ednam are defective (e.g. Ednam has no marriage 1741-1764 and hardly any baptisms between the 2 Williams Hoppers. Ednam parish lacked a minister between 1690 and 1692. No Testaments for Roxburgh have survived.
According to Jeffrey in his history of Roxburghshire: In 1604 Lord Robert Gordon of Lochinvar was served heir of his father in land of Stitchell. In 1598 Robert Hopper seems to have been owner of part of Nether Stitchell. In that year Robert Hopper, in two husbandland with pasture, in the town and territory of the lordship of Stitchell. In the course of the 17th century the lands of Stitchell passed to Robert Pringle whose grandson was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia in 1683. In 1859 November possessed by Baird family.
The Rev Robert Poole Hooper in 1881 states that he is looking for Robert Hooper who died in Stitchell in 1596, having married Anne Dickson and leaving a large family. Robert Hooper was born before 1640? These early generations need more work..
     The Baron Court of Stitchell records: 1662 Oct 12: The qlk day the said Barroun did judicially assailzie and absolve Robert Hopper herd for ane cow pertaining to Adam Hamiltoune aledged to be killed be him because the said cow was drawn out of a dytch that same ngt wherein the said Adam aledgeth the said herd brake her backe, as was made clear appears to the said Barron wherefor the said herd is quyte fre of the blame forever..
     1665 April 20 Mr Robert Hopper is found to be dew and decerned to pay to the Kaynes of Sweethope for crop 1664 six hens.
1673 Nov 8 : The qlk day Robert Hopper & Robert Hopper servitors to Mr Robert Hopper ... the sowne of 50 pounds Scots money for ane blood committed be them upon William Lawrie Officer in Stitchell & 25 lib. for Bloodwyte the said Mr Robt Hopper 40 lib. Scots for refusing to give his carriadges being required thereto be the officers.
     Debts13 Jan 1683 ... Mr Robert Hopper in Stitchell .....
     1686 Jan 2: The qlk day Robert Hopper in Stitchell to pay for wagon wheel £7 ....
     Robert matriculated Robertus Hopperus, A M. at Edinburgh.
     A Jonnet was baptised at Stitchel, child of Robert Happer, 24 April 1692.
     Robert Hooper married Mary Japhray on 11 August 1692 in Ednam, Roxburghshire, Scotland. Robert Happer and Mary Japhrey were marryed August 11 (2?) a certificate being produced yt they were lawfully proclaimed in the congregatione. He may be the Robertus Hooper (?M A Edinburgh)..
     The 1694 Ednam hearth tax has no Hoopers, etc. but lists John Japhrey with 1 hearth, and James Dasone with 3 hearths. The Roxburgh hearth tax was taken 26 June 1694 [held at Scottish Record Office, E69/21/1]. 14/- and was payable on every hearth at Candlemas 1691, many delays, in 1693 new surveys were taken.
2 Aug 1694 another proclamation. [West Lothian Hearth Tax contains a full description of the taxes]. In 1694 Ednam 113 hearths pd, 4 deficient, 15 poor, total 132; Stitchell 114 pd, 14 poor, total 128; Kelso 955 pd, 53 deficient, 20 poor, total 1028.
The surviving poll taxes 1693-5, 1698 do not include Roxburgh. Stitchell follows Ednam an exact double of the list of Stitchell: The laird of Stitchell 21 hearths... George Hoppe 1 hearth.
     Testificates 1698 Nov 27 Margt Hopper from Stitcell.
     1713 The wich day William Blackie Tennant in Parkend is decerned to pay to Robert Hopper Tennant in Idenmith the soum of 24lib. 1sh. Scots money as the remainder of the pryce of a meer [mare] bought and receaved be the defender from the complainer at St James Fair last which should have been payed at Mertimes last. In respect the said defender being lawfully summoned to have compeared this day and place oft tymes called and not compearing was holden as confest..
     Robert died after 1723 in Ednam, ROX, SCT. He is probably the Robert Happar senior who was cautioner in 1723 in the Ednam parish register..

Children of Robert Hooper and Mary Japhray

Robert Hooper

(11 October 1737 - )
     Robert Hooper was christened on 11 October 1737 in Ednam, Roxburghshire. Robert, son of Robert Hopper & Mergery Dauson. He was the son of Robert Hooper and Margery Dawson.
     Robert Hooper married Elisabeth Archbald before 1776 in Scotland. Note that a William Archbold's family from Nenthon produced testificates on July 20 1698 at Ednam. A Robert Hooper and Betty Archibald marry at St Cuthbert's Edinburgh on 9 June 1774.
     He was described as a tenant in Edinmouth.

