Patrick Dunbar

( - 9 September 1513)
     Patrick Dunbar was also known as Patrick Dunbar (of Loch) in records. He was the son of Patrick Dunbar and Janet Dunbar (Dunbar).
     Respite granted 2 July 1498, 1503 7 1507 for part in slaughter of late Patrick MacKowloch.
Patrick (4) the elder son, married, about 1501, Christian McDowell of Garthland, 4 and fell at Flodden in 1513, predeceasing his father, who died before 1516, and was succeeded by a grandson Patrick (5)..
     Patrick Dunbar married Christian McDowell. She was the sister of Uchtred McDowell of Garthland.
     Patrick died on 9 September 1513 in Flodden, Northumberland, England.

Child of Patrick Dunbar and Christian McDowell

Ann Steer

(before 1628 - before 18 August 1628)
     Ann Steer was born before 1628. She was the daughter of Robert Steer and Elizabeth Senior?
     Ann died before 18 August 1628 in Darley, Derbyshire. She was buried on 18 August 1628 in Darley.

Patrick Dunbar

( - before 20 May 1549)
     Patrick Dunbar was also known as Patrick Dunbar (of Loch & Kilconcquhar) in records. He was born. Patrick, who is referred to as sixth of Kilconquhar, married Margaret Gordon, who survived him. He died about 1549, leaving a son Andrew, who succeeded in or before 1550 and four daughters. He was the son of Patrick Dunbar and Christian McDowell.
     Patrick Dunbar married Margaret Gordon before November 1519.
     20 Nov. 1519: Precemptum carte conjuncte infeodationis Patricii Dunbar de Loch et Margaret Gordon ejus spones ... super quinque mercatis terrarum de Bar... Elrig .. Dery ... Alterutrech .. barony of Muchrum in Wigtoun ... .
     Precept of Sasine by David Beaton Cardinal of St Andrews in favour of Patrick Dunbar of the lands of Kilconquhar etc. in 1540.
     Patrick died before 20 May 1549.
     20 May 1549: Instrument of Sasine of the Lands and Barony of Kilconquhar in favour of Andrew Dunbar son of the deceased Patrick Dunbar.

Children of Patrick Dunbar and Margaret Gordon