Roger Steer

(3 March 1621/22 - before 5 July 1641)
     Roger Steer was christened on 3 March 1621/22 in Darley, Derbyshire. Roger, son of Peeter Steare. There was also a Roger son of Peter baptised at Chesterfield 26 Dec 1824. He was the son of Peter Steer.
     Roger died before 5 July 1641 in Darley. Roger, son of Peeter Steare. He was buried on 5 July 1641 in Darley.

Helen Unknown (Steer)

(circa 1580? - before 26 January 1634/35)
     Helen Unknown (Steer) was born circa 1580?.
     Helen Unknown (Steer) married Peter Steer, son of Henry Steer and Alice Unknown (Steer).
     Helen died before 26 January 1634/35 in Darley, Derbyshire. Helen, wife of Peeter Steare.. She was buried on 26 January 1634/35 in Darley.

Child of Helen Unknown (Steer) and Peter Steer

Bridget Gorman (Handy)

(before 1845 - )
     Supposed to be the wife of James, son of Andrew the weaver.. Bridget Gorman (Handy) was born before 1845.