Children of Robert Hooper and Elisabeth Archbald

Robert Hooper

(2 April 1776 - )
     Robert Hooper was christened on 2 April 1776 in Ednam, Roxburghshire. He was the son of Robert Hooper and Elisabeth Archbald.
     Robert Hooper married Mary Dallman before 1793.
     Robert Hooper was employed as a toll keeper, Ednam, Roxburghshire.
     Robert Hooper was employed a feuar circa 1820, Greenlaw, Berwickshire.

Children of Robert Hooper and Mary Dallman

Robert Hooper

(20 January 1807 - )
     Robert Hooper was christened on 20 January 1807 in Kelso, Roxburghshire. He was the son of John Hooper and Helen Smith.

Robert Hooper

(say 1650 - )
     Robert Hooper was also known as Happer in records. He was born say 1650.
     Robert Hooper married Elizabeth Pringle on 1 November 1674 in Kelso, Roxburghshire.

Children of Robert Hooper and Elizabeth Pringle

Robert Hooper

(12 February 1681 - )
     Robert Hooper was christened on 12 February 1681 in Kelso, Roxburghshire. He was the son of Robert Hooper and Elizabeth Pringle.

Robert Hooper

(before 1645 - before 1698)
     Robert Hooper was born before 1645 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire, Scotland.
     Robert Hooper married Beatrice Trotter or Potter on 20 June 1665 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire. Robert Hopper & Bitrish Trotter.
     Robert died before 1698.

Children of Robert Hooper and Beatrice Trotter or Potter

Robert Hooper

(before 1630 - )
     Robert Hooper was born before 1630.
     Robert Hooper married Margaret Wilson circa 1650.

Children of Robert Hooper and Margaret Wilson

Robert Hooper

(13 December 1713 - )
     Robert Hooper was christened on 13 December 1713 in Kelso, Roxburghshire. He was the son of Joseph Hooper and Janet Row.
     Robert Hooper married Janet Ker on 19 June 1742 in Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland.

Children of Robert Hooper and Janet Ker

Robert Hooper

(3 December 1648 - before 1652)
     Robert Hooper was christened on 3 December 1648 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire. He was the son of William Hooper and Elspeth Dickson.
     Robert died before 1652.

Robert Hooper

(27 October 1652 - )
     Robert Hooper was christened on 27 October 1652 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire. He was the son of William Hooper and Elspeth Dickson.

Robert Hooper

(15 September 1822 - 6 July 1833)
     Robert Hooper was christened on 15 September 1822 in Kelso, Roxburghshire. He was the son of Peter Hooper and Margaret Scott.
     Robert died on 6 July 1833 in Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland, aged 10. MI: Erected in memory of Robert Hooper son of Peter Hooper ironmonger in Kelso who ded 6 July 1833 aaged 11 years ....

Robert Hooper

(before 1560 - 1596?)
     Robert Hooper was also known as Hopper in records. He was born before 1560. He was the son of Patriarch Hooper.
     Robert died He may be the Robert Hooper, A M, of Nether Stitchell who died in 1596 leaving 7 children including a son Robert. in 1596? In Stitchill, Roxburghshire.
     In 1598, Robert Hopper seems to have been owner of part of Nether Stitchel. In that year, Robert Hopper was served heir male of his father, Robert Hopper, in two husbandlands, with pasture, in the town and territory of the lordship of Stitchel. . He's heir was Robert Hooper on 26 February 1600 in Stitchell, Roxburghshire. Robertus Hopper, heir male of Roberti Hopper in Nether Stitchell, patris [his father] - in 2 terris husbandiis ecclesiasticis cum pastura, in villa, territori et dominio de Stitchell. - E 45 sh ii 20. 2 husbandlands are about 26 acres each.

Child of Robert Hooper

Robert Hooper

(before 1580 - )
     Robert Hooper was born before 1580. He was the son of Robert Hooper. Robert Hooper was served heir to Robert Hooper on 26 February 1600 in Stitchell, Roxburghshire. Robertus Hopper, heir male of Roberti Hopper in Nether Stitchell, patris [his father] - in 2 terris husbandiis ecclesiasticis cum pastura, in villa, territori et dominio de Stitchell. - E 45 sh ii 20. 2 husbandlands are about 26 acres each.
     Robert Hooper inherited from his father two husbandlands (26 acres) in Nether Stitchill, which were kirklands, with the pasturage "in the town, territory and lordship of Stitchill". The Rev David Courtie, who was minister (1613-55) states that of the five kirklands "twa quhairof is possest be Robert Hoppar haldine of the pryorie of Eccles payand thairfoir xxxv schillingis at twa terms togidder with x schillings reservit forth at his richtis to the Lairds of Lochinvar. Twa possesst be Robert Pringill of Blindie haldine of the viccar ... It was probably in those lands of Robert Hopper's that King James VI, on 27 June 1606, invested George Home of Eccles as narrated.

