Sir David Dunbar

(say 1354 - )
     Sir David Dunbar was born say 1354 in Scotland. He is described as the youngest brother of the 9th Earl and 3rd Earl of March and is the ancestor of the Cumnock line. He was the son of Sir Patrick Dunbar and Isabella Randolph.
     In 1375, George, tenth [9th] Earl of March, resigned In favour of David Dunbar the very extensive territories of Cumnock, Blantyre, and other lands According to Sir Robert Douglas, in his Baronage, David was a son of a George Dunbar, an alleged son of the eighth Earl, but of this no evidence has been found. In the charter of 1375 no relationship is stated, and no direct proof has been discovered, but from the very large grant thus made the barony of Cumnock alone embracing 50,000 acres of land-there is a presumption that David was a brother of Earl George. He appears further in three writs of uncertain date, but confirmed by Robert, Duke of Albany, in 1411, as Sir David Dunbar of Cumnock, knight, and had then a son and heir, Sir Patrick of Dunbar, also a knight, who was the real granter of certain lands and wadsets to Gilbert Grierson of Arde.

Child of Sir David Dunbar

Robert Steer

(before May 1646 - before 29 March 1666)
     Robert Steer was born before May 1646 in Darley, Derbyshire. He was the son of John Steer and Ann Redfern. Robert Steer was christened on 28 September 1646 in Darley. He was educated in Derby School in Derbyshire.
     Robert matriculated at Magdalene Hall, Oxford University, on 11 May 1665. Robert Steere, son of Joh, of Derby (town), gent. Magdalen Hall, matric 11 May 1665, aged 19.
     Robert died before 29 March 1666 in Darley, Derbyshire. He was buried on 29 March 1666 in Darley. Robert, the son of Mr John Steere buried 29 March 1666 aged 21.

Patrick Dunbar

(before 1400? - )
     Patrick Dunbar was born before 1400?. He was the son of Patrick Dunbar.
     Sir Patrick, succeeded his father before 1424, when he was Lord of Cumnock, and was one of the hostages for King James i. He apparently deceased before 1437, when his son Sir John was lord of Cumnock and Mochrum. Sir John had two sons, Patrick and Cuthbert. Patrick of Cumnock had three daughters:
a. Euphemia, married, before 21 June 1474, to Sir James Dunbar, eldest son of Sir Alexander Dunbar, first of Westfield. (See title Moray.)
b. Margaret, married before same date to Sir John Dunbar, second son of Sir Alexander, and from her the present Sir William Cospatrick Dunbar of Mochrum-park is descended in the female line.
c. Jonet, married to Patrick Dunbar of Kilconquhar. (See infra, under George, eleventh Earl of March.) 4 Sir John's second son Cuthbert, who had Blantyre, is now represented In the female line by Captain Nugent Dunbar of Machermore, co. Kirkcudbright.