Dr Robert Hooper

(12 February 1773 - 6 May 1835)
     Dr Robert Hooper was born on 12 February 1773 in St Marylebone, Westminster, Middlesex, England. He was the son of John Hooper and Mary Fawler. Dr Robert Hooper was christened on 11 March 1773 in St Marylebone.
     Robert matriculated MD 9 July 1794 (Renewed in 1805) on testimonials signed by William Rowley MD, Member of the University of Oxford and Morgan Hugo Kennedy MD, London. Baptised 11 March 1773, son of John Hooper, London and Mary. Studied at Oxford university BA 1803, MA 1804, MB 1804 LRCPL 1805. Practised Savile Row. Lectured on medicine and anatomy. Retired 1829 to Stanmore in 1794?.
     Robert matriculated at Pembroke College, Oxford University, on 24 October 1796.
     We have a photograph of an engraving by N Bronwhite of S Medley's painting of "some of the principal institutors" of the Medical Society of London, published R Wilkinson, 1801. Robert Hooper is seated, hands crossed, holding the quill pen. He may have been the Secretary. In 1805 he is listed as a Fellow of the Medical Society of London, and as being at the Marylebone Infirmary. In 1822 & 1827 he was at 21 Saville Row, Bond St, and later was of Bentinck St, as well as owning The Cottage, Stanmore, Middlesex. He retired to Stanmore in 1829.
     Dr Robert Hooper married Ellizabeth Ann Reynell on 3 June 1802 in St Leonard, Shoreditch, London. The were both single and of this parish. They married by Licence. He was mentioned at their niece Elizabeth Reynel's wedding to J Harper in 1812 - the ceremony wass performed by Rev Thomas Poole Hooper.
     The publication of his 'The Anatomist's vade medum' by Dr Robert Hooper, M.D., Fellow of the Linnaean and London Medical Societies, resident physician to the St Mary la bonne Infirmary, etc., was announced in the newspapers.. Robert was a doctor from 1806. Robert Hooper MD was born in London and received his scholastic education under Dr Rutherford at Uxbridge; on leaving which he commenced the study of medicine in London and became apothecary to the parochial infirmary of Marylebone. Shortly after the appointment to that office, he entered himself at Pembroke College, Oxford, and as a member of that house proceeded AB 18th March 1803; AM 28th June 1804; MB 12 July 1804. Some obstacles being opposed to his further progress at Oxford, he was created doctor of medicine by the University of St Andrews 16 Dec 1805, and was admitted a Licentiate of the College of Physicians 23 Dec 1805. He settled in Savile Row, began to lecture on the practice of medicine, and for many years commanded a numerous class. He devoted much time to pathological anatomy, and accumulated a very valuable collection of morbid specimens. Dr Hooper was a man of immense industry, a sound practical physician and a good writer, and was much esteemed by his professional brethren. His Physician's Vade Mecum and his Medical Dictionary retain their popularity to the present time. He held the office of physician to the Marylebone Infirmary, and long enjoyed an extensive and lucrative business. Having accumulated a competency, he retired from practice in 1829, and withdrew to Stanmore, but he died in Bentinck St, Manchester Square on 6 May, 1835, in the 63rd year of his age.
     The Lancet pp.493-4: There are several incidents both in the private and public life of this eminent physician which are deserving of notice. Dr Hooper had retired for some years past from the toils of a practitioner, and resided at Stanmore after realizing an ample fortune. Having been attacked by a disease in the bladder and adjacent parts, he came to London, where obtained the assistance of several of his medical friends, but he survived his visit only a few weeks, and died in the beginning of May last, having reached the 66th year of his age. Dr Hooper's early days hold forth to youth a most praiseworthy example, and exhibits the fruits of industry during that period of life. Endowed with considerable talents, he commenced the profession as the House Apothecary of the Marylebone Workhouse - an institution which, though not "recognised" by the monopolists, afforded ample means for the cultivation of medical education and observation. The opportunities which Dr Hooper here possessed were well employed, and he made a very extensive collection of preparations, both of natural and pathological anatomy. At no very advanced period he became an author, and his "Vade Mecum" and "Dictionary", though they were not stamped by the hand of genius, yet have proved highly useful works to the medical public, and not less than 20,000 copies of his "Vade Mecum" have been sold. He also published a work on the pathology of the brain. With a laudable desire to rise in his profession, and to enable him to practise as a physician, he went to Oxford in order to obtain a degree, and after passing the prescribed "terms", he became a Bachelor of Medicine at that University. At this period it must be recollected that the London College of Physicians was shining in all its glory! Monopoly had arrived at its acme, corruption swayed its sceptre in every avenue of the profession, and tyranny ruled unmolested in the sanctum of Pall Mall East. The circumstances of Hooper having been a subordinate, but, far more, his having already acquired a high character for diligence in the pursuit of medical science, were deemed cogent reasons by the dowagers of the venerable and ancient Institution of Warwick Lane, to regard him as an unfit person to become a Fellow of the College, and tarnish its hallowed walls with the falme of the Work-house laboratory. To prevent the project of Hooper became therefore an important consideration in the eyes of the monopolists, and to their immortal honour be it told that a plan was concocted and successfully carried into execution, by which Mr Hooper, after having become a BM was checked in his progress, and refused the degree of MD by the College.
     At a moment like the present, Dr Hooper's case is big with interest, as it displays the true principles and "high moral feelings" on which the College of Physicians have acted, and their absurd and wicked system of conferring medical degrees. Sir Christopher Pegg, a Fellow of the College, was, at the period referred to, professor of anatomy at Oxford, and he it was whom the venerable College employed in the unchristian duty of preventing Dr Hooper from obtaining the medical degree at Oxford; and were the name of Pegg known only as that of the hireling of the corrupt Fellows, that circumstance alone would render his memory contemptible in the estimation of all good men.

[:TAB:]It now only remained for Hooper to enter the College as a Licentiate and that step he accomplished by the purchase of a Scotch degree. He then practised as a physician, and rapidly acquired fame, which only made him the more odious in the eyes of the Pall Mall elite, whilst their injustice and jealousy materially promoted his interests, by gaining for him the support of a mass of the community who are ever ready to stretch forth their aid to assist the oppressed.
     In private life Dr Hooper was justly esteemed as benevolent and good man.
     He is described as a medical writer in the Dictionary of National Biography...
     Dr Robert Hooper was mentioned in the will of John Benjamin Hooper dated 22 June 1807.
     Dr Robert Hooper and William Hooper, George Henry Hooper, Rev Thomas Poole Hooper and John Benjamin Hooper were mentioned on 2 November 1820.
     Dr Robert Hooper was recorded in 1821 census in 13 Bentinck St, Marylebone, Westminster, Middlesex. 1 male aged between 40 & 50 & 2 females (1 between 15 & 20, the between 20 & 30) occupied the house, but not described as a family.. He was listed in a directory dated 1830 as a surgeon at 1 London Road, London.
     Dr Robert Hooper was recorded in 1831 census in Marylebone, Westminster Middlesex. He was listed as a professional or othereducated man and the females were described as servants..
     Dr Robert Hooper made a will dated 3 May 1835 in Bentinck St, St Marylebone, Westminster. Sunday 3 May 1835 Bentinck St, I Robert Hooper of Gt Stanmore, Middlesex, M.D. now in perfect state of mind do make this my last will & testament. I give unto my brother the Rev Thomas Poole Hooper rector of Sompting Ssx £250 p.a., my brother William Hooper of the North Bank, St John's Wood and of Finchley, Mdx £2000 for ever, unto William Benjamin Hooper, son of the same William Hooper my brother the sum of £15 for ever, 4. unto John James Hooper son of the same William Hooper my brother the sum of £1500 forever. 5. unto James Martin Lloyd Esq. gent. of Camden Town Mdx ... to George Ezekial Varenne Esq. of Kelveden Essex, surgeon ... & Mary his sister of the same place ... unto Frederick William Goodyer of Bentinck St, surgeon ... unto each of my nephews living at my decease £50, residue to my brother George Henry Hooper esq. of Bloomsbury Square and Coleman St in the city of London, merchant ...
     Robert died on 6 May 1835 in Bentinck St, Manchester Sq, St Marylebone, Westminster, England, aged 62. He was buried on 14 May 1835 in the side chapel of St Mary le Haura, New Shoreham, Sussex. Hooper arms above a pinnacled tabernacle containing the bear's head crest: Sacred to the memory of Robert Hooper Esq. M.D. of Stanmore, Middlesex, formerly of Saville Row, London whose remains are deposited under the altar of this church. Ardently attached to the medical profession he devoted himself during a period of forty years to the practice of physician, and to the improvement of the medical art; earnestly labouring as an author in the production of various works to advance that science and to alleviate human suffering in the zealous pursuit of these objects he health failed him and it pleased God to remove from this world on the fifth day of May 1835 in the 63rd year of his age. Deeply lamented by his surviving brothers and sincerely regretted by a large circle of attached friends.
     His will was proved on 26 May 1835 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Robert Brereton Hooper

(1895 - August 1899)
     Robert Brereton Hooper was also known as Harold Robert Brereton in records. He was commonly known as Robin. He was born in 1895 A Harold Robert B Hooper was registered in the Sep quarter of 1894 in the Stoke Damerel Regisration District. He was the son of Henry Brereton Hooper and Anna Maria Mackay.
     Robert's death was registered in the quarter ending in August 1899 in Amerdham RD, Buckinghamshire.